HELD THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1994 AT 8:30 A.M.



PRESENT:                 Chairman J. E. Miller

Vice Chair Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Robert H. Boyne

Commissioner Gladys-Martin Lyde

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Milton Lynn


ABSENT:                   Commissioner W. Harold Pate


STAFF PRESENT:    Administrator Lee Gilmour

Attorney Gary Moore

Hon. Wayne Bennett


ALSO PRESENT:     Desiree Watson                        Lt. Jack Hopper

Becky Rowell               Keith Flanagan

Chief Carl Alexander    Ray Richard

Chief Carl Johnson                   Vernon Lewis

Deputy Chief Jim Nazzrie


INVOCATION:         Given by Reverend Charles R. Traylor of First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick.




Adopt Proclamation Designating April as Solid Waste Awareness Month.


Proclamation unanimously adopted.




a)         Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held March 17, 1994.


Commissioner Lyde requested that the name of her SPLOST appointee be corrected to read Francenia Lenhardt rather than Lynn Hart.


Motion to approve with above correction made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.


b)         Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held March 18, 1994.


Motion to adopt by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.


c)         Approve Minutes of Executive Session held March 17, 1994.


Chairman deferred to Executive Session.


d)         Approve Minutes of Executive Session held March 18, 1994.


Chairman deferred to Executive Session.




a)         Inter-Agency Criminal Justice Task Force


Commissioner Hardman provided Minutes of the March 15, 1994 meeting for information purposes only.


b)         Recreation Board


Report given by Chairman Roy Garren concerning bid on gasoline tank for Blythe Island, opening of softball season, new Teen Center, grant for repairs to Neptune Park picnic area, and soon to be completed report on recreational value of surplus properties.  Mr. Garren relayed a recommendation from the Recreation Board that the County put up signs not allowing dogs in the Neptune picnic area.


c)         Blythe Island Regional Park Advisory Board


No report given.

d)         Casino Advisory Board


No report given.


e)         Selden Park Advisory Board


No report given.


f)          Environmental Review Committee


Report given by Chairman Shelby Childers concerning three meetings during which they elected officers and drew up by-laws.  Recommended that Commission support permit modification request on Hercules, Inc.


g)         Solid Waste Advisory Board


No report given.


h)         Animal Control Advisory Board


Report given by member Lee Bledsoe concerning request for $5,500 from discretionary fund, amendment to the Animal Control Ordinance and their on-going public relations program.


i)          Airport Commission


Report submitted in writing to Commission.


j)          Water & Sewer Commission


Report given by Chairman Joe Jaudon concerning:


Orientation of four new members.


Construction projects at I-95 Exit 6 and SSI water pollution control plant going well.


$46,000 in uncollected tapping fees for irrigation meters mailed out.


Search is on for new Director and lift Station Mechanic.


Now meeting twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.


Towing of dump truck to Demere Annex was not done to be mean spirited and Commission did not realize there would be a bill.


Invited mainland people to next meeting; guest speaker on Ridgewood tanks and wells, also someone will speak on grant applications.


Commissioner Gunn apologized to Water & Sewer Commission for making motion regarding towing of the dump truck.  Chairman Miller requested that in the future when a Commissioner has this type of information that he share it with the other Commissioner and Administrator.


In closing, Chairman Jaudon asked about Item #8 on the agenda which is an amendment to the Ordinance on Capital Tapping Fees.  He said it comes as a surprise and would like an opportunity to review it.


A motion was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lynn to defer this item until after the County Attorney and County Administrator discuss with the Water & Sewer Commission at their April 12 meeting.  Unanimously adopted.




Zoning and Land Use


3.         Approve Final Plan for Hickory Hill Subdivision.


Motion to approve subject to $10,000 cash bond by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.  Chairman asked to hear form those in favor and those opposed.  There being no opposition, motion was unanimously adopted.




4.         Bill Taylor will speak on public relations of the County Commission.  (Sponsored b Commissioner Pate)


Mr. Taylor spoke on excessive negative publicity in the past few months.  Suggested policy that anyone appointed to advisory boards meet the same qualifications as the Commissioners.


5.         Billy Griner of the Glynn County Health Department will make presentation on health assessment the have recently done for Glynn County.  (Sponsored by Commissioner Pate)


Mr. Griner distributed several health assessment reports indicating how Glynn County ranks in the six-county district for the Commissioners review.


5a.       Connie Williams will request permission to raise funds on County property for daughter to travel with Up With People.  (Sponsored by Chairman Miller)


Per recommendation from County Attorney, request was not approved because is against state law.  Commissioners recommend taking request to the City and also asking store owners for permission to solicit in their parking lots.  Police Chief Alexander asked her to be sure to contact his department for assistance.




6.         Receive Report from the Personnel Committee


Each of the following items was presented in the form of a motion by Commissioner Boyne, Chairman of the Personnel Committee and seconded by Commissioner Lyde:


a)         Approve Auditor position in the Tax Assessor's Office subsequent to the Personnel Director and Chief Appraiser's agreement on salary grade/step and receive approval from the Finance Committee.  (3-0)


Unanimously adopted.


b)         Approve upgrade in Public Defender's Office of Administrative Secretary from Grade 10 to Grade 12.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


c)         Approve upgrade of Clerk /Typist position in Clerk of Superior Court's Office from Grade 4 to Grade 7.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


7.         Receive Report from the Finance Committee


Each of the following items was presented in the form of a motion by Commissioner Gunn, Chair of the Finance Committee and seconded by Commissioner Hardman:


a)         Authorize Records Clerk position in Clerk of Superior Court's Office.  (2-0)


Motion failed.  Aye:  Commissioners Gunn, Hardman, Lyde.  Nay:  Commissioner Miller, Lynn and Boyne.


b)         Authorize Deletion of Appraiser I position and addition of Personal Property Auditor in Tax Assessor's Office up to a Grade 19-C.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


c)         Authorize Three Reclassification:


1.         Clerk, Superior Court:  Clerk-Typist, Grade 4 to Grade 7.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


2.         State Court:  Deputy Court Clerk from Grade 8 to 10.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


3.         Public Defender:  Administrative Secretary from Grade 10 to 12.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


d)         Deny Requests for refund of Tax Penalties:


1.         $60.00 to Eloise and Jim Andrews.   (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


2.         $15.00 to Keturah Holley.  (2-0)

Unanimously adopted.


e)         Authorize Corrective to Quitclaim Deed for Laverne Carter and Alphonso Smith.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


f)          Authorize the following Disbursements from Commissioners' Discretionary Fund:


Chairman Miller asked for the balance in the Discretionary Account.  Administrator Gilmour report that if all of the following request were to be approved, there would be nothing left in the account.


1.         Coastal Ga. Land Trust for $7,562 to fund Master Plan for regional trail system.  (2-0)


Commissioner Hardman expressed opposition for two reasons:  1)  not enough left in Discretionary Fund to do something like this; 2)  feels Glynn County would be paying more than its fair share.


Commissioner Lynn agreed with Commissioner Hardman and added that he doesn't feel taxpayer dollars should go for a project like this outside of Glynn County.


Phyllis Bowen, Secretary for the Coastal GA Land Trust spoke in behalf of the project stating many reasons why this would be good for Glynn County.


Commissioner Boyne said he felt the money needed to come from the Tourism Council, and Chairman Miller reported that he had spoken with Bill Tipton who was in favor of the project and said they plan to participate.  Commissioner Boyne suggested maybe Glynn County advancing the money and being reimbursed from the increased bed tax.


AMENDMENT:  Commissioner Boyne requested that the motion be amended to state that the issue be reviewed b the County Attorney and once approved by him Glynn County will issue the money.  Accepted by Commissioners Gunn and Hardman.


Motion adopted.  Aye:  Commissioners Miller, Gunn, Boyne, Lyde.  Nay:  Commissioners Lynn and Hardman.


2.         Animal Control Advisory Board for $5,500 for immediate needs.  (2-0)


Motion adopted.  Aye:  Commissioners Miller, Gunn, Boyne, Lyde and Hardman.  Nay:  Commissioner Lynn.


3.         Mayor's Committee on Services for the Disabled for $300.00 to be matched by the City.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


4.         Tax commissioner for $3,740 to place 1994 Tax Bills on General Execution Docket.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


5.         As funding source to pay rent at new location for Public Defender.  (2-0)


Building Official Vernon Lewis reported the total cost until the end of this Fiscal Year is around $8,000 for renovations, rent, moving, telephone, etc.  Contract for 18 to 24 months.  Next year's budget need to reflect $1,400 per month for rent or $16,800 annually.


Unanimously adopted.


6.         In payment of $3,927 remaining on Selden Pool Project.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


7.         Authorize funds in amount of $17,000 be restored t Discretionary Fund.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


g)         Authorize bid awards for the following:


1.         Traffic Signs  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


2.         Sheriff Uniforms  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


3.         Landfill Scales  (2-0)


Motion to reject all bids submitted and authorize staff to rebid the project.  Unanimously adopted.


4.         Turnout Gear (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


5.         Library Roof  (2-0)


Motion to reject all bids and conduct in-house study of the situation.  Unanimously adopted.


6.         Imaging System Enhancement  (2-0)    


Unanimously adopted.  (For Superior Court)


7.         Purchases of Items exceeding $5,000  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.  (For road striping paint and glass beads in Traffic Safety Dept. Actual amount $13,658.05.


h)         Authorize increase of $40,000 to Police Department budget to cover overrun in salaries.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


i)          Authorize fund transfers as follows:


1.         $16,140 from Engineering and Data Processing to Planning/Zoning for the GIS System.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


2.         $13,136 within the Sheriff's Office.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


j)          Award bid for fencing between FLETC and Deerfield Station to low bidder Lang & Sons Fence Company in the amount of $3,562.50.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


k)         Award bid for ditch repairs on Wesley Oaks Drive to Boots Sears Company for $3,500.00 form the Sales Tax Construction Fund.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


l)          Approve contract with CH2M Hill as engineers on next phase of landfill closure at a fee not to exceed $63,270.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


m)        Authorize write-off of uncollected landfill tipping fees.  (2-0)


Discussion was held regarding some Commissioners receiving calls from people who had received delinquent notices but had already paid the bill.


Original motion failed.


Commissioner Hardman suggested that this might be a good opportunity to pick up a summer intern and have them work directly under Becky Rowell and make a personal phone call and follow up with a letter.


Following some discussions, a motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to set it up as Commissioner Hardman has indicated and authorize Becky Rowell to bring in somebody temporarily to work on this who has some kind of experience or knowledge in this area.  Unanimously adopted.


n)         Authorize up to $5.00 in late charges on commercial collection and landfill accounts before cut-off and to exempt other governmental bodies.  (2-0)


Commissioner Gunn said she would like to add to the motion to authorize staff to look into allowing the use of Visa and Mastercard.


Unanimously adopted.


o)         Authorize payment from County General Fund of the Pension Benefit Study for all employees age 55 with 30 years of service and the Pension Fund pay the required two-year Actuary Cost Study.


Commissioner Gunn withdrew original motion from Finance Committee.  Substitute motion by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Lynn:


1)         To authorize the state-mandated, two-year actuary study from the Pension Fund.


Unanimously adopted.


2)         To defer to next year's budget the $4,000 for the study on offering retirement to all employees age 55 with 30 years of service.


Motion adopted b vote of 5-1-0, with Commissioner Hardman opposed.


p)         Authorize payment of $12,251 for the payment of life insurance proceeds due to Etta Hargrove's beneficiary.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


q)         Authorize County Attorney to amend Business License Ordinance to provide for a 30-day business license for $25.00.  (2-0)


            Unanimously adopted.


Seconded motion by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to refer this question of criminal background checks on business license applications to the County Attorney to draw up proper documentation to reflect an amendment to the Ordinance so there is some type of restriction.  Unanimously adopted.


Third motion by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde that information on criminal background checks for business license applications not be released to the Business License Office but only approval or disapproval be given.  Unanimously adopted.


r)          Authorize TAN's Series, 1994 issuance of $4.8 million and that lex Jolley & Company, financial advisors and Oliver, Maner & Gray, Bon Counsel, be engaged at cost not to exceed $12,000.  (2-0)


Commissioner Gunn withdrew original motion from Finance Committee.  Substitute motion by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman that the TAN's Series 1994 issuance of $4.8 million be put out for bid.  Unanimously adopted.


Administrator Gilmour alerted the Commissioner to the fact that this will have to be done expeditiously because the time frame is very short.


s)         Authorize payment of $31.19 to Arnet Davis for road right-of-way funded by SPLOST.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


t)          Instruct staff that Wayne County be handled as any other user of the Cate Road Landfill.  (2-0)


Becky Rowell announced public hearing on proposed contract with Wayne County to be held on Tuesday, April 12, 1994 at 7:00 p.m., and that the Solid Waste Advisory Board will meet immediately afterward in order to prepare a recommendation for the Commission.  She requested a Called Commission meeting in order to receive the recommendation.  It was the consensus to meet in Called Session on Wednesday, April 13, 1994 at 5:00 p.m.


u)         Authorize reimbursement to County Administrator of $134 for meal expense for he and other staff.  (2-0)


Unanimously adopted.


v)         Defer to the full Commission to consider authorizing the execution of an "Acknowledgement of Understanding" agreement between the Police Department and the Brunswick Job Corps Center.  (2-0)


Item deferred by request of Brunswick Job Corps Center.


w)        Defer to full Commission to consider approving policy procedures on clearing the County's drainage easements.  (2-0)


Administrator Lee Gilmour made correction to #5 stating that no invoices shall be issued unless the actual costs exceed $500.00.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commission Lynn subject to changing the number of weeks referred to in #4 from two to three.  Motion unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Hardman out of the room. (sic).


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan asked once the County's work has been completed are the property owners allowed to use the easement again.


County Attorney Gary Moore stated that if we authorize them to do that we will no longer have an easement.


Administrator Gilmour recommended advising the property owners that it is a County easement and they are supposed to keep their belongings out, and if they put items back there they are subject to the same type of requirement of moving their things if we go back in.


x)         Defer to the full Commission to consider awarding the bid for banking services  (2-0)


Administrator Gilmour reviewed alternates of banking services bids.  His recommendation was Item d for the greatest rate of return for the taxpayers dollars, which means the County would make sure that it maintains enough local funds invested to cover the anticipated banking costs and the rest would be invested in the Local Government Investment Fund in Atlanta.


Following some discussion, Mr. Gilmour stated that based upon the discussion he feels the alternative to go with is Item b with Trust Company Bank.


A motion for approval was made b Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Lynn out of the room).


y)         Defer to the full Commission to consider funding a plan for providing security to major County buildings.  (2-0)


Motion by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman that a security plan for the Office Park Building be included in next year's budget and also that the Police Department conduct awareness classes as soon as possible for all employees working at that location.  Unanimously adopted.


z)         Defer to the full Commission to consider status of the miniature golf course at Neptune Park on St. Simons Island.  (2-0)


Chairman Miller stepped aside to make a motion which was seconded by Commissioner Boyne that Glynn County continue to operate the miniature golf course with all details of how it should be run left up to the County Administrator.  Unanimously adopted.  (Commissioner Lyde out of the room).


Request from Sheriff


Sheriff Wayne Bennett presented benefits to his office and the Glynn County of a photo-imaging machine and a laser fingerprinting machine and asked for permission to go out for bid on these two items.


Motion for approval make by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.  Unanimously adopted.




8.         Approve amendment to Section 2-16-46, Article II, Division V, Capital Tapping Fees.


Discussed in 2 - j.




9.         Authorize staff to go out for bid on the paving of CCC and Emanuel Church West Roads.


Motion to approve by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.  Unanimously adopted.


10.       Authorize staff to go out for bid on Phase III of the St. Simons Island bike path project.


Motion to approve by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Boyne.  Aye:  Chairman Miller, Commissioners Lyde, Gunn, Lynn and Boyne.  Nay:  Commissioner Hardman.


11.       Authorize removal of drainage pipe from abandoned proposed roadway adjacent to Buckingham Church of God property.


Based on a recommendation by the County Engineer, a motion was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn authorizing County Engineer to write letter to Buckingham Church of God asking that they do as agreed and construct a cul-de-sac and fix drainage problem in the area and as soon as this has been done, Glynn County will remove the drainage pipe as requested.  Unanimously adopted.

12.       Discuss Location of Fencing and Tree Removal at the SSI Garden Site.


Motion by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman to authorize Public Works Director to direct staff to place fencing in area already cleared for same.  Unanimously adopted.


13.       Authorize VFW to Hold Garage Sale at Fire Station.


Motion by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Gunn to approve using fire stations until the end of April as holding facilities to gather items for a sale.  Unanimously adopted.


14.       Discuss Status of Water and Sewer for Harrington Tract on St. Simons island.


Item deferred by Chairman to be discussed at next Water and Sewer Commission meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 1994 at 1:00 p.m.




15.       Animal Control Advisory Board - One appointment by Commissioner Gunn.


Motion by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lynn to appoint Robert Sizemore to Animal Control Advisory Board.  Unanimously adopted.


16.       Receive report from County Attorney on nominees for appointment to the Hospital Authority.


County Attorney reported that the proper procedure is for the City and County together to submit three nominees to serve on the Hospital Authority.  Nominations received from the Board were Dennis Donnelly, Marilyn Haney, Dr. Eric Segerberg, Anita Jones and Mrs. W. C. Killgallon.  Three nominees selected by majority vote were Dennis Donnelly, Dr. Segerberg and Marilyn Hane.


Chairman Miller requested that the County Attorney set up a joint meeting with the City Commission to discuss all nominees.


17.       Three appointments to the Recreation Board;  Districts 2, 3, and 4.      


Pate:                 Deferred

Gunn:               Danny Baster

Hardman:         Edward Lightfoot


Motion by Commissioner Gunn and seconded By Commissioner Lynn to accept appointment.  Unanimously adopted.




a.         Authorize City of Brunswick street drainage study employing he City and a private contractor where need to be funded from SPLOST funds.


Administrator Gilmour reported the estimated cost to be approximately $54,700.


A motion for approval was made b Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Gunn.  Unanimously adopted.


b)         Authorize process for operating the miniature golf course at Neptune park:  Contract operation or County Staff.


Discussed in Item 7 - z.


c)         Authorize use of County right-of-way paralleling the Torras Causeway for use by GA DOT contractors during repairs to causeway.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.  Unanimously adopted.


d)         Reaffirm County position on Sidney Lanier Bridge.


Commissioner Gunn expressed opposition to voting on this matter again and felt it was a waste of time.


A motion to reaffirm was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.  (sic)


e)         Establish Board meeting date for review of public hearing results on amending County's solid waste management plan.


Discussed in Item 7 - t.

f)          Consider policy for maintaining drainage easements/rights-of-way.


Discussed in Item 7 - w.


g)         Consider policy for appointments to boards, agencies and commissions.


Administrator Gilmour reported that no recommendations on this were discussed on the Work Session; however, Mr. Gilmour asked to bring it up again at a Regular meeting for discussion.


There was no further discussion on the matter.


            h)         Improvements to Bell Cut-Off Road.


Mr. Gilmour reported that he had been in contact with Mr. Randolph, business owner, to see if he would be interested in paying for the improvements to Bell Cut-Off Road to make the road conducive to commercial traffic.  Mr. Gilmour said that Mr. Randolph had indicated he is not in a position to pay for the improvements.


Administrator Gilmour then distributed a layout of the parcel on which Mr. Randolph's business is located for the Board's review.  He explained that a previous Commission had approved rezoning this land to Highway Commercial with no restrictions, and that the Administrator at that time indicated, along with that Board's concurrence, that when the parcel came up for development the County would improve Bell Cut-Off Road as needed.


Mr. Gilmour stated that Mr. Randolph's problem is that it is difficult for the large trucks he services to turn around and exit the same way they entered from Highway 84.  Mr. Randolph would like the trucks to enter Highway 84, be serviced, and then exit onto Bell Cut-Off Road.


Public Works Director Keith Flanagan reported that he met with the residents, and their complaint is that trucks will be allowed to use an unimproved, 20-foot wide dirt road and they're concerned with the safety of the children in the neighborhood and also the condition of the roadway for the school bus.  The residents want the road paved and not merely improvements to the dirt road.  Also, they are not interested in participating in any of the cost because the businesses are the ones who will benefit.  Mr. Flanagan restated his earlier recommendation that tje road should be improved before commercial trucks are allowed to drive on it.  Needed improvements besides paving the road are to widen it and establish drainage.


Commissioner Lynn said he would like to find a way to turn the trucks around and have them exit back out onto 84.  He said he did not feel it is right to pave a road for this reason when there is a long waiting list of people wanting other roads paved as well.


County Attorney Gary Moore stated that if there were no restrictions on the rezoning, there is no way to prohibit Mr. Randolph from using the road.  However, Mr. Moore said that there is supposed to be a buffer on Bell Cut-Off Road, and Mr. Randolph has put a driveway through the buffer so it may no longer be a buffer.


Commissioner Hardman said he feels that the buffer was requested for a reason and that was to protect the residential neighborhood from commercial traffic.  Mr. Hardman said he felt the matter should be deferred for further research the purpose of buffer.  During further discussion it was determined that Bell Cut-Off Road will be on the new SPLOST list.


Mr. Randolph said he bought the property based on having no restrictions, and stated that he would have his attorney contact the County Attorney to discuss the matter.




1.         Commissioner Lyde:             


Commissioner Lyde suggested that there be two work sessions in the future; one to deal with agenda items and one to deal with other issues.  She said she felt this might help to shorten the length of the regular meetings.


During discussion that followed, Chairman Miller said he feels the work session should be limited to two to three hours with one break.  He added that Board business is increasing all the time and he does not expect it will get any easier.


2.         Commissioner Lynn:


Commissioner Lynn made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Hardman, to transfer money allocated for the paving of Stutts Road and transfer it to Fancy Bluff Circle which is in the same neighborhood since the people on Stutts Road no longer want their road pave.  Unanimously adopted.


Commissioner Lynn said he also had a litigation item for Executive Session.


3.         Commissioner Gunn:


a)         Commissioner Gunn asked for an update on the Demere/Frederica intersection improvements and a date for completion.


Report given b County Engineer Ray Richard was that as of 4:45 yesterday all asphalt had been laid and for all practical purposes the project is complete.  He added that all that is left is the landscaping.


b)         Commissioner Gunn reported that Ed Nicholson had declined his appointment to the SPLOST Recommendation Committee, and Joan Chatham had resigned from Glynn Clean & Beautiful.


Commissioner Gunn made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to replace Ed Nicholson with Lee Noel on the SPLOST Committee and Joan Chatham with Helen Thomason on Glynn Clean & Beautiful.


Commissioner Hardman reported that one of his appointments to the SPLOST Committee has also declined but he did not have a replacement in mind at this time.  Lt. Jack Hopper of the Glynn County Police Department was present and volunteered.  Commissioner Hardman asked that the above motion include his appointment of Lt. Jack Hopper to replace Bob Hammer on the SPLOST Committee.


Addition accepted by Commissioners Gunn and Lynn.  Motion unanimously adopted.


c)         Commissioner Gunn said that she had received a call from Woody Woodside of the Chamber regarding a statement she made that if the County is going to do criminal background checks on people why not start with the Chamber because the take public funds.  Commissioner Gunn said she had told Mr. Woodside that she would mention the airport Commission, the Hospital Authority and the R.D.C. as well.  She added that the point she was trying to make is that if the County is going to do background checks, all these should be included also.


d)         Commissioner Gunn asked why the Turtle Lighting Ordinance was sent back to the Planning Commission, and Administrator Gilmour replied that it is part of the Zoning Ordinance.  Commissioner Gunn said that the Ordinance needs to be finalized quickly because the turtle season begins in Mar.  Administrator Gilmour suggested that Turtle Lighting be moved to somewhere else in the Ordinance rather than Zoning to avoid having to adhere to legal requirements of that department.


A motion was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Boyne for a resolution to move Turtle Lighting to another location in the Code rather than Zoning.  Unanimously adopted.


e)         Commissioner Gunn read aloud a report prepared by Emergency Management Director Ed Abel on the Hercules chemical spill which occurred recent while the chairman was out of town.  Commissioner Gunn expressed concern about Glynn County not being notified immediately of the spill.  Commissioner Hardman suggested that the Attorney look into this matter.  Administrator Gilmour said that a process has already started to rectify this problem b sending a request to the Environmental Review Committee that they set up a local emergency group to be notified of this type of thing per Federal regulations and come back to the Board with a recommendation on this.  


Commissioner Boyne suggested that the City be put on notice that anytime the have problems within the City that the County Administrator, Police Chief and Fie Chief need to know immediately.


f)          Commissioner Gunn requested that the Administrator ask the Community Development Department to keep her better posted on items coming up before the Planning Commission.  She said all she has been getting is a copy of the agenda a day before the meeting which is not acceptable.


4.         Commissioner Boyne:


a)         Commissioner Boyne asked how many Commissioners were planning to attend the Homebuilders Association dinner at the Kin & Prince on April 14 at 7:00 p.m.  all Commissioners present indicated they planned to attend.


Chairman Miller requested that staff notify the public that the Commission plans to attend this function.


b)         Commissioner Boyne asked how many Commissioners were planning to attend the Golden Island Parkway Association dinner at Little Ocmulgee State Park in McRae, Georgia on May 6.  Affirmative were Chairman Miller and Commissioners Boyne and Lynn.


Chairman Miller announced that the Administrator would be going to Valdosta the evening of May 5 to attend a recreation function in his place.


c)         Commissioner Boyne reported negative results from the survey done on Smith Road in that only 4 out of 50 families surveyed wanted to participate in cost sharing.  He added that people don't want to vote on a new SPLOST when their roads are not being paved with the first one, and they can't understand why we have $10 million in the bank and cannot pave their road.


Further discussion ensued.  No action taken.


5.         Chairman Miller:


a)         Chairman Miller announced the Hurricane Conference to be held on Jekyll Island May 9 to 11 and asked for those interested in attending.  Chairman Miller was the only one planning to attend plus Administrator, Police and Fire Chief and Public Works Director.


b)         Chairman Miller read aloud a draft proclamation for Had Start which he wishes to present at their function to be held on April 27.


Motion for approval made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lynn.  Unanimously adopted.




1.         Police Chief Carl Alexander announced that he would not be in town for the Called Meeting on April 13, 1994 but would be in school in Savannah.  Said he would be sending Lt. Jack Hopper in his place.


2.         Chief Alexander state that he had one item for Executive Session regarding an investigation.




1.         County Attorney Gary Moore announced that the Coast Guard is vacating their East Beach facility.  Mr. Moore said he has spoken with the Commanding Officer in Jacksonville, and they plan to be out by the end of this year.  Mr. Moore added that the facility will return to use by the County, and the Board will need to decide upon how to use the building


2.         Mr. Moore also reported that the Griffis case, is voting rights case, has been appealed and will probably be heard before the Supreme Court before the end of the summer.


3.         Mr. Moore indicated that he had pending litigation to discuss during Executive Session.




1.         Resolution to congratulate incoming ACCG President, Vincent Settle.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hardman and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.  Unanimously adopted.


2.         Authorize Chairman to execute contract with Paces Associates not exceed $12,000 to do follow up audits, training, information sessions with vendors and using model to see what revenues can be collected.  Mr. Gilmour stated that this should be revenue neutral and that while the contract is in effect revenues should be coming in.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Boyne.  Unanimously adopted.


3.         Approve request from Oak Grove Island Limited to use a portion of right of way to erect a sign to advertise their location.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Hardman adding to the above that the Board authorize the state to erect a historical marker at the same site that explains the history of the two islands.  Motion seconded by Commissioner Lynn.


Commissioner Lynn asked about meeting the sign ordinance requirements, and County Engineer Ray Richard replied that a revocable permit would be issued which would be revoked if any problems occur with the signage.


Motion unanimously adopted.


4.         Request from Water and Sewer Commission for original bank statements, supporting invoices and vouchers and adjusting journal entries for the years 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989.


Commissioner Hardman expressed concern with original documents leaving the Finance office but had no problem with making them copies.


A motion to meet this request by providing copies of the documents rather than originals was made by Commissioner Gunn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde.  Unanimously adopted.


5.         Reorganization of Department of Community Affairs.


Mr. Gilmour presented a recommendation for reorganizing the Department of Community Affairs for information purposes and asked that the Commission review it for consideration.


6.         Authorize design change order to from Moreland/Altobelli Associates on Martin Luther King Boulevard project upon request form the City of Brunswick.


Mr. Gilmour informed the Commission of some problems tieing in sidewalks and driveways from Gloucester to P Street compounded by limited right of way form the residents.

Following some discussion, this item was deferred to the next regular meeting.


7.         Authorize digest changes over $50,000 as well as the latest 1992 and 1993 amendments.


A motion for approval was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Hardman.  Unanimously adopted.


Chairman Miller then adjourned form the regular session into Executive Session announcing that the Board will return to regular session immediately following.


The Board of Commissioners returned to Regular Session at 6:15 p.m. and made the following motions:


1.         A motion was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde to uphold the decision of Keith A. Flanagan, Public Works Director, to discharge Mr. Coen dated 3/2/94.  Unanimously adopted.


2.         A motion was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Hardman not to act on Mr. Coen's resignation because of the action of the previous motion.  Unanimously adopted.


3.         A motion was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde not to extend COBRA insurance benefits to Mr. Coen on the grounds that he is guilty of gross misconduct.  Unanimously adopted.


4.         A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Lynn that the County Clerk shall report to the County Administrator.  Unanimously adopted.


5.         A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by commissioner Hardman to approve the Executive Session Minutes of March 17,1994.  Unanimously adopted.


6.         A motion was made by Commissioner Lynn and seconded by Commissioner Lyde that Executive Session results are all that is to be recorded in Executive Session Minutes, as required by law.  Unanimously adopted.


7.         A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Lynn to adjourn.  Unanimously adopted.