PRESENT:                      Chairman Joe Smith

Vice Chairman Karen Moore

Commissioner Robert H. “Bob” Boyne

Commissioner William E. Dismer

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner E. C. Tillman


ABSENT:                        Commissioner W. Harold Pate


ALSO PRESENT:             County Administrator Charles T. Stewart

County Attorney Gary Moore


Opening Ceremony.


Chairman Smith opened the meeting by calling on Commissioner Tillman for the invocation, followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


            Chairman Smith had announced that he had rearranged the agenda format in an effort to make the meetings more efficient, and delegations would be received before routine Commission business was dealt with.


Five’s Too Late.


            Resolution adopted urging early intervention services to children with development disabilities.  A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Tillman to adopt the following Resolution as requested by the Glynn County Commission on children and youth at the recommendation of the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources:




            WHEREAS, all children deserve the best we can give them; and

            WHEREAS, many children with physical or mental disabilities may require early intervention to get off to a good start in life; and

            WHEREAS, early intervention may include physical, occupational, speech and language therapy, education, medical services and family counseling; and

            WHEREAS, children with disabilities must have these services before age five to reach their full potential; and

            WHEREAS, “Five’s Too Late” is the theme of a coalition of Georgians urging the state to provide early intervention services to children with developmental disabilities.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of Glynn County, Georgia, in Official Meeting held this 17th

day of January, 1991, that we declare January 27 – February 2, 1991 as “Five’s Too Late Week” in Glynn County, and urge our citizens to support early intervention services for children with disabilities.


Unanimously adopted.


Chairman Smith read the resolution and announced that a framed copy would be presented to the local Glynn County Commission on Children and Youth.


Consent Agenda.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Dismer approving Consent Agenda items recommended by Staff, as follows:


SR-4-90; Proposed Amendments to Glynn County Subdivision Regulations regarding paving requirements, deferred for further review and recommendations as requested by Community Development Director Ed Stelle.


Street Light Policy.  Discussion on this item was deferred to the agenda of the next Regular Meeting to give Staff to follow through on directive issued by the Commission at a Work Session held January 10 for recommended modifications to said policy.


St. Simons Pier.  Staff authorized to proceed with necessary steps to acquire engineering analysis of the structural condition of the St. Simons Pier.


Relationship of Local Sales Tax to 1990 Census.  Staff authorized to ask the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia for the specifications on the scope of work requested jointly by said agency and the Georgia Municipal Association through the University of Georgia regarding the effect of 1990 census of distribution of Local Option Sales Tax, in order to obtain a view of how they planned to approach this study; and that this matter be placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting for further discussion.


Widening of SR-27/US 341.  Chairman authorized to forward to DOT Engineer Craig Brack the Board of Commissioner’s written support of GIP 341(27) and (28); BRF 008-01(49) and (50) covering widening of SR-27/US 341 from the Glynn County line southeasterly to SR 99 /SR 32 in Sterling, including replacement of bridges and removal of bridge over the abandoned CSX railroad near Everett.


            Unanimously adopted.


Report on Status of Paving Portion of Gordon Street, and other Improvements from the Carver Heights Community Development Program.


            Chairman Smith called on Staff for update on the Carver Heights Community Development Program for the benefit of the delegation listed on the agenda to request that the 3400 and 3500 block of Gordon Street be paved.

            Administrative Assistant Dick Newbern recounted extensive efforts by the Commission and Staff during the previous year in securing a $356,300 federal grant through the dept of Community Affairs for implementation of the Carver heights dc Program which accomplished a 15 block area and included sewer extensions, road paving and housing rental rehabilitation.  He reiterated the schedule previously established for this project which targeted installation sewer lines in the late spring of 1991 and paving of the roads immediately following the summer months.  He said this area had been brought under the Georgia House Rehabilitation Program, which would reimburse landlords 50% of their expenses in rehabilitating rental houses in the area.  He stated that the schedule for this project was on target.

            City resident Bill Taylor introduced Barbara Holland, Pastor of                 Church, who said she and her congregation wanted the Commission was following through on this project.  She then introduced Charles Blue who said he was disappointed that nothing was being done to pave these streets while paving continued to take place elsewhere in the County.

            Commissioner Moore and Commissioner Tillman assured this delegation that both the Commission and the Staff had put a tremendous amount of effort in developing this project and obtaining federal funds for upgrading this neighborhood, and they only had to be patient until the improvements could be made.

            Chairman Smith assured this delegation that this project was moving ahead as they wished it to.


Complaints re. County’s Recycling Program.


            W. M. McDuffie voiced several complaints about the County’s Recycling Program, and suggest that it be placed under the Public Works Department, to save administrative costs, or that it be advertised for private industry takeover.

            Chairman Smith responded that the County initiated the recycling program because it is state mandate.  He thanked Mr. McDuffie for his input and said he would ask Staff to make every effort to cut down on the administrative costs of the program and the County would continue investigating the feasibility of privatization of this service.


Annual Forestry Department Activities Presented.


            Glynn County Forester Rick Johnson, accompanied by District Forester Joey Hall, presented annual report on Forestry Department activities in Glynn County.  Mr. Johnson said that the Glynn County Forestry Unit was comprised of five patrolmen, two fire tower operators, a secretary and himself.  He said major pieces of equipment consisted of three trucks, three tractors, two pickups and three plows.  He said 51 forest fires had occurred and his Department had worked 30 of them, and many information and fire prevention activities had taken place.  He said arrangements were also being made to locate the local Forestry Unit Headquarters from its present location beside Public Works on Norwich Street Extension to an outlying area in the County.

            County Attorney Administrator Charles Stewart noted that the Commission had budgeted funds for the purpose of helping relocate the Forestry Unit.


Resolution Designation Scout Week in Glynn County.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to adopt the following resolution:





            WHEREAS, “Boy Scout Week” is being observed throughout our Nation during the week of February 4-10 in honor of Boy Scout’s 80th anniversary, and for the success and effectiveness in helping generations of young citizens take their rightful place as useful and productive members of our society; and

            WHEREAS, through many varied programs, Boy Scouting helps to instill values and motivations in our young people that will inspire them to be good citizens in their home, their nation and their world; and

            WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Board to join hands with other communities throughout our Nation in congratulating Boy Scouts of America on its 80th year of operation, and recognizing the Coastal District of Okefenokee Area Council for serving more youth than any other agency except County Governments.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of Glynn County, Georgia, in official meeting held this 1st day of February, 1990, that we designate the week of February 4-10, 1990, as “BOY SCOUT WEEK IN GLYNN COUNTY”.


            Chairman Smith read this resolution and presented a framed copy to Robin Davenport Ray, Coastal District Executive, Boys Scouts of America.

            Mr. Davenport Ray also asked that either the Chairman or some other member of the Commission attend the Scout Awards Ceremony held in the Glynn Place Mall on February 9 to officially present this resolution to the Scouts and their leaders.


Gavel and Block Presented to Former Chairman Shaw McVeigh.


            Chairman Smith made a special presentation to Shaw McVeigh of the gavel he used during chairmanship of the County Commission during the years 1989 and 1990 along with the block.


GC-2-90D; Proposed Amendment to the Glynn County Zoning Ordinance Relating to Section 704 Forest Agricultural.


            Community Development Director Ed Stelle asked for deferral on this item so he could take it before the Planning Commission for further review and discussion in light of Wetlands Regulations.

            A motion deferring action on said item, as requested, was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Moore.

            Unanimously adopted.


Police Chief Report.


            Police Chief Carl Alexander presented his Department’s activities report for the month of December, 1990.  He also reported that as a result of fear of terroristic actions stemming from the Persian Gulf War, the Federal Aviation Administration had increased security efforts at all airports, and the Coast Guard had urged increased surveillance of fuel storage tanks.


Enforcement of Lowered Speed Limits on US 341 at I95 Intersection.


            Commissioner Hardman noted that DOT Commissioner Hal Rives had agreed to reduce the speed limit on US 341 in the I95 area to 35 mph and he asked Chief Alexander about his plans for enforcing this change.         

            Chief Alexander said active enforcement would begin as soon as new signs were posted, although they were mandated to write only warnings the first 30 days after speed reduction went into effect.


Police Fleet to Retain Vehicle for DARE Officer.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Tillman authorizing Police Chief Carl Alexander to retain one vehicle within his fleet, which was scheduled to be rotated out, for use by the DARE officer.

            Unanimously adopted.


Development of Jay Walking Ordinance.


            Commissioner Boyne questioned Staff’s plans with regard to development of a proposed Jay Walking Ordinance for Glynn County.

            County Attorney Gary Moore responded that he would have a proposed ordinance for the Commission’s consideration at the next regular meeting.


Purchase of Dictating Equipment for Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner             approving request of new Superior Court Judge Amanda Williams to purchase dictating equipment at a cost not to exceed $1500; with funds to be provided from the Discretionary Fund and repaid if sufficient monies were received into Judge Williams’ budget.

            Aye:     Commissioners Moore, Hardman, Boyne, and Tillman.

            Nay:     Chairman Smith.

            Abstaining:        Commissioner Dismer.

            Motion adopted.


Judge Killian Requests Funds to Purchase File Cabinet.


            Administrator Stewart presented request of Superior Court Judge William R. Killian for $1220 to purchase a file cabinet.

            Chairman Smith assigned this request to the Finance Committee for review and recommendation.


Proposed Privatization of Garbage Collection.


            At Commissioner Moore’s recommendation, Chairman Smith assigned propose privatization of garbage collection, as well as any other landfill or recycling matters, for review in work sessions by the Commission.


Proposed Amendment to the Alcoholic Beverage License Ordinance.


            Administrator Stewart advised that a request had been received from the Altama Village Shopping Center for amendment to Section 2-3-16(c)3 of the Alcoholic Beverage License Ordinance.

            Chairman Smith deferred discussion of this request to the next work session.


Meeting with Grand Jury.


            Administrator Stewart advised that the Grand Jury had asked to meet with the County Commission on Wednesday February 27 at 9:30 AM.


Courthouse Change Order on Floor Finish.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Hardman approving recommendations presented by Building Official Vernon Lewis to change the floor finish on portions of the east and west corridors of the second floor of the new detention center from carpet to granite.  That the County pay for upgrading the materials from the Project Contingency Fund and forward a letter to the architects asked them to be responsible for preparation of the cement to allow the granite to be installed.

            Unanimously adopted.


Work Session Scheduled.


            The next work session was scheduled for January 9 at 5:00 PM.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Activities.


            Administrative Assistant Dick Newbern announced that the Brunswick Chapter NAACP and the Concerned Citizens Coalition, in conjunction with annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day activities were sponsoring a march, which would end at City Hall at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, January 21, 1991, and they wanted two speakers from the County Commission to participate in this event.

            Chairman Smith replied that he and Commissioner Tillman would attend this function on behalf of the County.


Traffic Improvements on 341 at I95 Intersection.


            County Engineer Ray Richard reported that a recent visit of County Staff and Commissioners to DOT Commissioner Hal Rives in Atlanta for discussion of design concept and traffic improvements on US 341 at the I95 intersection had been quite productive.  He said the DOT was willing to do everything possible to expedite these changes, including speed limit reductions, traffic light installation at Butler Drive and construction of connector roads by the County.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Tillman that the Commission commit itself to construction the necessary connector roads in this area.

            Adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Moore abstaining.


Status of Lease with St. Simons Island Boating & Fishing Club.


            County Attorney Gary Moore reported the County’s lease at the St. Simons Island Marina property to the St. Simons Island Boating & Fishing Club automatically renewed for a five year period on October 31, 1990.  If the Commission wishes this not to happen again they could notify the Boating & Fishing Club immediately that it was not the County’s intent to renew the lease, Mr. Moore said.

            Commissioner Moore said she did not consider this lease agreement to complete because of the absence of a property description.

            She made a motion, which was seconded by Commissioner Boyne that this matter be discussed in a work session so that the property could be properly described, and the lease firmed up.

            Unanimously adopted.

            Chairman McVeigh asked Staff to review any pending leases and informed the Commission if any were going to automatically review themselves to that the Commission would have an opportunity for input.

            Attorney Moore advised that the Boating & Fishing Club had asked the County to pursue warranty claims on a dock they had purchased, and a determination had to be made as to who owned the dock.

            Chairman Smith said this matter would be discussed in a work session along with the Boating & Fishing Club lease.


Internal Auditor’s Report.


            Internal Auditor Lee Cutshall presented a report on his first quarter of activity in the County.  He outlined details of activities involved in verifying that appropriate procedures had been used following resignation of Environmental Services Director John Carter.

            Mr. Carter said he had completed a survey of outflow and internal controls of the Recreation Department at Ballard Park, Mallory Park, Casino Complex, and he had analyzed the bid awarded the Jonquill’s Sporting Goods for purchase of softball and baseball equipment and uniforms for the 1991 summer season, resulting in a bid reduction of $7600.

            At the request of the Finance Director, Mr. Cutshall said he had also assisted the auditing firm of Fuller & DeLoach with verification of meter deposits held by the St. Simons Island Water & Sewer Department.  Mr. Cutshall also outlined his tentative work schedule for the first quarter of 1991, touching on the Water & Sewer Department, Recreation Department, Landfill, Court Systems and Personnel Departments.


Beach Nourishment Project.


            Community Development Director Ed Stelle reported that the Beach Nourishment Project was moving along rapidly, and correspondence had been processed on schedule to Governor Zell Miller and US Corps of Engineers Lucursio.  He said the beach delineation survey was underway, and information would be presented at the next regular meeting on proposed revenue bonds to finance the local share of the project, with repayment to come from the hotel/motel tax.  He presented recommendation from the Beach Renourishment Task Force for acceptance of proposal submitted by Olsen associates for work required for preparation of a permit for groin construction, at a cost not to exceed $5,000.

            A motion accepting the Olsen Associates proposal for the permit preparation, as recommended by Mr. Stelle, was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Boyne.

            Unanimously adopted.


Report for Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force.


            Commissioner Tillman presented minutes for Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force meeting held January 7, 1991, which indicated that no further plans had been discussed to visit the work camp site in Screven County, County Attorney Gary Moore was working to resolve questions concerning the DUI intoxication level, and discussion had taken place concerning the high number of no bonds and the low number of misdemeanors that followed.


Purchase of Dock Material to Repair Floating Docks at Blythe Island Regional Park.


            Blythe Island Regional Park Superintendent Jay Alkire presented recommendation, which had been confirmed by Public Works Director Keith Flanagan, for purchase of dock material to repair floating docks at the Park, from Custom Dock Manufacturing Company in the amount of $13,283.74 plus additional materials in the amount of $2,150.

            The Commission discussed problems encountered by the St. Simons Island Boating & Fishing Club with cracks and a cement dock, which they had paid Custom Dock Manufacturing to install at the St. Simons Island Marina as well as the possibility of making subject purchase from the second low bidder for this reason.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Highsmith to refer these bids to the Finance Committee and ask them to make a recommendation as to whether or not the second low bidder met the specifications, the need fro purchasing additional materials and where the additional money would come from.

            Unanimously adopted.


Bid on Jekyll Island Resurfacing Deferred.


            Pursuant to recommendation from Finance Director Charles Lewis, a motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Dismer to defer action on bids for Jekyll Island resurfacing including DOT Contract LAR20-276-1-127.

            Unanimously adopted.


Bid Awarded on Piping Ditch in Sandcastle Subdivision, Phase II.


            Pursuant to recommendation from Finance Director Charles Lewis, a motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to award bid on piping ditch on Lot 99 Sandcastle Subdivision, Phase II, to Seaboard Construction Company in the amount of $6,312.

            Unanimously adopted.


Five Vehicles Purchased Under State Contract.


            Pursuant to recommendation from Finance Director Charles Lewis, a motion was made by Commissioner Dismer and seconded by Commissioner Moore to award bid on five vehicles for various County Departments under Georgia State Contract, as follows:


1.                  One (1) Chevrolet Pickup for Parks & Maintenance from Nashville Chevrolet in Lawrenceville, Georgia in the amount of $10,981.


2.                  Two (2) Ford Pickup trucks for Mosquito Patrol from Hub Motor Company in Atlanta in the total amount of $22,242.


3.                  Two (2) Mini Passenger Vans for Fire Department from South Lake Ford in Jonesboro, Georgia, in the total amount of $25,490.


Unanimously adopted.


Findings of Recreation Task Force.


            Fred Tullos presented two primary recommendations from the Recreation Task Force regarding information of a Recreation Board and creation of a Comprehensive Recreation and Parks Master Plan.  Although the City Commission had not been very receptive to this proposal, Mr. Tullos said the Task Force would make another presentation to them at a called meeting on Tuesday of the coming week, and with the County Commission’s approval, the Task Force would pursue this effort with the City Commission again on the County’s behalf.

            Commissioner Moore asked Staff to provide background information, including minutes references, to the two new Commissioners informing them of the steps that had been taken by the Commission in forming the Recreation Task Force and acquiring the services of the University of Georgia to develop recommendations as to the kind of recreation program that would be best for Glynn County.

            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Boyne that the Board of Commissioners approve the following actions for the purpose of providing better program management for recreation in Glynn County.


1)                  Establishing the fact that the County would like to have a Recreation Board either without or without participation by the City of Brunswick, said Board having oversight responsibilities with long and short term goals, with two short tem goals being to assist the County Commission in hiring a Recreation Director and developing guidelines for creation and implementation of a Comprehensive Reaction Master Plan, plus having oversight responsibility with existing recreation boards;


2)                  That a letter addressing these points be forwarded to the City Commission saying this is what the County is pursuing and the door will be left open for them to come in at this time or at any future date for them to join the County in developing a comprehensive recreation program for the City and County; and


3)                  That the City Commission be notified of the County’s intent to terminate the existing agreement for sharing the City’s Recreational Director as of July 1, 1991; and


4)                  That a special note of thanks be extended to the members of the Recreation Task Force for a job well done.


Adopted by majority vote with Commissioner Tillman abstaining.


Committee Appointments.


            With the approval of the full Commission, Chairman Smith made the following appointments for 1991:


Board of Health

            Commissioner Moore


Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center

            Commissioner Moore


Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors

            Commissioner Dismer


Tourism and Convention Council

            Commissioner Tillman


Coastal Georgia Community Action Authority, Inc.

            Commissioner Tillman


Mainland Water/Sewer Citizens Advisory Committee

            Commissioner Boyne


Brunswick Job Corps of Engineers Community Advisory Board

            Commissioner Tillman


Personnel Committee

            Commissioner Tillman, Chairman

            Commissioner Boyne

            Commissioner Dismer

            Commissioner Pate

            Commissioner Hardman


Finance Committee

            Commissioner Moore, Chairman

            Commissioner Boyne

            Commissioner Hardman

            Commissioner Pate


Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force

            Commissioner Dismer, Chairman

            Commissioner Hardman


Commissioners Goals for 1991.


            Commissioner Moore questioned the possibility of the Board of Commissioners having a retreat to develop and refine goals and work programs for 1991.

            County Attorney Gary Moore said he would obtain helpful information in this regard from the University of Georgia Institute of Government and Administrator Stewart said he considered Kitty Clarke to be one of the best facilitators for this type activity and he would forward a letter asking for her assistance.

            Chairman Smith said the press would be invited to attend this conference.


Proposed Amendment to Special Local Option Sales Tax Law to Authorize Beach Renourishment as an Eligible Project.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to endorse and support legislation introduced by Senator Joe Hammill to amend the Local Special Option Sales Tax law to authorize Beach Renourishment as an eligible.


Bids Rejected on Improvements to Police Department Firing Range.


            Pursuant to recommendation from Police Chief Carl Alexander, a motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to reject bids previously received on improvements to the Police Department’s Firing Range, and authorizing Staff to rebid same.

            Unanimously adopted.


Commissioners Parking Arrangements at Courthouse.


            Chairman Smith asked County Administrator Stewart to make some type of security arrangements for Commissioners and Staff leaving the building after night meetings.  He also asked that parking arrangements be made for Commissioners near the building during Commissioners Meetings and permanent arrangements when the new courthouse was completed.

            Administrator Stewart suggested that all Commissioners park near the building for evening meetings, and he said a reshuffle of arrangements could be made to accommodate them during morning meetings.

            Chairman Smith commented that the possibility of violence existed in and around the Courthouse; particularly during meetings, and for this reason he had asked Chief Carl Alexander to have an officer present at each meeting.


Creation of Port Development Task Force.


            Chairman Smith said he would make a proposal at the next regular meeting for creation of a Port Development Task Force, which would be comprised mainly of people who use the port.  He said one of the reasons for this action was to show the Corps of Engineers that County Government and local community had a genuine interest in the Port.


Policy on Severance Pay for County Administrator.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to ratify action taken in Executive Session on January 3, 1991, stating that severance pay would be granted to the County Administrator upon separation for involuntary causes after a minimum of two years employment.

            Unanimously adopted.


Meeting Adjourned.


            A motion was made by Commissioner Tillman and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to adjourn the meeting.




                                                                                    BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS






Joe Smith, Chairman

Attested to and

Prepared by:



Martha D. Tyre, Deputy Clerk