TO:                  Hon. Commissioners


FROM:            Carol Summerour, Acting Clerk


SUBJECT:       Replacement Page 14 for September 1, 1994 Minutes


DATE: September 27, 1994


Attached is a replacement Page 14 to be inserted into your copy of the September 1, 1994

Minutes.  On the original Page 14, I did not have Exhibit A for the Tax Commissioner's new computer system broken out, and Mr. Gilmour has asked that the break out be included in the Minutes.

































                                                                          AGENDA AND MINUTES

                                                     REGULAR MEETING, BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                                    GLYNN COUNTY, GEORGIA HELD

                                                          THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1994, AT 8:30 A.M.


PRESENT:                   James E. Miller, Chairman

Virginia Gunn, Vice Chair

Commissioner Robert H. Boyne

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner Milton Lynn

Commissioner W. Harold Pate


ALSO PRESENT:       Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Carol Summerour, Acting Clerk


STAFF PRESENT:      Cynthia Williams                       Charles Lewis

Becky Rowell                           Dave Bandy

Carl Alexander             Keith Flanagan

Carl Johnson                            Ray Richard

James Nazzrie              Vernon Lewis

Jack Hopper                            Dan Reuter






                                                          Appointment of two new Glynn County Police Officers



Chief Carl Alexander explained that there were actually four new officers to be appointed; however only three were present at this time.  On a motion by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lyde, the Board unanimously appointed Joan Maria Holmes, Joseph Daniel Wofford and Lester Waton (Trey) Drawdy, III, as Glynn County Police Officers.




Chairman Miller read aloud a proclamation to support the Blessing of Our Children to Mr Ron Leggett, a representative of B.O.O.C., Inc.  (Blessing Of Our Children, In.)  A motion to approve was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Pate, and unanimously adopted.


1.         Approval of Minutes


Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, August 25, 1994.


Due to a time shortage between the previous meeting and this meeting, the Clerk requested that approval of the Minutes of August 25, 1994 be deferred to the next regular meeting of September 15, 1994.




a)         Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force


No report.


b)         Recreation Board

c)         Blythe Island Regional Park

d)         Casino

e)         Selden Park


Recreation Director Cynthia Williams reported that the irrigation system at Selden Park is operating, she announced the Blessing Of Our Children celebration at Neptune Park this Saturday Beginning at 10:00 a.m., she announced the deadline for registration in fall programs in this Friday, and she said the gas tank is in at the Blythe Island Regional Park.


Some discussion was held regarding the D.O.T.'s negative reply to Glynn County's request for a traffic signal at the entrance to Selden Park.  Chairman Miller said this topic will be put on the list of items to discuss with the legislative delegates before they to Atlanta in January.


f)          Environmental Review Committee


No report.


g)         Solid Waste Advisory Committee


No report.


h)         Tree Advisory Board


David Newton, Chairman of the Tree Advisory Board reported that the Tree Board has recently received a value of $6 million on Phase II of the tree inventory, which added to the $6 million in Phase I, means Glynn County has $12 million in the value of trees on public property.


Mr. Newton stated that the next function of the Tree Board is to provide guidelines for a Glynn County Tree Plan.  He mentioned that there is a need for some new appointments on the Board in that one member has resigned due to illness and a few others have problems in attending the meetings.  Chairman Miller directed staff to look into getting some new members appointed to the Tree Board.


Commissioner Gunn questioned Mr. Newton about complaints she has been receiving that the leaves on the oak trees in Neptune Park are turning brown.  Mr. Newton said this was discussed at great length at the last Tree Board meeting.  He added that there are two foresters, one State and one Georgia Power, on the Tree Board, and they have both agreed to take a look at the trees to try to identify the problem  Mr. Newton agreed to report back.


Mr. Newton suggested that a modest budget be allocated for a periodic tree maintenance program rather than maintenance on an emergency basis like it's handled now.  He noted that all the trees on the courthouse grounds, for example, were all planted at the same time, which means the will all start to die at the same time.  Therefore, he said, plans need to be made for systematic replacement.


i)          Animal Control Advisory Board


No report.


j)          Airport Commission


Airport Manager Gary Moore announced that President Clinton has recently signed a bill authorizing funds for the second phase of the rehabilitation project on runway 7/25 at Glynco Airport.  He asked that the Commission consider accepting a grant from the F.A.A. in the amount of $131,024.  He added that the Airport Commission will fund the local share and that no County money is needed.


A motion to accept the grant subject to the County Attorney's approval was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.


k)         Water & Sewer


Chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission G. Howard Taylor reported that the new Director, Robert Benson, is on board and there has already been an improvement.  He said the Water & Sewer Commission is very pleased with him so far.


Mr. Taylor then recognized Ken Enney for all his hard work with the treatment plant stating that Mr. Enney spends a large part of his day out there.  He said they have been working on digging out the sedimentation pond and have possibly worked out a deal with Becky Rowell to take it as composting.  He added this will save the County money in that the only expense will be transportation.  Mr. Taylor then also paid recognition to Russ Edges and Willie Mullins who are two dedicated employees running the plant and doing an excellent job.


Commissioner Lynn asked about water availability in the northeast quadrant of I-95 at Exit 6.  He said he thought the Board voted to put water out there as well as sewer.  Mr. Taylor said he thought there was supposed to be water and sewer both in that location also, but he said he has been informed that the vote was for sewer only.  Mr. Taylor told Commissioner Lynn that the Water & Sewer Commission stands ready to work with County staff in whatever way necessary.


Commissioner Gunn stated that an article in this week's Islander reported that new Water & Sewer Director Bob Benson had taken a tour of the facilities, and he said it appears they have not been touched in about twenty years.  She added that she believes Mr. Benson will fix all that and she feel good about him.


Commissioner Lyde asked Mr. Taylor about how much longer the hold on daytime irrigation for St. Simons will last, and Mr. Taylor said it should be lifted sometime soon after Labor Day.


Commissioner Lynn then suggested that the Water & Sewer Commission meet in a Work Session with the Board of Commissioners to bring everyone up to date on what the Water & Sewer Commission is doing and where it is going.  Mr. Taylor said he felt it would be wise at sometime in the near future to involve the City in the discussions.


Chairman Miller said the Board would talk about it at its Work Session on the 13th to see about getting everyone to be present at the first Work Session in October and go from there.


Commissioner Lynn asked about the 3-person Water & Sewer subcommittee that Mr. Taylor appointed, and Mr. Taylor said the subcommittee is comprised of Eugene Roberts, Lanny Brock and Ray Andrew, and to date he has not received a report form the.




Mrs. Hayden Yow, St. Simons Island.  Mrs. Yow reported and incident whereby she

attempted to get a small amount of muck from a County project site and was told by County staff that she would have to get approval to do so from the Board of Commissioners.  Mrs. Yow said she felt this was going a little too far and asked if there could be some flexibility.


Commissioner Pate stated that in the past flexibility has led to abuse because one thing always leads to another.


Chairman Miller said he did not feel it is fair to leave a decision like that up to the employees.


Attorney Gary Moore stated that the dirt is the property of Glynn County, and that when Glynn County needs dirt they have to pay for it, and dirt is a County asset.  He said he felt the only way dirt should be given away is if it is declared surplus.  Mr. Moore stated that he felt staff acted property.


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan said he was not in town when this request come through, but he said staff was following procedure, and if he had been in town the citizen would have gotten the same answer.


Attorney Moore suggested that this issued be discussed at the next Work Session to arrive at a policy.


Chairman Miller agreed and told Mrs. Yow that her statements would be taken under advisement.


Mrs. Yow next suggested that the County develop a program for residents to be able to turn yard trash into composting, and Becky Rowell advised her that a plan for recycling yard trash already exists in Glynn County.  She advised her that yard trash may be dropped off at the Recycling Center near the airport, and that it is then turned into compost for the landfill.




3.         Frank Sorrells, Georgia Forestry, to present Georgia Forestry Annual Report.


Mr. Sorrells first introduced two new employees with the local Georgia Forestry Office.  He then gave his annual report by reviewing the material provided in the Commissioner packets.  He commended the Glynn County Fire Department on maintaining their equipment and also for quick response to fires that they extinguish before the Forestry has to become involved.  Mr. Sorrells stated that the new Georgia Forestry building is about 95% complete, and everyone will be invited to the dedication sometime this fall.


4.         Authorize staff to either fill or excavate existing lake in Glyndale Subdivision Area.  (Commissioner Hardman's item)


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan spoke on this issue, stating that the problem in Glyndale Subdivision is a lake that was never property constructed.  he said it is now a breeding ground for mosquitos, rodents and snakes.  Mr. Flanagan read a petition from residents in the neighborhood asking that the County drain the lake, replenish it and maintain it.


Mr. Flanagan stated that the County did a similar project in High Hill Lakes where the County pumped it out, used the fill for road projects, and then put it back in good condition.  He added that the area is still very beautiful today.  Mr. Flanagan said that ton this one in Glyndale he would prefer to fill it and be done, but that's contrary to what the residents are requesting.


Commissioner Lynn questioned the ownership of the lake and also liability for people who use it.  Attorney Gary Moore replied that if the County works on the lake it would remain the property of whoever owns it now, and as far a liability, someone could possibly sue the County if they were injured in it because we worked on it, and they could claim we did something wrong.


Commissioner Pate sated that the rationale for doing the High Hill Lakes project was because the County was able to use the dirt for road construction.  He added that the County was getting something in return.


Mr. Flanagan said the County could take a borrow pit option which would allow the County to work on the lake, use the dirt for road construction, and then return it to the property owners when the work is done.


Commissioner Hardman made a motion, subject to the approval of the County Attorney, to drain the lake, take the borrow pit option, and when the County is done the property reverts back to the property owners.  A second to this motion was made by Commissioner Pate.


Following further discussion, it was decided that tit would be a good idea to first determine whether or not the dirt is suitable for road construction.

Commissioner Hardman and Pate withdrew the motion and second respectively, and the Chairman requested Mr. Flanagan to determine the suitability of the dirt for Glynn County and return to the next meeting with a report.


(Commissioner Boyne had to leave the meeting for awhile.)


5.         Extension of Contract with Wayne County for the Use of the Cate Road Landfill.


This issue was handled at the August 25, 1994 meeting.


6.         Consider request of Mr. Tom Gibson to open section of Carteret Road.


County Engineer Ray Richard stated that Mr. Tom Gibson has purchase property on Carteret Road to which he has no access, and he is requesting that the County open the section of Carteret Road that runs along he new property.


Mr. Richard stated that the County clearly owns thirty feet of right of way on this section of read but there is another thirty feet which is believed to be owned by Mr. Harry Driggers, and Mr. Richard said this issue would need to be resolved.


Mr. Richard said that the Board not only needs to decide whether or not to open the road but also to what standard would it be open.  He then made a recommendation that the Board open the road subject to the following conditions:


a)         that Mr. Gibson clear up the title by providing Glynn County a Quitclaim Deed from Mr. Harry Driggers for the eastern thirty feet of the Carteret right of way being considered:


b)         that the roadbed be a minimum of 18' of granite crushed run gravel, 3" thick; and


c)         that the roadway be graded with adequate drainage ditches subject to the approval of the County Engineer.


A motion to approve the request based on the recommendation by the County Engineer was made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne was not present)


7.         Adopt latest amendments to Tax Digest over $20,000.


No amendments to consider at this time.




Appointment of fourth new Glynn County Police Officer.


Police Chief Carl Alexander explained that Dustin Branch was not able to be present during the appointments made earlier, and he requested that the Board officially appoint him as well.


On a motion by Commissioner Gunn which was seconded by Commissioner Lyde, Dustin Branch was officially appointed as a Glynn County Police Officer.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne was not present and Commissioner Hardman was out of the room)




8.         Receive Recommendations from Finance Committee


All items below were presented in the form of a motion by Finance Committee Chair Virginia Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lynn:


a)         Consider request of Mr. T. V. Patton that $1,372.44 in penalties and interest on property taxes be waived.  Finance Committee recommends denial.  (Vote 3-0)


Unanimously denied.  (Commissioner Boyne not present)


b)         Consider request of Mr. John Ligon for a $153.59 refund of penalties and interest paid on property taxes.  Finance Committee recommends denial.  (Vote 3-0)


Unanimously denied.  (Commissioner Boyne not present)


c)         Consider request of Mr. James R. Parham for a $250.66 refund of penalties and interest paid on property taxes.  Finance Committee recommends Denial.  (Vote 3-0)


Unanimously denied.  (Commissioner Boyne not present)


d)         Consider authorizing staff to make improvements to Sterling Park at a cost not to exceed $2,000.  Finance Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 3-0)


Administrator Gilmour stated that subsequent to discussing with the Finance Committee the improvements to the barbecue pit and the addition of a 12' x 20' shed not to exceed $2,000, staff has negotiated to put lighting in the horseshoe area at a cost of $1,700 to be installed by staff.  Mr. Gilmour said this would raise the total improvements to $3,700 to be charged to the Park Development Fund.


A motion to accept the amendment as stated by Administrator Gilmour was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne out of the room)


e)         Consider request by Chairman Miller to purchase second cordless microphone for Board meetings.  Finance Committee voted to defer to the full Commission.  (Vote 3-0).


Chairman Miller stated that he has received complaints form people both in the audience at the meetings as well as people viewing the meeting on television that tit is difficult to hear all the Commissioners, and that is the reason for requesting additional microphones.


Commissioner Pate inquired about the cost of the microphone, and staff replied approximately $300.  Mr. Pate said he felt that was small amount of money to resolved the problem, and he made a motion that two additional cordless microphones be purchased.  Commissioner Lyde seconded the motion. 


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne was not present)


f)          Consider selecting the successful RFP to perform reevaluation services for the Board of Tax Assessors.  Finance Committee voted to defer to the full Commission when Board of Tax Assessors will make a recommendation after evaluating RFP's opened Tuesday, August 23, 1994.  (Vote 3-0)


Chief Tax Appraiser Don Long reported that out of twelve Request of Proposals mailed out, the County received three responses.  He referred to the bid tabulation distributed and stated that the bids ranged from $466,000 to $460,000.


Mr. Long relayed the recommendation from the Board of Tax Assessors that the bid be awarded to the low bidder, Cole, Layer, Trumble Co. from Norcross, Georgia at $460,120.00.  Mr. Long said they are not recommended simply because they are low bidder but because of their overall proposal, their experience and their personnel.


Mr. Long stated that this amount is approximately $40,000 over what was budgeted.


(Commissioner Boyne returned to the meeting at this time.)


Mr. Long said there are two options from which to choose regarding this bid.  He reviewed both options as follows:


Option 1:          Total Cost $495,120.  ($77,520 additional budget amount needed):


a)         Contract out full service ($460,120)


b)         Equipment ($35,000)


Option 2:          Total Cost $455,170.  ($37,570 additional budget amount needed):


a)         Contract services without including Exempt Properties and Ocean/River Front Properties ($420,170)


b)         Equipment ($35,000)


Chairman Miller asked where the additional funding would come from, and Administrator Lee Gilmour replied that an adjustment to Mr. Long's budget could be made to cover the overage provided Option 2 is selected.


Commissioner Hardman asked about budgeting 90% of the cost this year and leaving the other 10% to be budgeted in FY 96, and Attorney Moore said the present cannot give the next Commission a bill for which they would be responsible.


A motion t award the Revaluation Services bid for Glynn County to Cole, Layer, Trumble Co. according to Option 2 stated above was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Boyne. 


Unanimously adopted.



G. Howard Taylor, Chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission, introduced Bob Benson, the new Water & Sewer Director, who stated that it is a pleasure to be in Glynn County, and he has found the employees thus far to be dedicated, hardworking and conscientious.


g.         Consider awarding bids to the following:


1.         Fencing for Cate Road Landfill


Finance Committee voted to defer tot the full Commission when County Administrator will report on the possibility of reducing the length of fencing required at the site.  (Vote 3-0)


Administrator Gilmour stated that he was asked to find out if there was any way to reduce the cost of this project by reducing the total amount of linear feet required.  He referred to a memo in the Commission packets from Becky Rowell indicating that fencing the entire landfill is mandated by the state.


Discussion was held regarding the bid tabulation.  Ms. Rowell displayed a map showing the entire area to be fenced.  She said Staff is recommending the low bidder, Posey Awning /Fencing Company of Brunswick, Georgia at $92,519.00


Commissioner Lyde asked if additional funding has been identified for this budget overage, and Ms. Rowell said there is additional funding available through the Disposal Fund.


Commissioner Lynn questioned why the actual cost is so far over what was budgeted, and Ms. Rowell replied that the conditions under which they are going to have to work make this project very difficult to do.


A motion to award bid to low bidder, Posey Awning/Fence Co. of Brunswick, Georgia at $92,519.00 for installing fencing around the Glynn County Landfill was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


Unanimously adopted.


2.         Computer Hardware and Operating System for Tax Commissioner.  Finance Committee voted to defer to the full Commission in order to give staff time to evaluate the results of the bids opened Tuesday, August 23, 1994.  (Vote 3-0)


Administrator Gilmour reported that the current computer system in the Tax Commissioner's office has capacity and drive problems.  In addition there are monthly maintenance requirements for this system.  Mr. Gilmour said that the request before the Board is to replace the hardware, upgrade the software for greater speed and capacity, and drop the monthly maintenance.


Mr. Gilmour said there are two parts to this proposal; one is to replace the existing hardware which would also require the vendor to upgrade the software, and the second part is to convert from the old system to the new one.


Mr. Gilmour referred to the bid tabulation and also the two considerations, Exhibits A and B, provided to the Board.  Exhibit A involves one vendor doing the entire process, and Exhibit B is a composite of low bidders for each individual step.  Tax Commissioner Florence Dees recommended Exhibit A with low bidder, Innovation Business Assoc., Inc. of Florida at $24,990.  Mr. Gilmour added that the budget overage will be taken care of out of the Tax Commissioner's budget.  Mr. Gilmour said that Tax Commissioner Dees has offered to delete a temporary position from her budget in an effort to help cover the overage.  Ms. Dees stated that her reason for recommending Innovation Business Assoc., Inc. was that they were able to meet all of her specification.


A motion to approve Exhibit A:


- 3rd part program support   . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,000

- Hardware/Software . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  24,990

  (Innovation Business Assoc.)

- Current Maintenance Jul-Dec . . . . . . . . . . . 3,021

- Upgrade Tape Drive requirement . . . . . . . . .  300     


and award the bid for new computer system in the Tax Commissioners office to low bidder, Innovation Business Assoc., Inc. at $24,990 was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.


Unanimously adopted.


h.         Consider authorizing staff to conduct an auction of surplus county property on Saturday, October 1, 1994.  Finance Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 3-0)


This item was approved at the August 25, 1994 meeting.  Public Works Director Keith Flanagan stated that he would have a final listing of surplus property for the auction which will need to declared surplus at the September 15 meeting.


i.          Consider reimbursement of $225.44 to Judge Amanda Williams for the cost of replacing cellular telephone.  Finance Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 3-0)


This item was approved at the August 25, 1994 meeting.


j.          Consider authorizing the County Attorney to look into how the County could dispose of land donated by developers to be used as parks and report such to the Commission.  Finance Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 3-0)


County Attorney Gary Moore stated that this property can be auctioned off if the Board so desires, but any property that was donated to the County for recreational purposes must always be used for recreation, and that would limit the attractiveness and there may not be any takers for the property.


Commissioner Gunn inquired about the Attorney researching the reinstatement of the Park Fund to be set aside for Recreation.  Attorney Moore stated that the new state impact fee law passed two or three years ago prohibits Glynn County from requiring any subdivider to make a donation for Recreation because the law is so complicated that it is very expensive to implement.  Attorney Moore suggested that the subject of Developmental Impact Fees be discussed with the legislative delegates in an effort to get the law simplified.


A motion to add the issue of simplifying the developmental impact fee law to the list of topics to be discussed with the legislative delegates before they go to Atlanta in January was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.


k.         Consider authorizing the County Attorney to present to the Commission at his earliest convenience an update on impact fees under state law and what is required so the County can charge impact fees.  Finance Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 3-0)


This item was discussed in j. above.


9.         Receive Recommendations from Personnel Committee


All items below were presented in the form of a motion by Commissioner Bob Boyne, Chairman of the Personnel Committee, and seconded by Commissioner Lyde:


a)         Consider request of the Board of Tax Assessors for employees in that office to be governed by the Glynn County Personnel Ordinance.  Personnel Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 2-0)


Personnel Director Dave Bandy said that the law requires that write application be made for such a move, and he said he has received a written request for this from the Chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors.


Chairman Miller asked if the County Attorney had any problem with the Board approving this, and Attorney Moore replied that there would be no problem.


Unanimously adopted.


b)         Consider whether or not to bid out Flex Plan, and both Third Part Administrative agreements for Flex Plan and Group Health Plan.  Personnel Committee recommends requesting proposals for Flex Plan and Third Party Administrative Agreements.  (Vote 2-0)


Administrator Gilmour stated that the Personnel Committee had discussed either going out for bid or renewing the current contract, and he said it would be his recommendation because of the short time frame to pick up the second renewal option for one more year and plan to sent out RFP's for next year sometime in the spring.


Commissioner Boyne amended his motion based on the recommendation from the County Administrator to renew the current contract for one more year.  Amendment accepted by seconder Commissioner Lyde.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Gunn out of the room)


c)         Consider renewal proposal of BMA for life insurance and AD & D coverage for third year.  Personnel Committee recommends acceptance of BMA renewal.  (Vote 2-0)


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Gunn of the room)


d)         Consider proposed amendments for group health plan in compliance with changes in federal laws.  Personnel Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 2-0)


Personnel Director Dave Bandy stated that these amendments would have no effect on the benefits but they were merely changes in the language to conform to the Federal law to make it more easily understood.


Unanimously adopted.


e)         Discuss tentative plans for this year's United Way campaign.  Personnel Committee recommends:


1.         to authorize exempt employees, on a volunteer basis, to participate in the county-wide United Way kickoff campaign, "Day of Caring" program on September 7 which is not to interfere with County operations.  Absences must be approved by the Department Head, and Notices of Leave must be signed, approved and to the Personnel Director by August 29, 1994.


2.         to authorize Glynn County employee United Way Campaign, September 26 to October 7, with the theme being "Take Stock in your Community".


3.         to authorize Glynn County employees to use accrued Annual Leave (vacation), if desired, as their United Way donation.


(Vote 2-0)


Following some discussion, Commissioner Boyne amended the motion to change the deadline for submitting Notices of Leave for the September 7 kickoff campaign to September 2 rather than August 29.


Chairman Miller inquired about how using vacation for a donation would work, and Mr. Bandy replied that the vacation would be shown on the employee's earnings statement, the amount of the employee's vacation balance would be reduced, and a check would be cut to United Way.


Unanimously adopted.


f)          Authorize Personnel Director to do a study of salaries paid to debarment heads in comparable counties.  Personnel Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


g)         Authorize Personnel Director and County Administrator to develop and recommend an alternative compensation plan for Glynn County employees based on relevant labor market data.  Personnel Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


h)         Authorize employees to be able to appeal performance reviews with which they disagree in accordance with the Grievance Procedure.  Personnel Committee recommends approval.  (Vote 2-0)


Unanimously adopted.




a)         Appointments to the Gas & Mechanical Advisory Board made by full Board effective 10/1/94.


a motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Pate to reappoint incumbents Larry Brayson and Michael Boatwright to the Gas & Mechanical Advisory Board.


Unanimously adopted.


b)         Appointments to Water & Sewer Commission effective 10/1/94 by At Large Post 1 Commissioner Boyne and District Commissioner Lynn.


Commissioner Boyne made a motion to reappoint incumbent G. Howard Taylor to the Water & Sewer Commission with at second by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.


Commissioner Lynn asked that his appointment be deferred to the next meeting.




Commissioner Boyne:


1.         County Working on Private Property.


Commissioner Boyne stated that he had received a complaint from an individual who reported to him that Glynn County was doing work on private property.  He said he had a video tape of County equipment and staff performing work on private property during the daytime.  Commissioner Boyne said he understands this was done by a previous Commission but he said he does not feel a previous Commission can bind this Commission to working on private property any more that they could to putting sand on the beach.  Commissioner Boyne said he wanted to know where the authorization for this project came from.


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan replied by stating that the agreement for the project in question was signed in 1990, and it is a permitted disposal site.  He said a police investigation was conducted by the Glynn County Police Department, and Chief Alexander distributed the results to each Commissioner.


County Attorney Gary Moore stated that he did not believe Glynn County is not doing anything wrong.  He said what is being done now is the final dressing up of the property to complete the project.  He said if the County refused to dress it up, the owner could come back and asked Glynn County to move its dirt back out of it.  He added that the way it is being done is appropriate because there is a benefit to Glynn County.


Commissioner Boyne said he feels it would behoove the County to let citizens know when this type of thing is going on to prevent misunderstandings.


Further discussion followed but no official action was taken on the matter.


Commissioner Hardman:


1.         Doing Business with Unlicensed Vendors


Commissioner Hardman reported that one of the bidders on the Tax Assessor's Revaluation project is a vendor who is already doing work for Glynn County and does not have a Glynn County business license.  He said the company is T.M.A., and he has pointed this out before.


Commissioner Hardman said he feels that before a company is allowed to do business with Glynn County they should have a Glynn County Business License.


Commissioner Miller asked that staff rectify this situation to see that Glynn County gets its money.


Commissioner Gunn:


Commissioner Gunn stated that she has a personnel item for Executive Session.


Chairman Miller:


Chairman Miller reported that he has received a request form Ware Visiting Nurses for a letter from the Glynn County Commissioners welcoming them to Glynn County.


Administrator recommended that the letter state that the Board of Commissioners has no objection to their opening a business in Glynn County rather than welcoming them.  He said it could possibly be used negatively against the Board later on.


Chairman Miller said he would get the Administrator and the Attorney to prepare the letter for this signature.


A motion for approval of the letter was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.


Commissioner Gunn:


Commissioner Gunn asked for permission to announce her upcoming Town Hall Meeting to be held on Tuesday, September 13, 1994 at 7:30 p.m. at the Casino.  She said the topic for discussion will be "Where Do We Go From Here?"  Commissioner Gunn invited everyone to attend.


Chairman Miller:


Chairman Miller asked Attorney Moore what he found out about changing all the daytime meetings to nighttime meetings for the rest of the year.


Attorney Moore said after researching he found that the time of the Board meetings are b local ordinance which can be amended at any time by action of the Board.  He distributed an ordinance amendment which he had prepared to schedule all meetings for the reminder of this year at night, and the starting time for said meetings will be 6:00 p.m.


A motion to approve this amendment to Ordnance was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Motion adopted by majority vote 6-1-0.  ( Commissioner Hardman voting nay)








Police Chief Carl Alexander announced an on-site assessment of the Glynn County Police Department as part of a program to achieve national accreditation by verifying that the Department meets professional standards.  he said this program is being administered by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.      


The Chief said that a public hearing is scheduled as part of the assessment at which time the public is asked to make comments about the police department.  He said he was not certain of the date but he thought it was Tuesday, September 27 at 7:00 p.m.  The Chief asked for the Board's authorization to hold said public hearing.


A motion to authorize the Police Chief to hold an assessment public hearing was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Boyne.


Unanimously adopted.


(It was determined after the meeting that the correct date for the public hearing is Monday, September 26 at 7:00 p.m. rather than Tuesday, September 27 and has been publicized correctly)




County Attorney Gary Moore stated that he has some items of pending and potential litigation for Executive Session.




1.         L Street Environmental Assessment-CH2M Hill


Administrator Gilmour asked that the Board authorize proceeding with Task I of the Environmental Assessment for the L Street Project for which CH2m Hill is the administrator.


He reminded the Board of the two tasks for vendors proposed by CH2M Hill:


a)         to do a paper trail and check to see that all required permitting has been done by businesses along L Street;


b)         to put together a proposal from the paper trail of what the cost would be and what type of testing is necessary to comply with all requirements for Glynn County as a County as well as what would comply with the requirements from the Georgia D.D.T. and the Federal highway people.


Mr. Gilmour said the proposals would be reviewed by the Environmental Review Committee and then they would bring a recommendation to the Board.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Unanimously adopted.


2.         Authorize Grant Application for Juvenile Court


Administrator Gilmour reported that Juvenile Court Judge Donald Manning has requested the Board's approval to apply for a grant through their state group.  He added that no County funding is involved, and he recommends approval.


Motion to approve was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Unanimously adopted.


3.         Sheriff Authorized to Purchase Three Vehicles


Administrator Gilmour reported that the Sheriff has scheduled three vehicles in his current budget for replacement, and he has been able to locate three vehicles under State contract at $13,200 each which is less than the amount he had budgeted.  He said the Sheriff is requesting the Board's concurrence to award this bid to the State contract bidder.


Commissioner Lynn asked about whether or not these needed to go out for bid, and Administrator Gilmour replied that if it goes under the state contract the state has already done the bidding.


Police Chief Carl Alexander said he feels this is a good deal.  he said that if he could have found what he needed he had planned to ask the Board for permission to go ahead and purchase the vehicles he needs and lock them up until needed.


A motion to approve the Board's concurrence with the Sheriff awarding the bid to the State contract for three new vehicles was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.


4.         Abandonment of Drainage Easement in Belle Point for Ms. Lori Ann Mitchell


County Engineer Ray Richard explained that years ago when Belle Point Subdivision was platted a 30' drainage easement was dedicated to the County, and since then a house has been built on top of the easement.  He added that the people are now interested in selling this house, and in order to clear the title they are requesting the County abandon the easement.


Mr. Richard recommended the County abandon this easement per their request provided they give the County another easement that can be used.


A motion for approval based on the recommendation by the County Engineer was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.


Unanimously adopted.


5.         Library Air Conditioning


Mr. Gilmour reported that the bids are in on replacement of the air conditioning at the Library, and staff recommends going with the low bidder, Hall Heating and Air Conditioning at $8,522.00.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Boyne.


Unanimously adopted.


6.         Authorization to Bid Capital Items


Mr. Gilmour asked the Board to authorize proceeding with the bidding on Capital Items in the approved budget, and he added it would be only for those items budgeted.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.


7.         Executive Session


Mr. Gilmour announced he has a personnel item for Executive Session.




A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to go into Executive Session for the purposes of discussing personnel matters and pending and potential litigation.


Unanimously adopted.


Meeting adjourned following Executive Session.  No official action taken during Executive Session.