How do I purchase GIS data?
Contact the GIS department either by phone (912)554-7418, email [email protected], or by visiting us at our office. Please contact Bob Nyers for questions regarding GIS data.

Be prepared to answer such questions as:
• What type of data is needed?
• What geographic area do you need data for?
• What will the data be used for?
• When do you need the data?

The more specific you are the better. This will help insure you get the right data at the right time.

• An estimate will then be prepared. This will usually be a verbal estimate, unless it is more appropriate for a written estimate.
• A data license agreement will need to be signed before data can be released.
• An invoice will then be issued and the requested data assembled.
The data will only be released once payment is received.
• The GIS department will accept cash or check. No credit cards.
• The data will then be sent to the customer in one of several ways depending on the type and quantity of data, and the location of the customer.

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1. How do I purchase GIS data?
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