THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1991 AT 8:30 AM


PRESENT:                      Chairman Joe Smith

Vice Chairman Karen Moore

Commissioner Robert H.BobBoyne

Commissioner William E. Dismer

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner W. Harold Pate

Commissioner E. C. Tillman


ALSO PRESENT:             County Administrator Charles T. Stewart

County Attorney Gary Moore


Opening Ceremony.


Chairman Smith opened the meeting with invocation, followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Woodmen of the World Present Flag.


            Woodmen of the World representatives Jerry Meadows and Charlie Robinson presented a special flag honoring U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf, which they asked the Commission to fly in front of the Court House during the next two or three months until American troops were home.


Consent Agenda.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne approving the following Consent Agenda items, as recommended by staff:


Water and Sewer Ordinance amended for the purpose of establishing responsibility for maintaining sewer service lines from the main to the property line, as follows:




            BE IT ORDAINED by the Glynn County Board of Commissioners, this 7th day of March, 1991, that Division 3: Sewerage Systems of Article III: Water and Sewers Chapter 2-16 of the Code of Ordinances, Glynn County, Georgia, be and it is hereby amended by adding the following provision:




The County is responsible for the physical integrity of the service line from the main to the property line.  The owner is responsible for the physical integrity of all sewer lines and pipes located on their property.  In addition, the property owner is responsible for removal of all obstructions in the sewer lines and pipes located on this property.  The property owner shall, at his own expense, test and confirm that blockage is not in pipe or sewer lines located on his property, before requesting assistance from the County.  In the event the County determines that no obstruction existed outside the property owned by the complaining property owner, the owner will be charged for all expenses incurred by the County and that charge shall be added to the owner’s monthly sewer service billing.


Final Plat of Interstate Commercial Park, Phase III, approved, and Letter of Credit in the amount of $33,027.00 accepted to assure completion of improvements.


FAA Grant Offer in the amount of $125,447.00 for a Part 150 Noise Study for the Glynco Jetport accepted, and Chairman and appropriate Staff authorized to execute same.


Selden Park Activities approved for the second weekend in March, as follows:


1)                  Myra Eason/Shiloh Baptist Church Fund Raiser in Gymnasium from 9:00 PM. until 1:00 a.m.


2)                  Traveler’s Club of Brunswick Anniversary Dinner/Dance to be held in Gymnasium from 7:00 PM. until 1:00 a.m.


Casino Advisory Board recommendations to allow the following activities approved, as follows:


1)                  Antique Auto club to use Neptune Park October 18 and 19, 1991, with County to co-sponsor this event.


2)                  Village Association to hold Sunshine Festival at Neptune Park July 2-7, 1991 with County co-sponsoring this event.


3)                  Joe Burkhart to hold antique shows at Postell Park on the following dates:

                                    April 6 & 7

                                    May 25 & 26

                                    June 29 & 30

                                    August 3 & 4

                                    August 31 & September 1.


4)                  YWCA and Golden Isles Swim Team to use Casino Pool from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday during June, July and August, and on July 5 & 6, 1991, for annual swim meeting.


            Unanimously adopted.


Brunswick Housing Authority Bond Issue Amended.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to adopt the following resolution approving amendment to City of Brunswick Housing Authority Bond Issue on the Island Square Project, as requested by Attorney Jim Gilbert, and authorizing Chairman to execute same.






            WHEREAS, the Housing Authority of the City of Brunswick (the “Issuer”) proposes to amend and modify the terms of certain revenue bonds of the Issuer designated as “Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 1985B (Island Square Project)”, originally issued by the Issuer on March 18, 1985, in the principal amount of $1,552,986 to assist in financing certain facilities (the “Project”) developed by Coastal Islands Associates (the “Borrower”) more particularly described as follows:


(a)                General, functional description of the type and use of facilities to be financed:


Multifamily rental residential housing development consisting of 104 dwelling units;


(b)               Maximum aggregate face amount of the obligations (the “Bonds”) proposed to be issued:




(c)                Initial owner, operator or manager of facilities to be financed;


Coastal Islands Associates, a Georgia general partnership;


(d)               The location of the facilities:


Demere Road, St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia; and


            WHEREAS, the proposed amendments will result in extension of the maturity of said revenue bonds to February 15, 2006, and for certain purposes may be considered to be a reissuance thereof in the currently outstanding principal amount of said revenue bonds of $1,332,986; and

            WHEREAS, the Issuer held a public hearing with respect to the proposed financing of the Project on March 4, 1991; and

            WHEREAS, a report regarding the public hearing has been furnished to the Board of Commissioners of Glynn County (the “Governing Body”) by the Issuer and has been filed with the minutes of this meeting; and

            WHEREAS, Section 147 (f) of the Internal Revue Code of 1986 (the “Code”) provides that the governmental unit having jurisdiction over the issuer of private activity bonds and over the area in which any facility financed with the proceeds of such bonds is located shall approve the issuance of such bonds; and

            WHEREAS, the Issuer has requested that the Governing Body approve the amendment and modification of the Bonds as herein described:

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing Body, and IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the authority of the same, as follows:


            (1)        The amendment and modification of the Bonds by the Issuer as above described and the proposed extension of the maturity of the Bonds to be effected thereby is hereby approved to the extent required by said Section 147 (f) of the Code and the provisions of the laws of the State of Georgia governing the Issuer.


            (2)        Such approval by the Governing Body does not constitute an endorsement to a prospective purchaser of the Bonds of the creditworthiness of the Borrower or the Project, and the Bonds shall not constitute an indebtedness or obligation of the State of Georgia or of any county, municipal corporation or political subdivision thereof, but the Bonds shall be payable solely from the revenues derived from the Project and pledged to the payment thereof, and no owner of any of the Bonds shall ever have the right to compel the exercise of the taxing power of said State or of any county, municipal corporation or political subdivision thereof, nor to enforce the payment thereof against any property of said State or of any such county, municipal corporation or political subdivision.


            (3)        This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption.


            Unanimously adopted.


John McGuire Presents Crime Commission Report.


            John McGuire presented an 11-month report on Citizen’s Crime Commission activities for the 11-month period April 1990 through February 199, which included four meetings held during that time period.  He reported that the Silent Witness Program had been operating since 1988, with Crime Commission members taking turns answering call from 5:00 PM. until 6:00 a.m., thus providing 24-hour coverage, seven days per week.  He said 500 bumper stickers advertising the Silent Witness Program had been purchased by Glynn County and distributed to law-enforcement agencies, civic organizations and neighborhood watch programs in Glynn and McIntosh Counties, and members of the Crime Commission participated in observance of Black History Month at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  He closed his report with the comment that the Crime Commission planned to assist law enforcement by exploring with the media a Wanted Fugitives Program which would publicize fugitives and seek citizen tips on their whereabouts, and they were also planning to look into aiding victims of crime.

            The Commission thanked Mr. McGuire for his report and for a job well done by the Crime Commission.


GC-2-91; Amendment to Zoning Ordinance


            Pursuant to advertisement, public hearing was held on subject amendment to the Glynn County Zoning Ordinance, Article X, Section 1008, regarding Public Hearing on Appeals.

            Zoning Administrator Debra Chapman conveyed unanimous recommendation from the Planning Commission for approval of the proposed amendment, which she explained would bring the Glynn County Zoning Ordinance into compliance with State regulations on advertising requirements for public hearings on appeals.

            There being no opposition, a motion approving said amendment, as listed below, was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Dismer:




Section 1008.  Public Hearings on Appeals




If an application is filed with the Building Inspection Department for request for hearing before the Board of Appeals, in accordance with Section 1004, all interested parties shall be notified at least fifteen (15) days, but not more than forty-five (45) days, prior to the meeting by placement of notice in the Brunswick News.  Said notice shall contain the date, time and place of the public hearing and a description of the appeal requested and the property involved.  The public shall also be notified by posting on the subject property in a conspicuous location, a sign containing the date, time and place of public hearing.  The property shall be posted at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the hearing.


At a hearing, any party may appear in person, or be represented by an agent or an attorney.


The Board must act upon the request within at least thirty (30) days after the public hearing.  If no decision has been made within that time, the request shall automatically be considered approved by the Board and the Secretary of the Board shall direct that the necessary permits be issued.


Unanimously adopted.


Proposed Water Conservation Measures.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Dismer authorizing Community Development Director Ed Stelle and Water/Sewer Engineer Jim Todd to jointly review any studies that had been made, and policies in place, on water conservation measures, and to develop recommendations as to how the Commission should respond to state requirements in this regard.

            Unanimously adopted.


Disposal of Waste Tires.


            Interim Environmental Service Director Don Skeens presented a proposal developed in conjunction with Public Works Director Keith Flanagan and Executive Assistant Becky Rowell for disposal of waste tires, as follows:


1.                  Glynn County to ban landfilling of tires at the Cate Road Landfill effective April 1, 1991;


2.                  Tire dealers to receive notification of the action, along with the names of businesses offering a tire disposal service;


3.                  Glynn County to contract with one of these firms to provide a container at the Cate Road Landfill for low-volume generators of tires, and tire dealers who dispose in excess of 300 tires per week or who were willing to work cooperatively with dealers in close proximity to them would be encouraged to contract directly with one of the tire disposal firms.


4.                  Glynn County will charge the following fees for tire disposal at the Cate Road Landfill:

14 inch to 16 inch tires                                      $  1.00 each

16 inch to 24 inch tires                                      $  2.00 each

24 inch plus tires                                                           $75.00 per ton


5.                  Large generators of waste tires to be billed monthly, and low-volume generators and individuals asked to pay the per-tire fee (not to exceed total of $50.00 each occurrence) at the time of disposal to Staff at the Cate Road Landfill.


6.                  Both the tire dealers contracting directly with a tire disposal firm and all tire disposal firms will be required to file a monthly report showing tons disposed in order that all tonnage diverted may be captured.


7.                  No further action to be taken relative to purchase of tire splitter/buster and hiring of Staff to operate same.


Local tire dealers Bill Duckworth, Riley Randolph and Kendall Barnes questioned several aspects of this program.  Mr. Skeens was joined by Ms. Rowell and Mr. Flanagan in answering questions concerning the proposed program and fee structure.

A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner Tillman approving the following tire disposal fee structure, including recommendation made by Mr. Flanagan on bike tires, effective April 1, 1991, subject to proper notification:




            8 inch to 16 inch............................................................... $          1.00 per tire

                        (utility tires including lawn mower,

                        boat, trailer, etc. and car and

                        light truck)


            17 inch to 24 inch............................................................. $          2.00 per tire



            24 inch plus...................................................................... $        75.00 per ton


            Bicycle tires........................................................................             no charge


            Unanimously adopted.


Beach Nourishment Funding Plan.


            County Administrator Charles Stewart presented a report on proposed funding options for the Beach Nourishment Project.  He said Staff anticipated making arrangements with the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority for a revenue bond that would be serviced by either Hotel/Motel Tax or an increase in Causeway Tolls.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Pate, as follows:


1)                  Authorizing Chairman and appropriate Staff to execute bond documents;


2)                  Authorizing Staff to proceed with two-week advertising on bond sale;


3)                  Authorizing Staff to develop a contract in the amount of $8,000 with Thomas & Hutton Engineering on groins for the project;


4)                  Reaffirming a trip made to Atlanta the previous week by Commissioners Hardman and Moore relative to the Beach Nourishment Project and funding.


Unanimously adopted.


Liquor License Approved at Golden Palace Restaurant.


            Pursuant to advertisement, public hearing was held on application of Chau Phan and Tuoc T. Cravey for License to sell Liquor, Beer and Wine, for consumption on premises only, at Golden Palace Restaurant, Inc., located at 260 Redfern Village, St. Simons Island (previous Location of the Oyster Box).

            Police Chief Carl Alexander reported that this application had been reviewed by himself, Building Official Vernon Lewis, and Fire Chief W. R. Cavanaugh for compliance with the Liquor License Ordinance, and they found it to be in order for consideration by the Commission at this time.

            Mr. Phan and Mr. Cravey were present to answer questions concerning their application.

            There being no opposition, a motion approving this application, as recommended, was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Dismer.

            Unanimously adopted.


Gould’s Inlet Improvement Plan.


            Glynn Clean and Beautiful Director Bruce Elias presented a proposal from the East Beach Association for County assistance in improving Gould’s Inlet under the “Adopt a Spot” Program.  He said the Association proposed extending the boardwalk from the park area to pier at an approximate cost of $24,000, and repaving and curb replacement at approximately $7,000.  He said Ms. Francis Youngblood had volunteered to prepare a preliminary landscape plan for presentation to the East Beach Association and the County, and the Association was willing to donate $600 and provide volunteer labor to perform much of the landscaping work.  Mr. Elias said Glynn Clean and Beautiful was in favor of this project.

            Bill Martin, President of the East Beach Homeowner’s Association, said this County park was probably one of the most attractive tourist spots on St. Simons Island, and they wanted to see something done to improve the visual aspects of the area.

            Community Development Director Ed Stelle suggested the Public Works Department be allowed to install the requested landscaping and correct problems with curbing and paving from the maintenance budget, and that long-range improvements be made a part of the future Beach Nourishment Project.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Dismer authorizing County Staff to meet with the Committee to be appointed by the East Beach Homeowner’s Association to formulate a more specific proposal on Phase I of this project covering installation of landscaping to be designed by the Association and correction of problems with paving and curbing and report back to the Commission on same at the next meeting; with long-range items to be incorporated into the Beach Nourishment Project.

            Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Pate was not present for this vote.)


Use of Third Floor, Courthouse Annex.


            Chairman Smith directed the Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force to review studies already in hand concerning use of the third floor of the Courthouse Annex, and to present recommendations back to the Commission in this regard.


Personnel Committee Items.


            On behalf of the Personnel Committee, a motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Pate approving the following actions:


1.                  The Personnel Committee was directed to review the Overtime Policy again.


2.                  The concept of a Cafeteria Plan for employees was approved, with deductions limited to premiums for dental plans, health insurance, and childcare; and staff authorized to solicit proposals from vendors on implementation of such plan.


3.                  A new position approved for Water and Sewer Department, Electrician, at a salary up to Pay Grade 4, Step D (Commissioner Boyne did not vote in favor of this particular item).


Unanimously adopted (with the exception of Commissioner Boyne’s abstention on item 3 listed above, and Commissioner Dismer who was not present for this vote.)



Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force Report.


            Commissioner Dismer presented Minutes of in meeting held March 4, 1991, wherein the following topics were discussed, although no specific recommendations were forthcoming.


1.                  Site visit to Screven County Work camp.


2.                  Report of fenced-in property for possible Glynn County Work Camp site.


3.                  Presentation by Nancy Svec of the State Probation Office on community services.


4.                  Update on District Attorney and Public Defender offices Standard Operating Procedures.


5.                  Jail population reports


Purchasing and Finance Committee Items.


            On behalf of the Finance Committee, a motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Moore approving the following actions:


1.                  Bid on Meter Yoke Assemblies and Meter Boxes for Water/Sewer awarded to Lanier Municipal of Lakeland, Florida, in the amount of $10,551.45.


2.                  Bid on one Cab Chassis for Sanitation Collection Department awarded to Roberts GMC of Savannah, Georgia, in the amount of $18,445.00.


3.                  Staff authorized to negotiate with Albert Crews for providing a meal at the ACCG Meeting on Jekyll Island; Commissioner Hardman volunteered to negotiate with the Department of Natural Resources for acquisition of shrimp for this event.


4.                  Leo Haopkins’ paving bill on Michael Drive settled in the amount of $3,200.00


Unanimously adopted.


Fire Hydrant Repair/Replacement.


A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman approving request submitted by Water/Sewer Engineer Jim Todd to realign a total of $27,850 within his budget to finance repair and/or replacement of fire hydrants on St. Simons Island.

Unanimously adopted.


Finance Committee Meeting Scheduled.


            The next Finance Committee meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, 1991, at 8:30 A.M.


Selection of Floor Finishes for New Courthouse.


A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Pate to substitute light marble tiles in lieu of darker granite ones for floor finishing in public areas of the new Courthouse, subject to cutting of the tiles and final approval by the Commission.

Motion adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Hardman abstaining.


Amendment to Architect’s Contract on New Courthouse.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Moore authorizing Administrator Stewart and County Attorney Gary Moore to pursue negotiations with Courthouse architects Hansen Lind Meyer to amend their contract, which could result in $65,000 saving to the County, as per HLM letter to Administrator Stewart, dated February 6, 1991.

            Unanimously adopted.


Executive Session.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Dismer to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing the following items:

1.                  Personnel matters;

2.                  Right-of-way Acquisition;

3.                  Litigation


Unanimously adopted.


Approximately 45 minutes later, a motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Tillman to adjourn the Executive Session and return to the Regular Meeting

Unanimously adopted.


Renewal of 55/65 Task Force Grant.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Tillman authorizing the Chairman to sign Certified Assurance relative to continuation of the 55/66 Task Force grant, as recommended by Police Chief Carl Alexander.

            Motion adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Tillman abstaining.


Police Department Changes.


            Police Chief Carl Alexander announced plans to implement shift and assignment changes within his Department, which were aimed at providing greater coverage during peak activity hours and reducing overtime.

            Commissioner Moore expressed concern regarding implementation of this plan because some of the uniformed officers serving on St. Simons Island/Sea Island were not happy with it.  Chief Alexander assured Commissioner Moore that every effort would be made to accommodate each officer’s preference, and these changes would be monitored closely.  Commissioner Hardman noted that the Commission’s first obligation was to serve the public.  Chairman Smith expressed hope that all Department Heads would look within their operations and see if they could come up with improvements.  Commissioner Boyne said he was concerned about citizens in the outlying areas of the County, and questioned the possibility of either building sub-stations in these areas or utilizing fire stations for shift changes, and letting officers who lived in those areas work there.

            Chief Alexander announced that he would be out of town March 16 through 23, and Deputy Chief Jimmy Nazzrie would be on duty during that time.


Independent Contractor Status Approved for Data Processing Employee.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Commission and seconded by Commissioner Tillman approving independent contractor status for Data Processing employee Kathy Maranville, and authorizing execution of said contract by the Chairman, Clerk and County Attorney.

            Unanimously adopted.


Wetlands Study on Dirt Roads.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Moore approving recommendation submitted by County Engineer Ray Richard for acceptance of proposal of EMC Engineering Services in the amount of $8,930 for doing a Wetlands Delineation and Endangered Species Assessment on remaining dirt roads in the Sales Tax Program.

            Unanimously adopted.


Quitclaim Deed to C.B. Langford.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner Boyne approving recommendation presented by County Engineer Ray Richard, and authorizing the Chairman and Clerk to execute a quitclaim deed to C. B. Langford on a drainage easement across the rear of his property adjacent to Community Road, subject to approval of documentation by the County Attorney, it being noted that said easement no longer served any property other than Mr. Langford’s.

            Unanimously adopted.


Airport Road Improvements.


            Following brief discussion concerning proposed traffic improvements to Airport Road at McKinnon Airport on St. Simons Island, Chairman Smith directed Staff to invite officials from SeaPak to be present at the next work session to discuss this project.


Position Statement on Sidney Lanier Bridge Replacement.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Moore approving the following position statement on the Sidney Lanier Bridge replacement, on behalf of the County Commission, which would be ready by the Chairman at a public hearing to be held on this subject later in the day.





MARCH 7, 1991


            Georgia’s two ocean ports, the City of Brunswick and the City of Savannah, are very important to the State’s economy.  The two ports are important parts of Georgia’s growing economy. And offer important export capabilities that many other states do not have.  Movement into and out of the port is very important.


            The State as well as the Georgia Port Authority and the de Department of Transportation recognizes the importance of unrestricted ship movement.  Toward this end, a new bridge is being constructed in Savannah and is scheduled for completion within the next twelve to fifteen months.  This bridge will improve shipping traffic in the Savannah port as well as providing an additional element of safety to the motorists.


            The Lanier Bridge in Brunswick poses similar obstacles to port development.  Construction of a new bridge is important to the development of the port in Brunswick and is a project currently being studied by the Corps of Engineers and the Georgia Department of Transportation.


            Glynn County is the location of the Sidney Lanier Bridge, a substandard lift bridge over the Brunswick River that is hindering the development of the Brunswick Port.


            A seaport is a material trans-shipment facility transferring goods and materials to and from its landward base area.  The landward base area for the Brunswick Port is the State of Georgia.  The State’s two Atlantic Ocean ports, are used to ship manufactured goods and agricultural products.  Also, materials used in production such as gypsum and salt shipped into Brunswick aid statewide industry.


            Two deadly accidents have occurred at the Lanier Bridge caused by large ships colliding with the narrow lift span bridge structure, requiring costly repairs, creating detriments to State port development, and leading to the irreplaceable loss of life.  These accidents are widely known throughout the shipping industry and fears of accident liability due to the narrow span and the lack of turning space in the shipping lane dampens shipping activity.


            The Georgia Department of Transportation prepared a study of the feasibility of replacing the narrow lift span with the high-rise bridge replacement.  It was determined that the economic impact to the State would more than double with the replacement (allowing larger ships) to a revenue of 1.02 billion, employment of 6,800 and income to the State of 231 million annually.  The Department of Transportation recommends that the replacement is feasible with an estimated cost of 69.2 million.


            The Glynn County Board of Commissioners has adopted a policy to endorse and recommend this important project and was a leader in providing funding for the bridge replacement by setting aside $3 million for the project.  The State of Georgia has placed $6 million in the D.O.T.’s budget for design work, and now we request support on the federal level for this project.


            Unanimously adopted.


Temporary Courtroom Established in Detention Center.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Pate to adopt the following resolution authorizing use of the library and/or training room of the Glynn County Detention Center for Superior Court hearings, as requested by Judge Amanda Williams:




            WHEREAS, Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams has recommended that arrangements be made to hold arraignments in the Glynn County Detention Center for the purpose of expediting case processing and to avoid cumbersome transfer of prisoners from the Detention Center to the Court House for hearings; and

            WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners is supportive of any measures recommended by the Courts, which will increase the efficiency of the system and decrease the jail population.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, by the Board of Commissioners of Glynn County, Georgia, in Regular Meeting held this 7th day of March, 1991, that we authorize use of the Library and/or Training Room of the Glynn County Detention Center for Superior Court Hearings.


            Unanimously adopted.

            Judge Williams announced that she would begin holding hearings in the Detention Center on Tuesday of the following week.


Joint City/County Meeting Scheduled.


The next Joint City/County meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 1995, at 5:00 PM.


Regular Commission Meetings Rescheduled.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to change the date of the first Regular Meeting in April from the 4th to the 1st, to accommodate other activities required of the Commission.

            Unanimously adopted.


Hearing on Jayne L. Griffin’s Application for Beer License Deferred.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Tillman to grant request of Jayne L. Griffin for deferral of hearing on her application for Beer License at Marina Food Mart until the next regular meeting.

            Unanimously adopted.


Commissioners’ Retreat.


            The upcoming Commissioners’ Retreat to be held at Honey Creek March 29th and 30th was discussed, with three suggested topics being how to organize the agenda better, goals and objectives, and team building.

            Chairman Smith encouraged each Commissioner to submit items they would like to discuss at the Retreat to Administrator Stewart no later than Monday of the following week.


ACCG Awards Program.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman that names of the following individuals be submitted to NACO for consideration in their 3111 Points of Light Volunteer Recognition Program.


1.                  Susan Hamer for Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter.


2.                  Jerry Rice for the Brunswick Villa Boys Club and McIntyre Court Satellite Boys Program.


Unanimously adopted.


Altamaha Bridge Opening.


            Administrator Stewart announced that the Department of Transportation had scheduled the grand opening of the newly constructed Altamaha Bridge for March 27 at 10:00 A.M., and Glynn County Commissioners were invited to attend this event.


Recreation Director Position.


            Administrator Stewart announced that advertisement for the Recreation Director position was continuing.  He advised that assistance from the new Recreation Board was contemplated in making this selection, and the field of candidates would be narrowed to five or ten before presentation to the Commission for review and interview.


Outside Agency Budget Letter.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne authorizing Chairman Smith to sign a letter prepared by Finance Director Charles Lewis to be forwarded to outside agencies previously funded by the Commission advising that in-house basic services would be funded first, and requests from outside agencies would be considered afterwards, although funding of arts programs was not contemplated.

            Unanimously adopted.


Wetlands Conference.


            Administrator Stewart announced that a Wetlands Conference would be held at Hilton Head near the end of March, and someone, perhaps a staff member, should attend this conference on behalf of the County.


Minutes Approved.


A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Pate to approve Minutes of the following meetings, subject to corrections requested by various Commissioners.


Regular Meeting February 7, 1991

Called Meeting February 14, 1991

Regular Meeting February 21, 1991


Unanimously adopted.


Goals and Objectives Adopted.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Tillman adopting the following Goals and Objectives.




1.         Implementation of Beach Renourishment Project


2.         Implementation of Sales Tax Projects:


a)                  Roads


b)                  Courthouse


c)                  Selden Park


3.         Resolution of Wetlands Issue


4.         Improve County Government:


a)                  Reduce Government Spending


b)                  Maintain/Reduce Millage Rate


c)                  Alternative Funding Source to Special Purpose Sales Tax


d)                  Redistribution of Local Option Sales Tax


e)                  Time/Motion Study


f)                    Reduce Overstaffing


g)                  Adopt Budget by July 1, 991


h)                  Explore Increase in Homestead Exemption


5.         Support Effort for Replacement of Sidney Lanier Bridge


6.         Program Enhancements:


a)                  Water and Sewer


b)                  Clean Air


c)                  Yard Trash/Sanitation Collection


d)                  Recycling/Landfill


e)                  Improve Public Communication


f)                    Conduct Commission Retreats


g)                  Reduce Jail Overcrowding


h)                  Review Personnel Policy


Unanimously adopted.


Appointments to Recreation Board.


Chairman Smith called on each Commissioner to name an appointee to the new Recreation Board.  The appointees, were named as follows:

Chairman Smith – District 1 – Wayne Bennett

Commissioner Moore – District 2 – Roy Garren

Commissioner Hardman – District 3 – Ed Lightfoot

Commissioner Pate – District 4 – Willie C. Bowden

Commissioner Tillman – District 5 – Dorothy Stewart

Commissioner Dismer – At-Large – John Phelps

Commissioner Boyne – At-Large – Larry Morris


Appointments to Courthouse Restoration Committee.


            Chairman Smith announced that there were four vacancies on the Courthouse Restoration Committee, and several citizens had expressed an interest in serving.

            Commissioner Hardman nominated Leland Moore.

            Commissioner Boyne nominated Jane Sanders.

            Commissioner Moore nominated Millie Wilcox and Maggie O’Connor.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to close the nominations.

            Aye:     Commissioner Boyne, Hardman, Pate, Tillman and Chairman Smith.

            Abstaining:        Commissioners Dismer and Moore.

            Chairman Smith announced that the four persons listed above had been selected to serve on the Courthouse Restoration Committee.


Fourth of July Fireworks Display.


            Administrator Stewart advised that the St. Simons Village Association had pledged an additional $1500 to the County’s $7500 budgeted figure for the Fourth of July fireworks display, and they were asking that the County add an additional $1500 to bring the total up to $10,500.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Moore to allocate an additional $1,000 from the Discretionary Fund towards the cost of increasing the fireworks display.

            Aye:     Commissioner Hardman and Chairman Smith.

            Nay:     Commissioners Boyne, Dismer, Tillman, Pate and Moore.

            Motion failed.


Blythe Island Regional Park Grants.


            Commissioner Boyne asked who was monitoring the grant process for primitive campsite development at Blythe Island Regional Park since Administrative Assistant Dick Newbern had left County employ.

            Administrator Stewart said he would prepare a report for the Commission on this grant project.


Airport Commission Appointments.


            A motion was made by Chairman Smith and seconded by Commissioner Hardman that the Commission discuss, in a work session, the possibility of regaining responsibility for appointing Airport Commission Members.

            Motion adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Pate dissenting


Meeting Adjourned.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Pate to adjourn this meeting.

            Unanimously adopted. 



                                                                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS






Joe Smith, Chairman

Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre, Deputy Clerk