THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1991 AT 6:30 PM


PRESENT:                      Chairman Joe Smith

Vice Chairman Karen Moore

Commissioner Robert H. “Bob” Boyne

Commissioner William E. Dismer

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner W. Harold Pate

Commissioner E. C. Tillman


ALSO PRESENT:             County Administrator Charles T. Stewart

County Attorney Gary Moore


Opening Ceremony.


Chairman Smith opened the meeting by calling on Reverend Jim Ritch, Pastor of Sterling Baptist Church, for the invocation, followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Consent Agenda.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to approve Consent Agenda items recommended by staff and listed below.


Traffic Control Ordinance amended by adoption of the following ordinance resolution.






Pursuant to Section 40-6-183 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated concerning Local Authorities power to alter lawful speed limits, the following ordinance regulating speed limits within Glynn County, Georgia, is adopted.


Be it ordained by Glynn County, Georgia, that the following speed zones are hereby established based on an engineering and traffic investigation as prescribed by law.




                                                                                                            LENGTH         SPEED

SR #    FROM                         M.P.    TO                               M.P.    IN MILES       LIMIT

SR27   Demery Dr. (CR54)     14.71   Crispen Blvd (CR53)    15.19   0.48                 45 MPH

SR27   Crispen Blvd (CR53)    15.19   Glyndale Cir. (CR43)   15.88   0.69                 35 MPH


Signs to be erected by the Department of Transportation.


Be it resolved that any person convicted of a violation of this ordinance shall be punished as provided for by law.


All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed.


This ordinance shall become effective when appropriate signs are erected.


Final Plat of Wilma’s Island Lots, Phase I, located on George Lotson Lane, St. Simons Island, approved, including drainage easements set out on said plat.


Final Plat of Cains Crossing, Phase I, located on Highway 82 at Livingston Road, approved, and Letter of Credit in the amount of $36,959 accepted to guarantee completion of remaining improvements.


Request of Jayne L. Griffin to withdraw application for Beer License at the Marina Food Mart accepted, and refund of $488 license fee authorized.


DOT Contracts for road paving projects – the following resolution adopted.



            Be it resolved by the Board of Commissioners of Glynn County that the Chairman, Clerk and County Attorney by authorized to execute Certificate of Ownership, Maintenance Agreement, and resolution covering acquisition and clearance of rights-of-way with control of future encroachments and regulation of vehicular traffic on highway construction projects, on the following listing road paving projects.


PR-58 (127) Ryals Road, Cowpen Creek Road, Donel Street and Cassel Road


PR-588 (127) Village Drive and Canal Road


PR-645 (127) Live Oak Lane and Windward Drive


PR-18 (127) Baumgartner Road


Beach Renourishment ProjectChairman and Clerk authorized to execute the following documents.


1)                  Escrow agreement between the Department of the Army, Department of Transportation, and Glynn County, for local cooperation on St. Simons Beach Renourishment Project; and


2)                  Agreement for St. Simons Island Beach Project between Department of Transportation, State of Georgia, and Glynn County.


Safe Harbor – Chairman authorized to execute local certification to allow Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter to receive a GRFA grant to be used in weatherizing said facility.


Selden Park Activities approved as follows:


1)                  Star and Crescent Productions Talent Show – 8 pm to 11 pm, March 22, 1991.


2)                  Private Birthday Party, Pamela Thomas – 7 pm to 1 am, March 23, 1991.


3)                  The House of Isacar Gospel Program – 7:30 pm to 12 am, Mach 24, 1991.


4)                  O Street Church of God Gospel Program – 7 pm to 11 pm, March 29, 1991.


Water Conservation Program – Report on said program deferred.


            Unanimously adopted.


Courthouse Restoration Project.


            Chester Zubrowski, Chairman of the Courthouse Restoration Committee, reported that said Committee had reviewed thirteen proposals received on architectural services for restoration of the Court House and narrowed the field to the four following candidates.


1)                  Ussery-Rule Architect, PC., St. Simons Island

2)                  Surber Barber Architect, Inc., Atlanta, GA

3)                  Richard Rauh & Assoc. Ltd., Architects, Atlanta GA

4)                  Smith Dalia, Architect, Atlanta, GA


On behalf of the Restoration Committee, Mr. Zubrowski asked the Commission’s approval to invite the four finalists listed above to make presentations to the Committee and the Commission at 3:00 p.m. on April 15, 1991.

A motion approving this request was made by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Pate and unanimously adopted.


Financial Report on Sales Tax Projects.


            Finance Director Charles Lewis presented a detailed verbal and written financial report on Sales Tax Projects including Jail, Road Improvements and New Courthouse Constructions.  He said the existing Sales Tax Program, which was anticipated to generate total receipts of $37,900,000, would automatically terminate after forty-eight (48) months collection on March 31, 19912.


Main Street Annual Report


Director Cuffy Hise presented Main Street Brunswick’s Annual Activities Report, and invited the Commission to attend a reception to be held at 1609 Reynolds Street to view the first Main Street Brunswick Low Interest Loan Pool Project; an 1898 residence that had been converted for office use and was currently leased by the County and occupied by County Attorney Gary Moore.


Application for Abandonment – Portion of Santa Catalina Street.


            Attorney Foster Lindberg represented Marcia Bluestein and Geraldine Dahlinger in their request for abandonment of a platted unopened portion of Santa Catalina Street west of Reynosa Avenue in Eldorado Subdivision on St. Simons Island.  He explained that Mrs. Bluestein used this platted right-of-way for her driveway, and she wanted to deter Dr. Doyle Watson, owner of property at the foot of the street, from parking boats and holding parties on this area.

            Dr. Watson presented a petition bearing signatures of thirty area residents asking that this right-of-way not be abandoned.  He was joined by several residents who stated that the path along this right-of-way received significant usage as part of a network of neighborhood paths used by children and adults as safe access throughout the neighborhood.

            The Commission directed County Attorney Gary Moore to confer privately outside the meeting with the parties involved in this application to see if they could reach an amicable agreement, and Attorney Moore excused himself for this purpose.  A short while later Attorney Moore announced that an agreement had been reached by Dr. Watson, Mrs. Bluestein and Mrs. Dahlinger, as follows.


1)                  There would be no permanent parking or storage of vehicles on the right-of-way for more than three days, except that Dr. Watson could continue to park his boats there until November 1, 1991.


2)                  Everyone would have right of ingress and egress to this right-of-way.


3)                  No one hold any more parties on the right-of-way.


Gould’s Inlet Beautification Program.


            Community Development Director Ed Stelle presented recommendations for Phase I Improvements to Gould’s Inlet, which addressed immediate concerns of unsafe pedestrian access, prevention of vehicle access to the beach, and beautification.  Bill Martin, President of the East Beach Homeowner’s Association, explained that he had worked closely with Mr. Stelle in developing this recommendation, and the Homeowners Association had set aside funds to assist with the landscaping and they were ready to handle maintenance and watering of plants that would be installed.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Dismer approving the Gould’s Inlet improvements, Phase I, as recommended by Mr. Stelle, including allocation of $2,100.00 from the Discretionary Fund, as follows.


            - Install steps, signage,

               bollards, vehicle stops                        $2,440


            - Landscaping                                       $1,520


            - Total                                                  $4,000


            - Existing Funds                                    $1,900


            - Difference Allocated from

               Discretionary Fund                            $2,100


            Unanimously adopted.


Status Report on Road Paving Projects Under Sales Tax Program.


County Engineer Ray Richard presented a status report on road paving projects under the Sales Tax Program, which outlined various categories of roads listed on the current paving priority list such as those designated for future construction, awaiting DOT contracts, awaiting bid openings, as well as those in the process of evaluation for Wetlands Delineation, and pending Wetlands Permit from the Corps of Engineers.  Mr. Richard said he would prepare a list of all additional dirt roads in the County for the Commission’s consideration in the event of another sales tax road paving program.

Commissioner Moore suggested that during the budget process the Commission look into the feasibility of hiring a person to do Wetlands Delineations for the County in-house.

A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman, and seconded by Chairman Smith authorizing County Engineer Ray Richard and Public Works Director Keith Flanagan to purchase signs to be placed on appropriate dirt roads advising that said roads were on the County’s paving list and difficulties were being encountered in accomplishing paving because of necessity of acquiring wetlands approval from the Federal Government, with the County Attorney to approve wording of the signs, and with a community meeting to be held to inform citizens of these problems.

Unanimously adopted.

Chairman Smith asked Mr. Flanagan and Mr. Richard to report back to the Commission on the number of signs to be purchased and the cost.


A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Hardman authorizing Staff to compile a list of remaining dirt roads in the County, including information required for making paving decisions.

Unanimously adopted.


Members of Boy Scout Troop 202 Introduced.


            Chairman Smith introduced Chris and Greg Crosby, of St. Marks Boy Scout Troop 202, who were attending the meeting as part of their assignment in earning citizenship merit badges.


Blythe Island Sidewalks.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Chairman Smith, approving recommendation from County Engineer Ray Richard for transfer of $12,200 from funds budgeted for sidewalks on Etheridge Drive, to be combined with $51,300 already budgeted for sidewalks on Blythe Island Drive, for a total of approximately $63,500 to fund the Blythe Island Sidewalk Project.

            Motion adopted by majority with Commissioner Dismer abstaining.


Report on Personnel Department Activities.


            Personnel Director Don Herrman presented a report of the Personnel Department’s activities for 1990, which indicated that over 2600 applications were accepted during this time period in the fields of law enforcement, detention officer, fire fighter, cashier clerk, and dispatcher.  He related that emphasis had been placed on hiring minority employees during this time period, and 385 employees had been tested.  He said emphasis had also been placed on complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

            Mr. Herrman reported that fifteen Countywide meetings had been held to acquaint employees with their benefits, and the Health Plan Booklet had been revised.  He said the County’s workers comp experience rating had been reduced from 1.06 to .49 in the past five years, and 216 employees had received driver’s education training.  In the area of employee development, Mr. Herrman related that 4 employees had received GED’s and 30 had improved their reading skills.  He said Personnel had handled 120 performance reviews and 51 job descriptions had been written.  Mr. Herrman recounted that both an in-service reception and awards banquet had been held for certain category employees, and 515 had contributed a total of $27,701 to United Way.

            The Commission thanked Mr. Herrman for a job well done by the Personnel Department.


Report on Local Option Sales Tax Distribution Matters.


County Administrator Charles Stewart presented detailed written information regarding distribution of the Local Option Sales tax which was set by the City and County Commissions in the late ‘70’s based on the 1970 census.  His report included identification of expenditures in the General Fund for which the City receives limited to no benefit.

County Gary Moore presented a report on the Supreme Court decision in the Whitfield/Dalton lawsuit concerning distribution of the Local Option Sales Tax, and said he would report back to the Commission regarding some points raised but not decided in that case.



Maintenance of Fire Hydrants by City of Brunswick.


            Administrator Charles Stewart reported that a letter had been forwarded to Brunswick Mayor Homer Wilson on March 5, 1991, expressing the County Commissioner’s concerns that the City was not maintaining all fire hydrants the County was paying them to maintain in a proper manner, and no response had been received to this letter.

            Commissioner Moore suggested that another letter be forwarded to the City expressing the Commission’s appreciation for their attention to this matter, and asking for a thirty day report indicating which fire hydrants they had checked.


Proposed Amendment to Driveway Pipe Installation Policy.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Tillman authorizing Staff to develop recommendations for amendment to the Driveway Pipe Installation Policy, including right of entry provisions and fee schedule which would allow the County to install drainage pipes on private property in some cases, for the purpose of enhancing the drainage system throughout the County.

Unanimously adopted.


Personnel Committee Actions.


On behalf of the Personnel Committee, a motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne approving the following actions.


1)                  Two weeks advance sick leave granted to Tax Commissioner’s employee Idella Stevens.


2)                  County Agent’s Office – New home economist Dot Ward’s salary supplement set at $6,300, plus $150 per month travel allowance.


3)                  Time and motion studies to be considered for all County Departments including constitutional offices.


Unanimously adopted.


Report from Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force.


            Commissioner Dismer presented minutes of the Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force meeting held March 4, 1991, which indicated uncertainty that a work camp would be a viable alternative to a propose new jail pod for Glynn County at this time.  Commissioner Dismer said the Task Force also felt that additional staff members within the District Attorney’s office and Public Defender’s office should sever as ex-officio members on the Task Force.


Finance Committee Actions.


On behalf of the Finance Committee, a motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Pate approving the following actions.


1)                  Bid on Jekyll Island drainage improvements awarded to Elmer Thrift Construction Company of Waycross, Georgia in the amount of $79,000.


2)                  Bid on East Beach drainage improvements, Phase I, awarded to Elmer Thrift Construction of Waycross, Georgia in the amount $97,219.99


3)                  Bid on engineering services for the St. Simons Island Water Pollution Control Plant expansion rejected and Staff authorized to seek proposals on the final design from a list of bidders to be pre-qualified by Staff.


4)                  Bid on furnishing and installing complete Air Scrubber System for control of atmospheric hydrogen sulphide and other obnoxious odors at Water Pollution Control Plant awarded to Davis Process Division at a negotiated price of $14,250.


5)                  Bid on Pipe and Fittings for 12-inch water line, Frederica Road North, awarded to Southern Meter and Supply Company of Orlando, Florida, at a negotiated price of $8,427.


6)                  Emergency purchase of pump from Woodrow Sapp for $4,490.80 to replace motor on pump at Mallory Street well ratified.


7)                  Change Orders for New Courthouse Project – recording and sound system, deferred until the next Finance Committee meeting on March 26, 1991 to allow Staff to get a second opinion.  Change Order to Reynolds Construction Company contract for demolition and fill materials on the H Street Plaza authorized in the amount of $35,680.26.


8)                  Lex Jolly and Company appointed finance advisor for the Beach Renourishment project at a fee not to exceed $8,000.


9)                  County Attorney’s recommendation approved to offer $9,250 to John Kaufman in settlement of appraisal work he performed for the County.


10)              Finance Director Charles Lewis directed to aggressively pursue collection of delinquent street paving assessment accounts.


11)              Action on request of Covenant Properties Inc. to increase the County’s participation in a water/sewer project beyond the guaranteed maximum amount of $9,800 deferred until the next meeting.


12)              Bid awarded to M&S Fabrication of Brunswick to replace handrails at Old Casino in the amount of $2500, with brick repair not to exceed $500 to be funded from Commissioner’s Discretionary Fund.


Unanimously adopted.


Terms of Recreation Board Members Set As Follows.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to set terms of the newly appointed Recreation Board as follows.


            District 1 – Wayne Bennett – Two Years

            District 2 – Roy Garren – Three Years

            District 3 – Ed Lightfoot – Three Years

            District 4 – Willie C. Bowden – Three Years

            District 5 – Dorothy Stewart – Four Years

            At Large – Larry Morris – Four Years

            At Large – John Phelps – Four Years


            The initial meeting of the Recreation Advisory Board was set for Monday, April 8, 1991 at 4 p.m.


ACCG Annual Convention.


Commissioner Boyne said he would like Glynn County to offer a local tour for attendees of the ACCG Annual Convention to be held on Jekyll Island April 21 – 24, 1991, showing the surrounding areas.

Chairman Smith suggested that Commissioner Boyne work with Staff in developing this idea further.


Beer License Fee Refund Granted to Sam Beard.


            A motion was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Pate authorizing Staff to forward a check in the amount of $400 to Sam Beard representing refund of his Beer License Fee via certified mail.

            Unanimously adopted.


Budget Letter Forwarded to Various Agencies.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Hardman approving a budget letter to be forwarded to various agencies included on a list presented by Finance Director Charles Lewis, including the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, St. Simons Island Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism and Convention Council.

            Unanimously adopted.

            Several members of the Commission asked to be informed regarding different funding mechanism for certain agencies through the Hotel/Motel tax.


Administrator and Commissioners to Attend NACO Conference.


            Commissioners Boyne, Smith, Tillman and Administrator Stewart expressed an interest in attending the NACO Annual Conference to be held July 14, 15, and 16.


Temporary Positions Authorized for Mosquito Control and Sanitation.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to amend the hiring freeze so as to hire the following temporary employees.


1)                  Operator I for Mosquito Control

2)                  Two Crew Workers for Sanitation

Unanimously adopted.


Grand Opening – New Altamaha Bridge.


            Administrator Stewart advised that the Department of Transportation had scheduled the Grand Opening of the Altamaha Bridge the following day at 10 a.m., and the entire Commission was encouraged to attend.


Minutes Approved.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to approve minutes of Regular Meeting held on March 7, 1991, subject to two corrections requested by Commissioner Hardman.

            Unanimously adopted.


Meeting Adjourned.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to adjourn the meeting.  Unanimously adopted. 



                                                                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS






Joe Smith, Chairman

Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre, Deputy Clerk