THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1991 AT 3:00 PM


PRESENT:                      Chairman Joe Smith

                                    Vice Chairman Karen Moore

                                    Commissioner Robert H. “Bob” Boyne

                                    Commissioner William E. Dismer

                                    Commissioner Jack Hardman

                                    Commissioner W. Harold Pate

Commissioner E. C. Tillman


ALSO PRESENT:             Administrator Charles T. Stewart

                                    County Attorney Gary Moore



Opening Ceremony.


Chairman Smith opened the meeting with the invocation, followed by pledge of allegiance to the flag.


Payment of Beach Nourishment Bonds.


            Ed Wall, representative of Lex Jolly Associates, financial advisory to the County regarding funding for Glynn County’s Beach Nourishment Project, reported on a meeting that took place earlier in the day between County Commissioners and Hospital Authority members wherein the possibility of the County issuing bank qualified bonds to finance the Beach Nourishment Project was discussed.  Mr. Wall explained that a 1986 tax act limited Glynn County to issuance of $10 million in bank qualified loans during a single calendar year, including loans by subordinate governmental entity such as the Hospital Authority.  He said the County already anticipated utilization of Tax Anticipation Notes to finance County Government Operations for a period of time while awaiting tax receipts later in the year, and if the Hospital proceeded with their plans to finance $5.4 million for construction a new maternal health unit in 1991, Glynn County would not be able to qualify for $2.4 million private bonding through a bank preferred sale of bonds to finance the Beach Nourishment Project because the $10 million funding limit would be exceeded.  He commented that Trust Company Bank had submitted the low bid on said bond sale for a 60-day period.

            Commissioner Pate announced that he would not participate in this action because of his affiliation with Trust Company Bank.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Tillman that Chairman Smith be authorized to forward a letter containing the following points to the Chairman of the Glynn Brunswick Memorial Hospital Authority:


1)                  The Glynn County Board of Commissioners is disappointed that the Hospital Authority did not share the same sense of urgency felt by the County regarding financing the Beach Nourishment Project that has generated a broad base of support in the community.


2)                  We feel that all projects needed by the citizens of this community can still be implemented by both the County and the Hospital Authority.


3)                  The Commission understands that the County is a part of the Hospital Authority’s process in securing bank qualified funding.


4)                  The Board of Commissioners wishes to stress the point that it is in everyone’s best interest that the County and the Hospital Authority work together.


5)                  The Board of Commissioners supports working with the Hospital Authority to accommodate project of both bodies.


6)                  The Board of Commissioners intends to proceed with the recommended bank qualified bonds if the Hospital Authority does not communicate to the County by Friday of the coming week that they are going to take their project to the market this year.


Unanimously adopted.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Moore authorizing Lex Jolly and Company to proceed with what appeared to be the low bid of Trust Company Bank to get 60 day money for the Beach Nourishment Project as expeditiously as possible with the understanding that no documents would be executed until absolutely necessary, subject to the County Attorney’s approval.

            After further discussion, Commissioner Hardman withdrew his motion, and suggested that Mr. Wall try to obtain a commitment letter to hold the bids another week.


NACO Convention Expenses Approved.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne approving reasonable expenses for Commissioners Tillman, Boyne and Administrator Stewart to attend the Annual NACO Convention in Salt Lake City during July.

            Unanimously adopted.


New Recreation Director Selected.


            Cynthia D. Williams and Frank Soule were interviewed separately for the position of Recreation Director.

            Recreation Board members Roy Garren, Wayne Bennett, Ed Lightfoot, Dorothy Stewart and Willie C. Bowden expressed favor of Ms. Williams for this position.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Boyne that the position of Recreation Director be offered to Cynthia Williams.

Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Dismer was not present for this vote)



Executive Meeting Adjourned.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to go into executive meeting and then adjournment.

            Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Dismer was not present for this vote)




                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS






Joe Smith, Chairman

Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre

Deputy Clerk