TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ABSENT: Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Johnson Capt. Jerry Blakeborough

Chief Carl Alexander Ray Richard

Robert Benson Capt. Jack Hopper Don Long Gary Moore

Dave Bandy Ellis Carter

Leland Moore Hugh Leggett

Charles Lewis Florence Dees

Ed Able

INVOCATION by Milton Lynn



Airport Commission

Gary Moore said that in addition to his regular report, he would like to draw the Board's interest to Item #3 under the Consent Agenda:

Recommend acceptance of Federal Grant offer and State Contract for Airfield Lighting at McKinnon Airport, and Taxiway Lighting at Glynco, at no cost to the County, per request of the Glynn County Airport Commission.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to accept grant offer and contract for Airport improvements. Unanimous.

Tree Advisory Board

Randy Dobson stated at the Tree Board's last meeting held September 12, 1995, they took action to recommend removal of the on the following trees, which are all on County right of way property:

Bobby Beardon, Ellis Point, three trees.

Pamela Cottingham, 4523 New Jesup Highway, four trees.

Bob Benson, pump station on Mallory Street, one huge oak tree, in serious condition.

541 Bartow Street, one sweet gum tree.

Jacqueline Hahne, 1415 Windward Drive, four tall oaks with no limbs.

Mr. Dobson said that another project they had been working on was a tree protection plan. He said water and sewer projects in the past, especially along Kingsway, have caused severe damage to the trees and their root system, and he will be very surprised if we don't lose some of the trees. The tree protection plan is a joint project of the Tree Board and the Water and Sewer Department in an effort to prevent further damage in the future.

Mr. Dobson informed the Commissioners that the Georgia Forestry Commission and the Georgia Urban Forestry Council is holding it's 7th Annual Urban Park Conference in Macon on October 11, 12 and 13, 1995, and they have asked him to represent Glynn County on a panel of tree board members. Mr. Dobson would like permission to attend, at no cost to the County.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland for approval to attend conference at no cost to County, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous.

Planning Commission

Wayne Stewart stated the Planning Board was coming along very nicely, and they should have the first look at the Comprehensive Plan at their November meeting. After that, they would hold their public hearings and get the Plan to the Commission, on schedule, sometime in early March.


Authorize St. Simons United Methodist Church to sell pumpkins at Demere Annex.

Authorization for Brent Kerns to receive a one time, use of right of way permit for an eagle scout project.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve both items. Unanimous.


Economic Incentive Program Loan

Authorization for the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority to re-amortize an EIP Loan with Interior Products.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve. Unanimous.

Police Department Education Requirements

Review employee comments concerning the education requirement for promotion to Lieutenant in the County Police Department.

Dave Bandy reported to Commissioners that, as a result of the Police Department Employee Hearings, by a show of hands the overwhelming majority wanted to drop two year Associates Degree requirement for promotion to Lieutenant.

Chief Alexander passed out a copy of Glynn County Police Department Promotion Requirements as it exists today. The Chief stated this was a very fair, equitable promotion process. Eligibility requirements are based on a 450 point scale, totaling the cumulative scores in the elements of written test, longevity, education, POST advanced certifications, performance evaluations, outside interviews, and the Chief's discretion.

Chief Alexander's recommendation, if the Commission drops the two year education requirement, is that they double the number of points for the element of education, making the maximum attainable points 465.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to go to 465 point system. Unanimous.

Jail Pod Modification Bids

Authorize award of architectural/engineering contract for professional services for the jail pod modification.

Ellis Carter presented the bids to the Commissioners, the low bidder being W. S. Ledbetter, Brunswick, Georgia, in the amount of $15,928.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to award bid to the low bidder, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.

Surplus Hospital Equipment

Discussion of disposal of surplus hospital equipment from EMA facility.

Ed Able stated that back in the late 50's/early 60's the when Civil Defence was concerned primarily with nuclear war, they distributed to different government agencies hospital equipment to treat any survivors of such event. The equipment is outdated and antiquated, but is being bought by organizations such as MAP for distribution to third world countries. Mr. Able is seeking the Board's approval to seek bidders to purchase this equipment.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to seek bidders for the surplus equipment. Unanimous.

Piping Petition

Consider Piping Petition for Merle C. Morgan.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to approve. Unanimous.

Adoption of CGRDC Resolution

Adoption of Resolution supporting the retention of the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center, attached and made a part of these minutes.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to adopt resolution. Unanimous.

Demere Annex Rental Space

Authorize reduction in rental space used by the Veterans of Foreign Wars at Demere Annex.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, Commissioner Lynn to request VFW vacate space being used. Unanimous.

DNR Fine

Discuss $15,000 fine from Georgia Department of Natural Resources regarding St. Simons Water and Sewer Department.

Commissioner Strickland stated that, as a result of writing to the State, they have reduced the fine from $22,000 to $15,000. However, this money still has to come out of the taxpayer's pockets. Commissioner Strickland said what he wanted to know was, who is responsible for these spills. Is it a designer, an engineer, or what? Someone we can go back to and try to recoup some of this money.

Mr. Benson said that he had received a memo from the County Attorney, asking to be brought up to date on some of these items. Mr. Benson replied to Gary Moore in memo form this morning. Mr. Moore stated that after he has had time to look at the memo, he will come back to the Board with recommendations.


Commissioner Gunn

Commissioner Gunn said she had a phone call from a citizen who was very upset because he had to pay a water deposit. He stated that only Island citizens were required to do this and that he did not have to pay a deposit on the mainland.

Mr. Benson said that everyone using county water is charged a deposit, regardless of where they live.

Commissioner Gunn stated that she had requests from several individuals who would like to have the gates to the beach opened at 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. She has checked with Chief Nazzrie and he doesn't have any problems. Chief Alexander stated it was a matter of policy.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to open beach gates at 6:00 a.m. Unanimous.

Commissioner Lyde

Commissioner Lyde asked about letter to Carol Browner, with EPA.

Commissioner Lyde stated that the "L" Street Project has been going on for far too long now. Something needs to be done, especially about the drainage and odor problems. We need to move on, even if the City doesn't want to participate.

Commissioner Lynn

Commissioner Lynn said he had received a request from a Chris Coursen, regarding the widening of I-95 from Exit 7 to Exit 6. Mr. Coursen is requesting that a letter be sent to DOT to ask them to put in some noise berms while they are doing this project.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to send letter to DOT. Unanimous.

Commissioner Lynn said we have been approached by Camden County with regard to expanding our water and sewer system into Camden County. Camden is expecting major growth at Exit 6. What they are looking for right now is our support in the form of a letter to Wayne Shackleford at DOT.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to write a letter of support to the DOT. Motion passed 5-1, with Commissioner Strickland opposing due to lack of information.

Commissioner Strickland

Commissioner Strickland stated the only thing he had was a request for Ray Richard to provide him with a status report on how well the new eight-man crew was doing with regard to cleaning out the County ditches.

Commissioner Tullos

An item regarding possible litigation for Executive Session.

Chairman Hardman

Chairman Hardman stated the County operates almost nine months out of every year without collecting any revenue from the taxpayers. In order to do this, we have to borrow operating capital, which is known as Tax Anticipation Notes, or "tans". Chairman Hardman said that this year, because of the large number of tax appeals, the State is not going to accept our digest, so we have a number of things that we have to set in motion in order to able to continue to operate. Chairman Hardman said he had discussed this with Gary Moore and had asked him to come up with recommendations on how to proceed.

Mr. Moore explained that the usual process was to prepare the tax digest and get it approved by the State Revenue Commissioner in Atlanta. The tax bills are sent out around October 20th of each year and are due December 20th. This process allows us to receive the money we need in before the end of the year and, therefore, repay our "tans" which are due December 31st. Because of the large number of appeals (8,000+), we know that our digest in not going to be approved. In order to be able to continue operating until the appeals are settled, we need to petition the superior court to make an immediate and temporary tax assessment.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lynn, to petition the superior court to make an immediate and temporary tax assessment based on the 1995 values. Unanimous.

Mr. Moore stated that he needed another motion to provide the funds to file this petition.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to fund the court cost and any other costs associated with filing the petition from the Commissioner's Discretionary Fund. Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to adjourn. Unanimous.