THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1991 AT 6:30 P.M.







            PRESENT:             Chairman Joe Smith

                                                Vice Chairman Karen Moore

                                    Commissioner Robert H. “Bob” Boyne

                                    Commissioner William E. Dismer

                                    Commissioner Jack Hardman

                                    Commissioner W. Harold Pate

                                    Commissioner E. C. Tillman


                 ALSO  PRESENT :      County Administrator Charles Stewart

                                               County Attorney Gary Moore




       Opening Ceremony.


                     Chairman Smith opened the meeting with Invocation, followed by Pledge of

       Allegiance to the Flag.       




Resolution Presented to Tad Person Upon Earning the Eagle Scout Award.

                                    On behalf of the full commission Chairman Smith presented a resolution

to Tad Person, who was accompanied on this special occasion by members of his family.


                     Consent Agenda.

                           A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to approve the following consent agenda items, as recommended by Staff.


Final Plat of Notting Hill Subdivision, Phase III, approved; said subdivision

               developed by Diversified Investments, Inc., Ralph Lackey, Agent;

               and being served by publicly dedicated paved roads and public water

               and sewer system; with a $1,500 cash bond having been submitted as

               requires by County Engineer Ray Richard to insure completion of grassing

               along the ditches and roads and submission of as-built drawings.


                                                   *    *    *


Public Works Department authorized to install one hundred (100) tree system pavement

                        vents along Beachview Drive and 12th Street on St. Simons Island; with

                        the cost of $3,000 to come from funds remaining from the Beachview Drive resurfacing project.


                                                                        *    *    *

Brown Design Associates authorized to proceed with development of detailed plans and

                                    specifications for the Selden Park Pool Complex.



                                                                        *    *    *


The following resolution approved for presentation at Corps of Engineers Public Hearing

                        regarding proposed revisions to the 1989 Federal Manual for Identifying

                        and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands.




                                                            R E S O L U T I O N


                   WHEREAS, the Glynn County Board of Commissioners is vitally interested in

           protecting the viable wetlands of Glynn County while preserving the right to utilize uplands for urban and rural development;



                        WHEREAS, the revised manual has been substantially improved to meet the

           above defined goal of the Commission, however, some changes are still required to make

           the manual viable;



                        NOW THEREFORE, BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the

            following recommendations as recommended by local and area wetland task forces be included in the approved manual:


1.         The requirement that all 3 wetlands criteria must be satisfied, each independent of the other two, must be clearly and precisely spelled out in the manual, e.g., field inspectors should not be allowed to assume that since the soil is hydric that hydrololgy and plant requirements are also met.


2.         “Disturbed Wetland Areas” should be eliminated from this manual.  Almost all the land east of the Mississippi River has been disturbed at one time or another and much of that west of the river.  Wetland classification must be made on the present condition and function of the land.


If left in the manual, this will undo the intention of President Bush, his Council on Competitiveness and the improvements that have been made with the revised manual.


3.         Change the “growing season” definition to agree with what is universally accepted:  “from the average date of the last killing frost in the spring to the average date of the first killing frost in the fall.”


4.        Facultative vegetation is neutral, therefore it should not be counted or even used to

            determine if the hydrophytic vegetation criteria is met.


5          Even though 3 years of water table data and 5 years of aerial photography   

            not a requirement, their inclusion in this manual could be interpreted as requiring this length of time before a delineation could be made.  This optional data requirement should be eliminated from this manual.  The use if this data should be optional and used when they are available and reliable. 



6.         The manual should state emphatically that a single secondary indicator does not

             determine whether a criterion has been met.



7.         Change the hydric soils criterion so it is consistent with the requirement that soils

            that must be saturated to the surface for a minimum of twenty-one days.  The revised manual section on hydric soils still indicates that a water table of 6 to 18 inches below the surface determines hydrology.  This inconsistency must be changed.



AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following general comments be considered:


1.         The revised manual is an improvement over the 1989 manual.  Additional   

             improvements are needed.


2.         Private property rights must be addressed and made part of this process.


3.         The revised manual continues to be extremely complicated and almost impossible to understand.  Even the regulatory employees have trouble with it.  This issue is not that complex and it appears that it is being made complex to confuse property owners and the general public.


4.         The permitting process should have time limits established.  Delays and indecisions are very costly to the property owner.  Suggest a 90 day permit period from receipt of application to a yes or no decision by the Corps of Engineers. Good business management is needed in the permitting and review process.


5.         Highly recommend that the 1989 manual and all revisions be voided.  That the 1987 manual, with soils and plant list available at that time, be used for the permitting process.  Immediately set up a Blue Ribbon Committee of scientists, land owners, foresters and land developers to formulate a Wetlands Manual for identifying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands.


6.         Regional and even state wetlands plants and soils list should be developed by this same Blue Ribbon Committee.




                                    This resolution to be sent to:  Mr. Gregory Peck

                                                                                    Wetlands Aquatic Resources

                                                                                    Regulatory Branch

                                                                                    Mail Code 104 F

                                                                                    U.S. EPA 401 M Street, S.W.

                                                                                    Washington, DC 20460


                        Copies to: Senator Sam Nunn

                             Senator Wyche Fowler

                                        Congressman Lindsay Thomas                     


Matters relating to verbal offer made by the King and Prince Hotel   to include Glynn County in their application to the Department of Natural Resources and Corps of Engineers for permit to install a rock revetment which would also protect Massengale Park and two County street ends, because of the delay in the Beach Nourishment Project, was deferred until an active request was received by King & Prince representatives.


                                          *    *    *






New Purchasing Policy Adopted, as follows:


                                                PURCHASING  POLICY


                                SECTION 1

                                       PURPOSE OF POLICY


                        Responsibilities of the Purchasing Office include:


                        .           the purchase and distribution of supplies, materials, property,

                                    equipment and inventory pursuant to ordinances, policies and

                                    procedures established by the Board of Commissioners and in

                                    accordance with this manual and the laws of the state.


                        .           the establishment of reliable and reputable sources of the supply;


                        .           the fostering of completion and good procurement practices while 

                                    giving consideration to value and price;



                        .           the handling of all negotiations with the highest ethical and fiscal






                                                NON-DISCRIMINATION CLAUSE


It is the policy of Glynn County to offer equal opportunities to all persons regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, or national origin. All County employees and agents are to take every step necessary to ensure that there is no such prohibited discrimination in any aspect of Glynn County’s purchasing function.



                                              SECTION 3

                                ETHICS IN PURCHASING


All County employees, both elected and appointed, will adhere to strict standards when purchasing materials.  Any employee with a financial interest in a private business is discouraged from bidding on county projects.  Glynn County will not purchase equipment materials and supplies from businesses in which county employees have a financial interest, unless there is a compelling meritorious reason to the contrary as determined by the Board of Commissioners.




                                                SECTION 4

                                       VENDOR LIST


The Purchasing Agent will maintain a file of all vendors desiring to do business with Glynn County.  Persons or businesses wishing to be added to the vendors list will submit a properly completed and certified application form.  The application will be submitted and signed by the principal as distinguished from an agent.  Any business not responding to requests for bids over a period of one year will be eliminated from the vendor list, but may be reinstated upon request.







                                  VENDORS IN DEFAULT


Any person, corporation or other entity in default to Glynn County for any ad valorem taxes, license fees or other taxes, assessments or fees which are not the subject of an appeal to a court or other legal tribunal shall not be permitted to bid on any proposed purchase by Glynn County or shall not be awarded any contract with Glynn County unless they shall first assign to Glynn County all or so much of the price of such purchase of the proceeds of such contract as will pay the existing default in full.




                        REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS


A request for qualifications (RFQ) document will be sent to firms interested in providing professional services such as architectural or other consulting services.  Respondents will be requested to indicate their interest in the project; specific relevant, comparable experience; and their ability to perform the services requested. The request will be advertised in order that any firm interested in submitting a proposal will have adequate time to do so.



                                                SECTION 7

                                                    METHOD OF ADVERTISING


Only the Purchasing Department will receive bids for any material, equipment and supplies. Bids may be solicited by a variety of methods which include direct mail request, by telephone to prospective vendors or through newspaper advertisement.  Notice inviting sealed bids will be published once a week in the official newspaper in the County. The newspaper notice will include a general description of the articles to be purchased or sold, will state the location of where bid blanks and specifications may be secured, and the date, time, and place the bid opening will occur.


                                    SECTION 8

                                 STATE BIDDING REQUIREMENTS


Any persons engaged in purchasing on behalf of Glynn County will comply with all applicable Sections of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated as well as any other pertinent legislation.







                              PRE-BID CONFERENCE


A pre-bid conference may be convened between the date of advertisement and the actual bid opening date. The purpose of the conference being to clarify advertised specifications for prospective responsive bidders.




                                  SECTION 10

                                        BIDS AND QUOTATIONS


            Competitive bids will be taken on all items other than reoccurring purchases (professional services, utilities and state contract purchases) and those of sole source procurement in order to assure open and competitive biding on all County purchases.  Bid specifications will be prepared in such a manner as to invite and encourage bidding from all suppliers of goods and equipment being purchased by the County.


The Purchasing Department will secure competitive bids in the form of telephone quotes, written quotes, or sealed bids.  The type of bid will be determined by the dollar amount of the purchase in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this policy.





                                                SECTION 11



                Performance Bonds- The purchasing Department will have the authority to require a performance bond, before entering a contract, in such amount as is reasonably necessary to protect the best interests of the County, or whatever such bond is required under the laws of the State of Georgia. Notice of a bond requirement shall be included in the public notice and bidding specifications.  The bond will not exceed one hundred per cent (100%) of the bid amount.


            Bid Bonds- Bid Bonds will be required in the amount of 5% of the proposed bid quotation as prescribed by state law on all Public Works bids.  The County may also require bid bonds whenever deemed to be in the County’s best interest for other projects or services.  Legitimate substitutes such as cashier or certified checks may be accepted in lieu of bid bonds with Glynn County receiving any interest accrued.


Personal or Company Checks- Personal or company checks are not valid substitutes for a Bid Bond or Performance Bond.






                                      TOTAL COST BIDDING


Glynn County may consider the guaranteed delivery, maintenance and

 operating costs as well as the guaranteed resale or buy back price of equipment at established time intervals when purchasing equipment.  This method of bidding is generally reserved for capital heavy equipment costing in excess of $50,000 only.




                                     SEALED BID OPENING


                Sealed bids will be opened publicly in the presence of one or more

witnesses at the date, time and place stated in the invitation for bids, generally at

2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.  The name of each bidder, the amount of each bid and

such other information as the Purchasing Agent deems appropriate will be

recorded.  All bids will be open for public inspection.  Improper, unresponsive or

incorrect bids will not be accepted.


                                                SECTION 14

                                          BID AWARDS

                All contracts and/or purchase awards will be made to the vendor whose

quotation is most advantageous to the County. If awarded to other than low bidder

the reason for such action shall be written and filed with the related purchase

documents.  Professional services may be awarded to the firm judged by the

Board of Commissioners to be the best qualified even though not the low bidder.




                                                   SECTION 15

                                                   CORRECTIONS OR WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS


            With the concurrence of the County Administrator and the Finance

Director, bidders may be allowed to withdraw bids containing mistakes not

discovered until after the bid opening.  Bids pertaining to Public Works contracts

may not be withdrawn under any circumstances.  In all other cases, bids will be

accepted unconditionally without alteration or correction.  When bids are

accepted where unit prices are shown, the county may correct obvious extension

and footing errors after advising the vendor in writing.




                             REJECTION OF BIDS OR QUOTATIONS


The County Administrator is hereby given the authority to reject all bids when in, his opinion, such action is in the County’s best interest.  The County Administrator may further direct that the proposal be re-bid should it be determined that such action is in the County’s best interest.  The exercise of the authority given the County Administrator in this section requires the approval of the Board of Commissioners on any purchase over $10,000.00  (See Glynn County Purchasing Ordinance 2-2-13.)


            SECTION 17



The Glynn County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to award bids for professional services at its discretion.


           SECTION 18



All purchases must be approved by the Department Head and the Purchasing Agent.  Further approval may be necessary depending on circumstances.


(a)        Purchases for which funds are budgeted must be

approved by the Finance Director if $1,500 or

over.  Such purchases must be approved by the

County Administrator if $10,000 or over.  Such

purchases must be approved by the Board of

Commissioners if $20,000 or over.  Purchases

of vehicle or equipment parts and outside vendor

repairs on same up to $10,000 must be approved

by the Public Works Director and do not require

approval of the Finance Director.


(b)        Purchases for which no funds have ever been

budgeted but which can be made by transferring

funds within the budget of the involved department

must be approved by the Finance Director

regardless of amount.  Such purchases must also

be approved by the County Administrator except for

non-capital items under $500.  Such purchases must

be approved by the Board of Commissioners  if

$2,000 or over and if the purchase is for any capital



(c)        Purchases for which funds have been budgeted

where the budgeted funds are exhausted can be

made by transferring excess funds within the

budget of the involved department from some

other account.  Such transfer and purchase must be

approved by the Finance Director regardless of 

amount and by the County Administrator if $5,000

or over.  Such transfer and purchase must also be

be approved by the Board of Commissioners if

$10,000 or over.


(d)        In the event that an emergency should arise after

hours, which emergency requires immediate action

on the part of the County’s Department Head

involved for the protection of the best interest of

the County, or should such a situation arise on a

Saturday, Sunday or holiday and where it is not

possible or convenient to reach the Purchasing

Agent , any necessary purchase up to $2,500 shall

be made by the Head of the Department for which

the purchase is necessary.  The purchase shall be

reported to the Purchasing Agent and County

Administrator without delay.






In the event of a declared state of emergency, the County Administrator or Board          of Commissioners may suspend all or any part of this Purchasing Ordinance, or any purchasing policy promulgated there under.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will reimburse a portion of all expenses incurred during a presidentially declared emergency.  In order to apply for this reimbursement, meticulous records must be maintained.  Virtually all expenses, except those that would have occurred had there been no emergency, will be reimbursed.  The current reimbursement rate is 75%  federal and 25% state.


            SECTION 20



                                    Whenever most advantageous to the County, long-term contracts

            or blanket purchase agreements should be obtained for materials used by one or

            more departments on a regular and continuing basis.  The contract will cover a

specified period of time and will show a price for the goods and services which

will be valid for the contract period.  Contracts or purchase agreements should

extend no longer than a one-year period and will be subject to the applicable

bidding or quotation requirements as for any other purchase.


a.              Oral Telephone Quotes - Three quotes will be secured

                             for purchases exceeding $75, but less than $1,500.


b.              Written Quotes – Three written quotes will be secured

                                         for all purchases exceeding $1,501, but less than $5,000.


                        c.               Sealed Bids – Sealed bids based on written specifications

                                          must be secured for all purchases exceeding $5,001 and

                                          may be required for purchases less than $5,000 when so

                                          determined by the Purchasing Department.


d.               Vehicle Fuel Purchases - Telephone quotes will be secured

                                          from fuel vendors listed on the Purchase Agent’s fuel

                                          vendor list.


All quotes will be documented as to the vendor, amount quoted, description and specification of the product, contact person and delivery costs and date.



                        SECTION 21



The County Administrator may subject to purchasing authorization levels, designate a sole source for the purchase of any item or service due to special scientific technology, extraordinary specifications, compatibility with existing equipment, or when circumstances or competition is deemed inadequate.  A memorandum documenting the reason for the sole source purchase will be maintained in the files of the Purchasing Office.




                   SECTION 22



            Whenever any item or service which meets all county requirements is available through a contract with the State of Georgia and is offered to local governments, the item or service may be purchased from the state contract when it can be demonstrated to be lower in price than local bidding or advantageous to operational efficiency.




                                    SECTION 23

                                            RECURRING PURCHASES


Goods received or used on an ongoing expected basis such as utility bills, travel,

seminar and conference fees, membership dues, subscription costs and payments made under the terms of a previously approved contract, will be handled without the issuance of a purchase order. The Finance Director will pre-approve all vendors and the type purchases which will qualify.  In most instances, the purchase price will be determined in advance with quantity based on need.  Each department will verify that billings are a true representation of goods and services received and that sufficient funds are available to cover the reoccurring expense.



                                                SECTION 24

                                                                 LOCAL VENDORS


            Equal opportunity will be afforded to all vendors who desire to supply materials

and  service as needed by Glynn County.  In all phases, efforts will be made to obtain

quotations or bids from local vendors, and all factors being equal, the award will be

made to a vendor having an established place of business in Glynn County, but 

solicitation of bids is not restricted to Glynn County vendors.


                                                SECTION 25 

                                        PRODUCT STANDARDIZATION


                Materials, supplies and equipment purchased by the County on a regular basis

will be standardized as much as possible in an effort to purchase goods and services at the

best possible price.  Purchases will be made through the use of standard specifications

established by the Purchasing Department whenever possible. Each standard specification

will apply items and effect to the purchase or contract for the item or service described in

the specification. However, if any item requested by a department is not on the standard

list or listed as an exemption, the Purchasing Department is authorized to exempt the item

if sufficient justification in writing is provided by the requesting department.


            If a requisition is submitted for a brand name item or service, the Purchasing

Department will notify the requesting department of acceptable and approved like items

or services which meet the specification requirements.


                                                SECTION 26

                                       SURPLUS  STOCK



All departments will submit to the County Administrator on an annual basis in

such form as prescribed. reports reflecting stocks of all supplies which are no longer

used or which have become obsolete, worn out or scrapped.  The Administrator may

transfer surplus stock to other departments or may sell all supplies which have become

unsuitable for public use, or to exchange the same for, or trade in the same on, new

supplies.  Sale will be made to the highest responsible bidder at public auction.


                                                SECTION 27

                                      PETTY CASH FUND


                The County Administrator is given the authority to allow certain departments

the use of a petty cash fund not to exceed $200.This fund will be used for purchases not

to exceed $25.00. The petty cash fund will be reimbursed based upon sales receipts

reflecting proper authorization and account codes.



                                                SECTION 28

                                                             SAMPLE FORMS


            Forms needed for the procurement of material, equipment, supplies and services are

attached for reference purposes.  Should questions arise in the proper usage of these forms, please

contact the Glynn County Purchasing Agent.



            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman

approving Sections 5 and 23 (not included in the original draft presented for approval at  this

time, but incorporated in the complete text above)

Unanimously adopted.


                                                       *   *   *


Bids on Road and Drainage Projects Awarded as Follows:

            1.         Bid on grading, draining, base and paving 2.79 miles of 14 County

                        roads, including DOT contract PR-440-1(127), awarded to Plant

                        Improvements d/b/a Seaboard Construction Company, Brunswick, in

                        the amount of  $367,200.00.


            2.         Bid on asphaltic concrete resurfacing 5.89 miles on 11 County roads

                        awarded to Plant Improvements d/b/a Seaboard Construction Company,

                        Brunswick, in the amount of $155,189.50 includes DOT contract LAR-


            3.         Bid on St. Simons/Sea Island drainage improvements awarded to Poppell-       

                        Eller, Brunswick, in the amount of $110,000.00.


Selden Park Activities Approved as Follows:


            Saturday, October 19, 1991 - First Down Club Annual Ball,

                        9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.


            Saturday, November 2, 1991 – Birthday celebration, Valerie Riddick-

                        Thompson, 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


            Sunday, November 3, 1991- Gospel Group Anniversary Program,

                        “The Sensational Tones”, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Unanimously adopted.




Community Garden at McKinnon Airport


            John B. Hostetter, Tom Kelly and Louise Patterson presented a petition signed by

numerous citizens opposing a proposal recently discussed by the Glynn County Airport Commission to relocate that portion of the community garden located at McKinnon Airport on St. Simons Island which was not on the site of a former landfill and to seek a commercial user for this tract.  They asked the Commission to recognize this area as a valuable asset and to protect its continues use for gardening purposes, less any footage needed for road improvements.


            Chairman Smith assured this group that the Commission had notified the Airport Commission earlier in the year that they were opposed to a proposal being considered at that time to relocate the garden so that a driving range could be constructed at this site.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman authorizing Community Development Director Ed Stelle to attend an upcoming Airport Commission Meeting regarding updating the Airport Master Plan and express the Board of Commissioner’s concern as to how it would relate to buffers, setbacks and long term arrangements for the garden spot.

            Commissioner Dismer said he reluctantly questioned the wisdom of this motion because it would place an undue burden on the Airport Commission, as stewards of the property, in determining the best use of that land for the County.  He noted that the garden had grown from its original size of three acres to six acres, and in this time of budget cuts the County was looking for every source of income.

            Commissioner Moore’s motion was unanimously adopted.


County Co-Sponsors “Rites of Spring” Fund Raising Activities at Neptune Park

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Tillman approving request submitted by Susan Hamer for County co-sponsorship of “Rites of Spring” fund-raising activities on behalf of Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter, including an antique show at the Neptune Park complex April 10,11, & 12, 1992; with the understanding that all details would be approved in advance by Staff pursuant to recommendations from the Recreation Board.

Unanimously adopted. 


GC-13-91: Rezoning Application of 341 Inc.; Harry Driggers, Agent

            Pursuant to advertisement, public hearing was held on subject application to

rezone from LI limited Industrial to HC Highway Commercial, the following described property.

                        Tract 23 of Key Industrial Park, Section 2 Phase II,

                        consisting of 1.006 acres, fronting 2665.13 feet on the

                        north side of Community Road.


            Ed Stelle, Director of the Department of Community Development presented

recommendation of approval from both the Planning Commission and Staff, and Mr.

Driggers was present on behalf of the application.

            There being no opposition, a motion approving this rezoning application, as recommended, was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Tillman.

            Unanimously adopted. (Commissioner Moore was not present for this vote.)






Traffic Improvements on St. Simons Island


            Commissioner Moore said she had received negative feedback from residents of St. Simons and Sea Island concerning the three proposed intersection traffic improvement projects on St. Simons Island, and she would have no interest in pursuing than if after upcoming public hearings it was determined that the majority of the people were opposed.  In anticipation of this outcome, Commissioner Moore said she would like the Commission to ask Staff to develop preliminary figures for spending the $3.5million in Sales Tax Monies designated for these projects to pave the remaining dirt roads on St. Simons Island, accomplishing drainage projects and enhancing the sidewalk/bike path system.

            County Attorney Gary Moore said although Sales Tax Monies had to be used for the purpose named in the referendum, namely road improvements, it was not specifically earmarked so it could be used for any road or drainage purpose.

            Commissioner Boyne said authorizing Staff to develop the information requested by Commissioner Moore would presuppose the outcome of the public hearings, and he felt this action should wait until the Moreland-Altobelli Engineering Firm completed their findings.  Commissioner Tillman noted that the Commission had an obligation to provide for the safety of the traveling public at subject intersections on St. Simons Island.

Commissioner Pate said he felt it would be premature to state what would be done with the funds if these projects were not pursued.  In the event the citizens of St. Simons Island did not want this $3.5 million spent on any kind of road improvements on the Island, Commissioner Smith asked if the money could be used for road improvements on the Mainland.  County Attorney Gary Moore replied affirmatively.

            St. Simons resident Virginia Gunn commented that federal funds were anticipated to help finance these projects, and she wondered if this would enable the Federal government to determine what type road improvements would be made on the Island and what trees would be removed.  Administrator Stewart responded that these decisions would be made by the Board of Commissioners.  St. Simons resident Jim Robertson opposed four-laning of any roads on St. Simons Island.



Tree Ordinance

            At Commissioner Moore’s request, Chairman Smith directed County

Attorney Gary Moore to review the proposed Tree Ordinance developed by Glynn

Clean and Beautiful, and he directed staff to place this item on the agenda of the

next regular meeting for approval.



Selden Park Pool Project    


Commissioner Tillman reported that fund-raising efforts for the Selden Park Pool Complex Project were moving along on schedule, and offers for donation of materials and landscaping had been received.



Full-time Assistant Public Defender Position Approved

On behalf of the Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force, a motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner Tillman approving request of Public Defender Ernest Gilbert to change the part-time Assistant Public Defender position to full-time status at an annual salary of $24,000.00; with funding to come from the Public Defender’s budget.

            Unanimously adopted.


Beach Management Committee Activities

Chairman Smith related that he had attended a recent Beach Management Committee meeting and discussed the duties assigned to this group by the Board of Commissioners.

Committee Member Jim Robertson asked for information concerning characteristics of the sand to be placed on the beach as part of the Beach Nourishment

Project. Commissioner Moore offered to provide this information to Mr. Robertson if he could not acquire it from any other source.


Liquor, Beer and Wine Licenses Granted to Dennis F. Haigler, Jr. at Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort


Pursuant to advertisement, public hearing was held on application of Dennis G. Haigler, Jr. on behalf of Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort, for License to sell Liquor, Beer and Wine for consumption on premises at the following locations on St. Simons Island (Change of corporation from Bay Colony Property to Bay Financial Corporation).


            a)         Sea Palms Golf and Tennis Resort (Café Oglethorpe), Windward Drive.


            b)         Sea Palms Golf Club Snack Bar, Windward Drive. (Beer and Wine for

                        consumption on premises.)


            c)         Sea Palms Racquet Club, 5445 Frederica Road. (Addition of Liquor

                        to existing Beer and Wine License for consumption on premises.)


Police Chief Carl Alexander related that this application met all requirements of this Liquor License Ordinance, and Staff recommended approval.  The agent for this application was present on his own behalf.


There being no opposition, a motion approving said application as recommended was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Dismer.

Unanimously adopted.


Beach Nourishment Project

               A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Dismer approving recommendation of County Attorney Gary Moore that five-year construction easements be substituted for perpetual easements already by some property

owners for the upcoming Beach Nourishment Project on St. Simons Island.

               Unanimously adopted.

                                                *    *    *

               A motion was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Pate authorizing the Chairman and Clerk to execute all documents necessary regarding a restated contract with the Brunswick and the Glynn County Development Authority for reissuance of the Beach Nourishment Bonds.

               Unanimously adopted.

                                                *   *    *

               A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Moore authorizing the Chairman and Clerk to execute Supplemental Agreement No.1,

Modification of the Local Cooperative Agreement between Department of Transportation and Glynn County for construction of the Brunswick Harbor, Georgia, St. Simons Island Beach Project.

               Adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Dismer abstaining.






Bel-air Estate Subdivision Water System Easement Transferred from DJW Inc. to W&D

Investments Inc.


               Pursuant to recommendation from County Attorney Gary Moore, a motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Moore authorizing the Chairman and Clerk to execute an agreement authorizing transfer of water system easement in Bel-Air Estate Subdivision from DJW Inc. to W & D Investments Inc.

               Unanimously adopted.



Relocation of County Attorney Offices

               A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Tillman approving request submitted by County Attorney Gary Moore and

Building Official Vernon Lewis for renovation of County building located at 1723 Reynolds Street to temporarily house the Attorney’s offices as of January 1, 1992, with $3,333 expenditure for materials to come from rental savings of $5,475.00 on the current leased facility covering the time period from January 1 to June 30, 1992, and work to be performed by County forces. Unanimously adopted.




Assistant County Attorney 

               A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Tillman approving request presented by County Attorney Gary Moore to hire an Assistant County Attorney, as follows:


                           30,000.00     Base Annual Salary

                             9,000.00     Fringe (health Ins., FICA, Pension Fund)

                             1,150.00     Bar dues and continuing legal education

                         $40,150.00     TOTAL ANNUAL COST






               Funding FY 1991-92


                         $15,000.00  Balance Law Clerk

                             2,142.00  Rent savings this year

                           12,000.00  Outside counsel fees

             $29,142.00  TOTAL


Unanimously adopted.



Enforcement of River Corridor Act


            Community Development Director Ed Stelle presented suggested comments for presentation on behalf of the Commission at a Public Hearing to be held by the Department of Natural Resources on October 17, 1991 in the County Commission Meeting Room concerning rules and regulations for the enforcement of the River Corridor Act.

            Commissioner Moore explained that the River Corridor Act was designed to protect river corridors in North Georgia, and it was being applied in Glynn County where the different topography had never been considered.

One citizen commented that the Board of Commissioners was fast getting a reputation as being anti-environmental, and he encouraged them to go slow with these kinds of actions.  He expressed fear that the Commission was willing to

sacrifice the environment for the sake of development.  Virginia Gunn suggested that the public hearing on this issue be held in the large courtroom upstairs in the Court House so as to accommodate a large number of people.  Jim Robertson, speaking as a real estate developer and river-front property owner, expressed an interest in this matter.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to accept Mr. Stelle’s report for information.

            Unanimously adopted.





Personnel Committee Actions

            On behalf of the Personnel Committee, a motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne approving the following actions.


(1)        Disability payments to the following former employees discontinued.

                        John Cooper

                        Harrison Dowless

                        Robert Pearo


(2)        The following employees terminated.


                        John Thomas, Building Inspection

                        Sylvester Lecount, Sanitation Department

                        Charlie Mackay, Detention Officer


(3)        Quinton Slaughter retained as a temporary employee with the Information

            Resources Department through December 11, 1991, for the purpose of

            completing cabling project for St. Simons Island Water & Sewer

            Department, Building Maintenance, and Public Works, and terminating

            internal telephone wires and data cables in the New Court House.


(4)        Personal Director Don Herrman directed to hold a hearing on suggested

            amendment to the Personnel Policy regarding political activity.


            Unanimously adopted.



Police Department Uniforms


            Police Chief Carl Alexander asked the Commission’s approval to include

a provision in the  bid specifications for uniforms for his department which would allow the contract to be renewed for a second year without re-bidding.  He said this would allow the successful vendor to deliver uniforms in a timely manner and keep necessary items in stock to supply the County ‘s needs.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman authorizing  Chief Alexander to work with Administrator Stewart in developing a cycle bid package on Police Department uniforms, following the parameters of the new Purchasing Policy.

            Unanimously adopted.



Purchase of Replacement Automobile for Police Department

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman authorizing Chief Carl Alexander to surplus a wrecked Police Department automobile, and transfer funds from the Patrol Division to purchase a Ford Mustang for the Traffic Division; said purchase to reduce the number of budgeted automobiles to be purchased when the annual State contract is let.

            Unanimously adopted.



Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Dismer authorizing Chairman Smith to forward a letter to local legislators asking for amendment to the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act to allow the waste stream reduction achieved by use of the air

curtain destructor to apply to the 1996 25% reduction mandate.

            Unanimously adopted.


Committee Assignments

            Chairman Smith made the following committee assignments.

                        Personnel Committee – Employees Health Fair in December.

                        Finance Committee – Renewal of Health Plan Stop Loss Policy

                        Chairman and Administrator – Length of Service Awards Dinner

                        on December 7.



Executive Session

            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the following items, and then to adjourn the regular meeting.

Potential Litigation

                        Personnel Matters

                        Right-of-Way Acquisition


Unanimously adopted.



                                                            BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                            GLYNN COUNTY, GEORGIA


                                                            Joe Smith,





Martha D. Tyre,

Deputy Clerk















































































































































































































































































Unanimously adopted.




Meeting Adjourned                                                         

                                                                                     BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                                                      GLYNN  COUNTY



                                                                                        Joe Smith, Chairman


Attested to and

Prepared By:



Martha D. Tyre, Deputy Clerk