Recreation Board:  Commissioner Gunn made motion requesting authorization to study with Recreation Direction proposed wildlife stations on small islands of land.




Water & Sewer:  Re: amendment to ordinance pertaining to engineers and land surveyors.  Chairman Miller said this was his first time seeing memo about this.  Commissioner Boyne motioned to defer until next meeting.


Re:  Approval of 94‑95 Water & Sewer Comm. budget ‑ Commissioner Gunn motioned to defer until next meeting.




Finance Comm. ‑ Re: Detacher/Imprinter/Decollater ‑ Motion to reject bid and authorize to rebid by Comm. Gunn.


Re:  amending liquor ordinance/return on excise tax ‑ Comm. Gunn motioned authorizing Finance Director to random audit check of vendors books and notify Board.




Personnel Comm. ‑ Re: appointments to Pension Admin. Committee ‑ Motion to deny deferral to Board by Comm. Lynn. ‑ Board requested Admin. Gilmour study Pension representative matter and make recommendation to Board.




Commissioner Items


Gunn ‑ Re: Mrs. Yows, Seize and desist order for garden area ‑ Board requested Keith FLanagan look into and report back to Board.




Administrator Items ‑ Re: Cemetary cleanup ‑ Motion by Comm. Miller authorizing Keith Flanagan to review matter and report back to Board.