THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1991, 8:30AM


PRESENT:                 Chairman Joe Smith

                                    Vice Chairman Karen Moore

Commissioner Bob Boyne

Commissioner William E. Dismer

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner W. Harold Pate


ABSENT:                  Commissioner E. C. Tillman


ALSO PRESENT:             Administrator Charles T. Stewart

County Attorney Gary Moore


Opening Ceremony.


            Chairman Smith opened the meeting with invocation, followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.



Adoption of Budget for FY 1991-92.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Moore to adopt the General Fund Budget, as follows, with the understanding that various items would be addressed again as needed.


                                                General Fund Expenditure Budget

                                                            FY 1991-92


            Revenue                                                                       $25,055.000


            Expenditure                                                                  $25,055.000

Unanimously adopted.



                                                                *   *   *






            A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner

Moore to approve the remaining operating fund budgets as follows:


                                    Operating Fund Budgets

            DESCRIPTION                                             REVENUE     EXPENDITURE

            Library Fund Budget

            $17,000 added from Discretionary

            Fund to bring it up to previous

            year level.                                                                                        $   219,839


            Sanitation Collection Fund                                                      2,041,000


            Fire Protection Fund                                                                           2,260,000


            Debt Service                                                                                        164,000


            Sea Island Police Special District                                                          192,000


            Blythe Island Regional Park                                                                  298,000


            Sales Tax Construction                                                           9,476,000


            Jail Complex Construction Fund                                                               90,000


            Park Development Fund                                                                            7,000


            Beach Nourishment Fund                                                                      188,000


County Insurance Fund                                                                      1,030,000          


Employee Medical Benefit Plan                                                             1,770,000


Sanitation Disposal Fund                                                                       1,101,000


Winchester Building Fund                     200,000


St. Simons Water & Sewer                1,594,000


Mainland Water & Sewer                     367,000


Unanimously adopted.



Consent Agenda.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Dismer approving the following Consent Agenda items, as recommended by Staff.


Application for Grant from U. S. Soil Conservation Service – Beach Stabilization Plan

            and Crossover. Chairman Smith authorized to execute grant application, plan and

            agreement with U. S. Soil Conservation Service for the St. Simons Beach                                

Stabilization Plan and Crossover Project; with Building official Vernon Lewis

designated as contracting officer for the project, and Deputy Director of Zoning & Development Review Larry Taylor designated as assistant contracting officer.


DOT Paving Contract. Chairman Smith authorized to execute DOT contract for paving

            .90 miles on various County roads; Project PR 440-1 (127).


Recycle Center Lease Extended.  Chairman Smith authorized to execute extension of

            lease with Kent realty covering the Recycle Center Facility located at Third

            Lee Streets for a period of six months from 9/1/91 to 2/28/92.


                                                       *   *   *


Unanimously adopted.




Minutes Approved.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Moore to approve Minutes of the following meetings:


            Regular Meeting held August 15, 1991

            Executive Meeting held August 15, 1991

            Executive Meeting held August 22, 1991


Unanimously adopted.



Bill Taylor Discusses Selection of Chairman for 1992.


            Bill Taylor announced plans to address the upcoming election of County Chairman for 1992 in several public forums including open letters in the Brunswick News. Mr. Taylor suggested that it would be a good idea to appoint 1991 Chairman Joe Smith to serve again in this position during 1992.



Sales Tax Road Paving Projects.

            County Engineer Ray Richard presented information on the remaining 80 miles of unpaved dirt roads in Glynn County.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Pate authorizing Engineer Ray Richard to develop proposed paving priorities on the 60 miles of dirt roads that he considered cost effective to pave utilizing the criteria developed by him and any additional criteria the Commission felt should be included; with this information to be reviewed by the Commission in discussing a proposed referendum for another sales tax program.

Unanimously adopted.






Application for Permit to pave Dutch Road Across Southern Natural Easement.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer authorizing Chairman Smith to execute an application to be submitted to Southern Natural Gas Company for permit to pave Dutch Road across their existing easement.


Unanimously adopted.




Report from Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force.


            On behalf of the Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force, a motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner Boyne authorizing appropriate travel expenditure for Commissioner Dismer and Administrator Stewart to travel to Hall

County to view a work camp in the Gainesville area.


            Unanimously adopted. 


Finance Committee. and Purchasing Items.

            On behalf of the Finance Committee, a motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman approving the following items:

            1)         Bid on Football and Soccer Equipment awarded to Jonquil Sport Shop of

                        Smyrna, GA in the amount of $16,273.75.


            2)         Bid on Football and Soccer Jerseys awarded to Jonquil Sport Shop of

                        Smyrna, GA in the amount of $79,997.00.


            3)         Bid on Filing Systems and File Relocation for the New Glynn County

                        Courthouse awarded to Southwest Georgia Office Products dba JWM of

                        Albany, GA in the amount of $79,997.00


            4)         Bid on Automatic Irrigation System for New Glynn County Courthouse   

                        awarded to Clay RIC, Inc. of Savannah, GA in the amount of $33,180.


            5)         Bid in Blythe Island Sidewalk, Roadway and Drainage Improvements

                        awarded to Elmer Thrift Construction of Waycross, GA in the amount

                        of $148,188.


            6)         Principal amount of  $1,667,85 accepted from Nelson Wiggins for

                        payment of Tax Deeds.


            7)         Request of john Klinowski for refund of property taxes denied.


            8)         Request of Galbreath Clearing and Grading for reduction in landfill fees

                        charged on Kings Way Project for the County from bulky Waste Rate

                        to Municipal Waste Rate approved, thereby reducing Galbreath’s

                        landfill bill by $14,655.48.


            9)         Chairman authorized to sign five (5) years lease for installation of three

                        (3) antennas and one (1) microwave disk at the Frederica Water Tank,

                        with monthly revenue of $600, subject to review and approval of said

                        lease by County Attorney Gary Moore.


        10)           John Rivers released from the last month of lease on County building

                        located at 1723 Reynolds Street.


        11)           Proposal of EMC Engineering Services, Inc.of Savannah, GA for a study

                        on structural analysis of t. Simons Island Pier at a cost of $7,200 accepted.


       12)            Change Order to New Courthouse Project approved, allowing installation

                        of 38 ounce carpet in lieu of 40 ounce carpet, provided the warranty for 38

                        ounce is the same as for 40 ounce carpet, and accepting a credit of $10,000

                        on this change.


      Unanimously adopted.



Award of Bid on Landscape Improvements for New Court House Deferred.


                        A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Comm Boyne to defer award of bid on Landscape Improvements for the New Courthouse until the next meeting, to allow Building Official Vernon Lewis and landscape Architect Bill Edenfield

to obtain additional information from the low bidder.

            Unanimously adopted.



Proposed Amendment to the planning Commission Ordinance Regarding Appointments.

            Chairman Smith announced that the Planning Commission had been asked to review two amendments to the Planning Commission Ordinance proposed by the County Commission regarding the method of appointments; one proposal sponsored by Commissioner Boyne would increase the Planning Commission membership to nine (9) members, and the other proposal sponsored by Chairman Smith would retain the current level of membership at seven (7) members while allowing each Commissioner to appoint a member from his specific district.  He said the Planning Commission’s response that no change be made had been received.  He asked the Commission to choose which one of the amendments they wished to advertise and vote on at the upcoming meeting.

            Commissioner Boyne withdrew his proposed amendment which would have increased Planning Commission membership to nine (9) members.

            A motion was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Boyne authorizing Staff to advertise the Commission ‘s intent to amend the Planning Commissioner Ordinance at the next meeting to change the method of appointing members to the Planning Commission while retaining the current membership level of seven (7).

            Adopted by majority vote with one nay vote cast by Commissioner Moore.



Beach Management Committee Members Appointed. 

            With regard to a motion made by Chairman Smith and adopted at the July 18th meeting authorizing formation of a Beach Management Committee, a motion was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Pate to amend said motion, as follows:

            a)         Changing activation date of the Beach Management Committee to

                        approximately September 15;


            b)         Changing the language which stated that no changes be made to the

                        project without the endorsement of the Beach management Committee,

                        to say that no changes be made to the project without first receiving a

                        recommendation from the Beach management Committee.


            Unanimously adopted.


                                                *   *   *






            Several residents including Virginia Gunn, Betsy Ellzey, Marilyn Parver, Nancy Thomason and Taylor Shoettle asked that the scope of the Beach Management Committee be expanded to include other members and organizations.  Dennie McCrary commented that this Committee was becoming so large it would be unwieldy.


A motion was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to

expand the membership previously designated for this Committee by adding seven (7) concerned citizens positions, one direct appointment by each Commissioner, for a total of twenty (20) members.

            Unanimously adopted.


                                                *   *   *


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Pate, as follows:


1)         Approving the following membership for the Beach management Committee:


            Save The Beach Association                                                     Bob Drury

            East Beach Homeowners Association.                          Jack Kite

            St. Simons Chamber                                                                 Carl Paschal

            Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber                                             Jim Jordan

            Bwk-GC Dev. Auth.                                                                Randal Morris

            Hotel Resort Industry                                                                Ted Wright

            Sea Island Company                                                                 Bill Smith

            Jekyll Island Concerned Citizens                                               Mrs. Jean Poleszak

            Jekyll Island Authority                                                   George Chambliss

            Visitors Bureau                                                             Kathy Stratton

            Audobon Society                                                                      Jack Conyers

            City of Brunswick                                                                     Otis Herrington

            Lands End, Inc.                                                                        Dennis Williams

            Seven (7) Concerned Citizens- one direct appointment to be made by each



2)         Allowing this group to hold their first meeting, and at that time the Board of

            Commissioners to provide them with the names of other individuals who wanted

            to serve and organizations that wanted to be represented, including the following:


                        Marilyn Parver

                        Charles Crumbliss, Jr.

                        James V. Sweeney

                        Heidi Whitt

                        St. Simons Beach Assoc. Inc. – Mrs. Willard A. Snyder

                        Glynn Environmental Coalition-             Nancy Thomason;



            (3)        Asking them to analyze their makeup and recommend to the Board

                        of Commissioners any further expansion they consider appropriate.


                        Aye:     Commissioners Moore, Pate, Hardman, and Chairman Smith.

                        Nay:     Commissioners Boyne and Dismer.

                        Motion adopted.


            Lee Kicklighter Appointed to Serve Another Term on Planning Commission.    

                        Chairman Smith announced that Lee Kicklighter’s three-year term on the

Planning Commission representing the Unincorporated Mainland Area had expired,

and a new appointment by the Commission was in order at this time.

            Commissioner Moore nominated Mr. Kicklighter to serve another term.

            Chairman Smith nominated Stanley Whitt.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Moore to close the nominations.

Unanimously adopted.

                                                *   *   *

Written votes were cast, whereupon Chairman Smith announced that Mr. Kicklighter had been selected to serve another term on the Planning Commission.


Library Board Appointments.

            Chairman Smith announced that Beatrice Dismer’s term on the Brunswick and Glynn County Regional Library Board had expired. and another appointment was in order.

Commissioner Boyne nominated Mrs. Dismer to serve another term. Chairman Smith nominated William Diehl.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Moore to close the nominations.

Unanimously adopted.

After written votes were cast by the Commission and counted by Staff, Chairman Smith announced that Mrs. Dismer had been elected to serve another term on the Library Board.


Appointment to Regional Development Center Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.


            Chairman Smith announced that a request had been received from the Coastal Regional Development Center for appointment of a new member to serve on their Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to fill vacancy created by Maggie O’Connor’s resignation from this post.

            A motion was made by Commission Pate and seconded by Commissioner Moore appointing Bradford Brown to this position.

Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne was not present for this vote)



Repairs to Hardee Road.

            Administrator Charles Stewart reported that Hardee road had recently been damaged, apparently by a heavy truck that had not been identified, and County Engineer Ray Richard recommended acceptance of proposal from M.J. Biletzskov Construction Company, Inc. in the amount of $1,517.00 to perform the needed repairs, with the Sales Tax Road Budget being funding source.

            A motion approving this recommendation was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Pate.

            Adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Boyne abstaining.






ADI Contract on New Courthouse Project.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Moore authorizing transfer of funds within the ADI Contract on the New Courthouse Project, for the purpose of providing chair rails in high traffic areas including main lobbies, with no increase in funds.

            Aye:     Commissioners Pate, Moore, Boyne, and Chairman Smith.

            Nay:     Commissioner Dismer.

            Abstaining: Commissioner Hardman.

            Motion adopted.


Administrator Charles Stewart to Serve on Governor’s Local Governance Commission.

            With regard to Administrator Charles Stewart’s recent appointment to serve on the Governor’s Local Governance Commission, a motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Dismer approving Administrator Stewart’s participation in this activity to the extent of driving a County automobile to attend six to eight meetings during the course of a year, with the understanding that Administrator Stewart would take care of the remaining expenses himself.

Unanimously adopted.



Committee Assignments.


            Chairman Smith made the following Committee Assignments:


Personnel Committee   


            Review of bi-weekly pay period

            FLSA Exempt Employees Compensatory Policy

            Job Description for Landfill Manager

            Time and Motion Specifications


Finance Committee


            RFP for Architectural Services for remodeling the Detention



Joint City/County Meeting Cancelled.   


            The Commission briefly discussed the scheduled upcoming Joint City/County Meeting.

            Commissioner Moore noted that two of the City Commissioners were ill and the City’s attendance would not be very good at this time.

            Chairman Smith said the County needed to meet with the full City Commission,

otherwise any agreements reached between the two bodies would be in vain after the upcoming City Elections.  He then directed Staff to notify the City Commission that the County felt it best to cancel the next Joint Meeting based on the reasons stated.


Dan Altobelli Reports on Various Road Projects.

            Engineering Consultant Dan Altobelli reported on several on-going County Projects, as follows:

            1)         Buck Swamp Road.     All property acquired with the exception of two

                        owners who refused to donate the additional right-of-way.  Mr. Altobelli

                        said he felt this project would move towards completion in 1992.


            2)         MLKJr. Boulevard.      Mr. Altobelli reported that preliminary plans had

                        been completed for this project, and it remained well within the budget.  

                        He said the total cost of this project was $6,000,000, with the county’s

                        share being $610,000.


            3)         Community Road.         Mr. Altobelli announced that a contract had been let

                        for this project by the Department of Transportation, issuance of a work

                        order was imminent, and the work should actually be underway by the end                    of September.


            4)         “L” Street Project.        Mr. Altobelli advised that several public hearings

                        had been on alternatives for the “L” Street Project, and the Moreland-

                        Altobelli recommendation was going to be moving ahead with a five-

                        lane design which could likely drive the cost up to $5,000,000.  Mr.

                        Altobelli recommended that his firm be allowed to complete the

                        engineering so that clear construction costs could be identified, following

                        which they would initiate discussions with DOT to determine how much

                        money they would be willing to but into the project.





5)         Sea Island Demere Road Intersection.   Mr. Altobelli said this would

                        likely be the first of the St. Simons Road Improvement Projects to be

                        initiated because less right-of-way was required, hopefully beginning

                        in January of 1992.  He said the total cost of this project was estimated at

                        $1.4 million, with the County ‘s share being $629,000.  He also noted

                        that bike paths were included in all of St. Simons Projects.



5)         Frederica/Demere Road Intersection.       Mr. Altobelli said the cost of this

            project was estimated at 1.7 million dollars, the County ‘s share would be         

            $940,000, and right-of-way acquisition was estimated at $500,000. He

            said there appeared to be no support for widening these roads, and

            improvements would primarily be made at the intersection and include

            curb and gutters, pedestrian crossings, and turning lanes.



6)         Airport Road.   Mr. Altobelli discussed plans for four-laning Airport Road

                        to take traffic off Demere Road, and said construction of this project could

                        be underway in January if everyone decided what they wanted.


                        Commissioner Dismer said he was dismayed that this project, which

                        was originally estimated to cost $100,000, had turned into a $3 million

                        Project that could take up to two years to complete.

With the Commission ‘s approval, Mr. Altobelli said he would schedule further hearings


on these projects, as follows:


            October 1 at Risley School - MLK Jr. Boulevard

            October 15 at Casino - Sea Island/Demere Road

            October 22 at Casino – Frederica/Demere Road




Tour of Emergency Operations Center.


            Chairman Smith asked Staff to schedule a Work Session for Monday, September 9 at 4:30 P.M. and to make arrangements for the Commissioners to travel in a County van

to the Emergency Operations Center for a tour.





Turtle Protection Ordinance.

            Chairman Smith asked that Building Official Vernon Lewis or Police Chief Carl Alexander investigate reports that the King & Prince Hotel was violating Lighting Regulations of the Turtle Protection Ordinance.



Proposal that Civil Court Papers be Served by Mail.

            Commissioner Dismer said he would place on the Agenda of the next Regular Meeting for the Commission to consider adopting a resolution to be addressed to the local

legislative delegation approving the concept that civil court papers could be served by certified mail so this matter could be brought to the attention of the State Legislature and ACOG prior to next year’s session.



Business License Matters.

            Commissioner Hardman asked that Staff review the County Business License procedures, the personnel involved, and money generated, to se that everything was being done correctly garner every dollar due the County.



Beach Meeting in Florida.


            Because of budget constraints, Commissioner Moore withdrew her former request to attend a beach meeting in Florida during the coming week because she felt that Community Development Director Ed Stelle’s attendance on behalf of the County would be sufficient.


Public  Address Systems for Commission Meetings.

            Commissioner Moore asked that Staff investigate costs involved in acquiring a public address for the County Commissioner ‘s Meeting Room.


Executive Meeting.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Dismer to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the following items, and then to adjourn the meeting

            Three (3) litigation matters

            Personnel Matters

Unanimously adopted.



                                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                    GLYNN COUNTY, GEORGIA


                                                    Joe Smith, Chairman


Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre,

Deputy Clerk