AT 5:00 P.M.


PRESENT:                   Vice Chair Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Robert H. Boyne

Commissioner Gladys-Martin Lyde

Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner W. Harold Pate


ABSENT:                    Chairman James E. Miller

Commissioner Milton Lynn


ALSO PRESENT:       County Attorney Gary Moore

Public Works Director Keith Flanagan


Final Plat Royal Oaks Subdivision, Phase I.


Joe Jaudon, Chairman of the Water & Sewer Commission, accompanied by fellow members and Staff persons Jim Brewster and Tim Ransom, expressed opposition to the Board of Commissioners approving Final Plat of Royal Oaks Subdivision, Phase I at this time, because the developer had not complied with all requirements of the Subdivision Regulations in constructing internal water and sewer system and roads within the development and dedicating them to the County.  Mr. Jaudon said the Water & Sewer Commission was unhappy with the fact that the former Director of Water and Sewer had signed off on a letter of credit for this development in the amount of $564,335.24 without input from the Water and Sewer Commission.


Acting Community Development Director Larry Taylor explained that County Staff, including the former Water & Sewer, developed a cost figure of $564,335,24 as sufficient to cover all water and sewer improvements and road work in the subdivision as per established procedure, and dedication of these systems would take place after their completion.  If the developer failed to complete the improvements the County could draw down on the letter of credit and complete the project themselves, he said.  Mr. Taylor said all the concerns voiced by Mr. Jaudon would have to be resolved before the letter of credit was released.  He explained that approval of the final plat at this point would allow the developer to place the plat on record and begin to sell property.  He also noted that no certificates of occupancy would be issued by the County until all improvements were completed, the improvements dedicated to and accepted by the County, and the letter of credit released.  Mr. Taylor also stated that it was irregular for a final plat to be approved in a called meeting.


Commissioner Hardman said this project had been handled according to normal business

procedure with the exception of the final plat being handled out of sequence at a called meeting rather than a regularly scheduled meeting.  He then made a motion, which was seconded by Commissioner Pate, to deny approval of this final plat at this time and place it on the agenda of the next regular meeting for approval.


Unanimously adopted.


Improvements to Landing Field Road/Frederica Road


County Engineer Ray Richard asked the Commission to authorize minor traffic safety improvements to the Land Field Road/Frederica Road intersection at a unit cost of $5,844 as part of the approved on-going project being done by Her-Way "Construction, Inc. at the Frederica Road/Demere Road intersection.  He explained that sufficient funds were available in the Frederica/Demere budget to cover the cost of this addition, which could be accomplished at a good cost break in conjunction with the larger project.


A motion was made by Commissioner Boyne and seconded by Commissioner Pate authorizing Mr. Richard to proceed with this additional traffic safety improvement.


Unanimously adopted.


Appointment to Environmental Review Committee


Based on criticism recently published in the local newspaper concerning County Commissioner appointing relatives to various boards and committees, Commissioner Boyne announced that his son, Devin Boyne, had withdrawn from serving on the Environmental Review Committee.  Since this Committee would be meeting for the first time the following day, Commissioner Boyne said he considered the appointment of a new member to be urgently needed at this time.


Commissioner Boyne then nominated Sid Overall to fill the position vacated by Kevin Boyne, and this nomination was unanimously approved by the full Commission.


Meeting Adjourned


A motion was made by Commissioner Lyde and seconded by Commissioner Pate to

adjourn the meeting.


Unanimously adopted.







James E. Miller

Martha Dominey