PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Becky Rowell, Solid Waste Services

Don Long, Tax Assessor

Chief Carl Alexander, Police Department

Bob Benson, Water and Sewer

Dan Reuter, Planning and Zoning

Chief Carl Johnson, Fire Department

Charles Lewis, Finance

Florence Dees, Tax Commissioner

ABSENT: Commissioner Virginia Gunn

INVOCATION by Gary Moore


LCP Chemical site update

Paul Peronard, EPA On-Site Coordinator presented an update on the work being performed at the LCP Chemical site.

Mr. Peronard stated that removal of dirt off the site is scheduled to begin September 18, 1995. Excavation should take 6 to 8 months to complete. Exit road will be located on the Georgia Pacific road.

Demolition of cell building begins this week. Removal of the cells themselves will be slow process. After removal of the buildings, the contaminated soil, located in the vicinity of the buildings, will be removed off site. This should take 8 months to 1 year.

By March 1996, a plan for actual removal of contaminated portions of the Marsh should be in place.

Mr. Peronard stated that he had received several phone call regarding what impact the Federal Budget deadline would have on the clean up activities at the site.

If the budget is not in place by October 1, 1995, all essential personal will be furloughed and the Coast Guard will be monitoring activities with a check list.

He stated he has also made arrangements regarding the Government Debt Ceiling.

One major concern is the circle of law for Superfund expires December 31, 1995. Some versions of the liability scheme could change for those companies currently involved in the clean up.

Commissioner Lynn asked if Ms. Browner still planned on coming?

Mr. Peronard stated Ms. Browner would not be coming because of re-authorization issues.

Commissioner Lyde asked about destruction of the marsh.

Mr. Peronard stated that they would excavate the contaminated material with a backhoe and do some type of restoration.


Finance Committee

b). Recommend the liability limits of the Risk Management Program for the coverage on the county helicopters be set at $5,000,000 and payment of the additional premium of $6,750 be approved. (VOTE 2-0-0)

c). Recommend that all bids to conduct a Historical Survey of the unincorporated areas of Glynn County be rejected and staff authorized to revise the RFP specifications and re-issue the RFP. (Vote 2-0-0)

d). Recommend that the 1st year option to extend the Contract with the Glynn County Board of Health to provide medical services to the inmates at the Detention Center be exercised. (VOTE 2-0-0)

e). Recommend that a public auction be held on Saturday, October 14, 1995 to sell surplus County property. (VOTE 2-0-0)

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Miller to approve the above with the exception of item a). Unanimous.

Personnel Committee

b). Recommend approval of a change in the current pre-employment physical efficiency battery for firefighter applicants (to NFPA 1583 Standard) as recommended by Fire Chief Johnson. (VOTE 3-0)

c). Recommend approval of a change in the employment status of an employee in the Board of Elections Office (from temporary to part-time) as recommended by the Board of Elections. (VOTE 3-0)

d). Recommend approval of a 5% step increase only for an employee of the Airport Commission, which recommended a two-step increase. (VOTE 3-0)

e). Recommend approval of the request of the Police Chief to change the pay plan for Animal Control Officers based on competitive market data, and approval of adjustments in the current pay of the following Animal Control Officers: (VOTE 3-0)

Johnson $62.00

Howell $747.00

Noble $747.00

Bagley $1082.00

f). Recommend approval of the request of an employee to charge 16 hours to sick leave rather than annual leave due to the serious illness of an immediate family member who was hospitalized here during the employee's vacation.(VOTE 3-0)

g. Recommend approval of an assignment incentive bonus of $25 per week for Investigators of the Police Department only for the duration of their assignment as an Investigator with the Metro Drug Squad and Criminal Investigation Services. (VOTE 3-0)

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Strickland, to approve the above with the exception of item a). Unanimous.


a). Recommend approval of a request by the Chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors to be reimbursed $515.06 for lodging expenses incurred in Glynn County while attending a GAAO Conference on Jekyll Island. (VOTE 2-0-0) removed for discussion.

Commissioner Strickland stated this item goes against current county policy.

Commissioner Lynn stated that the Board should not pay this item.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland to deny payment of the $515.06 lodging expenses. Unanimous.

Commissioner Tullos stated these types of things need to be discussed in budget hearings, prior to meeting.

Commissioner Miller asked Don Long why this is happening for the second time.

Don Long stated Tommie Cashin, Chairman of the Board of Tax Assessors, wasn't here tonight and he could not answer for her.

Commissioner Lynn stated it was not an issue of money, but policy. It goes against current county policy.

Chairman Hardman stated the Board has denied this for others. We can't do it for one if not for others.

4a). Recommend consideration of a request from the Sea Island Company to provide mowing, trash pick-up and trimming of 1.52 miles of Sea Island Causeway with reimbursement at the County's current cost. Staff directed to have additional information available for Tuesday's meeting. (VOTE 2-0-0)

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Lynn, to approve mowing, trash pick-up and trimming of 1.52 miles of Sea Island Causeway by Sea Island Company. Vote 5 to 1 with Chairman Hardman voting against.

Chairman Hardman stated he thinks the item should go out for bid.

Gary Moore stated it should go out for bid and the process should take about 4 weeks.

Mr. Mark Owens from Sea Island provided the Board with a list services.

b). Defer to the full Commission's Tuesday meeting to consider the purchase of a Compactor for use at the Cate Road Landfill. (VOTE 2-0-0)

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Tullos to approve purchase of a Compactor from Carlton Company in the amount of $152,342 for the Cate Road Landfill. Unanimous.

c). Defer to the full Commission's Tuesday meeting to consider awarding the bid to provide wrecker service to the County. (VOTE 2-0-0)

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Tullos to award bid to All State Wrecker Services. Unanimous.

d). Received a report from Mr. Don Long, Tax Assessor, about the delay in registering for the CAAO Conference which resulted in an additional $350 conference fees for the seven participants. Mr. Long was reminded how important it is to spend the taxpayer's money wisely and was informed that this was not such.

Mr. Don Long addressed the Board and apologized for poor use of funds.

Mr. Walter Cordele stated an objection if it was allowed.

e). Received a report from Mr Olan Chancy, Mosquito Control, on the need for three (3) helicopters. By a vote of 2-0-0 the Committee agreed to continue with the use of the three (3) helicopters.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Tullos, to approve the continued use of three (3) helicopters. Unanimous.


3a). Recommend approval of the proposal from the Board of Tax Assessors for temporary help to assist it with the appeal process and preparation of the tax digest at an estimated cost of $8000 from the contingency fund plus $2000 for overtime payments to the existing staff. (VOTE 3-0)

Commissioner Lynn stated he was opposed because they caused their own problem.

Commissioner Strickland stated there was a need, but was unhappy about spending the tax payers money. Commissioner Strickland asked if this is just a portion of what it will cost for Tax Re-valuation. He stated that appeals are being process and lots of money will be spent for County legal representation.

Commissioner Tullos stated he had a problem with spending money that is not in the budget. He stated the only way he would approve it is if the money came out of the Commissioners Discretionary Fund.

Commissioner Lynn asked if this was a state mandated re-evaluation.

Mr. Moore stated this was a state mandated re-valuation.

Commissioner Lynn suggested a letter to the State Legislature opposing this mandate be prepared and sent.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, second by Commissioner Lyde to approve additional funds for temporary staff for Tax Assessors office. Vote 5 to 1 with Commissioner Lynn voting against.

Approve letter from the Glynn County Board of Commissioners to the Board of Tax Assessors.

Chairman Hardman read letter from the Commissioners addressed to the Board of Tax Assessor.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland, approving letter form and authorization to send it to the Board of Tax Assessors. Unanimous.

5. To recommend keeping the current educational requirement of at least an Associate's degree to be eligible for promotion and above in the Police Department, and not to offset this requirement with additional work experience. (VOTE 2-1)

Commissioner Lyde stated this requirement is not fair. Other companies allow substitution of work experience for education.

Commissioner Lynn stated there should be some kind of compromise between work experience and educational background.

Chairman Hardman stated the Board put into place a policy to give educational assistance and reimbursement of tuition for college credits.

Commissioner Strickland stated this policy is already in place and should stay in place.

Commissioner Tullos stated the promotion is to Lieutenant and above.

Commissioner Miller stated we went through the time and expense of Federal Certification. I think we should support those who put forth the time and effort to further their education.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Strickland to keep the current educational requirement for promotion to Lieutenant and above in the Police Department. Vote 4 to 2 with Commissioners Lynn and Lyde opposed.



Commissioner Strickland stated there were reports of dissention between the City and County governments and there should be a joint meeting to discuss the allocation of SPLOST funds as soon as possible. He suggested the SPLOST committee write a letter to the City Commission.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, second by Commissioner Lynn, to schedule a joint meeting between City and County Commissioners to discuss SPLOST.

Commissioner Tullos stated a joint meeting should not be scheduled until it is determined what items are needed and ask for input from the City regarding those needed items.

Previous motion withdrawn by Commissioners Strickland.

Chairman Hardman suggested that staff, along with Commissioner Strickland, research the results of previous straw poll regarding SPLOST and come back with some specific recommendations.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Strickland, that Commissioner Lyde be added as a member of the SPLOST subcommittee. Members of the subcommittee are Commissioners Lynn, Miller and Lyde. Unanimous.


Commissioner Tullos stated the County would be receiving a $1000 refund from Bulk Consultants for over payment of a study involving the Fire Fighters retirement.


Ridgewood Well Improvements

Resolution authorizing entering into an agreement with Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority. Loan in the amount of $726,640.00 for Ridgewood Well improvements.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland, to enter into an agreement with the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority. Unanimous.

Sandcastle Subdivision St. Simons

Mr. Bob Benson gave a report answering some of Mr. Anderson's questions regarding sewerage issues in Sandcastle Subdivision.

911 System

Mr. Gilmour stated one of the issues discussed 911 board, was the fair distribution of cost to operate 911 system. Should cost be born by subscribers. Should Coastal EMS have to bear some of the costs of the 911 system.

Chief Johnson handed out a breakdown of the cost of communications equipment installation and maintenance.

Chairman Hardman asked Chief Johnson and Mr. Gilmour to get together with some total figures and come back with recommendations.


Commissioner Miller asked if there was a report on the Glynn Marsh issue. Also, has the Sheriff stated billing the City of at the new rate $40 for city prisoners.

Commissioner Lynn stated money allocated for scaling dock at Altamaha was less than expected and County should be getting some back.

Commissioner Tullos asked for update on Union Camp project. Mr. Flanagan met with Union Camp and reviewed some preliminary plans for the Jet Port Road. Mr. Flanagan is expecting to hear from the DOT regarding their dollar contribution. Mr. Flanagan also reviewed the plan for the 4 laneing of Glynco Parkway. EDA stated they would contribute $10-$15,000, Airport Commission $25,000 and $250,000 from school board.


Chief Alexander stated he needed direction from the Commissioner regarding changing the False Alarm Ordinance. This item is to be brought back to the Board on Thursday.

Report on tickets and warning issued on South Palm and Glynn Marsh. 127 tickets and 23 warnings have been issued since July 1, 1995. The 3-way stop signs have been installed.


New Years falls on Sunday, restaurants wants to know about shut down time.

Will have to get approval on use of property on BIRP. Get approval from Secretary of State should you desire to proceed.

Links Golf course at Neptune. Wants to put in vending machines for snacks. Gary to look into further and bring back.

Looked into problem with Cellular One and 911 system. As of today supposed to be resolving situation. Hopper, if for some reason we have a disaster at police station. If they have to throw switch to city, 911 will be cut off.




Motion by Commissioner Miller seconded by Commissioner Lyde to adjourn.