1991,  AT 8:30 A.M.




                      PRESENT:           Chairman Joe Smith

                                                        Vice Chairman Karen Moore

                                                    Commissioner Robert H. “Bob” Boyne

                                                    Commissioner William E. Dismer

                                             Commissioner Jack Hardman

                                                    Commissioner W. Harold Pate

                                             Commissioner E. C. Tillman


                   ALSO PRESENT:    Administrator Charles T. Stewart

                                                County Attorney Gary Moore




                      Opening Ceremony.


                                  Chairman Smith opened the meeting by calling on


                  Commissioner Moore for the invocation, followed by pledge of


                  Allegiance to the flag.





                  Consent Agenda Items.


                                  A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by

                   Commissioner Hardman to approve the following Consent Agenda Items,

                   as recommended by Staff.


                                                                 *   *   *


                  Petition of Jan and Peggy Koehler for piping a ditch

                       adjacent to their property located at 312 Wild Heron Drive by

                       the assessment method, with the Koehlers to pay 70% of the cost

                       and the county to pay the remaining 30% was approved.


*   *   *


                 No  Wake  Zone”  Designated  adjacent  to  Oak  Grove  Island,   by

                          adoption of the following Amendment to the Glynn County Code of




                                                                                  BOAT SAFETY

                                                                                  SECTION 2- 11- 37


                                    Section One. Section 2 – 11- 37 of the Boat Safety

                           Ordinance, Glynn County Code of Ordinances is hereby amended by

                            adding the following subdivision-section d.


d)        Waters of the Buffalo River for a distance of 100

Yards east and west of the Oak Grove Island Dock.


                 Section Two.    The Department   of Natural Resources shall be

                  requested to begin enforcement of this area as soon as

                   appropriate signs are in place.


                                                        *   *   *



  Clean  Community  Commission  Director   authorized  to  submit   

           grant  application  for  landscaping  Spur  25;  action  on  Tree

           Ordinance deferred.


LARP  Project  LAR- 21-43-4 (127)   -  Chairman, Commission and

           Clerk   authorized  to  execute  Certificate  of  Ownership and

           Agreement Forms as requested by the Department of Transportation

           on subject project covering resurfacing 5.61 miles on  8 County



                                                         *     *    *


  Sea   Island  Festival   allowed   to  take  place  at  Neptune  Park

           August  17, and 18, 1991, and County to serve as co-sponsor, as

           Recommended by  the  Casino  Advisory  Board.


                                                        *      *      *



Bylaws   for  Recreation  Board  -  deferred.


                                                      *        *       *


   Proposed  Staff  Reductions.


           County  Administrator  Charles  Stewart  asked   the  Commission  to


           Schedule  an  Executive  Session  the  following  Monday at  5:00  p.m.  to


           discuss  methods  of  reducing  the  County  work  force  and  upcoming




          Commissioner   Boyne  said  he  would  support  early  retirement


          Incentives.   Commissioner  Dismer suggested that  a  grace  period  be

          given  to  any employees  who  were  going to be dismissed  to  give  them


         time  to find  other  jobs.


          Commissioner  Hardman  said  he  was  working with a committee  that 


          had  gone  over  the  proposed  budget  and  were  developing  specific


          recommendations  to present  to the Commission, which  he  hoped would


          show the Commission  how  to  get  rid  of 40  to  50  Staff  positions.


          The  Commission  agreed  to  meet  in  Executive  Session Monday of  the


           Following at 4:00 p.m. to discuss  this topic.




            Meeting  Adjourned. 


            A  motion  was  made  by  Commissioner  Boyne  and   seconded  by


            Commissioner  Hardman  to  adjourn  the  meeting.


            Unanimously  adopted.





                                       BOARD  OF  COMMISSIONERS

                                       GLYNN  COUNTY,  GEORGIA





                                           Joe  Smith,




Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre

Deputy Clerk







Minutes Approved.


            A  motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by


Commissioner Boyne to approve minutes of Regular Meeting  and


Executive Meeting held   May 16, 1991.


                 Unanimously adopted.




Beach Nourishment.


                Chairman Smith announced that concern regarding the Beach

Nourishment  Project extended  beyond  St. Simons Island to  county-wide


status,  and  at this meeting he would allow every interested person to


speak  on this  issue, with  the  hopeful  result  of  laying the matter to


rest and moving ahead with the project without further debate.


        A  motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by


Commissioner Boyne to move Agenda Item No.11(Receipt of update from


The  Beach  Nourishment  Task  Force) forward so that  it  could be heard


at  the  same  time  as  the presentation  from the   “Save  the  Beach


Committee” which  was  listed  as  Agenda  Item No. 1    to  ask  the


Commission to halt construction of a groin and  placement  of  dredge


material on St. Simons Beaches until further study  of  alternate  beach


Nourishment  methods was looked into.


                     Unanimously adopted.


                                                              *   *   *

                     Bill Taylor  said  nothing  was  accomplished  by  the  recent


Town  meeting  held  by  Commissioner  Dismer  on  St.  Simons Island to


Discuss the Beach Nourishment issue.

                    Charlie  Crumbliss,  spokesperson  for  the “Save  the Beach


Committee”, said  he  felt  this  project  was  being  rushed  through  for


the benefit of a few  good  people.  He  asked  the Commitssion to defer


signing  documents  on the  project  until  alternatives could  be studied


by individual groups with  scientific background.  Mr. Crumbliss   said


State Congressman Lindsay Thomas had assured him that federal funds


would  be  preserved  for  this  project  even  if it  was  deferred  by  the




             A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by


Commissioner   Boyne  to  stop  the    Save  the  Beach  Committee 


presentation and move the Beach Nourishment Task Force issue forward


for discussion at this time.


              Aye:   Commissioners Dismer, Boyne, Pate and Tillman.


              Nay:    Chairman Smith and Commissioner Moore


              Abstaining:   Commissioner Hardman


              Motion adopted.


              Ralph  Graham, Chairman of the Beach Nourishment Task Force,


 Stated that the anticipated project was professionally engineered and


dsigned,  and  it  was  environmentally  sound.    He  described  this


project as being vital to the well being of Glynn County, and  said


its value  for  storm  protection justified  it  without  considering


revenue tourism generated.    Mr.  Graham  said  his presentation


included a number of speakers who would  prove that long term serious


erosion  was  occurring  in  Glynn  County  and  alternative  solutions  had


been  looked at by the Task Force and the County Commission.  He  said


the goal of the Task Force was to develop  the  best  plan  and  solution,


and  it  had  been  determined  that  a  holding  structure  would  be




           Woodie  Woodside, Task Force member and Executive Director


of the Brunswick&Golden Isles Chamber of  Commerce, recounted the


history  of  this  effort,    beginning  with  a  Department  of  Natural


Resources  report  presented to him in 1987  which stated that  serious


erosion  was  occurring in Glynn County’s three Islands.  He  said  a


Beach Nourishment Council was formed by the Chamber of Commerce to


ascertain  if  a  problem  existed  and  to  explore   possible methods  for


remedying  this situation, and  in  1988  they  hired  Olsen  &  Associates


to do a  feasibility  study.  Mr. Woodside said  the  Council  dissolved


in  late 1989,   and the Board  of Commissioners  formed  the  Beach


Nourishment Task Force in January of 1990 to continue the work.  Mr.


Woodside said beachfront properties would be at risk if no protective


measures were taken.


             Olsen   Associates  representative   said  their  analysis  of


Glynn County’s beaches determined that an erosion problem existed  on


all  three  Islands,  and  a conceptual  plan was  needed  which could be


followed through  the  next  few  decades.  He  said  the  jagged  edge of


the  rock  revetments  caused  erosion,  and implementing  a nourishment


System  was  important  because  the  beach  served  as  a  buffer  in  storms.

He  outlined  the  concept  of  pumping  sand  from  harbor  dredging  project


Onto  the  beach  and  said,  although  this  sand  would  erode  and  wash


Away,   it  would  go  instead  of   the  natural    beach.  He  said  beach


Nourishment  would  accelerate  erosion  of the  beach.    He described


The 933 Project  as  a  nice  solution  for  this  problem  because it  would


allow placement of sand on  the  beaches  at  a  cost   to  Glynn County of


$ 1.50  per  cubic  yard ,  with  the rmainder  of  the $4.00 per cubic  yard


cost being picked up by the federal  government.


                Task  Force member Carol  Hightower  reviewed  activities of


The Task  Force leading up to their  recommendation that a 933 Project


be implemented and that a 433 foot groin be constructed to help  hold


the  project.    She  said as  many  as  four  shorter  groins  had  been


considered,  but  considered  as infeasible by the Task  Force  because


they  could serve  as barriers  to  recreational activities on  the  beach.


                Corps   of  Engineers  representative  Frank  de  la  Sierra


Reported that in 1988 the Corps was  asked to look at the need for


Protecting Glynn County’s beaches on an interim basis until long term


Methods could be devised, resulting in the proposed 933 Nourishment


Project   which  included  placing  sand  dredged from  navigational


channels onto the beaches on a one- time basis.  He said this project


would be worthwhile for Glynn County from a storm damage perspective


alone,   the federal  government  found it to be environmentally sound


from a national perspective, and they  were  awaiting Glynn  County’s


decision  to move ahead with  the  project.


               Commissioner  Dismer said he understood installation  of two


groins on Tybee Island  had caused  the beaches to expand  by accretion.

Mr. Olsen  stated that  sand  had  been pumped  onto  the Tybee  beaches  in


1977 and again in 1986.


                 Dr. George  Ortell  recommended  construction  of two groins  on


The   St.  Simons beach  to  hold  the  sand  in  place.  Commissioner  Moore


Explained   that  the  Commission  had  deleted  the  second  groin  from  the


project as a compromise with some of the beachfront property owners.




Glynn   County anticipated spending  $ 1.5 million on the proposed 933


Project,   $418,000  would  be spent  for construction  of   the groin,  and


Another $ 70,000 ( to be matched by the  Soil Conservation Services) for


dune   restoration  and   public  crossovers.    He  stated  that  $ 741,000


would  be spent for the Long Term Feasibility  Study,  and  the  County


had issued  $2.4  million in bonds with a  20 year debt service although


it   was  hoped  the  bonds could  be retired  early,  and  a revenue  source


had  to be  found  to pay  off  the bonds.  He said  in 1988  the  County


Spent $ 40,000 for the Olsen Study, another $62,000 was spent in 1989,


$102, 000  was   spent  in  1990,  and  $297, 000  thus  far  in  1991.  He


explained  that  $253, 000  had  been  paid  to the  Corps of Engineers  as


the   initial  payment  on  the  Long  Term  Feasibility  Study.  He said  it


would   be  hard  to  use  Hotel/Motel  tax  to finance  this project  on  a


long  term  basis,  and  suggested  the  three following  funding  sources:


1)           State of Georgia should be playing a financial role.

2)           Special Property Tax.

3)           Imposition of parking fee on the St. Simons Causeway.


                   Beth  Day  questioned the value of beach  nourishment for


Storm protection.  Virginia Gunn  oppossed it on the basis  that similar


efforts   in  other  areas  had  proven  that  groins  were  not  effective,


dredge sand to be placed on the beaches might contain toxins,  turtle


nesting  places   might  be  disturbed ,  and  the  input  of experts  was


needed to exlore alternate methods of peach nourishment.   Mr.  Sierra


responded that the sand had been tested and it showed no evidence of


toxins.       Jim  Robertson   opposed  the  project,   suggesting  that


Commissioner Moore abstain from voting on the issue because of her


participation  on  the  Beach  Nourishment  Task  Force  and  that


Commissioner Pate abstain because his employer, Trust Company Bank,


issued  the  bonds  for  the  Project  and held  the mortgage  on several


beachfront condominiums.


                    Richard  Johnston said he felt the decision to reduce the


number of short groins for this project  in favor of  one long one was


a hasty  move,  and  the  key  factor  in   this  decision  related`  to a 


trigger mechanism for removing   the  groins if problems developed.  


                  Stanley Whit opposed the project, and said he felt there


was a relationship between spoil areas established  offshore  by  the


Corps of Engineers for disposing of dredge material and erosion on


the tip end of St. Simons Island.  Jim  Sweeney said  he felt erosion


on  St.  Simons  Island be   controlled with snow fencing  and  beach


grassing , and  suggested  that  the  Commission  ask  the  Corps of


Engineers  to  halt  the  current  project  and  proceed  to  realign the


channel  by  setting  up  artificial  reefs  three  or four buoys  seaward.


                 Millie Wilcox, President of the  St. Simons Island Chamber


of Commerce, expressed their endorsement of the Project and whatever


decisions the Commission  chose to make.  Henry Stiles  said the beach


was practically gone already, and he encouraged the Commission to


move  ahead  with  the  project.   Fred  McGinty,  President  of   the


Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce expressed favor of the


Project as designed, and urged the Commission to move forward.


                 Marilyn  Parver  opposed  the Project,  especially groin


construction, and said she didn’t think a trigger mechanism for the


groin  would  make  it  foolproof.  Jack Carmichael questioned the


availability  of  funding  in  view  of  the  appearance  that  every


government agency was experiencing a revenue shortfall. Gary Cross


suggested   that   the   Project   be  held   in   abeyance   until   other


alternatives could be reviewed.   Bob Drury  said  he  had  obtained


numerous  signatures  on  a  petition  asking  the  Commission  to stop 


construction  on  this  project  and find  other  methods of addressing


beach erosion.


                 Kathleen McClusky complemented  the Task  Force  and the


Commission  for  their  work  in developing this Project, and suggested


that  it  be  carried  beyond  the  present  terminus at  7th Street.  Hans


Trupp  supported the project,  and stated that many persons who had


signed  Mr. Drury’s  petition  had  been  mislead  into doing so.  Dale


Conyers, General Manager of  the  King & Prince Hotel,  supported the


project. Task  Force member Jim Jordan supported the project  and said


no mention of special interest had ever been mentioned by any member


of this group.               


             A  motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by


Commissioner Hardman  that  the  Commission  reaffirm support of the


following items:

1)       Previous vote approving the Section 933 Beach Nourishment

Project, including holding structure;


                     2)    Activities  and  recommendations  of  the  Volunteer  Beach

Nourishment Task Force; and


                    3)    The previous motion authorizing Chairman Smith to sign                     

                            agreement  with  the  U.S. Corps of Engineers  and the

                            Department of Transportation to proceed with this project,

                            subject to review by County Attorney Gary Moore.          



                    Aye:   Commissioner Moore, Hardman, Boyne, Pate and Chairman


                    Nay:   Commissioner Dismer


                    Abstaining:  Commissioner Tillman


                    Motion adopted.


                    A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by


   Commissioner  Moore  authorizing the Chairman to execute a  revocable


   license with the Georgia Department  of  Natural  Resources  relative  to


    construction of one groin, crossover structures,  and   dune  restoration


    project for the St. Simons  Beach.


                   Unanimously adopted.      ( Commissioner Pate was present


    for  this vote)




      Meeting To Be Recessed.­­


                         A motion was made by Commissioner  Dismer and seconded by


       Commissioner  Boyne  to  recess  the current  meeting  shortly,  cancel   the


       Joint  City / County   Meeting  scheduled  for  Tuesday,  July 11,  1991,  at


        4:00 p.m.,   and  to  reconvene   the  current   meeting  at  3:00  p.m. in the 


        Court House that day to complete the order of business.


                          Unanimously adopted.


                                                    __    ____________


Finance Committee Items Approved.


              A   motion  was  made  Commissioner  Moore  and   seconded   by


Commissioner Hardman to approve the following actions recommended by


the Finance Committee:


      1)      Mildred   Kicklighter’s   landfill   bill  incurred  as  a  result  of

               State   enforced   cleanup   of   her   homeplace    reduced  from

               $7,582.56   to  $390.00   to cover the cost   of   the    County’s



       2)      Court House


a)        Bid on Furnishings for New  Court House awarded to

Chastains   of  St.  Simons  Island  in  the  amount  of

$399,900.00.   Commissioner  Dismer  abstained  from

 voting on this item)


b)        Bid on Wood Shutters for New Court House awarded to

Atlantic    Venetian    Blind    and    Drapery   Corp.   of

Jacksonville, Fla. in   the  amount  of   $59,200. 00.

(Commissioner Dismer abstained from voting on this




               c  )   Bid on Draperies for New Court House awarded to  Custom

                        Drapery  Shoppe  of   Brunswick, Ga.  in  the  amount  of

                         $8,977.00.  Commissioner Dismer abstained from voting

                         on this item)


                d  )    The ADI  Contract increased by $ 4 ,000. 00 to provide for

                          direct   supervision   of   the   installation   of   the   Court

                          House  Filing  System  and   $1, 040. 00  for  their

                          involvement  in the new Sound System.


3)              St.  Simons Water/Sewer


a)      Bid  on Fittings  for  Lift  Station  No. 9  awarded  to

Winnelson Company of Savannah, the amount of



b)      Bid on Material and  Labor  to fiberglass  and  sandblast

Lift  Station  No.  9  awarded  to  K  &  B  Mobile  of

Brunswick, Ga. in  the amount  of  $5, 100.00.


                 c)    Bid  on  Water   Bill   Drop   Box  awarded  to  J.  M.

                        Fabricating  of  Brunswick, Ga.  in  the  amount   if



                 d)  200  HP   South   Harrington   Service   Pump   and  Motor

                      declared  surplus,   and   Staff    authorized   to   advertise

                      and  handle  sale  of said  equipment  if  not  required  by

                      the Public Works Department.


4)           Second  year  option of three year  contract with Deloach  and

Company  renewed allowing them  to perform the County’s FY

                   90-91 Audit for an amount not to exceed   $34,750.00.


         5)        Bid on removal   of  eight  structures  for Commnity / Cypress

                    Mill  Project  awarded  to the following contractors:



      Parcel           Unit            Cost to County           Contractor    


         2                   1                  Reject                      N/A


     9-A                   2            $ 1, 023.00                    Campbells Erosion Control, SSI


       14                   3                  712.80                     Campbell’s  Erosion  Control,SSI ,GA


       16                   4               1, 857.90                     Campbell's Erosion  Control,SSI,GA   


       18                   5               3, 625.00                     Southern Resources BWK, GA


       24                   7               3, 725.00                     Southern Resources BWK, GA


       23                   6                   970.00                     Campbell’s Erosion Control, BWK, GA               


      103                  8                 _522.90                     Campbell’s  Erosion Control, BWK,GA              



       TOTAL                        $12,436.60



        6)        Bid   on  Cellular  Telephone  for  the  Metro  Drug  Squad.           


                   rejected,   Staff    authorized   to   re-bid   same,    and   


                   Administrator   authorized   to  approve  purchase  of  the         




         7)        Staff   authorized  to  bid  equipment  costing  approximately


                      $16,000.00 for the Metro Drug Squad, with funding to come


                       from drug seized money.


       8)          Capital  Freeze  lifted  to  allow  the   Finance  Department  to


                     purchase  a  laser  printer  from  Southeastern  Computers  of


                     Brunswick, Georgia,  in  an  amount  not  exceed $2,300.00.



     9)            Capital   Freeze   lifted   to  allow  the   Fire   Department   to


                     purchase   a   Fire   Hose   Tester   from  Delta   Industries  of


                    Crockett,  California  in an amount not to exceed  $2, 095.00.



   10)             Staff  authorized  to  conduct   a  pre-bidders  conference  and


                     bid for a  single  pharmacy  to  provide  prescription drugs for


                     Jail  inmates, Glynn Care  Plan and  Workers  Compensation


                     Coverage,  if  there  was sufficient  interest  by  the  pharmacy





11)                         Staff  authorized  to  conduct  a  bidders  conference  to  explore


the   possibility   of    replacing   the   telephones   being  rented


 from  A T & T  (primarily  in  the  Office  Park  Building  and


Public  Works)   and   to   bid   telephone   systems   for   these




    12)               Staff   authorized  to  use  Mainland  Water  and  Sewer  Impact


                        Fees to pay  down  the  GEFA  Loan, subject  to  the  County


                        Attorney’s   research  and subsequent  approval.



 13)             County   Attorney   authorized   to   contract   with   a   qualified


                    person    to    review    the    City    Charter   to   determine  if   it


                    authorized  the  City  to  operate  a  water/sewer  system  in  the




14)               Interior  Products  payments  on EIP   Loan  waived  for  a  twelve

(12)   month  period.


Unanimously  adopted.  (Commissioner  Pate  was not present


       for  this  vote.




       Administrator’s  Annual  Military  Leave.


                             Administrator  Stewart  announced  that  his  military  leave


       would  begin  on Thursday  morning  of  the  following  week, and during  his                        


       absence  the  established   chain   of    command   would   be   in  place,   with


       Public    Works    Director    Keith    Flanagan    (  representing    the    Senior


       Management  Group,  and  day-to-day  contact  for  the   Commission   Office


        being   Becky  Rowell.




        Hiring   Freeze    Lifted -   Summer   Intern   for   Recreation  Department 



                    A  motion was made by Commissioner  Hardman  and seconded  by


Commissioner  Boyne  to  lift  the  hiring  freeze  to  allow   a   summer   intern


to   be  hired    to  assist   Dot   Harrison  of   the  Recreation   Department   with


the   Camp   Challenge  Day  Care   Camp   Program  for   the   summer   in   the


amount  of $1, 500.00.


                   Unanimously  adopted.  ( Commissioner   Pate   was   not   present


for  this  vote)


Meeting  Recessed  -  Executive  Meeting  Called.


                    At   approximately    5:00   p. m. ,  a   motion    was    made    by


Commissioner  Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Hardman  to go  into


executive   session    to    discuss    right - of -way   acquisition,  and  then  to


recess  the  Regular  Meeting  until  3:00 p. m. on Tuesday,  June  11,  1991.


                   Unanimously  adopted.








Meeting  Reconvened.                                            


                    The   meeting   reconvened  at   the   time   and   date  specified





Update  on  Status  of  New  Court  House  Project.


                   Building   Official   Vernon  Lewis  presented  written  and  verbal


Report   on  status  of  the  New  Court   House  Project,  indicating   that   the


estimated   completion  date  of  November,  1991,   with  anticipated


occupation   date  being  December,  1991.


                  Chairman  Smith  suggested  that  the  Commission  review  the


Plaque to  be mounted on the  Court  House  before it  was  finalized,  and


That   consideration    be   given   to  burying   a   time   capsule   at   this







Emergency  Management  Ordinance -  Continuity  of  Government.


                    In  responding  to  questions recently  posed  by  the   Commission


regarding   the   established   chain   of   command  during  times of emergency,


County  Attorney  Gary  Moore  reported  that  the  Emergency  Management 


Policy  provided   that  in   the  absence  of  a  quorum   that  authority  would


pass  to  the  Vice  Chairman,  after  which  their was a void.


               A  motion was  made  by  Commissioner  Hardman and seconded by


Commissioner Pate that the Emergency Management Policy be expanded   so


that the chain of  command  would  run  from  the Board  of  Commissioners


to  the  Chairman  to  the Vice  Chairman  to  the County  Administrator.


                Unanimously  adopted.




Water  Conservation  Measures.


                   Community   Development  Director  Ed  Stelle  reported  that  the


County   would   had   to  develop  strategies   for   conserving  water  usage  in


order   to    obtain   an   increase   in  surface water  withdrawal  permit   from


the   Environmental   Protection   Division.    He   presented   a  proposed   list


of   strategies   which   he  asked   the   Commission   to   review  and  discuss


later  in  a  work  session  so   that  a  plan  could  be submitted  to  EPD.




Proposed  Handicap  Parking  Regulations.


                 Police  Chief   Carl   Alexander   presented   a  draft   ordinance


Which   would  authorize   the  appointment   of    handicapped   persons  to


enforce  use  of handicapped  parking   places,  and  said  he would  have a


firm  proposal for  the  Commission’s consideration at  the  next  meeting.   


               Commissioner  Moore  asked  that  County  Attorney  Gary  Moore


Prepare  an  ordinance   which   would   prohibit  skateboards  and  bikes  on


the sidewalks  in the Village Area on St. Simons Island.




Wetlands Delineation – Ianicelli.


               Chairman    Smith   stated   that  Joe   Ianicelli   had   indicated


That   he   could   not   attend   the   meeting   to discuss  his proposal  on


wetlands  delineation  and  he  wanted  to  be  listed  again  on  the  next


agenda for this purpose.


             A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded  by


Commissioner   Hardman  to  defer  Mr. Iannicelli’s  discussion  on  the


wetland’s issued  until  the next  regular  meeting.


                Unanimously  adopted.





Crime Commission Appointment.


                A  motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by


Commissioner   Pate   that   the  life  of  the  Citizens  Crime  Commission be


Extended for  another  year  until June  1, 1992.


                 Unanimously  adopted.


                                                 *   *   *


                 A  motion  was made  by Commissioner  Pate  and  seconded  by


Commissioner  Dismer  that  the following  members  of  the Citizens  Crime


Commission  be appointed  so serve additional  one-year terms.


                          John  P. McGuire

                          Kathleen  M.  Wood

                          Stan  Moran


                Unanimoulsy  adopted.


·        *  *


                A   motion   was  made  by  Commissioner   Hardman and  seconded  by


Commissioner   Boyne   appointing   H.  D.    “Dusty”   Dowdy   to   replace   Les


Thomas  who  had   resigned  from    the   Citizens   Crime   Commission,  and  to


defer  appointment  of   a   new  member  to  replace  Frank  Zagama,  who  had


also  resigned, to the next  meeting.


                  Unanimously  adopted.


Plumbing  Advisory  Board  Appointment.


                  Pursuant   to   request  from  Building  Official  Vernon  Lewis,   a


Motion  was made by Commissioner  Boyne  and seconded  by  Commissioner


Hardman  to defer  a pending  appointment to  the Plumbing  Advisory  Board


to the next regular meeting.


                 Unanimously  adopted.




Appointment  to Blythe  Island Regional  Park Advisory  Board.          


                 Chairman  Smith  appointed Andrew  G. Oglesby to  serve  out  the


Remaining   term   of  Clinton    Session   who   recently   resigned   from   the


Blythe  Island  Regional  Park  Advisory  Board.




Forestry   Board  Appointment.


                A   motion  was  made by Commissioner Hardman  and seconded  by


Commissioner  Boyne  to  submit  the  name  of   Mary  Harris  to  the  District


Forester    for    his    consideration    in   appointing   a  new   member   to   the


Forestry    Board    to    fill   vacancy    created    by    resignation    of    Alton




              Unanimously  adopted.


Appointments to Personnel  Review  Board.  


             Chairman  Smith announced that  appointments were needed  to


  fill   four   public   positions   and   two   employee   positions   on    the


  Personnel   Review  Board.


                   Commisssioner  Pate  nominated Mary  Harris


                   Commissioner  Moore Nominated  Doris Thomas


                  Chairman nominated William White


                  Commissioner Boyne nominated Lowell E. Leggett


                  A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded  by


    Commissioner  Hardman  that  action on these appointments be deferred


until   the  next  Regular  Meeting,  and  requesting  that  Staff   include  all


current  resumes  of  people  who  had  expressed  a desire to serve on the


County’s Boards.


                Motion was adopted by majority vote with Commissioners Boyne


and  Tillman abstaining.




Pending  Appointments.   


                  A motion  was  made by Commissioner  Tillman and seconded  by


Commissioner   Boyne   to  defer  action  on  appointments  to  the  following


boards and  refer same to the Personnel  Committee  for  recommendation.


                  Forestry  Commission


                  Personnel  Review  Board  (Commissioner Boyne recommended

                            Lowell Eugene Leggett)


                  Glynn  Clean & Beautiful Advisory Board


                  Family  & Children  Services  Board


                  Adopted  by majority vote with Commissioner  Boyne







Flex  Spending  Plan  for  Employees


                 Administrator   Charles  Stewart   presented   a   summary   of.


Proposals  received  on  Flex  Spending  Plans  for  County  Employees, and


Advised   that   it   had   been   assigned  to  the  Personnel  Committee  for


review  and   recommendation  and would  be placed on the agenda  of  the


next  regular  meeting  for  consideration  by  the  Commission.




Capital  Purchase  Freeze  Lifted  for Purchase  of  Mosquito Control   

Chemicals -  Discretionary  Fund.


A  motion  was made by Commissioner  Hardman  and seconded by


Commissioner Pate to lift the Capital Purchase Freeze and authorize


Public Works Director  Keith Flanagan  to purchase  55 gallons  of


Mosquito  Control  chemicals at a cost  of $10, 180.50 from the


Discretionary  Fund.




 Summer  Employees Authorized.


             A  motion  was made by Commissioner Moore  and  seconded  by


 Commissioner  Hardman  to  lift  the  hiring freeze and  authorize  hiring  a


total of ten summer employees for the  following  Departments:


                  Eight ( 8 ) for Public Works 

                  One  ( 1 ) for Engineering

                  One  ( 1 ) for  Finance


                  Aye:  Commissioners  Moore, Hardman, Pate, Tillman  and 


Chairman  Smith.


                Nay:   Commissioner  Boyne


                Abstaining:  Commissioner Dismer


                Motion  adopted.




 Additional  Employees Authorized  for  Blythe  Island  Regional  Park.


                 A  motion  was  made  by Commissioner  Moore and seconded  by


Commissioner   Pate   authorizing   Staff  to  advertise  the   position   of   Park


Manager  and  one  temporary   summer   position   for  Blythe  Island Regional


Park, as recommended  by  Recreation  Director  Cynthia Williams.


            Unanimously  adopted.




GEFA  Water / Sewer   Loan – Funding  of  Systems.


                    A  motion  was made  by Commissioner  Hardman  and  seconded  by


Commissioner   Pate   authorizing   Finance  Director   Charles   to   notify   the


Georgia   Environmental    Facilities   Authority   that   Glynn   County   elected


to  add  $41, 000   interest   into   the   principal   amount   to   be  paid   over  the


life  of  the loans  for  the Cate Road  Sewer  Project.


              Unanimously  adopted.


               A   motion   was  made  by  Commissioner   Moore   and   seconded  by


Commissioner   Pate   that  $ 262, 416. 27   received   from   GEFA   Loan  and


$75, 000  received  from  GEFA  Grant  for  the  Cate Road  sewer  project  be


used   to  repay  funds  advanced from  the St. Simons Water/ Sewer   System


for   this   project,   and   that   impact   fees    in   the   Mainland   System   be


earmarked    to   fund    operations   of   that  system  until  the  end   of   the


budget  season.


              Unanimously  adopted.




Hearing  on  Application  For  Special  Use  Permit  Deferred. 


                  A  motion  was  made by  Commissioner  Tillman  and  seconded  by


Commissioner    Dismer    to   defer    the   second    hearing   on  application   of


True  Deliverance  Tabernacle   Church,  SUP- 1-91,  from  the  second  regular


meeting  in June  to the  second  regular  meeting  in July.


               Unanimously  adopted.




_Permit  Granted  to  Board  of Education  to Move  Structure.


                  A  motion  was  made  by Commissioner  Pate  and seconded by


Commissioner   Tillman   approving   request   submitted   by   the  Board  of


Education  to  move  a  portable  classroom structure  from  Brunswick High


School  to Glynn County  Middle  School  on Thursday, June  20, 1991.


                 Unanimously  adopted.




Admission  Fee to Museum of Coastal  History  Increased.   


                 A  motion  was made  by Commissioner  Moore  and  seconded  by


Commissioner    Dismer     approving     request     of    the    Coastal   Georgia


Historical    Society    to   increase    admission    fees   for    adults    at    the


Coastal  Museum  from  $1.50  to  $2.00.


                  Unanimously  adopted.




Drainage  Problem at Redfern Village. 


                 A  motion  was  made  by  Commissioner Moore  and  seconded  by


Commissioner     Boyne    authorizing    the    County    Engineer    to   evaluate


drainage    problem   at  the  rear   of   Redfern   Village  on St. Simons  Island


as   an   emergency   situation    and   present   proposal   for alleviating   those


problems  at  the  first  meeting  in July.


                Unanimously  adopted.





Garden  Spot  at  McKinnon  Airport.


                   A  motion  was  made  by  Commissioner  Hardman  and  seconded by


Commissioner    Boyne    authorizing    Chairman   Smith   to  forward   a  letter  to


the    Airport    Commission    advising   that   the   County   Commission   did   not


want    to  see   the   community   garden   site   at   McKinnon   Airport  displaced


for  use  as a  driving  range  by  Tee-It-Up  International.


                Adopted    by    majority     vote      with     Commissioner      Dismer






Budget  Matters.


                   A   motion   was   made   by   Commissioner   Pate   and   seconded   by


Commissioner    Moore   that   the   Commission    reaffirm   to   Staff   the   intent


Not    to   adopt   a   budget   by   July   1,  1991,    and   to   rescind   a   previous


Motion   scheduling    a   called   meeting    on   June  28,   1991   to   adopt    the




                   Unanimously  adopted.


                                              *   *   *


                    A  motion  was  made by Commissioner  Hardman  and  seconded  by


Commissioner  Boyne   accepting   a   proposal   brought   to   the  Commission   by


Commissioner  Hardman  to  allow   Howard   Taylor   and  Travis Campbell  for  a


Fee  of   $ 1.00   per    month  each,   to   develop   recommendations  on   holding


the    FY    1991 – 92     budget    at    the   previous    year’s    level   including  


reduction  of  the  work  force.



               Unanimously  adopted.


              Commissioner    Dismer   and   Boyne    volunteered    to   work   with


Messrs. Taylor  and  Campbell   in  developing   a   reduced   budget,   and   the


remaining    Commissioners   agreed  to  work   with   Administrative  Staff   to


achieve    the    same    effort.  It  was  agreed   that   upon  completion  of  the


two      proposals     both     groups     would     meet     and     combine    their




                                                 *   *   * 


                   A   motion   was  made   by   Chairman  Smith   and  seconded   by


Commissioner   Boyne   authorizing   the  Chairman   to   forward  a  letter  to


the   Constitutional   Officers   advising   that    the     Commission   expected


them  to submit  budgets showing  no increase  over  the current  year.


                  Unanimously  adopted.


                                               *   *   *


Selection  of Architects  for  Restoration  of  Historic  Court  House.


               Building  Official  Vernon  Lewis  presented  information  on


proposals    received    for    providing    Architectural    Services    for


Restoration   of  the  Historic  Court  House.


             Commissioner  Moore  suggested  that  the  Finance  Committee


interview  the  two  top  candidates before a  decision was  made.


            Chairman  announced   that   evaluation   of   these   proposals


remained  with  the  Finance Committee.




Proposed  Change  Orders  to  New  Court  House  Project -  Public  Defender.


                    Building    Official    Vernon    Lewis   reported    that    Public


Defender   Ernest   Gilbert   had  asked   for  a  change  order  estimated  to


cost  $2,200.00  to   the   Court   House   Construction   Project  to  include


partitions   for   the   Public   Defender’s   Office,   and  this  change  would


also    require    modifications   to   the   air   conditioning   and      lighting


systems.  Mr. Lewis  said  he  felt  this  project  was  too  near  completion 


 to  begin  changes  at this  point.


                 A  motion  to deny  the requested change  order  was  made  by


Chairman  Smith  and  seconded  by Commissioner  Hardman.


                 Unanimously  adopted.




Liability  Insurance  Renewal. 


                Finance  Director  Charles  Lewis  related  that  the  County’s


Liability Insurance Coverage  was  up for renewal on July  1, 1991, and


the present  carrier, Gallagher  Bassett, was willing  to renew coverage


for  the  coming  year at a $23, 000 premium reduction.


              Fred  Mcginty, representing  the  Gallagher  Bassett proposal ,


said the Commission might want to consider additional options during


the coming year, such  as increasing  the deductible from $100,000  to


$150,000  per year, and purchasing  an additional $1 million  coverage


on the  top.


           Commissioner  Moore  asked  that  information on this coverage


be presented at the next   meeting   including   spread  sheet on  various


options, financial breakdown, and recommendation from Staff.



              A  motion was made  by Commissioner Hardman and  seconded


by Commissioner Boyne indicating  the Commission’s willingness to renew


the existing  coverage  at this time,  and  asking   Mr.  McGinty   to   attend


the   Finance   Committee    Meeting   to  discuss   this  item  at  the    July




                Unanimously  adopted.




Funding  for  Capital Lease  Items Carried Forward.


                  A motion  was  made by Commissioner  Pate  and  seconded  by


Commissioner   Hardman  to  carry  forward  $750,000  tagged  for  capital


lease   items   into    the    next    budget   year,  and  authorizing  Staff   to


solicit  bids  on  said  equipment.


                Unanimously  adopted.



Meeting  Adjourned.


                    A  motion  was  made  by Commissioner  Hardman  and seconded  by


Commissioner  Boyne  to  adjourn  the  meeting.


                    Unanimously  adopted.




                                                           BOARD  OF  COMMISIONERS,

                                                                 GLYNN  COUNTY, GEORGIA



                                                           Joe  Smith,



Prepared  by  and

Attested   to   by :



Martha  D. Tyre,

Deputy  Clerk