How do I get a library card?
Marshes of Glynn library cards are available free of charge to all residents of Georgia or Georgia property owners. In addition, military personnel stationed in Georgia and those working or attending school here are also eligible for a free PINES card.

Persons who do not meet the above criteria may receive a twelve-month library card for an annual fee of $25.00 or a six-month card for $12.50.

To receive a library card, you must complete a registration form, either in person or online at and present valid identification showing your name and current address. Valid identification for obtaining a library card includes:

--photo ID with the applicant's current address,

or, if the photo ID does not show the applicant's current address, photo ID plus:

--a voter registration card,
--a checkbook with pre-printed address,
--an insurance card,
--a tax receipt,
--a utility bill, or
--a piece of postmarked mail that shows the current address.

In the event that the applicant does not have photo ID, two separate items from this list will qualify as valid ID. All ID presented must be original documents; photocopies will not be accepted. If you have specific questions about the identification required for a library card, please contact your local library and speak with the manager.

Applicants under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian present to receive a library card. Proof of legal guardianship must be shown if applicant is being signed up by someone other than the parent. All applicants over 18 must present their application at the front desk

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