PRESENT:                     Richard Strickland, Chairman, District 3

Michael Browning, Vice Chairman, District 1

Dale Provenzano, Commissioner, District 2

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1

Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2


ABSENT:                      Bill Brunson, Commissioner, District 4


ALSO PRESENT:           Alan Ours, County Manager

Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Cindee Overstreet, County Clerk


Discussion and consideration of voting on the following:


1.         SPLOST 4 & 5 updates


Administrative Services Director and CFO Tonya Miller provided an update on the remaining SPLOST 4 and SPLOST 5 projects.


The shaded boxes in the report below contain the projects that have been completed.


Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) 4


Approved by the Voters September 18, 2001


Collection Period – January 1, 2002 – December 31, 2006


Project Name


 Revised Budget

 Expenditures and Encumbrances 1/31/16

 Budget Remaining 

Scope of Project

  Tier 1






Historic Courthouse


 $     1,500,063

 $        1,500,063

 $                       -  

Restoration of the County Courthouse originally built in 1907. Included the addition of a small parking lot, remodeling of offices and meeting chambers for the Board.


Completed- 2003

 $     1,401,255

 $        1,401,255

 $                       -  

Repaired the roof and replaced windows in the Courthouse with impact resistant glass windows. Replaced both chillers, refurbished the cooling tower and updated old fire alarm system.

Public Health Facility


 $     2,858,428

 $        2,858,428

 $                       -  

 A new health department building was constructed on 4th Street in Brunswick on the site of the former Glynn County Police Department, near the Glynn County Stadium.


Completed- 2003

 $        779,682

 $           779,682

 $                       -  

County SPLOST funds supplemented construction of the new library building.

Oglethorpe Convention Center


 $     2,000,000

 $           442,380

 $        1,557,620

 The former building which housed the Glynn County Health Department was demolished. Construction of the convention center is a project of the City of Brunswick. No activity since FY07.

Road Improvements

 Completed- September 2008

 $     3,248,511

 $        3,248,511

 $                       -  

Realignment and widening of Airport Road from Demere Road to Demere Road. Project included upgrade of the water, sewer and storm water systems within the project area. Additional funding provided by Tier 2 Misc. Road Improvements.

Frederica Cross Drains

 Completed-August 2010

 $        104,253

 $           104,253

 $                       -  

Replacement of failed storm water cross drains at five locations on Frederica Road on St. Simons Island.

Casino Renovation


 $     1,776,179

 $        1,776,179

 $                       -  

Demolition of the old Casino pool building and complete remodeling and expansion of the red brick Casino building which included atrium, visitor center, library, theater and restrooms.

Fire Station 2

Completed- September 2005

 $     2,056,844

 $        2,056,844

 $                       -  

Construction of a new fire station on the site of the former Air National Guard/Demere Annex building on Demere Road on St. Simons Island. The building includes the St. Simons Police Precinct and a meeting room available for rent. Additional funding provided by Tier 2 Demere Annex project.

Misc. Drainage & Road Improvements

 Completed-August 2007

 $        361,294

 $           361,294

 $                       -  

Drainage improvements on Hampton Ave., Lynch Road, Strother Place, Timber Ridge and Belle Point.

Miocene Well/Tank

 Completed- October 2006

 $     1,768,910

 $        1,768,910

 $                       -  

Develop new Miocene water well and ground storage tank at the north end of SR 25 Spur extension near SR 99. This well is known as Golden Isles #2.

W/S Main Upgrade/New Service

 Completed- April 2006

 $     4,482,501

 $        4,482,501

 $                       -  

 Water & sewer upgrades in Majestic Oaks, Major Wright Road, N. Harrington, Cate Road, Broadway, Devonwood and Kelvin Grove.

Lift Station Rehabilitation

 Completed- September 2005

 $     3,586,648

 $        3,586,648

 $                       -  

 Rehabilitation of lift stations #5, #14, #15, #16, #20, #33 and #34.

Exit 29 Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade

Completed- December 2010

 $     2,105,621

 $        2,105,621

 $                       -  

Upgrade the wastewater treatment facility from 0.3 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) to 1.5 MGD. The design also included the capability for an additional 0.5 MGD for reuse water as well as ultimate upgrade to 4.0 MGD.

St. Simons Island Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade

Completed- October 2006

 $     4,541,260

 $        4,541,260

 $                       -  

Upgrade the existing plant from 3.0 MGD (Million Gallons per Day) to 4.0 MGD.

East Beach Utilities Upgrade

Completed- April 2009

 $        804,339

 $           804,339

 $                       -  

Replacement of the sanitary collection system, water distribution system and storm water collection system as well as construction of a new sanitary pump station. (Additional funds for this project allocated in SPLOST 5 and other sources.)

Badger Scooploader


 $        206,262

 $           206,262

 $                       -  

Purchase of a wheeled excavator to maintain roadside ditches.

Vacuum Truck


 $        214,109

 $           214,109

 $                       -  

Purchase of a truck mounted vacuum pump to clean out blocked storm drains.

Pumper #8 Replacement

Purchased- 2004

 $        256,633

 $           256,633

 $                       -  

Purchase of a new fire pumper to replace a 22 year old pumper at Fire Station 8 (Public Safety Complex).

Public Safety Vehicles


 $     2,995,317

 $        2,995,317

 $                       -  

Purchased 85 Police and 37 Sheriff vehicles.

Jekyll Island Authority Projects


 $     3,287,001

 $        3,287,001

 $                       -  

Improvements to Jekyll Island's water and wastewater system, storm drains and road resurfacing. Jekyll Island Authority was responsible for these projects and was reimbursed for its expenditures by the County.

City of Brunswick projects

Complete- Payments made monthly to City of Brunswick

 $   14,060,000

 $      14,060,000

 $                       -  

The City of Brunswick was responsible for these projects.

  Tier 2







Completed- 2006

 $        100,129

 $           100,129

 $                       -  

Construction of a crematorium for Animal Services.

Office Park Upgrade

2) Complete

 $        570,196

 $           570,196

 $                       -  

1) Renovation to building for Public Defender's office, Probate Court, Juvenile Court and meeting room. (Additional funding provided by SPLOST 5.)                                                                                          2) Installation of second floor sprinkler system

Public Safety Complex (Phase 2)

Completed- August 2008

 $        995,881

 $           995,881

 $                       -  

Construction of a new building to relocate Fire Administration offices to the Public Safety  Complex.

Demere Annex Upgrade


 $                     -

 $                         -

 $                       -  

Demolition of the former Air National Guard/Demere Annex facility to allow the relocation and construction of the Tier 1-Fire Station 2.

Ballard School Gym

Completed- 2007

 $        150,353

 $           150,353

 $                       -  

Upgrade to Ballard Gym after receiving this property from the Glynn County School System. Replaced flooring, renovated restroom, added bleachers and installed new roof. New basketball equipment installed.

Fire Maintenance Complex

Completed- December 2010

 $        761,061

 $           761,061

 $                       -  

Construction of a new, three bay shop with hydraulic lift system for repair of Fire/EMS equipment.

Misc. Road Improvements

1-4) Completed                             5) Waiting Final Approval From GDOT         6) Bidding

 $     7,081,877

 $        5,733,350

 $        1,348,526

1) The majority of funds were used to complete the Tier 1- Road Improvements project for Airport Road. Remaining funds were applied to the SSI Gateway project.                                                                              2) Spur 25 ROW acquisition consultant for $100k authorized by BOC on 9/15/11                                                                                                                                 3) Road Resurfacing at various locations on St. Simons Is. and the mainland                                                                                                          4) $192,583 to be used for LMIG 2014 Misc. Striping Details per BOC approval on 8/15/13                                                                                5) S.R. 25 Spur Extension                                                                                             6) Improvements of the Perry Lane Road @ SR 25 Spur intersection.

Chapel Crossing Road

1) Completed Feb 2012




1) Improve the traffic pattern at the entrance to the FLETC including some drainage improvements as well as resurfacing from US 17 to SR 25 Spur

Old Jesup Road

1) Complete- September 2010 
2) Completed Dec 2011

 $        245,287

 $           245,287

 $                       -  

1) Added turn lanes, acceleration and deceleration lanes at the intersection of Old Jesup Road/Cypress Mill Road.                                                             2) Add turn lane on Old Jesup Road at Community Road.

Dirt Road Paving


 $     2,951,418

 $        2,951,418

 $                       -  

1) Pennick Road- 1 mile;                                                                                           2) Buck Swamp Road, Baumgardner Road, Dusty Lane- 5.41 miles;                                                                                                                     3) Golden Isles Parkway- 2.6 miles;                                                                                4) Survey of Pennick Road to Altamaha Park Road- 4.7 miles

Storm Drain Improvements & Upgrades

1) Completed
2) Will go to bid Early 2016 for detail design
3) Completed

 $        500,000

 $           401,530

 $              98,470

1)Replace failed storm water drains and pipes in the northeast quadrant of the Fairway Oaks neighborhood.                                                         2) Hwy 17 Outfall at South Palm                                                                                                3) Chapel Crossing/FLETC Drainage Improvements

Detention Facility Expansion

Completed- 2008

 $        953,022

 $           953,022

 $                       -  

Construction of temporary detention facility for minimum security inmates at the Public Works site.

Glynn County Airport Terminal Improvements


 $        504,584

 $           504,584

 $                       -  


Water Well

Completed -July 2015

 $     1,400,000

 $        1,400,000

 $                       -  

Construct a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank (EST) just West of Highway 82 and Emmanuel Church Road Intersection.

Highway 17  W&S Extension

1) Complete- March 2006

 $        441,237

 $           441,237

 $                       -  

1) Extend public water and sewer service from Southport Parkway south along US 17 to Clearwater Subdivision.

 Highway 341 W/S Extension

1) Completed- October 2004                      2) Completed- April 2008          3) Completed January 2011

 $     6,979,757

 $        6,979,757

 $                       -  

1) Extend water and sewer service from Canal Road west along SR 99 for approximately  1.9 miles.                                                                 2) Extend public water and sewer service along US 341 from near I-95 to McKenzie Road.                                       3) Extend public water to High Hill Lakes Subdivision including installation of fire hydrants.

Tactical Support Vehicle

Purchased - November 2010

 $          40,994

 $              40,994

 $                       -  

Purchase of a new, custom built unit to replace 35 year old equipment for County wide response. Provides on-site breathing air and additional fire equipment.

Pumper #11 Replacement

Purchased -  January 2011

 $        388,478

 $           388,478

 $                       -  

Purchase a new pumper to replace 22 year old pumper at Fire Station 1 (Ballard).

Ladder Truck

Completed February 2011

 $        630,129

 $           630,129

 $                       -  

Purchase a new aerial truck to replace 35 year old snorkel truck for use at Fire Station 4 (Frederica).

Completion of North Glynn Facilities

1-12) Complete

 $     2,624,258

 $        2,624,258

 $                       -  

1) Skate Park;                                                                                                           2) Lightening Detector;                                                                                  3) Ball Park Netting;                                                                                                            4) Pavilions;                                                                                                    5) Dog park;                                                                                                                     6) Parking;                                                                                                                             7) Walking Trail with Fishing Pier and kayak/canoe boat launch;                                                                                                                               8) Cameras & Security System;                                                                       9) Playground Equipment;                                                                        10) Restrooms;                                                                                                            11) Tennis Courts;                                                                                               12) Basketball Court

Thalman Renovation

Completed- July 2010

 $          27,661

 $              27,661

 $                       -  

Construction of a picnic pavilion at Thalman Park.

Fancy Bluff Improvements

Completed- May 2010

 $             3,699

 $                3,699

 $                       -  

Demolition of old, dilapidated community building at Fancy Bluff park.

Neptune Park Improvements

1) Completed April 2011
2) Completed December 2011

 $          15,855

 $              15,855

 $                       -  

1) Lightening Detector for Fun Zone;                                                                     2) Wireless access in Park and Pier areas

Blythe Island Park Improvements

1) Completed Dec, 2010;
2) Completed Jan 2011
3) Completed Sep 2011
4) Completed Dec 2010
5) Complete March 2013

 $        322,169

 $           322,169

 $                       -  

1) Boat ramp replacement;                                                                                                                 2) Boat lift piling replacement;                                                                                                              3) Parking pads at camp sites;                                                                                    4) ADA Improvements to Bathhouses;                                                  5) Additional ADA Improvements                                              (Project complete - remaining amount will be requested to be re-allocated at next Finance meeting)

 SSI Sports Complex Improvements

1-6) Complete                                                             Remaining Funds to be Reallocated

 $     1,050,000

 $        1,026,432

 $              23,568

1) Mallery Playground Replacement                                                    2) King Park Basketball Court Upgrade                                               3) King Park Tennis Court Upgrade                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    4) Epworth Park Battery of 2 Tennis Courts                                                   5) Epworth Park New Restroom Facility
6) Mallery Park Office Replacement/ADA Improvement

City of Brunswick projects

Complete- Payments made monthly to City of Brunswick

 $   10,965,250

 $      10,965,250

 $                       -  

The City of Brunswick was responsible for these projects.

Total Expenditures


 $   94,865,689

 $      91,837,505

 $        3,028,184


Projected Sales Tax & Interest Revenue

$   95,061,792





Total Unallocated


 $        196,103






Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) 5

Approved by the Voters November 8, 2005

Collection Period – January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2011

(For project photos, click on "Project Detail Pages" on the SPLOST website)

Project Name


 Revised Budget

 Expenditures and Encumbrance @ 1/31/16

 Budget Remaining 

Scope of Project

Detention facilities


 $   20,000,000

 $   20,000,000

 $                     -

Expansion of the Glynn County Detention Center

Pate Building Expansion

1) Complete 2) Completed Jan. 2015

 $     4,613,178

 $     4,613,178

 $                     -

(1) Expansion of the Pate building by 21,450 sq. ft. and renovation of 2nd floor of existing bldg to accommodate Engineering, GIS and Community Development.                                                    (2) Landscaping/Walkway

Office Park Renovations


 $        943,002

 $        943,002

 $                     -

Renovation to building for Public Defender's office, Probate Court, Juvenile Court and meeting room.  (Additional funding provided by SPLOST 4).

Elevated water tank for Mainland System

Completed - Processing conveyance, Operational control is with JWSC

 $     1,536,052

 $     1,489,859

 $          46,193

Expansion of water services in western Glynn County.  Tank to accommodate well that was funded by SPLOST 4 - Tier 2. The new elevated tank and the completed Glynn County South Mainland water system will be filled by a new 20” well and treatment facility built below the EST.

Elevated water tank for St. Simons Island System

Completed - September 2010

 $          34,260

 $          34,260

 $                     -

Demolished Frederica Road elevated tank. 

Water & sewer expansion from Hwy 99 to 341 to 82 to 17

Completed -       May 2007

 $     2,115,646

 $     2,115,646

 $                     -

Extended public water & sewer service along Buck Swamp Road, Myers Hill Road and Emanuel Church Road.

Site, permit & design Mainland WWTP

Planning, Working with JWSC to Identify a site

 $     1,500,000

 $          19,353

 $     1,480,647

Planning will begin upon increase in development activity.  Obtained waste load allocation

Sewer line rehabilitation


 $        561,795

 $                     -

 $        561,795

Rehabilitation of sewer lines in unincorporated Glynn County as needed.

Sewer line expansion

Completed -        April 2008

 $        687,754

 $        687,754

 $                     -

Lined a manhole in US Hwy. 341 at Crispen Blvd. and construction of lift station at International Auto Processing (Colonel's Island)

Sewer pump station rehabilitation

1) Completed 2011 2) Completed Jan. 2015

 $     1,384,837

 $     1,384,837

 $                     -

(1) Rehabilitation of lift stations 8, 12, 13, 19, 22, 26.  (2) Landscaping at Sea Palms

Water line rehabilitation


 $        178,599

 $                     -

 $        178,599

Rehabilitation of water lines in unincorporated Glynn County as needed.

Water line expansion

Completed - January 2015

 $        873,277

 $        873,277

 $                     -

Construction of 22,000 ft. of 12” water line along Old CCC Road to complete the water quality maintenance loop for the Glynn County South Mainland water system.  There will also be a short extension from Baumgartner Road, under Highway 82 to incorporate Majestic Oaks subdivision into the looped water system for superior water quality and to serve customers in that area.

Exit #29 Treatment Facility

Completed - January 2011

 $     6,663,582

 $     6,663,582

 $                     -

Upgrade the wastewater treatment facility from 0.3 MGD (million gallons per day) to 1.5 MGD.  The design also included the capability for an additional 0.5 MGD for reuse water as well as ultimate upgrade to 4.0 MGD.

Public Works Complex renovations

1-2) Complete       3) Under Construction could occupy as early as April 2016

 $     2,534,265

 $     2,481,063

 $          53,202

1) By-Pass & Parking Lot                                                                              2) Fleet Maintenance Garage                                                                              3) Repurpose H Building & Build out Offices

Village Master Plan - capital improvements

Completed -           1) Phase 1 - 2009;                   2) Phase 2 - 2010

 $     4,000,000

 $     4,000,000

 $                     -

1) Demolished old pool & miniature golf course and constructed new pool, concession stand, bath house, playground, sidewalks and miniature golf course.                               2) Constructed new picnic area and sidewalks at Neptune Park.

Georgia State Patrol Headquarters Building

Completed - September 2009

 $     2,003,285

 $     2,003,285

 $                     -

Construction of a new facility for Georgia State Patrol Post 23 at the Public Safety Complex.

Charter School

Completed -         March 2009

 $     6,000,000

 $     6,000,000

 $                     -

 Contributed to the construction of the Golden Isles Career Academy

Dirt road paving

Completed -         August 2009

 $        627,988

 $        627,988

 $                     -

Paved Altamaha Park dirt road, East Beach dirt roads and Commercial Driver's License facility entrance road.


1) Ph 1 Completed 2) Ph 2 Completed

 $     5,101,073

 $     5,101,073


1) Completed in FY08-09                                                                                 2) 2014 Resurfacing & Restriping

Sidewalks & bike paths

1) Updating MOA with GDOT 2) In Progress - Est. Comp. 2016 Minor Change Orders Pending

 $        972,000

 $          64,179

 $        907,821

TE projects -                                                                                            1) Extend sidewalk from Harry Driggers to Glynco Pkwy, then west along Glynco to Gateway Center Dr.                                                                                                                                               2) St. Simons Trail on Kings Way           

Beach access improvements


 $          52,000

 $          52,000

 $                     -

Installation of beach access identification signs to aid public safety and emergency response. (Project complete - remaining amount will be requested to be re-allocated at next Finance meeting)

Drainage rehabilitation and improvements

1,2,3,6) Complete,                      4) Will go to bid early 2016                          7) Buck Swamp out to bid April 2016, Glynco Parkway ready for bidding, Ocean Blvd construction started                     5) In Progress

 $     4,586,000

 $     1,563,756

 $     3,022,244

1) Improve drainage system in East Beach on St. Simons Island during water/sewer upgrade project.                                                                       2) Improve drainage system in Belle Point Subdivision                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3) Miscellaneous Drainage Projects (Fairway Oaks 2 & 3)                                                                                                                           4) Highway 17 Outfall (South Palm Ditch)                                                                                   5) Kings Way Outfall Upgrade                                                                     6) Barnes Plantation Pumps                                                                   7) Buck Swamp Road, Glynco Parkway, and Ocean Boulevard Project

Replace firefighting & EMS equipment

1) Completed - July 2011                           2) Complete                           3) Complete

 $     1,277,642

 $     1,277,642

 $                     -

1) Replacement of older model ambulance.                                                                                2) Replacement of 2 older model pumpers.                                                                     3)Replacement of 2 ambulances.

Replace major equipment used in drainage and roads maintenance

1) Purchased          2) Purchased

 $     1,459,004

 $     1,459,004

 $                     -

1) Purchased 2 dump trucks, scoop loader, all-terrain fork lift and 2 mini-excavators.                                                                                  2) Purchased (a) Street Sweeper, (b) Fuel Truck, (c) LoBoy Tractor, (d) Sidewalk Sweeper, (e) Vacuum truck and (f) bulldozer

Police and Sheriff Vehicles


 $     3,250,000

 $     3,250,000

 $                     -

Purchased 17 Sheriff's Office vehicles & 84 Police Department vehicles.

6 GHz Loop Microwave System


 $        750,016

 $        750,016

 $                     -

Microwave System to replace phone lines used to connect public safety communications towers.

Mobile Data System for Public Safety & Administrative departments


 $        750,017

 $        750,017

 $                     -

Uses microwave system to transmit mobile data to public safety units.

District 1 - Altamaha Park Improvements


 $             5,750

 $             5,750

 $                     -

Study, analyze and survey work underway to collect data needed to apply for Army Corps of Engineers permit for construction of a training wall to minimize shoaling at the boat ramps.

District 1 - Altamaha Park Improvements

Completed - October 2010

 $          24,357

 $          24,357

 $                     -

Improvements to dock and deck facilities to include meeting Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

District 1 - Blythe Island Regional Park Improvements

Completed Feb, 2012

 $          77,947

 $          77,947

 $                     -

Install additional septic field lines for campsites at the park.

District 1 - Blythe Island Regional Park Improvements

Completed- March 2013

 $        100,000

 $        100,000

 $                     -

Improvements to various facilities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

District 1 - Blythe Island Regional Park Improvements

Completed- March 2014

 $        264,233

 $        264,233

 $                     -

New bath house between Pavilions 2 & 3 at the park.  (Project complete - remaining amount will be requested to be re-allocated at next Finance meeting)

District 1 - Brookman Park Improvements

Completed - February 2010

 $          62,390

 $          62,390

 $                     -

Construction of pavilion, walking trail, handicapped ramp and parking at the park.

District 2 - Epworth Park Improvements

Completed - November 2007

 $        277,989

 $        277,989

 $                     -

Construction of 6 new tennis courts at the park.

District 2 - Mallery Park Improvements

Completed -       March 2010

 $          64,987

 $          64,987

 $                     -

Construction of a 1,200 sq. ft. pavilion with picnic tables, counter & barbeque grills.

District 2 - Mallery Park Improvements

Completed -        March 2010

 $        134,778

 $        134,778

 $                     -

Replacement of fencing around 3 baseball/softball fields.

District 2 - Neptune Park Improvements

Completed -         July 2010

 $          88,885

 $          88,885

 $                     -

Replacement of pavers at picnic area of park.

District 2 - Demere Park Improvements

Completed -        March 2009

 $        302,089

 $        302,089

 $                     -

Construction of skate park, parking area, fencing and sidewalks.

District 2 - Other Improvements (Rec)

1) Design

 $        457,000


 $        457,000

Sports Complex Miscellaneous   1) South Harrington Park Devt. ($292,500) bids are out as of Feb 2016

District 3 - North Glynn Recreation Complex Improvements

1) Project Abandoned                                       2) Completed May 2014

 $        135,800

 $        135,800

 $                     -

1) Drainage for 5 Soccer Fields                                                             2) Budget approval at 11/21/13 BOC meeting, ADA Improvements for sidewalks, bleacher pads and dugout ramps.

District 4 - Ballard School Renovation

Completed -           2009

 $        867,778

 $        867,778

 $                     -

Total renovation of Ballard Elementary School building and demolition of out buildings for Recreation Department.

District 4 - Ellis Point

Completed - 2011

 $          21,109

 $          21,109

 $                     -

Ellis Point Subdivision Playground and Pavilion

District 4 - Ballard Community Building & Gymnasium Improvements


 $        247,389

 $        247,389

 $                     -

Construction of parking lots with associated drainage facilities.

District 5 - Selden Park Improvements

Completed -          July 2008

 $        106,309

 $        106,309

 $                     -

Construction of a 1,800 sq. ft. pavilion with picnic tables and grills.

District 5 - Selden Park Restrooms

Completed - April 2011

 $        184,802

 $        184,802

 $                     -

Construction of restroom facility at Selden Park.

LIDAR Project (GIS Equipment)

Completed - 2007

 $        417,857

 $        417,857

 $                     -

Aerial measurement of land topography and ortho-photography.

Communications Network Enhancement


 $        400,000

 $        400,000

 $                     -

1) Fiber Audit- Study of School System fiber to determine available strands and connection points ($35k);                                                                                                                      2) Microwave to towers - Replaces leased circuits to SSI, Public Safety and Pate ($100k);                                                                                                    3) Public Works Fiber - will provide fiber to Public Works and new Jail area from Pate ($100k);                                                                         4) Fiber Network to Public Safety plus possible sharing of School System network - will use schools fiber and eliminate recurring circuit costs to help fund this part of the project ($165k)

Jekyll Island Authority Projects

In progress - Reimbursements to Jekyll Island as requested.

 $     1,894,200

 $     1,894,200

 $                     -

Improvements to Jekyll Island's bike trails, beach accesses, drainage and road resurfacing. Jekyll Island Authority is responsible for these projects and will be reimbursed for its expenditures by the County.

City of Brunswick projects

In Progress- Payments made monthly to City of Brunswick

 $   16,380,928

 $   16,368,913

 $          12,015

The City of Brunswick is responsible for these projects and receives 23.09% of SPLOST revenue to fund them.

Total Cost & Commitments


 $   96,971,849

 $   90,252,333

 $     6,719,517


Projected Sales Tax & Interest Revenue

 $   98,366,722




Total Unallocated


 $     1,394,874






2.         SPLOST 2016


The Board reviewed the chart below, which contains each of the County’s SPLOST 2016 line items.


Road Infrastructure-Resurfacing

     Major roads and residential streets; Old Jesup reconstruction, Canal-Spur to Glynco; extend Dungeness to Southport

Commissioner Browning wanted dirt road paving added to the list. He mentioned the list should be prioritized. Commissioner Strickland asked him to give the list to County Manager Alan Ours.





Sidewalk Improvements

    Gateway Center Blvd, Harry Driggers, Ocean Blvd

Commissioner Browning asked that sidewalks from McKenzie to Hwy 99 intersection be added

$ 1,700,000

Fire Station 1 – construct near Public Works

Mr. Ours recommended reducing this line item to $100,000 for design and planning only. The FS would be built at a later time.

Commissioner Provenzano suggested reallocating the remaining $3.4 million into the road infrastructure line item. A final decision was not reached.

$ 3,500,000

Fire Station 4 – construct at Sea Island @ Frederica

Mr. Ours recommended reducing this line item to $100,000 for design and planning only. The FS would be built at a later time.

Commissioner Provenzano suggested reallocating the remaining $2.4 million into the road infrastructure line item. A final decision was not reached.

$ 2,500,000

Blythe Island Regional Park

$ 1,835,000

Multipurpose Trails    

Commissioner Strickland suggested this be combined with sidewalks. Commissioners asked that staff provide specific locations.

$ 1,000,000

Ladder Truck with elevated platform

$ 1,000,000

Animal Control Facility – update/remodel

Staff proposed moving the modular building at Public Works over to Animal Control to provide 2,400 sq ft of office and surgery space. The cost would be approximately $100,000 and included furniture and equipment. It was decided this item would remain on the SPLOST list for the time being, but modular building would be moved to Animal Control also.


GRAD Industrial Site @ Exit 42 with improvements @ Hwy 99

These items were removed because the Brunswick-Glynn County Development Authority had moved forward with them without SPLOST funds.


$1.68 million+$825,000=

$2.8 million

BQK East Terminal Ramp & Apron

These items were removed because the Brunswick-Glynn County Development Authority had moved forward with them without SPLOST funds.


$2.3 million

BQK Northwest Ramp & Apron

These items were removed because the Brunswick-Glynn County Development Authority had moved forward with them without SPLOST funds.


$3.4 million

Drainage Projects

     Tide gates at Arnold; College Park; Chapel Crossing Rd; SSI Gateway; Somersby to Martin Palmer; outfall from Spur 25 to Altamaha River; Old Jesup at Lillie Way box culvert; North Harrington outfall; Glynn Haven drainage study; Hornet St ditch at Hwy 17 pipe upgrade; drainage permitting Cobblestone subdivision Myers Hill, Baumgardner, Hwy 82; pipe ditch along Sea Island Rd

$ 5,700,000

Bridge Project

     South Palm ditch @ Hwy 17 (design, permit & construct)

$ 1,500,000

Intersection Improvements-St Simons Island

The commissioners acknowledged intersection improvements were needed, but several were unsure roundabouts were the answer.




Brunswick Library Renovation




County Manager Alan Ours suggested amending the amounts for Fire Station 1 and Fire Station 4 to remove the property acquisition (FS 1), and design/build of both fire stations and instead allocate $100,000 each for design only. He said the fire stations could be built at a later date.

Mr. Ours also suggested using the modular building currently at the Public Works complex for the animal control division. He said this would provide the space needed more quickly and would cost approximately $100,000 to move and set up on site. The building is 2,400 square feet and would not be needed at Public Works once the H Building is renovated.


Chairman Strickland asked each commissioner to provide his list of projects to the County Manager.


3.         Budget reductions


Upon its request, staff presented the Board with suggestions for reducing the FY17 budget. Among the cuts were training, professional organization dues, office supplies, and public notice/advertisement costs.

Commissioner Browning suggested increasing the budget for condemnations by $100,000 so that more abandoned and dilapidated buildings in the county could be demolished.

Commissioner Provenzano asked the staff to “hold the line” on the budget as much as possible, which meant no increases.

Commissioner Stambaugh suggested staff use the suggested budget reductions as guide for developing the FY17 budget.


4.         Nine additional detention officers for Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Jump asked the Board to fund nine additional detention officers, which would help cut down on the overtime. Commissioner Stambaugh suggested a cost analysis be performed to see if additional officers would further reduce the overtime budget. Sheriff Jump said 15 additional officers would greatly reduce the overtime.

It was decided that Sheriff Jump would work with the nine and see how well the overtime is reduced. The Board agreed to place an item on its February 18, 2016, meeting agenda for consideration of funding nine additional officers.


5.         Tree Ordinance on St. Simons Island


Senior Assistant County Attorney Will Worley presented a concept for an ordinance regulating the planting and cutting of trees on St. Simons Island.

                        This concept will be presented to the community and public hearings held.


a)      Only applies on St. Simons Island.

b)      Must have Tree Plan approved by Islands Planning Commission prior to application for a site plan, building permit, preliminary plat, expedited subdivision, or land disturbance permit for: 1) all commercial property, 2) all industrial property, or 3) residential property of one acre or more.

c)       All affected developments must provide, or be designed to provide, at least 50% tree canopy after development.

d)      Tree canopy requirement is measured in open soil area preserved for the growth of trees. Research shows that every square foot of open soil area produces two square feet of tree canopy.

e)      The tree canopy requirement is determined by multiplying the area of the property (measured in square feet) by .25. This formula produces the total square footage that must be preserved as open soil area dedicated to trees.

f)       Canopy requirements can be met by preserving trees or planting new trees.

g)      For commercial properties of less than one acre, up to one half of the tree canopy requirement may be met by off-site planting without need for IPC approval.

h)      For commercial property of one acre or more, up to one half of the tree canopy requirement may be met by off-site planting with the approval of the IPC.

i)        Retained, existing trees (at least six inches in diameter measured at 4.5 feet above grade) will be given credit based upon the actual open soil area provided. Planted trees will be required to provide a minimum open soil area as follows: 1,500 sq. ft. for Large Canopy Trees; 550 sq. ft. for Medium Canopy Trees; and 250 sq. ft. for Understory Trees.

j)        For every specimen tree preserved, the property owner will be credited with an extra 25% for every square foot of open soil area. (i.e. – If the owner preserves 100 sq. ft. of open area for a specimen tree, they will be given credit for 125 sq. ft.)

k)      The Tree Advisory Board has a list of trees considered to be “specimen” trees.

l)        Tree protection zones must be established and maintained for canopy trees for the duration of the development process.

m)    Tree protection zones shall be established on private property for trees located on County right-of-way or other County property if the root system extends onto private property. In this instance, property owners will be given credit toward the canopy requirement for the trees in the right-of-way or on County property.

n)      Alternative compliance methods: If a property owner cannot meet the canopy requirements then they may meet the requirement by planting trees at another site on SSI.

o)      Property owners will have a continuing obligation to maintain the health of the tree.

p)      Reconstruction after Act of God (commercial property only) – no new tree canopy required unless other requirements (reduced number of parking spaces, buffers, similar requirements) free up space for tree planting. If space is freed up, then it must be used for tree planting.

q)      Approval process will be: 1) submit Tree Plan to County’s arborist, 2) the Tree Plan goes to the Tree Advisory Board for a recommendation, 3) the Tree Plan is considered by the Islands Planning Commission. Only after approval of the Tree Plan may a property owner apply for a site plan, building permit, preliminary plat, expedited subdivision, or land disturbance permit.

r)       A sign will be placed on the property with notice of the date, time, and place of the meeting where a Tree Plan will be considered. There will not be a public hearing.

s)       Applicants may appeal denial of Tree Plan to Board of Appeals.

t)       Penalties: In addition to the normal penalties for violation of a County ordinance: 1) If a tree protected by the Tree Plan is cut down or removed then the trunk will be measured (in caliper inches) and it must be replaced with the same number of caliper inches. 2) If a tree protected by the Tree Plan is cut down or removed then the open soil area shall not be developed. 3) If the Tree Plan is violated during development then a stop work order can be issued until the problem is remedied. 4) Tree trimming companies can be cited for cutting down trees protected by the Tree Plan.

The following concept was not supported for inclusion in an ordinance by a majority of the Committee. However, a majority of the Committee did agree upon its being presented to you for consideration.

Trees may be designated as a “Heritage Tree” by the Tree Advisory Board with consent of property owner. After designation, Heritage Trees may not be cut or removed without permission from the Tree Advisory Board. Any time after designation, the current or subsequent property owner may petition the Tree Advisory Board for the removal of the Heritage Tree designation.

Changes suggested by Board of Commissioners on Feb. 16th

u  Denial of Tree Plan should be appealed to Board of Commissioners rather than Zoning Board of Appeals

u  Staff should be given discretion to modify some standards (i.e. buffers, setbacks, etc.) to help developers meet tree requirements

u  A streamlined procedure for amending a previously approved Tree Plan should be added for individual homeowners with a hardship


CR = Canopy Requirement; SA = Site Area

CR = SA x 0.25

Step 1: Area of total site from boundary survey.

Step 2: Divide area (in square feet) by four.

Step 3: Subtract preserved tree area from step 2.

Step 4: Select enough replacement trees to equal area in step 3.

Example 1: Following site to be developed:

Step 1: One acre site = 43,560 sq. ft.

Step 2: Canopy requirement figure.

43,560 ÷ 4 = 10,890 sq. ft. of open soil area to meet canopy requirement.

Step 3: Preserved trees left on site = 5,500 sq. ft.

10,890 minus 5,550 = 5,390 sq. ft. of replacement trees.

Step 4: Replacement trees required to meet canopy area requirement.

5,390 sq. ft. of area to be planted in trees.

Large Canopy trees = 1,500 sq. ft.

Medium Canopy trees = 550 sq. ft.

Understory trees = 250 sq. ft.

2 Large Canopy trees x 1,500 sq. ft. = 3,000 sq. ft.

3 Medium canopy trees x 550 sq. ft. = 1,650 sq. ft.

3 Understory trees x 250 sq. ft. = 750 sq. ft.

Total square footage of trees planted: 5,400 sq. ft.



6.         Glynn County conducting its own study related to the incorporation of St. Simons Island


Dr. Alfie Meek, Director of the Center for Economic Development Research at the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2), presented a plan to conduct a fiscal analysis of the proposed city of St. Simons and how the new city would affect Glynn County and the City of Brunswick.

The Board agreed to place this item on its February 18, 2016, meeting agenda for consideration.


7.         Grant for senior citizen center


A staff member from the City of Brunswick sent a letter to Commissioner Stambaugh asking that the county’s grants writer be allowed to help the city write a grant to fund the delivery of hot meals to seniors. Mayor Harvey was present at the meeting, but was not aware of this request.

Staff was tasked with gathering more information from the Coastal Regional Commission (CRC), the entity providing the current frozen meal delivery program and offering the hot meal program. Commissioner Provenzano, as the County’s representative on the CRC, will also inquire of CRC staff the cost difference between frozen and hot meal delivery. He suggested the CRC may be able to pay the difference with its funds. If not, a grant may be appropriate.


8.         Actuarial Study for retiree health


In August of 2012 the Board of Commissioners approved a change to the Other Provided Employee Benefits (OPEB) and allowed retirees to pay the same amount as employees for health insurance costs. Then, in February 2015, the Board reversed the decision based on information in the 2014 actuarial valuation showing a $24 million long-term unfunded liability; however, it allowed retirees under the plan to keep the health insurance at the same rate. The Board also requested a new valuation.

By increasing the amount new retirees contribute monthly for health insurance, the long-term unfunded liability changed from $24 million to $5 million.

Staff presented this item for the Board to determine whether to leave the retiree’s insurance costs as they are (paying the total monthly cost) or to offer different reduced rates with the County paying a portion of the monthly cost for retirees.

It was the consensus of the Board to require retirees to pay the total cost and not offer reduced rates.


9.         Options for former detention center property


This property is at 1812 Newcastle Street, which is on the corner of Newcastle, Reynolds, and I Streets. The Board discussed either creating a parking lot or leaving it unpaved to allow for building additional courthouse space in 5 to 10 years. The commissioners agreed additional courthouse space would be needed in the future, but, parking, in addition to the parking currently being designed at the I/J block veterans memorial, was needed now. It was decided that Community Development Director David Hainley would design the parking lot to accommodate future growth of the courthouse and design the lot to flow with the parking lot and veteran’s memorial on the adjacent block. Mr. Hainley will present the concept at a future meeting.


10.       Canal Road sidewalks and lighting


                        This item was removed and not discussed.


11.       Ceremonies for USNS Brunswick


Chairman Strickland advised the Board the USNS Brunswick will be in Brunswick in May and a ceremony is being planned. The commissioners are invited to attend.




The Board did not hold an executive session during this meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





Richard Strickland, Chairman

                                                                                    Board of Commissioners

                                                                                    Glynn County , Georgia





Cindee S. Overstreet, Clerk