How do I cancel my recycling service?

Call Glynn County Customer Service at 912-554-7111 OR

Click on the green button labeled “Stop Service”  and complete the form. 

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1. How do I cancel my recycling service?
2. Why am I being asked to pay for recycling now?
3. How much will recycling cost? Will the solid waste fee in my property tax go down?
4. I opt-ed out of the Recycling Service. Do I still have to pay the bill
5. After opting out, when will my recycle bin be picked up?
6. I received a bill for the recycling service, but I never had recycling service or a bin at my address.
7. I need to change my billing address or payment information for trash and recycling.
8. I have not had recycling before but I would like to sign up.
9. What can and cannot be recycled?