PRESENT:                      Chairman Joe Smith

                                    Commissioner Robert H. “Bob” Boyne

                                    Commissioner William E. Dismer

                                    Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner E. C. Tillman



ABSENT:                        Commissioner Karen Moore



ALSO PRESENT:             Administrator Charles T. Stewart

                  Attorney Gary Moore


Opening  Ceremony.


            Chairman Smith opened the meeting with invocation, followed by pledge of allegiance to the flag.




Ad Valorem Tax Millage Set for 1991.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Pate to set the Ad Valorem Tax millage for 1991, as follows:

                         Gross              R-Back            R-Back            Net      Bond    Total

                         M & O            Lo.Opt.            Ins.                   M&O   Rate     Rate

                        ______            S-Tax               Prm.                 ____    ___      ____

County Inc.          12.72           4.32                 --                     8.40     .05       8.45    

Dist. 1 (Bwk)                    


Unincorporated    12.72           4.32                 --                     8.40     .05       8.45    

District 2,3,4,5

Special Districts

in Unincorporated




District 6                                                                                                         

Jekyll Island             12.72                    4.32     1.05                 7.35                 .05       7.40


Fire Protection           .67                      --         --                     --                     --           .00

Rural District    2


Fire Protection         2.22                      --           .67                 1.55                 --         1.55

District 3,4,5


Urban Services                                                            

  Sanitation                1.18                    --         .38                   .80                   --            .80



Sea Island                  .70                     --         --                     .70                   --            .70         



Roll back for Insurance Premium has been utilized for Fire District and Sanitation



Jekyll Island received their pro-rat share in Maintenance and Operations because

Glynn County does not provide them with Fire Protection and Sanitation Services,

although Glynn County and Jekyll Island have a reciprocal dire fighting



            Unanimously adopted. 




Board of Education Ad Valorem Tax Millage Rate Accepted.


            Administrator Charles Stewart presented a letter from the Board of Education

announcing their Ad Valorem Tax Millage Rate for 1991, as follows:


            Maintenance and Operation                              17.80 Mills

            Bond Retirement                                               _  .25 Mills


                                                TOTAL                       18.05 Mills


            Deborah Parkhurst objected to the millage set by the Board of Education, and said they had not shown the need for constructing two new elementary schools, which was included in their budget and tax millage.




            Chairman Smith said although the Board of Commissioners was legally required to accept the Board of Education’s tax millage rate, they had no control over the rate which was set.  He noted that the Board of Commissioners had trimmed their budget so that the County ‘s millage would not have to be increased, and it seemed logical that the Board of Education could have acted accordingly.

            Commissioner Hardman reluctantly moved to accept the tax millage rate set by the Board of education, and Commissioner Tillman reluctantly seconded the motion.

            Aye:     Commissioners Hardman, Tillman and Dismer.

            Nay:     Commissioner Boyne and Chairman Smith.

            Motion adopted           


Board of Elections request for Legal Counsel to assist With Redistricting.

            Chairman Smith related that Board of Elections Chairman Cecil Little had asked for approval from the Board of Commissioners to retain the services of Attorney Bob Russell to assist him with the re-districting plan.  After a brief discussion, Chairman Smith suggested that Staff inform Mr. Little to negotiate a price for Mr. Russell’s service and present a positive proposal to the Commission for approval.

            For the purpose of helping to fund Attorney Russell’s services in this regard, Commissioner Hardman suggested that discussions be held with the City Commission asking them to pay the County for holding City elections, if such action had not already taken place.


Palm Coast Zoning Lawsuit Settled.

            County Attorney Gary Moore announced that the judge had granted the County ‘s motion for summary judgment in the Palm Coast zoning lawsuit, and the County had won this suit on all counts.





Meeting Adjourned.


A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Pate to adjourn the meeting.

Unanimously adopted. 





                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS






Joe Smith, Chairman

Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre

Deputy Clerk