DECEMBER 15, 1994, AT 6:00 P.M.


PRESENT:           James E. "Sonny" Miller, Chairman    

              Virginia Gunn, Vice Chair

                   Commissioner, Robert H. Boyne

         Commissioner, Jack Hardman

                   Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

    Commissioner, Milton Lynn

    Commissioner, W. Harold Pate


ALSO PRESENT:      Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

         Gary Moore, County Attorney

         Pamela J. Barton, County Clerk


STAFF PRESENT:     Chief Carl Johnson

                   Dan Reuter

              Ray Richard

    Asst. Chief Nazzrie

                   Charles Lewis

    Ed Abel

              Lt. Hopper

                   Becky Rowell

                   Cynthia Williams

    Chief Carl Alexander

    Dave Bandy

    Robert Benson


INVOCATION:        Reverend Mike Landrum

                  Bible Baptist Church






Chairman Miller requested that Chief Alexander come forward and announced that accreditation plaques would be presented to the police officers. Chief Alexander stated that the police department was now nationally accredited.  Chairman Miller announced that the plaques would be retained by the Commission and in each sub station, the Board plaque was presented to Commissioners Boyne and Pate upon their departure from the Commission. The presentation continued with the plaques being presented to each precinct commander.


Chairman Miller announced that educational bonuses would be presented to numerous public safety employees including sheriff's employees and police officers.  A list of those persons is attached as Exhibit "A" hereto.




Sheriff Wayne Bennett presented a certificate to Commissioner Pate for his service to the community which made Commissioner Pate an honorary deputy sheriff of Glynn County.


Commissioner Pate thanked Sheriff Bennett and stated that the pleasure of serving on the Commission had been all his.




Chairman Miller presented a proclamation honoring Commissioner Boyne for his service on the Glynn County Commission.


Commissioner Boyne thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve on the Commission.


Chairman Miller presented a proclamation honoring Commissioner Pate for his service on the Glynn County Commission and asked Commissioner Hardman to present this the proclamation to Commissioner Pate.


Commissioner Pate stated that over the years he had gotten to know so many people in the community and that he felt blessed to have known the people employed by the county and the people in this community.


Chairman Miller announced that Mr. Abel would speak regarding approval of the LEPC By-laws as revised.


Motion to approve the By-laws by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Hardman.  Commissioner Gunn abstained.  Approved.  


Mr. Abel announced that everyone was invited to the LEPC meetings and that the next meeting would be held on January 6, 1995 at 8:30 at the Hercules conference center.




Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, December 1, 1995.


Motion to approve minutes subject to any changes by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Lyde.  Unanimous.




Chairman Miller stated that the Board had approved the paving of eyebrows on Frederica Road at the June 2, 1994 meeting.


Mr. Lee Davenport read from the June 2, 1994 minutes verifying that the eyebrows had been approved.


Commissioner Gunn stated that the motion was to earmark the funds and that the actual work would not commence until such time as the town hall meetings had been completed on the Island to obtain the input of her constitutes.  After three town hall meetings, constituent votes were 253 want Frederica Road left alone and 173 want the turn lanes.


Commissioner Gunn stated that the turn lane should be implemented by Barnett Bank. A person had called Commissioner Gunn regarding a dog being hit on Frederica Road.  This person stated that the speed limit is not enforced and should be. Commissioner Gunn contacted the Federal Highway Commission traffic safety engineer who conveyed that implementing of turn lanes would result in increased speed and the type of accidents evolving would then be head on collisions resulting in more severe injuries. Commissioner Gunn stated that we should find some alternatives to all turn lanes being completed at one time. Stated that the look of the Island would change forever and this should be considered.


Ray Richard stated that the speed would increase upon installation of the turn lanes and that the advantage will be a more uniform flow of traffic.  Mr. Richard's recommendation is to do the left turn lanes and not eyebrows. Commissioner Lynn asked Mr. Richard to describe an "eyebrow". Mr. Richard suggested that we not put a signal in by Devonwood at this time.


Chairman Miller questioned Mr. Richard regarding the time frame for construction as far as tourist influx in the Spring. Questioned whether this should be done at one time or in sections.  Mr. Richard stated that now is not a good time to commence all turn lanes. Mr. Richard recommended that we do a portion now and finish in the fall.


Commissioner Boyne said this issue should be put to rest until January when new commissioners take office.


Chief Alexander stated that the speed limit would be enforced.


Mr. Lee Davenport stated that the Chamber of Commerce is willing to accept a compromise position at this time.


Mr. Taylor Adams felt as though the Board is stalling with respect to this issue. He stated that this road has been over capacity by 32% for sometime already. He said the turn lanes would improve Frederica Road. He recommended that the Board hire additional help to expedite the process.


Mr. Howard Taylor stated that the Board had made a motion and it should be acted upon.


Motion was read at which time the use of table verses defer was discussed among County Attorney Moore, Commissioner Boyne and Chairman Miller.


Commissioner Lynn said this matter should be resolved this year verses waiting for new commissioners to handle.


Commissioner Boyne made a Motion to table discussion of the matter regarding turn lanes on Frederica Road to the second meeting in January, second by Commissioner Gunn. Commissioner Boyne for. All other Commissioners against. Motion denied.


Jim Heinz stepped forward and asked which development had the most residents.  Wanted to know the easiest lanes to install without tree removal. Mr. Richard stated that the turn lane from Heritage to Vassar Point would be an 800 foot continuous turn lane. Ms. Grasso asked Mr. Richard to state the length of the standard turn lane. Mr. Richard's response was 300 feet.


Jimmie Claire North stated that the problem with Devonwood is pulling out of the subdivision because it is a blind curve.


Tad Meeks stated that residents on the Island have never seen an 800 foot turn lane.


Commissioner Gunn asked Mr. Richard to choose the second turn lane and he suggested Shaws Bounty as set forth in the above referenced motion.


Hayden Yow stated that the police are monitoring a stop sign on Broadway and are doing a wonderful job.  She agrees with the Barnett turn lane and suggests a smart light at Devonwood.


Mr. Wiederhorn wanted it known that he objected to any turn lanes being placed on Frederica Road.


Motion by Commissioner Gunn to approve implementation of the left turn lane at Barnett Bank, at Devonwood, reduce the speed on Frederica Road, reroute the trucks and enforce the speed limit on Frederica Road. Second by Commissioner Hardman to approve as amended to read, proceed with the left turn lane at Barnett Bank, trucks will not be rerouted, Devonwood should not be done at this time instead a turn lane would be implemented at Shaws Bounty, authorization of the design, go forward with the bid process, award project to the lowest bidder and requirement of only a two week advertising period. Unanimous.




Planning Commission - Richard Parker stated that the Planning Commission had no report.


Courthouse Construction Committee - Mr. Ledbetter and Mr. Vernon Lewis presented the blueprints for inspection and also requested an additional amount of $8,522.00 for the work stations.  Mr. Lewis stated that bidding this separately would save money.  The amount of $300,000.00 has been earmarked for the fixtures and furnishings for this project.


Mr. Ledbetter presented the elevation blueprints and the courthouse annex plans and stated that the appearance would be similar to the older historic buildings in Brunswick.


Motion by Commissioner Lyde to approve the $8,522.00 needed and to set forth the additional amount of $300,000.00 as being part of the budget, second by Commissioner Pate. Unanimous.


Additional Motion by Commissioner Lyde to approve the elevation plan and to bid the contract for construction pending review by the county attorney, second by Commissioner Pate.  Unanimous.




Solicitor Richard Taylor stated that Jane O'Neill in his office would be getting married and relocating. He advertised the job and a county employee from the finance department was qualified and made $1.59 more an hour at her current position. Mr. Taylor requested an increase in his budget to cover this amount and Mr. Lewis requested that the position will be filled by an Account Clerk I (G-9 Step A $13,270).


Motion to approve Commissioner Boyne, second Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimous.






Dockside Grill, Inc. - Chairman Miller presented for Extension of the 1994 license due to inability to meeting advertising deadline resulting from a change of ownership and licensee from Dale Provenzano to Jack Mills. Consumption on premises of liquor, beer and wine, Sunday sales permitted.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to grant Mr. Mills a temporary license effective until the first meeting in January, and to excuse Mr. Mills from having to appear, second by Commissioner Pate. Commissioner Lynn opposed. Approved.


North End Restaurant - Chairman Miller presented this license for renewal. Consumption of alcohol, beer and wine. Sunday sales permitted.


Motion to approve Commissioner Lyde, second Commissioner Pate.  Commissioner Lynn opposed.  Approved.


Del Taco - Chairman Miller presented this for approval of Sunday Sales.


Motion to approve Sunday Sales Commissioner Hardman, Second Commissioner Miller.  Commissioner Lynn and Commissioner Boyne opposed.  Approved.


Smile Gas Store No. 097 - Chairman Miller presented this new application for approval.  Package sales of beer and wine.  Sunday sales prohibited.


Mr. Wiederhorn came forward and stated that he was opposed to the issuance of this license. Said that this would be a negative influence in the community. Noted Commissioner Lynn's vote of no with respect to any beer, liquor or wine licenses.

Francis Allen, President of Sea Palms Homeowners Association also stated that the Sea Palms residents are opposed to the granting of this license in this area.


Mr. Moore stated that the Board had a duty to treat this applicant equally with those other applicants in the same area who have obtained licenses.  Stated that the Board does have the option according to the existing ordinance to use choice.


Mr. Carter stepped forward on behalf of Smile Gas and specified the requirements for his employees with respect to county and city laws and company requirements together with I.D. purchasing requirements and his corporation's method of sporadically checking to make sure that these requirements are met.


Chairman Miller asked whether the Board was leaving itself open for a lawsuit.  The County Attorney stated that the Board had renewed the licenses of the two existing facilities.


Mr. Caldwell stated that the ordinance allows choice by   the Board.


Commissioner Lynn stated that another Smile store operating in Brunswick does not have a license and they are doing well.


Motion by Commissioner Gunn to deny the application, second by Commissioner Boyne. Commissioner Hardman for issuing the license. Commissioner Pate abstained. Motion to Deny approved.


Sunstar Amoco Store No. 103 - Chairman Miller presented the renewal of this license for approval. Package sales of beer and wine.  Sunday sales prohibited. 


Motion to approve Commissioner Hardman, second Chairman Miller.  Commissioner Lynn opposed.  Commissioner Boyne abstained.  Approved.


Sunstar Amoco Store Nos. 105, 107 and 109 - Chairman Miller presented the renewal of these licenses for approval.  Package sales of beer and wine.  Sunday sales prohibited. Commissioner Lynn opposed.  Commissioner Boyne abstained.  Approved.


Glynn Mall Suites Hotel - Chairman Miller presented this renewal for consideration for consumption of beer, wine and liquor on the premises.  No Sunday sales and no in room consumption permitted.


Motion to approve Commissioner Hardman, second Commissioner Pate.  Commissioner Lynn opposed.  Commissioner Boyne abstained. Approved.





Smile Gas Store No. 091 - Chairman Miller presented this renewal for package sales of beer and wine. Sunday sales prohibited.


Motion to approve by Commissioner Gunn, second by Commissioner Hardman. Commissioner Lynn opposed. Commissioner Boyne abstained.




Chairman Miller presented piping petitions for approval in Thompson Cove Subdivision St. Simons Island (Lot 4, Manford Estes, Lot 5, O.J. Cason, Lot 6, Mary Gee and Lot 7, Richard McEwan).


Mr. Richard presented these petitions for approval, 70% ($350) of the funds will be paid by the petitioner and 30% ($150) will be paid by the county.


Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, second by Commissioner Pate. Unanimous.


Chairman Miller presented the matter of balancing the interfund accounts between the General Fund and the Water and Sewer Commission.


Mr. Benson presented the budgets of the Water and Sewer Commission and requested that the changes not be made and stand as previously approved.


Mr. Lewis stated that they had gone over budget and the amount due the General Fund was $11,170.00.


Mr. Gilmour requested a decision in order to close out the audit for the County and the Water and Sewer Commission.  The Water and Sewer Commission budgeted X amount of dollars and that is what they feel they should pay, county should pick up the balance.  The County has the backup to support these costs. This amount covers two fiscal years.


Mr. Benson stated that he thought the budgeted amount had been figured inaccurately.

Mr. Gilmour stated that these figures are budgeted according to the prior services used.  He also stated that they are charged only for services used.


Mr. Enney stated that he thought the problem stemmed from the fact that this was a retroactive charge and this bill was unexpected.  Mr. Lewis rebutted that they had been billed each year but the statements had been ignored. Mr. Taylor requested time to study these statements.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to send this to the Water and Sewer Commission to be studied, second by Commissioner Lyde. (This motion was withdrawn)


Mr. Gilmour stated that they had received these statements and also that the budget had to be balanced this year.  He also reiterated that this happens each year and back up information has always been provided.


Commissioner Hardman stated that we should act on this. Commissioner Gunn felt this should not be on the agenda for today.  Mr. Gilmour responded that it was on this agenda due to cancellation of the finance committee meeting.


Motion to approve the budget by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimous.


Chairman Miller presented the release of the bond for Coast Cottages on St. Simons Island.  Mr. Reuter stated that he recommended this bond for release.


Motion to approve release of the bond Commissioner Boyne, second Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimous. (Commissioner Lyde out of the room)


Chairman Miller presented approval of Quit Claim Deed regarding the property of Evelyn Young.


Motion to table this matter by Chairman Miller, second by Commissioner Gunn.  Unanimous


Chairman Miller presented the GMK & Associates issue regarding resolution of the leakage problems in the courthouse. Vernon Lewis stated that this matter had been discussed in the work session and he requested approval of the contract with W. M. Stafford, Inc. to do some investigative work to determine the cause of the leaks and to determine where responsibility lies.  This contract will not exceed $10,000.00.  This covered the investigation and the repair work to follow.  County will be reimbursed when it is determined where responsibility lies.  The contract is subject to County Attorney Gary Moore's review.


Motion to approve Commissioner Pate, second Commissioner Boyne.  Unanimous.


Chairman Miller presented the appointment to the Plumbing Advisory Board for approval.  Larry Bullard will replace Stephen Douglas on the board pursuant to the efforts of Commissioner Lynn.


Motion to approve the appointment by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Boyne.  Unanimous.




Items 1 and 2 of the Work Session agenda had been handled.


Mr. Gilmour presented the matter of taping all standing advisory committees/commissions meetings and retaining tapes for one year.


Commissioner Gunn corrected an editorial statement regarding Mr. Stewart's being paranoid when in fact the statement was acting paranoid.


Discussion took place regarding meeting with the legislators in January.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to defer the determination regarding taping of meeting to the work session of January 17, 1995, second by Commissioner Pate.  Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour presented the matter of affirming the Coastal Georgia Historical Society's resolution regarding the preservation of the U.S. Coast Guard Station on St. Simons.


Motion to affirm by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Lyde.  Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour presented the authorization of bidding for video recording equipment for in-house recording of Commission meetings and work sessions.


Motion for authorization by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Gunn.  Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour presented authorization to establish a four-way stop at New Sterling Road and Old Jesup Road.


Motion by Commissioner Lynn to approve the four-way stop and rumble strips, second by Commissioner Boyne.



Mr. Gilmour presented an alternate proposal for recycling of yard debris at St. Simons Recycling Center.


Ms. Rowell presented a cost analysis for the current system and a second method suggested by Hayden Yow.

The cost differential for implementing a new program would be approximately $49,785.32. Ms. Rowell stated that the alternate program was used at an earlier time and was not successful.


Commissioner Boyne questioned Ms. Rowell regarding closure.  She stated that this would commence in 6 months but would be a 3 1/2 year process. He also questioned Ms. Rowell regarding whether or not the City of Brunswick is willing to accept the yard trash.  She responded that they would not accept it with dirt in it. Ms. Rowell stated that a pad would have to be poured for storage. Commissioner Boyne stated that we should work together with other government entities to reduce waste.


Ms. Yow spoke regarding the 1992 Solid Waste Management Act stating that a requirement of the Act was moving yard waste from the landfills.  This will be required by 1996.  She felt that this could be done currently with yard waste. She made several comments regarding compost and its contents.


Commissioner Lyde said we should not purchase something that we already have in our possession.


Chairman Miller stated that the main problem was the clean factor.  Commissioner Boyne stated that limbs would not work, Ms. Rowell stated that we hire someone to screen this.  Ms. Rowell also stated that we need 70,000 square yards of top soil for closure. Mr. Hardman stated that the Milorganite Ms. Yow mentioned is a byproduct of the Milwaukee Wisconsin sewage system and not compost.


Chairman Miller stated that Ms. Yow used profanity at various facilities.  Chief Alexander stated that Ms. Yow had made threats against employees.


Commissioner Pate stated that the Chairman was expected to protect the staff against name calling.  The commissioners are the only protection that the staff has.  Ms. Yow has no right to call the staff names and this should cease.


Ms. Yow described her actions at the landfill and also described the police as thugs sent to remove her.  She also stated that she had used profanity and was also just observing not obstructing work.


Ms. Rowell stated numerous instances when Ms. Yow was at various facilities in the way of heavy equipment  and stated that citizens are not allowed in these areas. Gary Moore suggested that we post these areas.


Motion by Chairman Miller to post signs at these facilities to keep citizens out, second by Commissioner Pate. Signs to read "No Trespassing Authorized Persons Only".  Unanimous.


Mr. Caldwell read a resolution passed by RUPA in December regarding Ms. Yow's views regarding yard trash being delivered to Brunswick. It reads as follows:


"We urge Glynn County to make every effort to provide suitable yard waste to the City of Burnswick for use in its composting Facility, rather than landfilling such yard waste.  This approach would assist Glynn County in complying with the 25% waste stream reduction mandated by the State of Georgia.  We further recommend that Glynn County make use of the high-quality compost produced by the Brunswick facility in County landscaping."


Chief Alexander stated that Ms. Yow has been officially warned about her actions.


Mr. Gilmour presented the authorization of amendments to the tax digest.


Mr. Long appeared and presented various adjustments to the tax digest for approval.


Motion to approve Commissioner Boyne, second Commissioner Pate.  Unanimous.




Insert - Mr. Caldwell presented a resolution from RUPA thanking Commissioner Pate; they also thanked Commissioner Boyne for his efforts, to Commissioner Miller as chairman and all of the Commissioners for their efforts.

Commissioner Pate thanked the staff for all of their efforts through the years and stated that they have an excellent reputation throughout the state.


Commissioner Boyne commented on the public involvement of the citizens of Glynn County and thanked the citizens for allowing him to serve. He noted that there have been difficulties on the Board as a whole but that the Board has voted together. He also stated that he was one of two certified commissioners in the county.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to make the United States Constitution a county ordinance, second by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to write letters to Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole in support of their opposition to Federal mandates in the House and Senate respectively. Unanimous.


Commissioner Boyne advised the new commissioners that this Board voted together and the county went forward. He implored them to go forward for the betterment of Glynn County, which he stated is not done by raising taxes.


Commissioner Hardman and Commissioner Lynn wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Commissioner Gunn presented for approval the carving of a spirit tree in the park on St. Simons on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce.


     Motion by Commissioner Gunn to defer to the Tree Board, second by Commissioner Boyne.  Unanimous.


Commissioner Gunn wanted signed posted on the Island reading "You are entering the Island please slow down and enjoy the view."


Motion by Chairman Miller that Commissioner Gunn determine the language for the sign on St. Simons Island and present it at the January 5th meeting of the Board, second by Commissioner Boyne.  Unanimous.




Chief Alexander mentioned the traffic problem on St. Simons.  Stated that a man riding a bike had been run over by a car who waited for the bicyclist and then ran him over.


Chief stated that the bike patrol and regular patrol will remain on duty. 


Chief Alexander stated he had an officer leaving for 5 months for military training and wanted to hire a replacement for him. The officer leaving will be placed on inactive status.  Does not feel newly hired officer will be fired upon other officers return due to number of vacancies in the department.


Motion to approve hiring by Commissioner Pate, second by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimous.


Chief Alexander will be on vacation for two weeks.






Mr. Gilmour presented a program which would provide at no cost to the county various lines providing a recorded message to the public. The following departments would be recipients of this service: the Board, the courts, sanitation, roads, fire EMS, sheriff, police and water and sewer.


Motion to approve by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Pate. Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour presented a handout regarding matters for the administrative function of the pension committee which included numerous recommendations. 


Motion to approve by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Miller. (Motion withdrawn)


Motion by Commissioner Hardman to defer to the next work session and to confirm the current members of the Board until such time as new members are appointed, second by Commissioner Lynn.  Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour presented the existing landfill contract for a one year extension.  Confirmed that Mr. Guarracino had confirmed the bid amounts stated therein will not change.  This amount will not exceed $22,705.00 without going before the Board again.  The appropriate bid policy had been followed, Mr. Guarracino had done this by telephone bid process.


Motion to approve by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour presented a handout describing the summary of services provided to Jekyll Island.  He stated that it would cost us more to take over all municipal services. 


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to provide copies of the handout to various parties and to defer this to next year, second by Commissioner Hardman. (Commissioner Lynn out of the room).  Approved.


Mr. Gilmour presented the excess vacation time issue rolling over into sick time at the 400 hour limit.  He wanted this policy temporarily suspended until further review by the personnel committee.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne to suspend the policy until review by the personnel committee, second by Chairman Miller.  Unanimous.




Chief Johnson investigated a call that there was a fire at Brunswick High School. This came in on the regular line, the City was contacted while the caller was on the line; caller said fire was out and the EMS squad was sent and an inspector to make sure fire was out.

Chief Johnson stated that the distance for the county and city only differed by a short distance.


Chairman Miller requested that Mr. Gilmour call Commissioner Plyman to relay our findings.




Ms. Rowell requested that the landfill be allowed to close at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 24, 1994.


Motion to approve Commissioner Boyne, second Commissioner Lynn with the understanding that leave time be taken by employees.  Unanimous.




Motion to go into executive session by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Pate.  (Commissioner Hardman out of the room).




Motion by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Lynn to plant a live oak tree in the Demere Frederica Interchange by The Sea Island Company in memory of Bummy Bumgartner.  Unanimous.


Motion to reinstate Michael Mungin by Commissioner Boyne, second by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.


Motion by Chairman Miller to vote on paving of road next to St. Pauls Church subject to attorney Gary Moore's findings, second by Commissioner Hardman.



Meeting Adjourned.