THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1991 AT 4:00 PM


PRESENT:                      Chairman Joe Smith

                                    Commissioner William E. Dismer

                                    Commissioner W. Harold Pate

Commissioner E. C. Tillman



ABSENT:                        Commissioner Robert H. Boyne

                                    Commissioner Jack Hardman

                  Commissioner Karen Moore



ALSO PRESENT:             Executive Assistant Becky Rowell

                                    County Attorney Gary Moore



Opening Ceremony.


Chairman Smith opened the meeting by calling on Commissioner Tillman for the invocation, followed by pledge of allegiance to the flag.


Public Defender Request for Assistant.


            Public Defender Ernest Gilbert asked the Commission’s approval to retain the services of an experienced member of the local Bar Association on a temporary contract basis at an approximate cost of $1,500 to interview jail inmates to discuss plea arrangements and be in court on plea day, although actual trial activity would not be involved.  He explained that this arrangement would not benefit plea activity for the current month because April 11 was the last day pleas could be entered, however, the service would be needed for the month of May.  Mr. Gilbert said there was a much greater need for another full-time Assistant Public defender who could help with the felony and penalty case load.

            Commissioner Dismer said the Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force understood that Mr. Gilbert had an immediate need for a temporary private Attorney who would work on a contract basis to consult with prisoners and acquaint them with the charges against them and the optimum sentences they could receive, and to determine if they wanted to enter a plea.

            If the requested contract arrangement for legal assistance to handle pleas could not be implemented in time to benefit the April caseload, Commissioner Pate suggested that no action be taken by the Commission until all members were present.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Pate that a Called Meeting be held on Monday, April 8, 1991, at 3:30 p.m., to consider action on this request.

            Unanimously adopted.


Meeting Adjourned.


A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Tillman to adjourn the meeting.           




                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS






Joe Smith, Chairman

Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre

Deputy Clerk