JULY 21, 1994, AT 6:00 P.M.


PRESENT:                             James E. Miller, Chairman

Virginia Gunn, Vice Chair

Commissioner Robert H. Boyne

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner Milton Lynn

Commissioner W. Harold Pate


ALSO PRESENT:                 Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Desiree Watson, Asst. County Attorney

Carol Summerour, Acting Clerk


STAFF PRESENT:                Carl Alexander

Carl Johnson

Dave Bandy

Keith Flanagan

Jack Hopper

Vernon Lewis

James Nazzrie

Dan Reuter

Ray Richard

Cynthia Williams

Becky Rowell


INVOCATION                      Reverend Charles Mitchell St. Andrews Holiness Church




1.         Approval of Minutes


Approve addition to Minutes of Regular Meeting held on Thursday, May 19, 1994


Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held on Monday, June 20, 1994


Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held on Tuesday, June 28


Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held on Thursday, June 30, 1994.


Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held on Thursday, July 7, 1994.

A motion for approval subject to necessary corrections of all of the above was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.  Unanimously adopted.






2.         SUP-3-92        Coastal Georgia Gun Club


Special Use Permit - Renew Expired SUP-3-92 Coastal Gerogia Gun Club.  Property located of Green Swamp Road, zoned Forest Agricultural.  Request special use for rifle, pistol and shotgun range.  The size of the tract is 44 acres.


Planning Official Dan Reuter reported that while the Planning Commission and staff recommend approval of this renewal request, it is their recommendation that this item be deferred in order to advertise and then brought back to the next night meeting for approval.


Commissioner Lynn said this permit had already been approved in the past, and since it was just a renewal he made a motion to approve which was seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


Mr. Joe Combs, President of the gun club, was present along with approximately twenty menbers to speak on behalf of the club.


Commissioner Lyde inquired about Georgia Pacific's connection with the club, and Mr. Combs reported that Georgia Pacific was a little concerned about the noise factor.


Chairman Miller asked if anyone from Georgia Pacific was present or anyone who might oppose this renewal.  There was no opposition expressed.  County Attorney Gary Moore said he saw no problem with approving this request.

Motion unanimously adopted.




3.         Approve amendment to Section 2-15-6 of the Code of Ordianances restricting parkin gon Eleventh Street, St. Simons  Island, and for other purposes.


County Attorney Gary Moore the Board had asked hime to prepare an amendment tot the Code to restrict parkin gon 11th Street.  Mr. Moore added that no parking signs had officially been designated for that area previously, and therefore he requested that the Board approve this amendment effective in ten (10) days to allow for proper advertisement.


A motion for approval effective in ten (10) days from today was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Bounty.  Unanimously adopted.




4.         Consider request to open Peachtree Street on St. Simons Island.


County Administrator Lee Gilmour gave a background on this request stating that approval of a subdivision plat proposed by Mr. Ed Mecchella will be effected by teh decision on whether or not to open this street.  He also informed the Board that adjacent property owners have begun a petition to close this portion of Peachtree Street.


Planning Official Dn Reuter reported that the Planning Commission approved Mr. Mecchella's preliminary plat subject to whether or not the Board of Commissioner opens or abandons the Street.


Chairman Miller asked to hear form those in favor and those opposed.


Mr. Ed Mecchella was present to request the road be opened.  He said he began seeking approval in January and has met all necessary requirements.


Janet Mead, Peachtree St., SSI:            Mrs. Mead said she is opposed to opening the road

for this subdivision because she sid it appears to her there will be a drainage problem.


Ron Strayhorn, Peachtree St., SSI:       Mr. Strayhorn expressed concern about ample room

for garbage trucks if the street is opened, parkin gand drainage.


Frank Mead, Peachtree St. SSI:           Mr. Mead stated it was his understanding that one

of the conditions for plat approval for Mr. Mecchella was that he must own the property and he said he doesn't believe Mr. Mecchella owns the property to be developed.


Wayne Baker, Peachtree St., SSI         Mr. Baker said he feel nothing an be done until the

question of ownership is resolved.  He also stated that no one but one man wants the street opened, and he feels the Board should not vote on this until they consider the

abandonment petition.


Attorney Gary Moore said the issue here is competing uses and competing desires.  he said if the Board opens the road they will void teh abandoment proceedings, and if the Board does not open the road they may or may not abandon it at a later date.  Mr. Moore said he feels these folks have been to a lot of meetings over this, and he feels they deserve a decision.


Commissioner Hardman said he would like the Planning Official to provide the Board a copy of the preliminary plat and requested additional time to look at the area in question.


Chairman Miller then asked about the problem of ownership, and Attorney Moore said ownership is a separate issue and should not effect the decision on whether or not to open the road.


A motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn to request staff to provide paperwork on this matter and to defer a decision until the Board can take a look at it.  Unanimously adopted.


5.         Probate Judge Bernice Gilder to discuss Educational Incentive Bonus.


Judge Gilder was present to discuss the recent denial of her request to award an education bonus to one of her employees who had received a degree in Criminal Justice.  Judge Gilder presented the Board with a copy of a letter a member of her department had received from the Personnel Director stating that employees who do this would be eligible for a bonus and asking that department heads encourage their employees to further their education.


During the discussion that followed, Commissioner Gunn said she agrees with a bonus but she feels it should be a one-time bonus available to all Glynn County employees       .


Commissoiner Hardman said he feels the program encourages good employees but he feels it needs to be looked at more closely.  He also stated that he feels all Glynn County employees should be included.


Commissioner Lyde said she feels this matter needs to go back before the Personnel Committee.  She added that at the time the Board was considering Ms. McDonald's bonus, they were not aware that mr. Bandy had sent the letter Judge Gilder received.


Chairman Miller announced that the Personnel Committee will meet next Tuesday, July 26, 1994 at 6:00 p.m., and Judge Gilder indicated she would very much like to be on their agenda to discuss this matter further.


Commissioner Lynn noted that the funding for the education bonus program for the Police Department was set up sepcially for that department from revenue derived from tax on alcoholic drinks, and he said before the program is extended to the entire county funding would have to be there.


Commissioner Hardman said it might be a good idea for staff to contact some of teh larger local employers to find out what the are doing in this regard.


6.         Funding for the Relocation of High Intensity Runway Lighting


Administrator Gilmour reported that this is a joint effort between the state and the Airport commission and that no Glynn County funding would be required.  He stated that staff recommends the Board approve this project.


A motion for approval was made by Commisisoner lyde and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.  Unanimously adopted.


7.         Adopt latest amendments to Tax Digest over $20,000.


Latest amendments were presented by Chief Appraiser Don Long.


Following a brief discussion, a motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Gunn to adopt the amendments to the tax digest dated July 21, 1994.


Commissioner Gunn commended Commissioner Boyne on his good idea to add two Tax Assessors to the existing board, and she thanked the entire Tax Assessors department for all their hard work.


Motion unanimously adopted.


8.         Discuss attendance at University of Georgia "Reinventing Local Government", September 15 & 16.


A motion was amde by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Gunn to authorize the County Administrator and whoever else he deems necessary to attend "Reinventing Local Governemnt" seminar in Valdosta on Septembe 15 &16, 1994.  Unanimously adopted.




9.         Appointment to Reginal Development Center Advisory Board (private businessperson, minority)


Administrator Gilmour reported that there has been no response to the ad for someone to fill this position.


Mr. Gilmour referred to a listing he provided to the Board of positions that are coming open that require their attention.  He stated that there are basically two types of appointments to be made by the Board; one is appointments made by the Commission as a whole and the other is those handled by a particular commissioner or District.  Mr. Gilmour recommended the following process:


Use the advertising process for every position that the entire Board appoints;


On any appointments made by a Commissioner, staff would contact that Commissioner to see what he or she would like to do.  In some cases, the Commissioner may be very familiar with the Committee and the issues and they already have qualified people in mind to appoint.  In other cases, the Commissioner may wish the appointment to be advertised.


All Commissioner seemed satisfied with this process.


Regarding the appointment to the RDC Advisory Board, Commissioner Pate stated that he would make an effort to recommend someone by the next meeting.  Chairman Miller directed staff to keep the advertising going on the appointment, and the Board will schedule the appointment for the next meeting.


Administrator Gilmour said that if an appointment could not be made at the next meeting, he would solicit the Board's assistance in some type of recruitment effort.


Discussion was held regarding appointment to Glynn Clean & Beautiful, Casino Advisory Board, Electrical Advisory Board and the Mental Health/Mental REtardation and Substance Abuse Board.  It was determined that all appointments to those committes are Board-wide.  Commissioner Gunn asked permission to make the appointment for teh Casino Advisory Board, and since no other Commissioner had a problem with that Chairman Miller asked that she do so at the next meeting.


Commissoiner Lyde announced that the Recreation Board District 5 appointment will be coming vacant the end of July due to a resignation.



Commissioner Hardman


1.         Request for Was Car


Habitat for Humanities has requested rental of a swa car at half price according to County policy as it pertains to charitable organizations.


A motion for approval of this request was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.  Unanimously adopted.


2.         Budget Subcommittee Update


Commisisoner Hardman opened by asking the Board to consider a .32 millage increase which is epual to $466,000 as opposed to the previously requested $2,800,000.  He said unfunded mandates are the reason for not being able to balance the budget wuch as Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, Comprehensive Plan requirements, revaluation and mandated salary increases.


Commissioner Hardman said that the subcommittee has reduced the budget and is suggesting the elimination of six (6) positions and saving approximately $234,000, which is the operating costs less than last year.  He went on to say that the .32 mill increase includes a 3% cost-of-living increase for non-exempt employees and a 2% cost-of-living increase for exempt employees.


Additionally, Commissioner Hardman said the proposal is to institute a solid waste management fee in addition to the millage rate until such time as the deficit is funded.  The recommended fee is $30 per year which should generate approximately $540,000.


Commissioner Hardman thanked the Board for the opportunity to work on this project.  He said he feels the subcommittee has done all it can do and the ball is now back in the Board's court.


Commissioner Gunn asked if the extra money picked up from reassessments of property were figured into the budget,, would there still have to be a millage increase, and Commissioner Hardman said the money was not included in teh budget but he feels if it were it would help out ver dramatically.


Commissioner Pate asked Commissioner Hardman what percentage of the peopole involved in budget preparation agree with what he has presented.  commissioner Hardman said the department heads and Commissioner Boyne were very much in favor of this proposal except Commissioner Boyne is opposed to a tax increase and would still like to balance the budget without one.


Chairman Miller asked if the mandate on solid waste was included in this proposed budget, and Commissioner hardman said that everything that needs to be done in 1994/1995 is included.


Commisioner Hardman added that the $30 annual solid waste fee mentioned earlier included bi-weekly leaft and limb trash pickup which is something Glynn County does not have now.


Comissioner Lynn asked if the Tourism Bureau had agreed to help with maintenance of the causeway and I-95 exits, and Commissioner Hardman said they did not feel they could do that.


Chairman Miller suggested contracting the state D.O.T. to solicit some assistance.  Commissioner Pate requested that Public Works Director Keith Flanagan give a brief history on state maintained areas, which revealed tha tthe state does not maintain at the high standards that the citizens of Glynn County are used to.


Commissioner Gunn reported that the Afro-American Tourist Consortium is interested in taking over the Afro-American tourist market and they would like to have a portion of the hotel/motel tax to use to provide needed maintenance.


                        Zack Lyde explained that the Afro-American Consortium is interested in takin gover the Afro-American market with a share of the bed tax, and they would be willing to maintain the causeway and I-95 exits.  Commissioner Gunn said if this group is willing to help they should be able to do so since the Tourism Bureau turned down the Board's request for assistance.


Commissioner Hardman said the state is the real culprit because Glynn County is having to maintain their roads.  He suggested that Keith Flanagan pursue an increase in funding from the state.


Commissioner Lyde stated that she would still like the Board to consider the proposal from the Afro-American Consortium.


Commissioner Pate said that the agreement on teh causeway toll was that it would be discontinued after construction and maintenance was complete.  He requested that staff report on the status of that agreeent.


Commissoner Boyne commended Commissioner Hardman on the excellent work he has done on teh budget, and he said it disturbs him that a Commissioner had to spend so much time trying to reconcile the budget.  He said he still feels as he has in the past that the budget levels could remain the same as last year except for the increased bed tax revenue and hire and internal auditor.  He added that he believes in downsizing through attrition and early retirement.  Commissioner Boyne said he agrees with the Chairman in trying to get the SPLOST through, and he said if SPLOST money could be used to lower the waste stream, support water & sewer and repair roads ther would be enough money left in the budget to do all the other things requested.  Commissioner Boyne closed by saying that he feels Glynn County should live within its revenues.


Chairman Miller asked that the subcommittee continue to work, and Commissioner Hardman said he feels he has done all he can do.  He added that he feels there are no other areas to cut.  Chairman Miller invited other Commissioners to come up with additional ideas on ways to balance the budget.


Commissioner Gunn


1.         Animal Control Advisory Board


Commissioner Gunn announced that the Animal Control Advisory Board has requested that Henri Woodman, owner of Canine and Cattery, be added to their Board.  Ms. Woodman is experienced with grant application and will be able to help in that area.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.


Chairman Miller


1.         Visit to Flood Site - Albany, GA


Chairman Miller reported on his trip to Albany, Georgia to view the flood site there.  He stated that he met with Mr. Gil Barrett, Commission Chairman, who presented him with a pen and pencil set for the Glynn County Board of Commissioners as a token of appreciation.  Chairman Miller said that Mr. Barrett announced that they could not have done what they hae done with the help of the Glynn County and Brounswick City police.  Chairman Miller closed by saying that the estimated damage to public facilities alone in Albany now stands at $500 million.




1.                  Commissioner on Children and Youth


a)                  Adopt a resolution designating the Glynn County Commission on Children and Youth as the County=s advocacy group for children and their families and adopting its comprehensive plan of action;


b)                  Authorize application to the Children and Youth Coordinating Council of Georgia for prevention grants program funding.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Unanimously adopted.


2.                  Planning Process


Motion endorsing and authorizing the Planning Commission=s Coomprehensive Planning Process for amending the County=s Comprehensive Plan as required by state law.


Motion for approval made by Commissioner Pate and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Unanimously adopted.


3.                  Time of August 11, 1994 Meeting


Establish the August 11, 1994 meeting time of 6:00 p.m.


Motion for approval made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.


Unanimously adopted.


Chairman Miller announced that there would also be a Work Session two days prior to each meeting in August which would be on August 9 and August 16.


4.                  Solid Waste Flow Control


Authorize Chairperson to prepare letters of support for ACCG=s position on solid waste flow control federal legislation and forward same to federal delegation.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Pate.


Unanimously adopted.



5.                  St. Simons Gardens


Direct St. Simons Community Gardens Committee to remove residence requirement from its 1994 Rules and Regulations.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Unanimously adopted.


6.                  6th Street Beach Access


Direct Public Works to reestablish the fence line in the 6th Street Beach Access to its original position and advise adjacent property owners of actions and restrictions.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Unanimously adopted.


7.                  DFACS Appointments


Reappoint Ms. Regina Johnson to the Department of Family and Children Services County Board and appoint Ms. Marissa J. Tindale as the local law enforcement representative.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


Unanimously adopted.   (Commissioner Gunn out of room).


8.                  Selden Park Entrance Traffic Signal


Request GA D.O.T to re-examine the need for a traffic control device at 4th Street and U. S. 341 (Newcastle) and advise local delegation of same.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Pate.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Gunn out of room.)


9.                  Request NACo Support for Drug Testing


Request NACo support on federal legislation to remove employment based drug testing from the operation of the Fourth Amendment and advise federal delegation of same.


Motion for approval made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Pate.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Gunn out of room).


10.              Epworth-by-the-Sea Tax Exemption


Amend County Ordinance which levies accommodation excise tax to exempt Epworth-by-the=sea=s cabin and dormitory income when used solely for public charitable purposes.


Motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Gunn out of room).


11.              Water & Sewer Conservation


Authorize enactment of recommendations from the Glynn County Water & Sewer Commission relative to water conservation on St. Simons Island.


Ken Enney, Vice Chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission reported a severe water shortage on St. Sinons Island and stated that the resolution offered by the Water & Sewer Commission comes from a Water Shortage Plan prepared in 1986 by never implemented.


Mr. Enney said one of the major concerns of the EPD is the large amount of water used for irrigation purposes on St. Sinons Island.  He therefore stated that the recommendation from the Water & Sewer Commission is a total restriction of irrigation from metered service.


Mr. Enney added that in some instances the water pressure is going below the minimum for fire fighting and that approximately 25% of sales on St. Simons Island come from irrigation from metered sources.


Commissioner Boyne asked if the recommended restriction would include the garden, and Mr. Enney answered that the garden is serviced by a well.

Commissioner Boyne made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Water & Sewer Commission for a total restriction of irrigation from metered service.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Mary Jane Holt, St. Simons Resident


Ms. Holt asked that the Board consider another alternative or she will stand to lose thousands of dollars worth of new grass on her property.  Dean Overall, Secretary of the Water & Sewer Commission, stated that a possibility would be to transport water from inside the home to the lawn for watering purposes.


Mr. Enney quoted form the 1986 Water Shortage Plan, AWhen orginary demands of the Glynn County water distribution system cannot be satisfied without jeopardizing the availability of adequate water for human consumption, sanitation and fire protection, a water shortage condition will be deemed to exist.@  He said this is what the Water & Sewer Commission used as their guide.


Commissioner Gunn suggested prohibiting irrigation during the day but allowing it at night and asked that Commissioner Boyne consider amending his motion.


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan informed the Board that they have invested somewhere around $150,000 in landscaping that without proper irrigation they will lose.


Commissioner Hardman suggested an amendment to Commissioner Boyne=s motion to state effective this Friday and Saturday no metered irrigation to solve the immediate problem and then go to no daytime watering between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Commissioner Hardman also suggested that the County invest in a water-saving device for commodes which is relatively inexpensive and could be distributed to customers by the meter readers.


Mr. Enney said the Water & Sewer Commission would settle for no watering between the hours of 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. and no watering on the weekends.


Commissioner Boyne restated his motion that there will be no metered irrigation during the day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and none on weekends until further notification from the Board of commissioners.  Restated motion seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Commissioner Hardman requested that relief be given starting tomorrow and Saturday, and Commissioner Boyne added Aeffective immediately@ to his motion which was acceptable to seconder Commissioner Gunn.


Discussion was then held regarding whether or not this would give the public enough notice and whether or not County staff would have enough time to make sure County irrigation systems are shut down.


Also discussed at this time was enforcement, and according to Police Chief Carl Alexander the best procedure would be for the police officers to report suspected violators to the Water & Sewer Commission which in turn will file a complaint with the Magistrate Court once a violation is confirmed.


Commissioner Boyne withdrew his motion.  Ken Enney restated his recommendation as follows:


Effective immediately, and until further notice, the use of metered water is prohibited for irrigation purposes on St. Simons Island between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from Midnight Friday through midnight Sunday.  Violations will be subject to a warning for the first offense, and a fine not to exceed $100 for any further offenses.  This order does not apply to private wells.


A motion for approval of this recommendation was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Chairman Miller.


Unanimously adopted.


12.              Animal Control Advisory Board


a)         Authorize additional position for Animal Control Advisory Board:


b)                  Fill added position on Animal Control Advisory Board.


This matter was previously discussed and voted upon under Commissioner Items, Commissioner Gunn.


13.              Tax Commissioner=s Computer System


Authorize replacement of Tax Commissioner=s existing computer system.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


Unanimously adopted.


Concerning the subject of Water & Sewer, Commissioner Boyne asked about the resolution to a water pollution problem that exists off Cate Road.  He requested that the Water & Sewer Commission reconcile this problem is that there are no fire plugs in the area, and Commissioner Boyne suggested that Mr. Enney find out how many fire plugs would be required and return to the Board with a cost estimate.




1.                  Criminal Background Checks on Business License Applicants


Chief Alexander reported to the Board that he and Finance Director Charles Lewis are responsible for making final decisions on criminal background investigations, and he said he does not feel that have proper guidelines to be making those decisions.  Chief Alexander gave an example of someone who was convicted of robbery twenty years ago and asked should he be refused a license for a home cleaning service or should he be given a chance to prove he is reformed


Commissioner Hardman made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Lyde to request that the Police Chief get together with the County Attorney and Finance Director and bring a recommendation back to the Board of this.


Attorney Gary Moore brought up the fact that there have been businesses that have not located in Glynn County because they were offended by the criminal background investigation.


Following further discussion, Commissioner Boyne offered an amendment to Commissioners Hardman=s motion to repeal any reference to Glynn County performing a criminal background check from the Business License Ordinance.


Amendment was accepted by Commissioner Hardman and Commissioner Lyde as seconder.


Unanimously adopted.


2.                  Request to approve $30.00 per diem for police offices assisting at flood site in Albany, GA.


Chief Alexander said that his officers serving at the flood site are scattered all over Albany without a common place to eat.  He said they are required to keep very tight records for FEMA on their time and expenses, and if they could be allowed the $30 per diem he assured the Board it would be carefully accounted for.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.


Unanimously adopted.


3.                  Request to Fill Vacancies


Chief Alexander reported two resignations and requested permission to fill these slots as soon as possible since some of his officers are serving outside Glynn County.


A motion for approval to fill the two vacancies referenced by the Police Chief as soon as possible was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.


Unanimously adopted.



Commissioner Gunn asked Chief Alexander to be sure to thank those officers serving at the flood site on behalf of the Board.  Commissioner Lyde suggested some type of special ceremony, and Chairman Miller said he would like to have them come before the Board when they get back.




County Attorney Gary Moore said he had several items of pending potential litigation to discuss in Executive Session.


Mr. Moore state that he was not sure if local attorney Dough Alexander had a matter of potential litigation that he wanted to discuss with the board in Open Session or in Executive Session.  Mr. Alexander was in the audience and requested to handle his item during Executive Session.




1.                  Ed Abel to NACo Conference


Authorize EMA Director ed Abel to attend 59th Annual NACo Conference 7/31/94 thru 8/4/94.


Administrator Gilmour reported that at the June 16th meeting, the Board approved Mr. Abel attending the NACo Conference based on his winning an award.  Upon notification that he had won, Mr. Abel purchased non-refundable tickets.  Then on July 7, 1994 at its regular meeting the Board moved to deny Mr. Abel=s attendance at the NACo Conference.


Chairman Miller stepped aside to make a motion to authorize Ed Abel to attend the 59th Annual NACo Conference 7/31/94 through 8/4/94.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Pate.


Motion adopted by majority vote 6-1-0 (Commissioner Boyne voting nay.)



2.                  Picric Park Subdivision


Authorize release of Letter of Credit on Picric park Subdivision in the amount of $21,300.00.


Based on a recommendation from the County Administrator, a motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lyde to release the Letter of Credit on Picric Park Subdivision subject to written approval from the Water & Sewer Commission.


Chairman Miller asked that staff request that this item be on the Water & Sewer Commission agenda for next Tuesday=s meeting.


Motion unanimously adopted.


3.                  Emergency Bidding


Authorize emergency bidding process for:


$                                                                                                                                           New Casino Garden Room A/C            $15,000 (est.)

$                                                                                                                                           Selden Park Gymnasium A/C       40,000

$                                                                                                                                           Engineering Office A/C                  3,200

$                                                                                                                                           Police Office A/C                                         900


TOTAL            $59,100 (est.)


Building Official Vernon Lewis announced he had just received a report that the air conditioning unit in the Blyth Island Regional Park caretaker=s house will require repairs estimated somewhere between $3200 and $3500.


Mr. Gilmour reported that these are all budgeted items.


A motion authorizing staff to begin the emergency bidding process on all of the above including the Blythe Island Regional Park caretaker=s house made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.


Commissioner Lyde made a comment about the situation at Selden Park with the air conditioning unit.  She said the unit there now was a new unit last summer and it caused problems all summer long.  She suggested it might not always be a good idea to take the low bid.  Building Official Vernon Lewis stated that on purchases such as these they usually take only the ones who can meet very detailed specifications and not necessarily the low bidder.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Gunn out of room.)


4.                  Office Park Roof


Authorize bidding process for Office Park roof estimated at $62,000.


Administrator Gilmour reported that this item hs been addressed in the budget.  Building Official Vernon Lewis reported that staff currently has buckets all over the building catching water leaks, and there really is no choice but to replace the roof.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Pate.


Unanimously adopted.   (Commissioner Gunn out of room)


$                   Waiver of Temporary Vendor Fees


Administrator Gilmour presented a request from Mr. Joe Burkhart to waive the temporary vendor fee of $25 a day since he had made arrangements for his 1994 shows in January before the Board adopted such a fee.


Following a brief discussion, a motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Gunn to abide by the law as it was in January when Mr. Burkhart made his arrangements through calendar year 1994.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne out of room)



7.                  Filling of Vacant Positions


Authorize filling of positions at:


$                   Sheriff=s Department

$                   Fire Department

$                   Police Department

$                   Public Works Department


Administrator Gilmour stated that following his understanding of the recent hiring freeze, the Personnel Director is to bring requested positions before the Board to request a waiver from the freeze.


Personnel Director Dave Bandy began by reading the list of request he has received as follows:


a)                  Public Works, Right of Way Maintenance Division, Equipment Operator, to replace transfer;


b)                  Public Works, Roads and Bridges Division, Crew Worker, because of resignation;


c)                  Board of Election, Clerical, because of transfer;


Chairman Miller asked why this was not included in the first list above, and Mr. Bandy reported that he hand just received work of this need from Mr. Cecil Little today who quoted Board of Elections House Bill 508, Act 256 which states that the Board shall be authorized to employ not less than two (2) full time employees.  Mr. Little indicated he would be willing to hire a temporary until the Personnel Committee meets if necessary.


d)                  Airport Commission, Mechanic Helper, because of resignation.  This is one of only two employees they have to maintain airport equipment, and replacement of this position is critical to their airfield maintenance program;


e)                  Sheriff=s Department, Data Entry Clerk II, Grade A position, because of a resignation.  Position is essential because person maintains the records, receipts the money and property from inmates, compiles daily and weekly reports in addition to other clerical work.


f)                    Clerk of Superior Court, Clerk/Typist, Grade 8, because of resignation.  Clerk of Superior Court has requested replacing this position with two (2) clerk typists of a lessor grade, possibly four or five.


Commissioner Pate questioned the increased cost of two employees versus one, and asked Mr. Bandy if these positions were so critical they could not wait two more days to meet with the Personnel Committee.  Mr. Bandy replied that the Department Heads have indicated that they are.  He said he felt they are trying to be team players and follow the Board=s instructions.  He said he is trying to het them responses as quickly as possible.


Commissioner Hardman asked if any of these are new positions other than the two for one in the Clerk of Superior Court=s Office, and Mr. Bandy replied that they are not.  He said these positions were full at the time of the freeze and are being replaced.


That being the case, a motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hardman.


Mr. Bandy mentioned that he also has a firefighter position that he failed to mention.


Commissioner Pate seconded Commissioner Hardman=s motion.


Commissioner Lynn asked who brings these requests to Mr. Bandy.


Mr. Bandy replied that he receives the requests from the Department Heads on a Request for Human Resources Form which requires the signature of the Administrator.  He added that before the form is sent to the Administrator for signature he indicates the program number the position charges to, whether or not it is budgeted, what fund it cones from, how many hours, the rate of pay, the EEO category, the FLSA category, how many people in that position and what percentage are minority and women.  Mr. Bandy said he gives all that information to the County Administrator and he signs the form, but given the directive from the Board, Mr. Gilmour has declined to sign them until they come before the Board.


Commissioner Lynn said he is having a problem deciding why a Personnel Committee is needed.  Mr. Bandy replied that all the department heads in these cases have indicated that their need is an emergency.  Commissioner Lynn stated that claiming an emergency seems to happen quite often.


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan stated that the Board never denies a request for police officers, and he said he is not denying that they are true emergencies.  However, Mr. Flanagan added, the situation at Public Works hs reached emergency status because of reduction in staff and increase in workload.  Mr. Flanagan said the people he is asking for are in the road department, and with all the rain recently, he needs these positions filled immediately.


Commissioner Gunn asked if the Personnel Director conducts exit interviews with employees who resign, and Mr. Bandy replied that he does.  Commissioner Gunn also asked if he checks into what the employee says during that interview, and Mr. Bandy again replied that he does.


Clerk Carol Summerour asked for clarification on the motion as to whether it included the two for one position in the Clerk of Superior Court=s Office and the Fire Fighter, and Commissioner Hardman replied that it did.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne out of room)


Commissioner Lyde asked what Mr. Bandy did with the information on the Exit Interview, and Mr. Bandy replied that it is given to the County Administrator, the Department Head or Elected Official, and the Personnel Committee when it has county-wide improtance.




Commissioner Gunn made the following corrections to the Minutes of July 7, 1994:


Page 2, Paragraph 4


Now Reads:


Commissioner Gunn read an excerpt from the Board of Commissioners Minutes of June 4, 1994 which stated that the Tourism Bureau and the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had offered to turn $95,000 per year of their share of the bed tax back to Glynn County to help with the beach renourishment project.


Should Read:


Commissioner Gunn read an excerpt from the Board of Commissioners Minutes of June 4, 1992 which stated that the Tourism Bureau and the Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had offered to turn $95,000 per year of their share of the bed tax back to Glynn County to help with the beach renourishment project.     


Page 9, Second Motion


Motion Now Reads:


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Boyne to fill Special Events Coordinator position.


Motion Should Read:


 A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Lyde to fill Special Events Coordinator position.


Page 11, Paragraph 1


Commissioner Gunn stated that the paragraph is confusing and she would like to have it rewritten to be more easily understood.


A motion to accept these changes was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioners Lyde and Boyne out of room)




A motion was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner to go into Executive Session to discuss pending potential litigation.


Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Boyne out of room)




The Board returned to Regular Session, and the following motions were made and unanimously adopted:


$                   A motion to approve Executive Session Minutes of June 20, 1994 was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


$                   A motion to approve Executive Session Minutes of July 7, 1994 was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.


$                   A motion not to pursue the Tax Amnesty Program was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.



Meeting Adjourned.