THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Johnson Capt. Jerry Blakeborough

Robert Benson Capt. Jack Hopper Denny Chunn Gary Moore

Dave Bandy Ellis Carter

INVOCATION by Gary Moore



Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, July 6, 1995.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve Minutes as written, subject to changes and corrections. Unanimous.


Airport Commission

Gary Moore stated that in addition to the information in the Commissioner's briefing package, he would like to report that they had a successful bid process this week. They had a $185,000 project, and all bids came in within $1,500 of each other. The low bidder was the local firm of Mitchell Construction.

Recreation Board

Cynthia Williams said the tiling of restrooms at BIRP is underway and looks beautiful. This will improve the rating of the campground.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

Chairman Hardman said he had received a letter from the Citizens Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee, which he will make a part of these minutes.

Tree Advisory Committee

Randy Dobson informed the Commissioners that the Tree Board had met three times since he was last before them. They will be meeting again on Tuesday, August 22, 1995 at the Casino for the final phase in the pilot program for the State. Mr. Dobson said he had attended a training seminar in Savannah put on by the Metropolitan Planning Commission for developers. The seminar was very educational and they hope to have something like that for the developers in Glynn County in the near future.

Mr. Dobson stated that at their last meeting they were approached by Jim Meadows from St. Simons United Methodist Church, who wanted to remove a large oak tree behind their building that was causing a drainage problem. The Tree Board, as a whole, made an on-site inspection of the tree and found it was a healthy tree, which did not need to come down and was not causing the problem. The Tree Board recommends that bulkheads be built around the tree. Mr. Dobson asked for the Commissioner's support in this matter.


Tax Assessors Office

As a result from the meeting between Assessors and Commissioners, the Assessors have agreed to go along with the recommendation of the Commissioners to take a look of everything that had an 11% or greater increase.

Pension Committee

Chairman Hardman said that he had inadvertently omitted the Pension Committee from the Citizens Committee Reports, because it wasn't on the Agenda. However, the Committee met on Wednesday, August 16, 1995, and Chairman Hardman asked Commissioner Tullos for a report.

Commissioner Tullos said the only recommendation from the Pension Committee was concerning the pension benefits for retirement at age 55, with 30 years of service. This could be funded by reducing the cost of living raises by .04 of a percentage point. Motion passed the Pension Committee with a 7-1-0 vote.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to grant benefit change to the retirement benefits with funding coming from the recommended source, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Motion passed 6-1-0, with Commissioner Strickland voting against motion.

RFP for Long Term Water Supply

Request to obtain RFP's for the Preparation of a Long Term Water Supply Report.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to advertise for RFP, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Unanimous.

Policy Direction on St. Simons Drainage Project

Termination of Policy Direction for drainage project on St. Simons Island. Mr. Gilmour described an existing drainage problem on St. Simons and asked for authorization to obtain easements to fix same.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to authorize staff to obtain required easements to fix erosion problem, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Altamaha Park Scaling Dock

Commissioner Lynn stated that the Altamaha Park Scaling Dock had been torn down because of the safety hazard and needs to be replaced. This is a County Park, but they have never asked us for any financial help in any way. Commissioner Lynn said he would like to see the County undertake the rebuilding of the dock, which would cost about $5,000 to do. This park is used by a great number of County Residents and fishing clubs.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to use $5,000 from the Discretionary Fund for the repair of the Altamaha Park Scaling Dock, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimous.

Georgia Forestry Commission

Frank Sorrels spoke briefly and informed Commissioners that Mr. John Mixon retired effective August 1, 1995, and the Governor appointed David Westmoreland as the new Director.

Proposed House Move

Ellis Carter presented for approval a proposed house move from 105 Glyndale Drive to 128 Glyndale Drive.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve the proposed house move and to reduce the $1,500 fee for same to $300, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.

Glynn Marsh Area

Glynn Marsh Area Update

Update on provision of County services in Glynn Marsh Area.

Captain Hopper said there were two recommendations to try to improve traffic situation. One was to put three-way stop signs at Glynn Marsh and the Mall Connector. The other was to put four-way stop signs at South Palm and Carteret.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve recommended signage, seconded by Commissioner Tullos.

Eric Lyons read a petition signed by homeowners of Glynn Marsh Subdivision requesting that Glynn Marsh Court be closed off.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve recommended signage, including "no through traffic" signs, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to take necessary steps to study the situation and have public hearings to consider closing off the streets, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous, Commissioner Lyde out of room.

St. Simons Water Tower Inspection

Report on St. Simons Island water tower inspection.

Chairman Hardman said that as a result of a comment made by Ms. Laura Bell at the Thursday, August 3, 1995, that the water towers were empty, he and Commissioner Lynn had made a inspection of all the water tanks the next day, and all were found to be 90+% full. Chairman Hardman also stated that he had subsequently received a letter from Ms. Bell, stating she was in error and had confused this with some information she had received earlier. She apologized for the error.


Sam Cofer to discuss tax revaluation. Mr. Cofer requested that the Commissioners put an article in the Brunswick News saying who was responsible for the revaluation. That it was not Florence Dees or the Commissioners.

S. C. Anderson

S. C. Anderson to discuss tax inequities in Sandcastle Subdivision, St. Simons Island, and substandard sewer installation. Mr. Anderson stated that he had not received the information requested from the Tax Assessors' Office enough time to address the tax inequities, however, he did wish to comment on the second half of his presentation.

Mr. Benson stated that it appeared that Mr. Anderson had a legitimate complaint regarding the substandard sewer installation, and he has directed staff to look into the situation. He will have a report to the Commissioners at their next meet.


Consider issuance of 1995 Alcoholic Beverage License for Ocean Forest Golf Club, 200 Ocean Road, Sea Island, Georgia. LICENSE FOR CONSUMPTION OF LIQUOR, BEER, AND WINE ON PREMISES. SUNDAY SALES PERMITTED.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Approved 6-1-0, Commissioner Lynn opposed.

Consider issuance of 1995 Alcoholic Beverage License for Otis' Country, 7808 New Jesup Highway, Brunswick, Georgia. LICENSE FOR BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE OF LIQUOR, BEER, AND WINE FOR CONSUMPTION ON PREMISES. SUNDAY SALES PROHIBITED.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Miller, to approve. Passed 6-1-0, Commissioner Lynn opposed.


Appointment of a representative to serve on the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center Board of Directors.

The Commissioners received two applications, one from Mary Harris and one from Joe Jaudon. Commissioner Strickland nominated Joe Jaudon, Commissioner Miller seconded. Chairman Hardman nominated Ms. Harris, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Secret ballot was taken, with Mr. Jaudon receiving the appointment with a 4-3 vote.

Appointment of a representative to serve on the Glynn County Board of Forestry.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to reappoint Roy Boyd, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Appointment of a representative to serve on the Glynn County Board of Family and Children Services.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to appoint Elaine T. Pannell, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous.


Commissioner Miller said he had heard on the radio that the City was not going to use our landfill, but are going to send it to Chapman's Waste Disposal on Habersham.

Commissioner Gunn reported on a Boy Scout project to put up signs designating the bikepath routes on St. Simons. The Scout thought it had been okayed, but it had not. He put up signs and the police took them down. Gary Moore said that we could not label a sidewalk a "bikepath" unless you were going to restrict pedestrian traffic.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve project subject to the correct wording, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous.

Commissioner Gunn said Ralph Graham of Sea Island Company to take over privatization of government services. The Sea Island Company would like to give Glynn County the opportunity to privatize part of its mowing operation, from Sea Island Causeway from Frederica Road to Sea Island. This item referred to Finance Committee.

Commissioner Gunn said the only other thing she had was the Coast Guard Station, which has already been taken care of. Gary Moore said the Coast Guard had just left the station on East Beach, and there were two ways to get the property. One is that they send us a formal notice that it is abandoned, or secondly, the building could just be abandoned for a year and then we could move in. It takes several months to go through the red tape to necessary to obtain the abandonment. What they have offered us in the interim is a license to use building. Mr. Moore said he would like Board approval to pursue the license with the Coast Guard, pending insurance clarification and without the "no fund raising activities" restriction being removed.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve request, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Commissioner Lyde said in an effort to keep Commission Meetings shorter, she would like to have the Department Heads removed from the Agendas, and have them report directly to the Administrator.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde to approve unless its an emergency, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Motion passed 6-1-0, with Commissioner Miller opposed.

Commissioner Tullos said he understood that Cellular One users get the actual Police Department and the recorded message when dialing 911, which kind of defeats the purpose of 911 to allow easy access for emergency services for the elderly and little children. Captain Hopper said that Cellular One has not made the necessary provisions with Southern Bell to get 911 access. Gary Moore will check into this matter.


Captain Hopper said the Chief wanted the Commissioners to be aware of incident that occurred Wednesday afternoon, with the two fourteen year old boys. One shot and killed the other. The other youth is being charged as an adult.




Keith Flanagan said he needed the approval of a Piping Petition between Lots 120 and 121, Newfield Street and behind Lot 10 Newfield Street, Harrison Point Subdivision. Usual 70/30 cost split.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.


Robert Benson passed out his written response to Commissioner Miller regarding the Magnolia Street sewer installation.

He also reported that at approximately 3:15 pm, Wednesday, August 16, 1995, the error bell on the wastewater treatment plant malfunctioned. They assessed the problem. Some solids went into Dunbar Creek. They're not sure how much. Commissioner Gunn asked if the EPA had been notified. Mr. Benson said not yet, but they would be.

Mr. Benson handed out a progress schedule on ongoing and future projects and a map of the Oak Street sewer replacement project.


Gary Moore stated he had some litigation items for Executive Session.


Commissioner Gunn said she wanted to report on "fencegate". The problem was resolved. Commissioners Miller and Tullos were also at the meeting. She said the meeting almost immediately developed into a near fist fight, but Commissioner Tullos stepped in and separated the two forces. They lowered the fence and put in a gate so Mr. Linton can go out and look at his ducks. Commissioner Gunn said that as far as she knew, "all fences have been mended."



Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to adjourn to Executive Session, and to adjourn for the night, if we don't come back out of Executive Session. Unanimous.