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Employee Suggestion Box

  1. We value your input. The Employee Suggestion Program is designed to solicit sustainable/innovated ideas that save the County money or improve efficiency of County operations. Suggestions considered acceptable are those which improve the sustainability of County government. This may include ideas to help conserve resources, reduce waste, improve efficiency of programs, improve service delivery, or save money. To submit a suggestion, please complete the following form. If electronic submittal does not work, print the form and send it to the HR department via interoffice mail. All fields on the form must be completed. Include only one suggestion per form. Additional forms can be submitted if there is more than one project idea.
  2. Thanks for your help!
  3. Define the present situation completely
  4. Give a specific, detailed solution to the problem.
  5. Be specific as possible regarding the benefits of your suggestion. For example, if your idea saves money, please state an amount and basis for coming to your conclusions.
  6. Your Ideas are Important! Every suggestion submitted will be considered. Employees are encouraged to be creative and look beyond their normal scope of duties to problem identification and solving.
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