TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2015 AT 3:00 PM


PRESENT:                     Dale Provenzano, Chairman, District 2

Richard Strickland, Vice Chairman, District 3

Michael Browning, Commissioner, District 1

Bill Brunson, Commissioner, District 4

Allen Booker, Commissioner, District 5

Mark Stambaugh, Commissioner, At Large Post 1

Bob Coleman, Commissioner, At Large Post 2


ALSO PRESENT:           Alan Ours, County Manager

Aaron Mumford, County Attorney

Cindee Overstreet, County Clerk


Discussion and consideration of voting on the following:


1.         Recreation Department’s registration late fees (R. Strickland)


Late fees charged by the recreation department were discussed. A $25 late fee was implemented recently to encourage parents to register by the deadline, which aids the recreation department in ordering the correct number of uniforms and in placing participants on teams. Staff reported the registration period was one month and parents could register the kids online 24 hours a day.


2.         Sea Island exchange of properties (B. Brunson)


On behalf of Commissioner Brunson, Community Development Director David Hainley explained it may benefit Glynn County to exchange some property on Sea Island Road and Frederica Road that is currently owned by Sea Island Acquisitions (SIA) for a piece of property owned by Glynn County. The property owned by SIA was appraised at $1.2 million and consists of a 6.4-acre parcel near the Dunbar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (valued at $484,500) and the right-of-way on the eastern corners of the Sea Island Road and Frederica Road intersection (valued at $357,000 and $220,000 respectively). It also included a .5-acre strip on the east side of Frederica Road approaching the intersection with Sea Island Road. This strip was appraised at $167,500.  Owning these properties would provide right-of-way for future road improvements at this intersection and would provide direct access from Sea Island Road to the Dunbar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

In exchange for these properties, the county would give 2.4 acres (valued at $498,000) to SIA. This parcel is adjacent to the SIA’s employee parking lot and would allow for further expansion of the parking area. A third party provided the appraisals.

                        The Board did not reach a consensus during this discussion.


3.         Discuss improvements to Lord Avenue (J. Stambaugh and B. Coleman)

            - garbage dumpsters

            - increased parking

            - drainage improvements


Mr. Hainley presented a plan to have the shops along Lord Avenue form an LLC and place one trash compactor on Lord Avenue for use by all in the LLC. This would eliminate the dumpsters and increase parking by 45 slots and provide sidewalks.


4.         Office Park renovations


Joe Combs and Robert Ussery, of Ussery-Rule Architects, presented a plan to move the Public Defender’s Office from the first floor to the second floor of the Office Park Building. This would provide the Juvenile Court space for a new courtroom on the first floor. Due to the move of restrooms and holding cells, the cost was significant - $2 million.

It was decided that other alternatives would be sought.


5.         Fund Balances


Glynn County Fund Balance Policy states that the Revenue Stabilization Fund will not be less than fifty percent of the subsequent year’ s General Fund budgeted operating expenditures and transfers. This Revenue Stabilization Fund and the General Fund undesignated fund balance were discussed. County Manager Alan Ours explained the benefits of having a healthy fund balance, including aiding in economic development and being able to respond to natural disasters. Several commissioners were interested in decreasing Revenue Stabilization Fund.  Administrative Services Director and CFO, Tonya Miller, will provide a recommendation to the Board at a later date.





A motion was made by Commissioner Browning and seconded by Commissioner Strickland to adjourn to executive session to discuss potential litigation. The motion carried unanimously.


After executive session, the meeting was adjourned.






Dale Provenzano, Chairman

Board of Commissioners

Glynn County, Georgia






Cindee S. Overstreet, Clerk