When will I be arraigned?
After your case has been indicted or accused by the district Attorney

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1. How do I find out if I qualify for a Public Defender to represent me?
2. What type of cases does the Public Defender provide representation for?
3. If I have a family member incarcerated do I need to apply for a Public Defender for them?
4. If I am incarcerated for failure to pay child support, or if I need an attorney for a civil case, divorce case or child custody case, can I get a Public Defender?
5. If I already am being represented by a Public Defender and get rearrested, do I automatically get a Public Defender assigned to represent me on my new charges.
6. When I bond out of jail will my lawyer contact me?
7. When will I be arraigned?
8. What happens at arraignment?
9. When will motions be filed in my case?
10. When will my attorney receive the evidence that the State has compiled in my case?