TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Ray Richard Chief Carl Johnson

Capt. Jack Hopper Stanley Santee

Chief Carl Alexander Gary Moore

Cynthia Williams

INVOCATION by Gary Moore



Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, October 3, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, October 5, 1995.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to approve subject to correction. Unanimous.


Airport Commission

Gary Moore, Managing Director of the Airport Commission, said he would like to present a concept to the Board for future consideration. Mr. Moore stated that FLETC had been interested in an exchange of property of equal value. The property they are interested in is known as the old fuel farm, and consists of 28 acres. Only 11.2 of the 28 acres is highland. It is appraised at $154,000. FLETC is interested in this property because it backs up to a firing range and is needed to provide a 20 foot buffer for same.

The property FLETC is offering in exchange is 13 acres of highland, no wetlands, along Sidney Lanier Drive, and is also valued at $154,000.

Chairman Hardman asked the County Attorney for his opinion on this proposed exchange. Attorney Moore said that this would require a lease modification between the County and the Development Authority. There would also have to be advertisements, and a title search performed. Chairman Hardman asked Director Moore if the Airport Commission would be willing to absorb the cost of these items. Mr. Moore responded that they would.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to begin the preliminary process of a title search and other items that needed to be done to prepare this property for a future exchange. Motion passed unanimously.

Blythe Island Regional Park Advisory Board

Stanley Santee, BIRP Superintendent, distributed copies of the Minutes of the BIRP Advisory Committee Meeting held October 10, 1995. Mr. Santee stated that the DNR had done a population study of the park lake, and they recommend closing the lake for six (6) months to allow the fish to repopulate. If the lake were closed now, it could reopen for fishing in April of 1996. The Advisory Committee unanimously approved the DNR's recommendation.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to close the BIRP lake for six (6), effective immediately. Unanimous.

Tree Advisory Board

Randy Dobson stated that the Tree Board last meet October 10, 1995, will meet again November 14, 1995. The Board took action on two items. One was to remove a badly damaged tree in the backyard of Ann Pierson, 317 Broadway, St. Simons Island. The second items was regarding the Emanuel Church Road paving project. There are 8-10 large oak trees at a major intersection of this project, and the County and DOT have agreed to work around them so they won't have to be removed. There are several minor trees that will have to be removed, but the Tree Board agreed to go with the flow, since the large trees would remain in tact.

Mr. Dobson informed the Commissioners that the Georgia Forestry Commission and the Georgia Urban Forestry Council's 7th Annual Urban Park Conference in Macon on October 11, 12 and 13, 1995, was extremely beneficial and educational. Mr. Dobson said the also talked to the heads of the Urban Forestry Council about having a future conference in Glynn County. He was told the Council would vote in December to hold their 1999 Conference at either Sea Island or St. Simons Island.

Commissioner Lynn asked Mr. Dobson what expenses he incurred attending this conference. Mr. Dobson said he had spent approximately $65 for one night's lodging.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to reimburse Mr. Dobson's expenses out of the Discretionary Fund. Unanimous.

Planning Commission

Wayne Stewart informed the Board that the Planning Commission last met October 3, 1995 and was probably the shortest meeting ever. They are moving right along on Comprehensive Plan. Several of the Committees should have something for the Commission to look at their next meeting. After that they will schedule several Public Hearings to get citizen input and start moving forward to get to the Board of Commissioner as soon as possible.

Mr. Stewart stated that he saw a recent Commission Meeting, at which he had not been present, on television. At that meeting an issue had come to light regarding some of the Planning Commission members having received causeway stickers free of charge. Mr. Stewart distributed and read a portion of the Ordinance as follows:

2-19-6 Compensation of Members

The members shall receive no compensation, but shall be reimbursed from the budgeted funds of the Commission for their actual expenses properly incurred in the performance of their duties.

Mr. Stewart said that this was not something they had requested, but to alleviate this type of thing in the future, suggested that anyone wanting or needing a decal to go before the Finance Committee.

Commissioner Miller stated that Mr. Gilmour was in the process of gathering information to see how much it would cost the County to provide decals for all Commission or Committee members. Commissioner Miller said we needed to do it for all or none.

Commissioner Certification

Chairman Hardman said he had an item he'd like to do at this time. He stated that the University of Georgia, through the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, has recognized Commissioner Gladys Martin-Lyde as a Certified County Commissioner, having completed the necessary course work and County Commissioner training program. Chairman Hardman presented to Commissioner Lyde her framed Certification and said how proud he was of her.

Wrecker Rotation Service

E. W. Merritt to discuss wrecker rotation service regarding a wreck that occurred on Exit 6, in which a tractor trailer turned over.

Mr. Merritt told the Commissioners if the County was going to get into the wrecker business, then they didn't need his help. He stated he got the call to cover the wreck and responded within 15 minutes. When he got there, there were all kinds of County vehicles on site and they were cleaning the wreck. Mr. Merritt said apparently the Highway Patrol Officer wanted the road cleared immediately. He asked the Patrolman if the County was going to do the clean up, and the Officer replied, "Look, I'm not here to argue with you, I'm not here to make you any money, and if you don't like, you can just get in your truck and leave." Mr. Merritt responded to the Officer saying, "thank you very much, I will and I won't be back."

Chairman Hardman asked who call the Public Works people, and was told the State Trooper had. Commissioner Lynn said he had a problem with a State Trooper controlling our people.

Discussion ensued and Commissioner Strickland asked Mr. Merritt what he was looking for? Did he want a letter sent or what? Commissioner Strickland asked Mr. Merritt didn't he have the contract to tow County vehicles in trouble, and Mr. Merritt replied that he did. Commissioner Strickland said if Commissioner Miller would make that motion, he would second it. Chairman Hardman stated that before a motion was made, he'd like to hear from Chief Alexander.

Chief Alexander responded on behalf of the State Patrol, stating there are two (2) types of wrecker service. One is the regular rotational wrecker service, where all the wreckers having met the criteria, are put into a rotational pool. He said what Mr. Merritt was referring to was the County tow service, which is different. Chief Alexander said that the State Patrol has asked if they could use the County's regular rotational wreckers for working their wrecks, which is fine. They called Mr. Merritt in this particular incident because he was next up on the rotation.

Chief Alexander said, according to Sgt. Glisson of the State Patrol, the Patrolman on duty had called Public Works to get the truck and its haul out of the road, because it was blocking traffic. He did not ask for the County to clean up, just open the roadway for other traffic. Apparently Mr. Merritt and the Officer on duty had some kind of misunderstanding.

Chairman Hardman said before we send a letter, maybe we need to sit down and talk, because this sounds like a failure to communicate. The Chairman said he would be glad to sit down with everyone involved and work this thing out, if the Board would allow him to. Commissioner Lynn asked Mr. Merritt if this was satisfactory with him or did he want something more. Mr. Merritt said he feels the State Trooper involved owes him an apology. Chairman Hardman said he would be glad to make that request when he meets with them.


Authorize approval to the Georgia Department of Transportation to temporarily reduce speed limits for any Federal, State, or other routes due to construction and/or maintenance activities.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to approve. Unanimous.


Emery Enterprises, Inc. Sublease

Board of Commissioners concurrence with proposed lease between Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority Sublease with Emery Enterprises, Inc.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimous.

Brunswick-Glynn County Regional Library

Discuss funding for the Brunswick-Glynn County Regional Library.

Commissioner Gunn stated she had read an editorial in the Brunswick News concerning the library, and it disturbed her quite a bit. Apparently there are 3,000-4,000 people who use the library per week. She was wondering if we could send Mr. Darby on a speaking circuit to the other counties who use the library, to solicit donations for the necessary repairs and renovations. If we can raise the $825,000 needed for our share, the State would match funds with an additional $2 million. Commissioner Gunn said if that didn't work, then perhaps Mr. Darby could come back and solicit corporate donations. If we wait for another SPLOST, we may be waiting for a long time.

Commissioner Strickland said he agrees wholeheartedly and feels this is a worthwhile project. Commissioner Lyde said the problem with the roof is an immediate project and can't wait for solicited funds, it's something that needs to be addressed immediately. Commissioner Strickland said that this sounded like a full time project in itself, and wanted to hear from Mr. Darby and get his thoughts on the matter.

Mr. Darby said he appreciates the interest in the library. He said the roof has leaked for the 16 years he has been here. The County has done extensive work to make repairs. Right now it's not too bad. As far as raising money from local sources, he thinks this is a wonderful idea and would be glad to do whatever possible to accomplish this. In terms of securing funds from the other counties, they already contract with us for the regional services. However, all the surrounding counties have built their own libraries in the last 7 years, and he doesn't think they would be too willing to contribute funds for our library, when they have just finished building their own.

Chairman Hardman told Mr. Darby that he knows Ms. Lyde is on his Board, and Ms. Gunn is very interested in helping, and suggest that he sit down with the two of them to see what could be done. Maybe that can help us help you.

Recreation Board

Commissioner Gunn said, quite simply, they have not had a quorum for the last several meetings, and she believes the Administrator should send a letter to these individuals to see if they are interested in being on the Board or not.

Commissioner Miller said he thinks they should do away with the current Board completely and wait to see if the new Director even wants a Board, before appointing another.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to do away with the current Recreation Board.

Discussion continued, with the consensus of opinion being that there's no need to have a Board that wasn't going to meet or have a quorum, and the motion was called.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to do away with the current Recreation Board. Motion passed 6/1, with Commissioner Tullos voting against.

Historical Documents

Discuss historical documents found in Courthouse Annex.

Commissioner Gunn stated this matter had already been settled. The documents in question were at the contractor's house, however, Mike Harrison has them in his possession at the present time.

Mutual Aid Agreement

Discuss proposed Mutual Aid Agreement between County and South Georgia Emergency Medical Service.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to approve. Unanimous.

Playscape '95

Commissioner Tullos stated that he had attended a ribbon cutting and awards ceremony at the Special Needs Department of Burroughs Mollette Elementary School last Friday. The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize some local folks, along with the City and County Fire Departments, who spent the last couple of years building some playground equipment, sidewalks, etc. for the Special Needs Department. The project was called Playscape '95. Commissioner Tullos said he had received, for the Fire Department, a commendation plaque from the Burroughs Mollette Special Needs to the Glynn County Firefighters, which he wanted to present to Chief Johnson tonight.

Coast Guard Station

Mr. Charles Spalding, President of the Coastal Landmark Preservation Society, Inc., introduced several of the Society members who were present to show their support. They are as follows: Harry Aiken, Vice President; Robert Cable, Treasurer; Lisa Anderson; Jim Broadwell; Pat Collins; Joe Hammill; Mimi Rogers; Ralph Russell; Albert Shelander; Melinda Thomas; and Michael Thomas.

Mr. Spalding distributed an extensive presentation to the Board of Commissioners, and briefly described the Society's goals and plan of action to enter into a long-term lease with the County in order to preserve, renovate and utilize the Coast Guard Station in a manner roughly paralleling the Lighthouse and Keeper's Cottage.

Mr. Spalding said what they are looking for tonight was to request the Administrator and/or the County Attorney to look into establishing a relationship between the County and the Coastal Landmark Preservation Society, Inc., and the Coast Guard Station, like the one the County presently has with the Historical Society and the Lighthouse.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to approve. Unanimous.


Commissioner Tullos

Commissioner Tullos said this we neither urgent or an emergency, but he had a couple of letters he wanted to acknowledge. One was from the Ms. Ledbetter of the Cassina Garden Club expressing their appreciation and thanks to the County for proclaiming St. Simons Island a Bird Sanctuary.

The second was a letter he was going to read last week commending Ray Richard, Director of Public Works and County Engineer, for his and his staff's quick response and the manner in which they handled a major drainage problem caused by the recent rains. A copy of the letter is attached hereto and made a part of these minutes.

Ray Richard thanked Commissioner Tullos for reading the letter, but in actuality he didn't do anything, it was the staff members mentioned in the letter and several others, and he just wanted to give credit where credit was due.

Commissioner Gunn said she had received several phone calls from citizens commending Mr. Richard and his staff for the way they have handled all the problems caused by the resent heavy rain fall. Commissioner Lynn said he had had 5 supervisors from Public Works tell him that the attitude out there is so good and had changed dramatically since Mr. Richard had been appointed Director.

Commissioner Gunn

Commissioner Gunn said she had given each of the Commissioners a copy of the most recent Atlanta Magazine, in which her husband had written an article about the Islands in the fall.

Commissioner Gunn said she also would like to discuss the meeting schedule for November. The first Thursday is on November 2nd, which would make the Tuesday meeting on October 31, 1995, which is Halloween.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to have only one meeting on Thursday, November 2nd, and the regularly scheduled meeting on November 14th and 16th. Unanimous.

Commissioner Gunn said she had read a recent article in the Brunswick News regarding the name change of Oak Street in Glynn Haven, in which there was listed a number of people who were opposed to the name change. Commissioner Gunn asked Sandy Pharr, reporter from the Brunswick News, where she came up with all these names, because these people were certainly not present at the Public Hearing.

Ms. Pharr said she lives on that street and several people had talked to her. Commissioner Gunn said if she had known there was some controversy about it, she might of voted differently. As it was, no one spoke in opposition of the change. Commissioner Gunn asked Sandy, if in the future she knew of anyone opposed to changes of this nature, would she have them call her. She never heard from any of these people.

Commissioner Miller

Commissioner Miller said he had attended the ACCG fall Policy Meeting and brought back all the resolutions passed for the Attorney's review.


Gary Moore stated he had one item for Executive Session.


Motion by Commissioner Lynn, to adjourn to Executive Session, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.