THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

INVOCATION by Gary Moore



Chairman Hardman read a Proclamation to Hercules, Inc., honoring them for their contribution to the community on the occasion of their 75th Anniversary. Mr. Hardman presented the framed Proclamation to David Smith, Manager of Hercules, who in turn thanked the County for the support they have given over the years.


Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, July 18, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Wednesday, July 26, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, August 1, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, August 3, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Monday, August 14, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, August 15, 1995.

Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, August 17, 1995.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to approve subject to corrections. Unanimous.


Consider request of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. to have October 12, 1995 be designated "Bird Day".

Commissioner Tullos said that the Cassina Garden Club is here to request that St. Simons Island be designated a Bird Sanctuary, and that Ms. Laramore would like to address the Commission regarding same. Ms. Laramore read the Garden Club's petition to the County.

With the purpose of stimulating and sustaining interest in an active protection of our birds, we respectfully petition that you formally proclaim the Island of Saint Simons a "Bird Sanctuary," with suitable laws for protecting all our birds from molestation, wounding, and slaughter by hand-thrown missiles, traps, shooting, etc., or the robbing of their nests. We further request that you give the Cassina Garden Club permission to place at the entrance of the island a suitable plaque stating that St. Simons Island is a bird sanctuary, as an appeal and reminder to tourists and natives alike.

Commissioners Lynn and Strickland asked if they were also referring to game birds. If so, we're going to have a lot of angry hunters.

Commissioner Tullos said that the Garden Club's resolution refers to "suitable laws," and they were not trying to infringe on any hunter's rights, etc., therefore, he would like to make a motion.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to designate St. Simons Island a "Bird Sanctuary" and October 12, 1995 as "Bird Day,". Unanimous.

Commissioners Tullos and Hardman asked County staff to work with the Garden Club to find a suitable place for their sign.


Altama Avenue/US Highway 17 Connector

Review of proposals for alternative traffic routes between Altama Avenue and Darien Highway (US 17).

Ray Richard passed out a map and illustrated with the overhead projector two alternative routes. The first alternative is along Culligan Drive, on up through Glynn Marsh, and connecting with Altama Connector at Altama Avenue. The second alternative is along a current drainage canal just south of South Palm Drive. The cost involved for the first alternative to purchase the necessary property and right of way, and to construct a two lane road is estimated at 1.2 million dollars. The second alternative would consist of piping the drainage canal, then constructing a road on top is estimated at 5 million.

Chairman Hardman said we were receiving this for informational purposes, and asked for comments from the Commissioners.

Commissioner Tullos stated that last month we passed a motion to hold Public Hearings regarding the closing of South Palm Drive, and wanted to know when we were going to hold the hearings.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to have Public Hearings on the closing of South Palm Drive at the Tuesday, October 3, 1995 Meeting, at 6:30 p.m. Unanimous.

Club Elder

Review of alternative ingress/egress routes for Club Elder site being developed by Holiday Associates, Inc., Glynn Marsh Subdivision.

Using the same map, Mr. Richard pointed out Mr. Klinowski's proposed alternative access for his project, which is from the south side, across the drainage canal at Cornwall Street. After much discussion it was the consensus of the Commission that Mr. Klinowski would have to bring the proposed changes back to the Board under another rezoning.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Miller, to table this request until it is brought back as a rezoning request, at which time the only fees imposed would be the cost of advertising. Unanimous.

Frederica Road Lift Station

Discussion of relocation of sewerage main line serving Lift Station 3 along Frederica Road.

Mr. Richard illustrated, by overhead projector, the proposed relocation of the sewer main along Frederica. What he is seeking, is permission to move the existing bike paths as far away from the road as possible, in order to accommodate proposed turn lanes along Frederica, should they every come about in the future.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos that we take Engineer's advice, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.

The Commons at Frederica

Approval of Final Subdivision Plat for "The Commons at Frederica," from Sonid Development Company.

Dan Reuter presented the subdivision for Final Plat Approval. Preliminary Plat was approved in February of this year. They have met all requirements to date. Mr. John Dinos, from Sonid Development Company was present.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to approve.

Keith Flanagan mentioned potential a problem with water hookups. Mr. Benson addressed this item. He stated in the past what happens is once people get their building permits, they want a water meter installed to help with construction. Water meters are not installed until the Department is furnished with a set of as-builts. Mr. Dinos stated that he wants to be issued a building permit, but not be issued a water meter until all improvements are made and specifications met, and as-builts furnished.

Commissioner Gunn stated that she wanted to make sure that the lighting only adequately lights up the entrance of the subdivision and not the entire Island.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to approve, subject to above conditions. Unanimous.

Butler Plantation

Approval of Final Subdivision Plat for "Butler Plantation," developed by North End Partners.

Mr. Reuter presented the subdivision, stating all improvements have made and all specifications have been met.

Commissioner Tullos asked who are North End Partners? Frank DeLoach, representing the partnership, stated that it was he and Bill and Larry Kilgallon.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland to approve, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Unanimous.

Barnes Plantation Apartments

Site Plan Approval for "Barnes Plantation Apartments," developed by Real Estate Development Partnership.

Mr. Reuter described the 160 apartment complex. There will be 16 units on acres. The Planning Commission unanimously recommends approval, subject to terms and conditions specified in presentation (attached hereto).

Commissioner Gunn questioned the necessity of accel/decel lanes. Ray Richard stated that there were no accel lanes, only decel.

Commissioner Gunn also wanted to know how this impacted the Lyons' property and their existing drainage problem. Mr. Gilmour stated that the problem with the Lyon's property was already in the process of being addressed, and would continue to be taken care of whether or not this project was approved.

Commissioner Miller asked if there was some way we could guarantee these people some protection. Mr. Gilmour said that it was his understanding from the information supplied, that should the County want a third opinion from an outside engineering firm, that it would be done at the County's expense.

Discussion ensued, with Mr. Ray Lyons expressing his and his neighbor's concerns regarding the potential drainage problem. Ms. Nancy Thomason expressed similar concerns.

The Board heard from both Ray Richard, County Engineer, and Ray Pittman of Thomas & Hutton Engineering Firm out of Savannah, engineers for the developers. Both engineers expressed support of the plans as designed.

Tad Meeks spoke in opposition to the accel/decel lane.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve subject to the County Engineer's recommendation.

Commissioner Miller wanted to hear from Lee Noel, from the Planning Commission. Mr. Noel stated that he was the one who recommended that a third party engineer be retained to assure those individuals who were afraid this development would adversely affect their existing drainage problems, would not be so affected. Mr. Noel is even more convinced now that this should be done.

Chairman Hardman asked Ray Richard for an estimate of what a third party engineer would cost. Mr. Richard responded, from $1,000-$3,000. Mr. Hardman asked Mr. Weiderhold, the Developer, if they would agree to pay 1/2 the cost for a third engineer. Mr. Weiderhold said they would be delighted to do so.

The motion was amended to include this provision.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve subject to the County Engineer's recommendation and subject to a third engineer's input. Unanimous.

Glynco Parkway

Consider request by Braniger Corporation for permission to construct a section of Glynco Parkway.

Keith Flanagan addressed the Commissioners, stating that in August of this year he met with the DOT to request a County Contract for four-laning a section of Glynco Parkway. In doing so, we asked that an estimate be prepared. Braniger did so and came up with a cost of $800,000. The DOT only agreed to issue a County Contract in the amount of $165,000, and Braniger cannot pay the remaining $435,000 do to this entire stretch of roadway. They are asking the DOT and Glynn County for authorization to proceed on their own to do the first 800-1,000 feet. They will use the Thomas & Hutton design, which includes County and DOT specifications. They would like to proceed as soon as possible.

In addition to this, Mr. Flanagan was requesting from the Commissioners the following items:

1. That he receive authorization to ask DOT to rescind the County Contract, and

2. That he can continue to negotiate with DOT on the Jetport Road Contract.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to approve. Unanimous, Chairman Hardman out of room.


Consider request of Mr. Jim Meadows, representing St. Simons United Methodist Church, to remove large oak tree on County property.

Randy Dobson said the tree was good and doesn't need to come down. Mr. Richard, Mr. Alkire, and Mr. Horton all agree tree should stay.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to accept Tree Board recommendation. Unanimous.


Consider issuance of 1995 Alcoholic Beverage License for CJ's Italian Restaurant Northside, 3600 North Frederica Road, St. Simons Island, Georgia. LICENSE FOR CONSUMPTION OF BEER AND WINE ON PREMISES. SUNDAY SALES PERMITTED.

Commissioner Gunn read a letter from Dick Wiederhorn in support of this request, and stating why this request differs from a recent request from a convenience store. A copy of Mr. Wiederhorn's letter is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Motion passed 6-1, with Commissioner Lynn opposing.


Commissioner Gunn

Commissioner Gunn read an article in the Atlanta having a drive-thru flu shot. She wants Mr. Gilmour to check on possibly doing something like this for our senior citizens and others.

Chairman Hardman

Chairman Hardman said that we had applied for and received 5 or 6 radio channels in the 800 MHz range, which are going to have to be upgraded in the future. Mr. Hardman said the Fire Department would like to go before the Finance Committee to discuss this.

Chairman Hardman said that we had received recommendations from the Tree Board to cut down some bad trees, and while he is confident these recommendations were necessary, he thinks we should hold public hearings on same.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to go to public hearings, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Commissioner Lynn

Commissioner Lynn has information to turn over to the County Attorney regarding the legality of the Aquamuseum going on public property.

Commissioner Strickland

Commissioner Strickland said he only had one thing, directed at Ray Richard. He has received several phone calls about the dirt roads not being graded with all of the recent rain fall. Mr. Richard said the graders ran on Saturday and it takes about one week to complete all the roads.

Commissioner Tullos

Commissioner Tullos said that recently we discussed zoning appeals. The Zoning Appeals Board wants to be kept informed about changes that are made.




Mr. Moore stated that we need to readopt the Emergency 911 monthly charge on telephones for 1996.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to readopt. Unanimous.


Mr. Gilmour stated that Georgia Pacific wants to have a picnic for all City and County employees. It will be on October 20, 1995 at 12:00 noon at Howard Coffin Park.

Mr. Gilmour stated we have had two cave-ins on sewer lines. One near Gisco Seafood and the other on Sea Island Causeway. Both were imminent health hazards and we got a qualified contractor, Douglas Electric, to make repairs. The first one is estimated to cost $9,000-$10,000 and the second one $10,000-$15,000, and comes from the water and sewer fund. We need a motion to approve these two emergency items.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to approve. Unanimous.

Mr. Gilmour read a resolution regarding turn lanes in Districts 11 and 13 on St. Simons Island. The resolution is made a part of these minutes. There will be no turn lanes, with two exceptions, as stated.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to approve, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.

Mr. Gilmour asked for authorization to proceed with a Piping Petition for a Mr. & Mrs. Taylor on Macqueen Street in Oglethorpe Manor.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to approve, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.


Motion by Commissioner Lynn to adjourn to Executive Session, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.