TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Alexander Ray Richard

Robert Benson Capt. Jack Hopper Dave Bandy Keith Flanagan

Dan Reuter

INVOCATION by Gary Moore



Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, September 5, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, September 6, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, September 19, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, September 21, 1995.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to approve subject to changes and corrections, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimous.


Finance Committee

Recommend that $47.69 in penalties and interest charged to Ms. Sylvia Ricci on 1994 property taxes be waived due to an error made by the County. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend that the Chairman be authorized to sign an agreement with Perlis Truck Terminals, Inc., in which the County will extend water and sewer service to the north side of US Highway 17 and Perlis will guarantee tap fees to the County of $5,000 a year in each of 5 years. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Consider taking action on the following items relating to purchasing and acquisitions:

Recommend bids for the purchase of automobile parts and materials be awarded to the following:

1. Wilbur James: Belts, $3,692.50; Brake Parts, $8,969.

2. Battery Distributors, Inc.: Batteries, $4,787.70.

3. United Auto Electric: Starters, $6,708.55; Alternators, $9,549.05.

4. Langford Auto Parts: Filters, $21,602.99. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend the bid to purchase 2 pesticide generators for Mosquito Control be awarded to Adapco, Inc., Sanford, FL, in the amount of $16,900. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend that the first year option in the contract with Dr. David A. Heuetts, Jr., to provide dental services for the inmates at the Detention Center be exercised. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend the bid for the purchase of office supplies by the various departments be awarded to Glynn Office Products, Brunswick, GA, at a discount of 46% from their catalog price, except for toner, ribbons and electronics, which will be at 25% off. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend the total cost bid be awarded to the sole bidder Carlton Company, Brunswick, GA, for a net cost in 1995 of $100,258, after a trade in of $73,000. The total net cost over the life of the total cost contract is $20,258. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend that the proposal by Robert A. Civcevich, Savannah, GA, to conduct a historical survey of the unincorporated areas of the County be accepted. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend the bid to provide Wrecker Towing Services for heavy equipment be awarded to Merritt & Son Equipment, Brunswick, GA, at $125 per tow. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Consider the following items relating to the County's Public Auction of surplus equipment to be held Saturday, October 14, 1995:

Recommend a policy be established authorizing any County employee to purchase surplus County equipment being sold at a Public Auction except the following:

1. County Administrator.

2. Finance Director.

3. Fleet Operations Manager.

4. County Engineer. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Recommend that Commissioner Lynn be designated to attend the Public Auction and have the authority to make last minute changes to the list of approved surplus equipment to be sold at the Public Auction. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to approve. Unanimous.

Other items considered by the Finance Committee with no action required by the Full Commission:

Consider authorizing the Chairman to sign an agreement with Georgia Pacific Corporation for the sale of surplus trees resulting from County right of way and parcel tree maintenance. Defer to next Finance Committee meeting. (Vote: 3-0-0)

Consider what action should be taken to preserve the 9 channels assigned to the County on the 800 MHz radio system, to be used by all governmental agencies. Additional information on the 800 MHz radio station will be provided to the Committee at its October meeting.

Personnel Committee

To require field personnel to wear uniforms, which are provided without charge to County employees, and to authorize an RFP for providing employees in appropriate classifications with a pair of steel toe safety shoes each year, without cost to the employee, as part of the work uniform requirement. (Vote: 3-0)

Commissioner Gunn read into the Minutes a memo she sent to Mr. Gilmour regarding this item:

"Per our recent conversation, these are the problems which have been relayed to me:

1. Why is it necessary to go back to wearing uniforms when a simple T-shirt with the department name on it and a name tag would achieve the same results at a lesser expense.

2. The main objection to the polyester uniform was the heat factor. Apparently that fabric holds in the heat and causes perspiration, therefore leaving the wearer both overheated and wet. This is seems could cause colds, pneumonia, heat exhaustion or heat stroke, especially with the temperatures we had this summer. Polyester is also flammable.

3. The objections to steel-toed boots were the excessive expense and the general feeling that they weren't necessary in most instances, and in fact dangerous.

I do appreciate your re-considering this matter."

Commissioner Strickland stated that the Personnel Committee was not aware of Commissioner Gunn's memo or her concern about polyester at the time they made this recommendation, and if something like this is forthcoming, they should be made aware of it at the Committee level, rather than waiting until the Commission Meeting.

Commissioner Gunn stated that maybe polyester should be studied more closely.

Commissioner Strickland said it was their goal to provide safety and uniformity throughout the County, and not have one department wearing T-shirts and another a regular shirt, with names on some and not on others. He feel like that goes along with the direction received at both the Committee and Commission levels.

Mr. Gilmour said that we were getting ready to put this out for bid, and they were attempting to get employee input as to what their concerns are. We don't have any uniforms that are 100% polyester.

Chairman Hardman said that they were trying to make the uniforms as wearer friendly as possible.

Commissioner Tullos asked what would be the implementation date and were funds available. Mr. Gilmour said this was standard procedure and funds were budgeted for same.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Miller, to go to bid on these items. Unanimous.


To authorize the Personnel Director to conduct employee hearings on a proposed amendment of the Personnel Policy to require performance evaluations at a minimum of 30, 90, and 150 day intervals for probationary employees. (Vote: 2-0, Commissioner Lyde out of room)

Commissioner Strickland asked Dave Bandy to explain the Committee's thinking behind this recommendation. Mr. Bandy said that historically there has not been a vehicle available to provide new employees performance feedback prior to the culmination of their 180 probationary period. Recently an incident had occurred where this vehicle would have been beneficial to the employee. It was the Committee's feeling that the 30, 90, and 150 day intervals would be a great help to employees and employer alike to ascertain expectations and performance on both sides.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve. Unanimous.

To change pay plan for E-911 Emergency Communications Officers of the Glynn County Police Department based on a market study of salary data, and to authorize adjustments in the current salaries paid E-911 Communications Officers as recommended, retroactive to July 1, 1995. (Vote: 2-1)

Robert Strickland explained that this was another section of the Police Department. The Police Officers and the Animal Control people had already been upgraded, and this was for the E911 Communications people.

Commissioner Tullos asked if we should include #15 in with this discussion.

Dave Bandy illustrated where Glynn County is in relation to the market place, while Chief Alexander handed out a list of the employees involved, their current salary and proposed salary.

Commissioner Gunn asked why it was to be retroactive. Chairman Hardman said that was the date that everyone else in the Police Department received their pay increases.

Commissioner Tullos stated that the money for the upgrades was not in the budget, and this type of budgetary action was what got the County in trouble year after year and upset the taxpayers. Commissioner Tullos said he thought the pay plan was great, but it should be implemented in the '96/97 budget. Commissioner Lynn also inquired where the money was coming from.

Commissioner Strickland said he was kind of upset at this point, because on two or three different occasions, when discussing this with Lee Gilmour, Mr. Gilmour assured him the funds were available. Commissioner Strickland stated he would have never brought this up if the situation were otherwise.

Mr. Gilmour said the money was available throughout the budgeting process up until the final cut. At which time, the greater concern was that the millage would not go up.

Commissioner Strickland said it was never brought back to him that these final cuts had been made. This was the first time he was hearing that the cuts had been made, and being the Chairman of the Personnel Committee, he had a real problem with that.

Commissioner Miller stated that, if he's not mistaken, there are a number of openings throughout the County. The money budgeted for these positions is "personnel money" and could be used to fund the recommended increase, and he feel that's what the money should be used for.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to use money from vacant positions, seconded by Commissioner Lyde.

Commissioner Tullos said this was smoke and mirror budgeting. Now we're starting to switch money, when we don't even know what the dollar amount is. This is not sound financial planning.

Further discussion ensued and culminated with Chairman Hardman saying that we are caught in an embarrassing situation. He would like to see the motion and second withdrawn, and have Mr. Gilmour look wherever there is extra money and come back to the Board as soon as possible with the total amount of available funds. Then the Commissioners would know exactly where we stand and can proceed from there.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Miller, to defer and not include Item 15 in that deferral. Unanimous.


Closing of South Palm Drive

Consider closing a portion of South Palm Drive, where it intersects with Glynn Marsh Subdivision. (Per Board's 9/7/95 directive).

Ray Richard outlined the situation, illustrating on a map the two places where the road could be closed. One at the end of South Palm Drive and the other right before Glynn Marsh Circle turns into Village Circle.

James Yancy, Attorney, stated that he was retained by citizens speaking in favor of the closing. Listing a number of safety hazards, Mr. Yancy urged the Commissioners to close this road for the safety of the entire community.

Eric Lyons spoke in favor of closure. He stated this was not being requested for the benefit of one side of the community against the other, as the newspapers had suggested. It is good for entire community.

Ms. Sally Parker, who lives on South Palm, spoke in favor of the closing. Ms. Parker named several reasons to close street. Number of cars, speeding, drug deals, safety of children, etc.

Glenda Blocker spoke in favor of closing, stating she had lived in the area for 19 years and paid taxes for that amount of time. Ms. Blocker said she deserved a neighborhood where she could just get outside and walk down the road if she wanted to.

Barbara Holland stated that the neighborhood wanted the road closed to lessen the traffic and allow them to feel safer in their homes.

Joy Hall stated she had lived in neighborhood for 15 years, and listed reasons of reduced traffic, reduced crime, reduced junk and trash being dumped, and safety for children as reasons for closing the road. Ms. Hall stated a slight inconvenience was a small price to pay for a safer community.

Chairman Hardman asked if there was any one to speak against closing.

Everett Allen stated he lived in the Village Circle area and in the 7 years he has lived there, he's only seen 2 accidents. Closing the road would be an inconvenience to 95% of the people, and those people would end up going through the Buckingham route and create another problem in that area.

Tim Hutchens, resident of Westminster Apartments, said the only problem was on South Palm itself. People cannot fly through those curves. Mr. Hutchens said that the Police Department regularly patrols Altama Avenue, and the people who live on South Palm, Carteret, Charles, etc., deserve to have the quickest response time possible when in need of a Police Officer. Both sanitation trucks and school buses would have to be rerouted.

Charles McMillan spoke against the closing, because of commercial investments at South Palm and Highway 17. The investment was made because of the connection to Altama from Highway 17, and would suffer great loss if the connection was severed.

Ann Brown, who lives on Tiffany Lane, and has seen 3 mobile homes burned down because of poor response time. There are also several elderly people who live in that area and needs EMS Service.

Shirley Martin, who lives at 100 North Palm Drive, stated that they have had to call the police several times because of disturbances in the neighborhood, and the response time has very good, but they are coming from Altama. Same with the Fire Department.

Carol Stokes, has lived on North Palm Drive for 1 years, expressed concern for response time for both police and fire.

Chairman Hardman asked Chief Alexander for his comments. The Chief stated that they need the road to remain open for response time. He also still feels that more stop signs would be beneficial.

Commissioner Gunn said she would like to hear from Ray Richard. Mr. Richard stated he doesn't feel stop signs are the appropriate solution. They cause a lot of new problems. Mr. Richard recommends that the road remain open.

Commissioner Gunn asked about speed bumps and why they are illegal. Gary Moore said it was state law, but thinks that maybe rumble strips could help.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland to put 4-way stop at Carteret, a 3-way stop at North Palm, and to have couple of "Children Playing" in appropriate places and leave the road open, seconded by Commissioner Lynn.

Commissioner Gunn said she would like to add that a study be done to see it the situation improves.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland to put 4-way stop at Carteret, a 3-way stop at North Palm, and to have couple of "Children Playing" in appropriate places and leave the road open and a study done to determine the success of this action, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Motion passes 5-2, with Commissioners Lyde and Miller opposed.


Proclamation recognizing October as "Arts and Humanities Month." Chairman Hardman read the following Proclamation:


WHEREAS, the Arts and Humanities enhance and enrich the lives of Americans; and

WHEREAS, the Arts and Humanities affect every aspect of life in America today including the economy, social problem solving, job creation, education, creativity, and community livability; and

WHEREAS, a coalition of 42 national Arts and Humanities organizations representing over 23,000 cultural organizations has formed the National Cultural Alliance to develop a multi-year public awareness campaign on the availability and importance of the humanities and arts to all Americans; and

WHEREAS, the month of October has been designated as National Arts and Humanities Month; and

WHEREAS, the nation's 23,000 cultural arts organizations, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the nation's 3,800 local arts agencies, the arts and humanities council of the 50 states and U.S. jurisdictions, and the President of the United States will be encouraged to participate in this celebration and in the public awareness campaign; and

WHEREAS, the Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association is coordinating cultural events and promoting all local arts and humanities organizations through an advertising campaign and other publicity;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Jack Hardman, Chairman of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners, do hereby proclaim the month of October 1995 as Arts and Humanities Month and urge our citizens to participate in and celebrate the varied cultural arts and humanities activities available to them throughout the month.



Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to adopt. Unanimous.

Helen Alexander received the Proclamation for Golden Island Arts and Humanities Association, and introduced Bryan Thompson, who is a consultant for the Georgia Council for the Arts. Mr. Thompson spoke briefly on volunteerism.


Drainage Improvements

Presentation by County Engineer on Drainage Improvements. Ray Richard outlined several locations where drainage work needed to be done, the majority of which could be performed by Public Works personnel, at an estimated cost of $16,940 for materials only. There were, however, two locations where the repairs were extensive, expensive, and needed to go out for bid. One at Old Jesup Road at the Railroad, at an estimated cost of $175,000. The second location was the Frederica Road Outfall, at an estimated cost of $26,000, for a total cost of $201,000.

Commissioner Strickland asked if it would be possible to take some of the SPLOST money, originally allocated for other St. Simons Island projects which the citizens did not want performed, and use it for these necessary repairs.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to use SPLOST money budgeted for Island turn lanes for these repairs. Unanimous.

Buck Swamp Road Improvements

Ray Richard described the situation, whereby DOT trucks hauling dirt from a borrow pit off of Buck Swamp Road had caused some erosion problems and the road, which was just paved approximately 5 years ago, is in need of resurfacing. Mr. Richard was seeking permission for he and Keith Flanagan to approach the DOT to undertake this project at their expense, since their contractor's trucks did the damage.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to approve. Unanimous.

Piping Petition

Authorize Piping Petitions for Ben Nelson and James Smith, with the usual 70/30 split.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to approve. Unanimous.

Wetlands Permit on Jetport Road

Authorize Permit Application to Army Corps of Engineers for Wetlands Permit on Jetport Road Project.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve. Unanimous. (Commissioner Lyde out of room)

Position Upgrade

Consider position upgrade for Bobby Carter, Director of Communications, County Police Department 911 System.

Commissioner Lyde briefly outlined why she was in favor of upgrading this position. Dave Bandy stated that upon initial investigation he was not in favor of upgrade because he was currently in the market range, but since the whole department was receiving upgrade, it seemed right that he should get one also.

Commissioner Strickland stated that this employee was not receiving any additional work or responsibilities to warrant a pay adjustment, and he could not support the upgrade.

Discussion ensued with the consensus of opinion being that this one position should not be separated from the others, and be included in the overall picture.

Public Defender's Office Lease

Consider lease agreement renewal for Public Defender's Office, 600 "G" Street. Item deferred until Mr. Flanagan could be present.

County Water Service Policy

Robert Spaulding, Eastridge Drive off of Cate Road, to discuss water service and County Policy regarding deposits.

Mr. Spaulding described an incident whereby he requested that service be cut off and his $50 deposit returned. He was told that the service could not be cut off, but his deposit could be refunded if a request was made in writing. Mr. Spaulding did as requested, but still has not received his refund.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to have the water turned off and deposit refunded. Unanimous.


Commissioner Gunn stated she had tried to get in touch with Ed Able with regard to the hurricane that was heading our way, and was told he was in Albuquerque. Ms. Gunn had several questions about Mr. Able's pay, responsibilities, frequency of travel, etc.

Chairman Hardman stated, that with all due respect to Commissioner Gunn, this was an item to be discussed in Executive Session.

Commissioner Lynn stated he had met with the people of Brookman Community and they had several requests of the County as follows:

1. They would like a sway car at no charge for a community cleanup.

2. They would like cable t.v. service.

3. They would like pest (mosquito) control.

Commissioner Lynn asked staff to look into these matters and get back with him, so he could advise the people accordingly.

Gary Moore stated that we have received permission to set taxes on the '95 digest, pending appeals. The article in tonight's paper stated that he has said the "people of Glynn County were getting a free ride." Mr. Moore stated this was a misquotation.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to adjourn to Executive Session, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.