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*Email is our preferred method of communication for newsletters, training information, staffing requests, and general information. Mailed letters may be delayed and make it difficult for you to receive any time-sensitive information.
This section will help our office determine your potential skills as a poll worker. We need a variety of skills on Election Day and your answers will not disqualify your application. However, new poll workers are placed according to the staffing needs of each precinct and the turnout expected for the election. We try to place every new poll worker, but your application does not guarantee you will work in the next election. If you are not chosen for the next election, you will be contacted for future elections.
*Poll workers typically report to work by 6am and do not leave until 8pm or later. You cannot leave the poll on Election Day.
**Poll teams also meet for a couple hours the day before the election to set up tables and equipment
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