PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner Robert Strickland

Commissioner Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Alexander

Keith Flanagan, Public Works Director

Bob Benson, Water and Sewer

Dan Reuter, Planning and Zoning

Larry Ellison, Undersheriff

INVOCATION Commissioner Lynn



Commissioner Hardman reads suggestions of the other commissioners and codified some of the Roberts Rule of Order in an effort to expedite the meetings into the minutes:

1. Have all comments routed through the Chairman.

2. Outside of Delegations and Public Hearings, public comments limited to 2 (two) minutes and decide when enough is spoken.

3. In the case of Public Hearings comments 5 (five) minutes per person, 570 words with no repeats unless the Chair waves this for informational purposes.

4. Public will not be called on after a motion and a second have been accepted by the Chair.

5. The Consent Agenda expanded to include all day to day routine and business items whenever possible.

6. Administrator and Department Heads are to manage service business for Commissions and Public.


2. Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Tuesday, June 13, 1995.

3. Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting held Thursday, June 15, 1995.

4. Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held Monday, June 19, 1995.

5. Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held Tuesday, June 20, 1995.

6. Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held Wednesday, June 21, 1995.

7. Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held Thursday, June 22, 1995.

8. Approve Minutes of Called Meeting held Wednesday, June 28, 1995.

Items 2 through 8 already being adopted subject to corrections, and there being no corrections, no additional action was taken.


Recommend the liability limits of the Risk Management Program for the coverage of County helicopters be set at $5,000,000 and the additional premium of $6,750 be approved. (Vote: 2-1-0, Commissioner Lynn voted no.)

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Strickland to defer item back to staff for additional information. Unanimous.

Review of proposed letters to sanitation service users.

Letter is to include penalty for late and non payment, payment arrangement, amount other municipalities pay for disposal fees, and that fees are for source reduction.

No action necessary. None taken. Board agrees with proposed letter with the above modification.


Antique Car Club Show at Neptune Park. Request to close parking spaces between the two Casinos.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Miller that the parking lot between the two casinos be closed, the weekend only, for use by the Antique Car Club. Unanimous.


Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Tullos that $33,000 of the $180,000 be used for Cherry Lane.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn second by Commissioner Tullos to withdraw motion for $33,000 to be used for Cherry Lane. Staff to conduct study of roads that would be beneficial to the state and county, then bring matter back to the full Board for necessary action.

Recommend reimbursement of $150,000 to the City of Brunswick for Water and Sewer bill submitted to the Board for MLK Phase I project.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland to approve payment of $150,000 Water and Sewer bill to the City of Brunswick. Unanimous.


Memorandum from Mr. Benson to Commissioner Gunn regarding the motors on pumps 2 and 3 burning up during and August 2 storm. He also stated that construction on the Kings Way water main has been started.

Discussed construction of 10" water main on Demere Road with construction engineer.

Due to a conflict with the Airport Master Plan and airport dump sites, it was decided to go down Demere Road rather than through the airport dump sites

Beginning middle of August Valve survey study for Frederica Road will begin. This should be completed by the end of August with the results by September.

No water pressure complaints. The tanks are full.

Point of Privilege

The Board heard from Mrs. Frankie Quimby, founder and coordinator of the Georgia Sea Island Festival. Mrs. Quimby made a request in May that the Recreation department start the festival for 1995. Mrs. Quimby was informed that the Recreation department could not take the festival. Mrs. Quimby stated that her organization is currently looking for someone to take over the festival for 1996. She also stated that she would like certain guidelines established for conducting the festival.


Mr. Walter McNeely, Chairman of the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority, will appear before the Commission regarding the appointment of James B. Jordan and Jack E. Hartman to the Board of Governors of the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority.

Letter from Mr. McNeely to Chairman Hardman regarding appointment of James B. Jordan and Jack E. Hartman read into minutes. Mr. McNeely was not present.

Commissioner Miller requested information on the CDA board members as to their employment and whether they are on the board of directors of any financial institutions in Glynn County. If there is to be a vote will it be openly or by secret ballot?

Gary Moore stated that the Board could either vote openly by voice or secretly. It is up to the Board to decide what it wishes to do. The Board decides to vote secret ballot on the nominees. Each nominee received 4 votes each. Vote is challenged by Commissioner Miller. Upon examination of the vote's each nominee received 4 votes each.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Tullos that the Chairman be authorized to sign the joint resolution appointing Mr. James B. Jordan and Mr. Jack E. Hartman to the CDA board of directors. Unanimous. Commissioner Gunn was not present during motion.


Agreement between Glynn County and U-Call regarding telephones on St. Simons Island at the Casino, Neptune Park the Pier, Beachview and at the Farmers Market that is a 60 (sixty) month agreement with a 90-day cancellation clause which allows either party to cancel after 90 days notice to the other. Dissatisfaction with the company has been expressed regarding the location, appearance and money regarding the pay phones. U-Call calls for a 15% commission for the phones were Southern Bell offers a 24% commission. A recommendation to send a 90-day cancellation letter during which time an attempt to re-negotiate the agreement for a more acceptable commission percentage.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, second by Commissioner Miller that the 90-day cancellation letter be sent to U-Call company terminating the existing agreement and during that time attempt to negotiate an agreement that would be more acceptable by the

Board. Unanimous.


Review plat of proposed subdivision off of Demere Road and Proctor Street St. Simons. Obligation to supply water and sewer service to the property owners. Proposal is that waste water lines to be installed on the north side of Proctor Street and water service line would be located along Wilson Circle. The particulars of the proposal are:

1. The Board would adopt this as a service proposal for this area.

2. The Developer and or Property owners at their cost would have to provide the necessary easement.

3. Owners of the affected area must request in writing a plan to be implemented.

4. Upon receipt of the request for final plans and specifications the phasing would be determined.

5. Either the requestors or the county would contract for the phased work. All work would be inspected by the County and would become county owned an maintained by the county upon its acceptance.

6. The county would pay or reimburse for the work based on the actual documented cost.

7. The requestors or property owner would pay all capital and operational taps for the lot served by the phased deal within 2 (two) years even if there is no building permit issued.

8. There is no interest charged for this financing by both parties.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland to accept proposal of water and sewer lines for Proctor Street. Unanimous.

Request for proposals for county wide collection of solid waste disposal. Request a separate review team review specifications. Suggestions for the review team are:

A member from the Glynn Environmental Coalition

2 members from the Solid Waste Advisory Board

The County Administrator

The Executive Director from Jekyll Island

The City Manager, City of Brunswick

The Manager from Camden County

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland that the review team consist of the recommended members. Unanimous.

Request by Southern Bell to use portion of county easement located at Hampton Point between Butler and Hampton Drive for their fiber optic line operations and are willing to pay the county $4,500 for use of the easement and provide landscaping.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland that use of the easement be provided to Southern subject to the County Attorney's approval. Unanimous.

Information provided by the City of Brunswick regarding the annexing of territory located behind the corporate headquarters of First American Home Health Care, U. S. Highway 17. This was for informational purposes only. There are no county easements located on the property.

No action necessary. No action taken.

Problem regarding condition of covered fishing pier located at Altamaha Park. Management of the park has agreed to provide materials for repair if the county will provide the labor.

After a review of the pier, the county engineer and building maintenance supervisor made the following recommendations regarding the pier;

1. The dock must be removed immediately due to liability problem.

2. It can be done in the low season with the county forces.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Lynn to remove structure and defer matter of financing replacement structure to Staff. Unanimous.


Discussion of proposed improvements to Butler Mews holding pond area.

Request for partnership agreement between the county and residents for improvements to the holding pond. The merchants have 3 major concerns regarding fence:

1. Flooding

2. Parking on Butler

3. Issue of the fence itself

The Board heard from the following individuals:

Mark Parland

407 Butler Avenue

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Bob Feld

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Drew Linton

Office Supply

Mallory Street

St. Simons Island, Georgia

The Board decided that Commissioner Gunn and Lee Gilmour would be in charge of trying to arrange a compromise between the Butler Mews Home Owners Association and the merchants.

At this time meeting moves to Courtroom, 2nd floor of Historic Courthouse for Public Hearings.


Aquamuseum of Natural History

Discussion of proposal to locate the Aquamuseum of Natural History at Blythe Island Regional Park. The Board of Commissioners heard from John McElvoy, Executive Secretary of the Aquamuseum for Natural History regarding Aquamuseum idea. Commissioner Hardman asked Mr. McElvoy for a copy the Feasibility Study and the drawing for review by the Board.

Commissioner Miller asked about if the parking area is included in the desired 40 acres?

Mr. McElvoy stated that a wooded site near the Brunswick River had be selected and that any trees removed would be replaced by live oak trees.

Commissioner Strickland stated the park had been given to Glynn County as a regional park for recreation and wants to make sure it is legal with the Federal Government that we do this.

Mr. McElvoy stated that it is a recreational park and this is a recreational project. It would be an extension of what we want to do.

Commissioner Lynn expressed concern that the project would cost the taxpayers of Glynn County because of the 40 acres of land going to private venue. The tax payers should have input.

Mr. McElvoy stated that they would pay the equivalent of rent for the particular property.

Road Name Change

Discuss approval of road name change from Wild Creek Road to Quail Run Road.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, second by Commissioner Lynn to change road name from Wild Creek Road to Quail Run Road. Unanimous.

FY 96 Operating Budget

Discussion of the FY96 Operating Budget.

Commissioner Gunn stated that the administrator has done what the budget subcommittee asked him to do. He has implement some of the ideas received from constituents and employees and has brought back a budget with no tax increase, layoffs and no fee increases, and would like to adopt the budget as it is.

Commissioner Tullos stated that the difference between the FY94/94 budget and the proposed on is roughly $2.1 million dollars and is an increase. Increases should not be implemented until adoption of the budget then address increase issues county wide. Property tax digest that budget is based on is increased roughly 25%. That is a big increase in the Property tax Digest. We can lower the millage and find this $29,500,000 budget, but it's still a tax increase and it's not all necessary. There is a gross difference between growth in the digest, when we add taxable properties and businesses that's growth. When we go by the growth and valuation through appreciation, that's nothing. That's just additional taxes. I can' t support this budget.

Commissioner Strickland stated that the budget, in its present form, is not ready to be adopted. There were items voted on by the Commission changed by the committee. One item was the recommended cost of living adjustment of 3%, 2.5% and 1%. The subcommittee recommended 3%, 2%. and 1%. Some of the things that have not been addressed are the great needs of the Public Works Department. That needs to be addressed.

Chairman Hardman stated that he agreed with Commissioner Strickland and everybody. There is and increase. Maybe not a millage increase but there is an increase there. Commissioner Lynn, Commissioner Tullos and Mr. Gilmour did a super job of achieving additional reductions. I agree with 75 to 80%. But, I think it needs to be fine tuned and I don't believe I'm ready to do this tonight. But I like the fact that we're all together on it.

Commissioner Tullos wanted to clarify something Commissioner Strickland said regarding the pay raises stating that Mr. Gilmour came back on one of our budget meetings and state that he had altered it in an open meeting and we all agreed.

Commissioner Lynn suggested that there be a meeting where the budget is the only item discussed set for August 15, at 6:00.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Lynn to take off 2 hour time limit. Unanimous.

Commissioner Miller suggested that Department Heads submit and additional 5% cut to their department that they can live with.

Proposed Use of Money in Reserve Fund

Per Board directions an advertisement was run in the newspaper for possible uses of money located in the Glynn County Reserve account. The balance of the reserve account is approximately $521,000. The advertisements are for 2 (two) purposes:

1. To use $250,000 for Pod modifications at the jail.

2. $200,000 or $250,000, subject to the Board's decision, as the county's contribution to be used for the construction of the connection road between Jet Port and Glynco Parkway.

Chairman Hardman ask for public comments regarding proposal to set aside $250,000 for jail improvements for future jail space.

No comments from the Public.

Chairman Hardman ask for public comments regarding proposal to set aside $250,000 for construction of connection road between Jet Port and Glynco Parkway.

Letter from the Glynn County Board Education read into the minutes by Chairman Hardman.

Union Camp

The Board heard from Mr. Bland representing Union Camp. Commissioner Miller asked if 145 acres is what would be given to Glynn County. Mr. Bland states that a recommendation that 50 acres be donated for the school site and 145 acres donated to the County.

Commissioner Miller asked if there is a time limit? Primarily by the School system because of bond referendum.

Commissioner Lynn asked when would Union Camp commit themselves to the donation of the property. Mr. Bland stated that Union Camp is already committed.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Lynn to commit $250,000 from Reserve Account to Jet Port connection road project.

Mr. Moore suggests that an agreement be given stating what would be done as to cost and shared expenses.

Motion amended that the money be set aside for the project and not spent at this point.

Vote was 6 to 1 with Commissioner Lyde voting against.

Jail Pod Improvements

The Board heard from Larry Ellison, Undersheriff regarding jail pod improvements. When the new jail was built it was occupied at full capacity. This would help with future expansion as a maximum security area.

Commissioner Miller asked if this was something that needed to be done right now or could it wait. Undersheriff Ellison stated that it is something that will need to be done anyway.

Commissioner Tullos reminded the Board about the agreement with Judge Alaimo regarding double bunking and additional hiring of personnel.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, second by Commissioner Lyde that the $250,000 be committed to the Jail Pod Improvements. Vote was 6 to 1 with Commissioner Miller voting against.


Request to Rezone from R-9 One-family Residential, to M-20 One-Family Residential Manufactured Home, a 3.72 acre tract fronting 126.50 feet on the east side of Dees Drive and located at the end of Lake Drive, beginning approximately 1,712 feet north of the Blythe Island Highway and Dees Drive intersection; address to be known as 190 Dees Drive. Property owned by CJH Enterprises. Application GC-18-95. Planning Commission recommended approval of this request.

The Board heard from Mr. Tyre in favor of the application.

Deborah Johnson spoke against the application.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, second by Commissioner Lynn that the zoning application be approved. Unanimous.

Request to Rezone from Planned Development - General, to Planned Commercial, a parcel containing 25,388 square feet located on the west side of Frederica Road beginning 100.11 feet north of Ledbetter Avenue, to allow a private school (The Whitefield School); site currently known as the administrative office for the Heritage Facility, St. Simons Island. Property owned by E. Thomas Stroud. Application GC-19-95. Planning Commission recommended approval of this request, subject to a site plan being submitted showing vehicular circulation and off-street parking (to be approved by the Glynn County Engineer and Staff) and meeting all the requirements outlined in the Zoning Text and Zoning Ordinance.

The Board heard from Mr. Charlie Helck in favor of the application:

The Board heard from the following citizens in opposition to the application.

Ms. Alicia Lyons

Ms. Nancy Thomason

Mr. Jack Caldwell. Not really speaking against application. Merely as a point of order.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Lynn that the zoning application be approved. Vote was 5 to 2 with Commissioners Lyde and Gunn voting against.

Request to Rezone from R-12 One-Family Residential, to PD-S Planned Development - Shopping, 3.1765 Acres located 589.01 feet west of F-009 Spur/Spur 25 and 838.03 feet east of Lynch Road, to be incorporated into the existing PD-S 9-88 and the existing Planning Development Zoning Text for the Regional Shopping Mall and Related Commercial Development. Property owned by Scott Hudgens Companies/Partridge Green, Inc. Application GC-21-95. Planning Commission recommended approval, subject to the following conditions (as previously stated in application GC-9-88):

1) The developer will convey to the County the right of way for a future arterial street to be constructed from Golden Isles Parkway to the zoning boundary line, and set aside a roadway easement through the remaining properties (owned by the applicant, consisting of approximately 39 acres) extending to Cypress Mill Road;

2) All commercial property lines adjoining residential zoning will require the standard landscape buffer as required in Section 613 of the Glynn County Zoning Ordinance, as well as a 50 foot development setback line. No buildings, parking, paving or structures will be allowed in the 50 foot setback area. All easement to adjoining residential property to be a minimum of 50 feet and meet all zoning standards;

3) The developer will seek permission from the Department of Transportation for the access onto the Golden Isles Parkway;

4) The developer will be responsible for all costs of road improvements and signalization needs at the Golden Isles Parkway and Scranton Road entrances;

5) All the property to have access to public water and sewer at the time of development;

6) No access way will extend from the line of the rezoned property to Cypress Mill Road; and

7) All the above items will be incorporated into the Planned Development Text for this property and addressed as part of the preliminary plat process, which will be approved by the Glynn County Planning Commission.

The Board heard from the following citizens in favor of the application:

Tom Lee, on behalf of Scott Hudgens Company

Bridget Carlino

The Board heard from the following citizens against the application:

Shelia Pittman

Lillie Smith

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to approve zoning application. No second. Motion dies.

Review and consider Site Plan Approval for St. Simons Quick Lube, .587 acres located on the south side of Demere Road, being an out-parcel at Retreat Village Shopping Center, former site of Dairy Queen, St. Simons Island. Zoned Planned Development - General (Commercial). Dave Ritter property owner. Planning Commission recommended approval of this request, subject to the following conditions:

1) Submit sign detail information for review and approval prior to the issuance of a building permit;

2) Private data supporting the estimated Average Daily Trips (ADT's). If the trips are determined to be significant the entrance/exit onto Demere Road shall be modified to restrict exiting traffic to a right turn only;

3) Provide a sidewalk from the northwest corner of the property to the Demere Road entrance (approximately 40 feet of sidewalk); and

4) Provide additional landscaping along entrance to Retreat Village to include 15 shrubs and 2 trees on the Retreat Village property or in a 3 foot wide planting area on the existing property (bumper stops in the parking stalls will be required). The shrubbery shall be maintained at a minimum height of 3 feet. The additional landscaping is intended to reduce the additional visual and audible impact associated with open car washes and oil change bays. This landscaping along the entrance may be installed after the modifications to the entrance are completed for Burger King.

The Board heard from Dave Ritter in favor of the application.

The Board heard from Laura Bell in opposition to the application.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, second by Commissioner Lyde, to defer until commission gets an answer on the water situation. Vote 2 to 5. Commissioners Lyde and Gunn voting for and Commissioners Hardman, Miller, Tullos, Strickland and Lynn opposed.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Tullos to approve application subject to right turn only. Vote 5 to 2 with Commissioner Lyde opposed, Commissioner Gunn abstaining.

Consider amending the Glynn County Zoning Ordinance by creating a new Zoning District to be known as Section 729.AC Adult Commercial, to allow an Adult Entertainment Establishment; sections also to be amended include the following - Section 302. Definitions, Section 611. Off-Street Automobile Parking Require-ments, and Section 806. Signs Permitted in Commercial and Industrial Districts. GC-2-95 A. Planning Commission recommended approval of this request, with minor changes.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner to amend as suggested with a six (6) months trial provision. Unanimous . Commissioner Gunn was absent during this vote.


Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland to adjourn to Executive Session. Unanimous. The Board adjourns to go into Executive Session.

Back in open session.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Miller to accept the recommendations of the Personnel Director. Vote 6 to 1 with Commissioner Strickland opposed.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, second by Commissioner Miller that the pay be returned, Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, second by Commissioner Lynn to adjourn meeting.

Meeting adjourned.