JULY 6, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Johnson George Grovner

Chief Carl Alexander Robert Benson

Charles Lewis Cynthia Williams

Dave Bandy

INVOCATION by Commissioner Lynn



Chairman Hardman made the Commissioners aware of several items:

Chief Carl Alexander has in hand a letter from the Governor announcing Glynn County is the recipient of a $173,000 Grant from the State for the Code Task Force.

Glynn County has also received a Grant in the amount of $12,500 from the DNR for Blythe Island Regional Park.

Daniel Parshley would like to Commissioners to take a look at the Solid Waste Advisory Committee report. Chairman Hardman stated, that with the Commissioners' permission, he will ask the Committee to address the Commission on their report.


Mr. Bob Chapman, Jr., assistant coach for girl's softball, addressed the Commissioners regarding an incident that occurred on the ballfield during the district playoffs for the 10 and Under All Stars Girls Team. The incident began when the Chief Umpire called a 15 minute break for the safety of the girls because of the 95+ temperature. The coach for team from Savannah protested this decision. A verbal altercation between the umpire, the coaches from both teams, and Recreation Department personnel (David McMann) ensued, and culminated with the Brunswick girls losing the game due to forfeiture.

Mr. Chapman said he and Mr. Wolff, the head coach of the team, and the umpires involved were protesting Mr. McMann's attitude and actions, his total lack of regard for the girl's safety, and the violation of ASA rules in his handling of the situation. A copy of Mr. Chapman's letter to the Board is attached and made a part hereof.

Cynthia Williams, Recreation Director, informed the Board that Mr. McMann resigned this morning, not as a result of this incident, but to go to another job. She explained the situation from her standpoint and apologized for the judgement that was used. Chairman Hardman asked what can be done to cure the situation. Ms. Williams said that they need to set an extra day in place for district tournaments. The Commissioners also heard from George Grovner, Athletic Director, Buddy Wolff, Keith Vaughn and other interested parties.

Chairman Hardman thanked Mr. Chapman for bringing this matter to their attention, and assured him that this would be looked into.


Appointment of representative of Georgia Department of Labor to Coastal Private Industry Council Board (CPIC).

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Miller to reappoint Ronnie Bevins. Unanimous.


Commissioner Tullos said the Pension Committee met and only had one recommendation, that the Board of Commissioners make monthly contributions to the Pension Plan, instead of quarterly, effective next fiscal year.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.

Commissioner Lynn asked about the status of 36th Street on Sea Island, with regard to being on the paving list. Mr. Gilmour said it was originally to be paved with others on St. Simons and Sea Island, but was removed from the list at the property owners' request. At the present time, the only list it is on is the list of remaining unpaved roads.

Commissioner Gunn said we have a problem with trucks parking on bike paths. At first it was just Public Works trucks, not utility trucks. Also, cars are starting to park on bike paths at various fishing areas, such as the Gascoigne Condos. Maybe the police need to start issuing citations before the bike paths are ruined. Mr. Gilmour said that normally we don't do anything to utility vehicles because the only other option would be for them to park in the street, thereby obstructing vehicular traffic.

Commissioner Gunn inquired as to how to establish a $1,000 litter fine, as the State has just done. Gary Moore stated we would need to amend ordinance. Discussion ensued.

Commissioner Gunn said that she had a gentleman who was very interested in putting steps in at the pier, so children wouldn't have to walk over the rocks to get to the beach. Sonny Miller said that even if we had six walk-overs there, the kids would still play on the rocks.

Commissioner Miller said that Mike Haugen resigned from the Recreation Board. He would like to appoint Nancy Thomason to replace him.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to appoint Nancy Thomason to the Recreation Board, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous.

Commissioner Miller said he wanted to vote on the issue of Tim Barton's salary to make it a part of the official records.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to pay Tim Barton, the new Public Defender, the same salary as his predecessor, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.


Chief Alexander said that they do expect some increased problems with littering in connection with the $40 garbage bill increase. They are making preparations to deal with this problem.

Chief Alexander also stated that he had received an excellent suggestion from Robert Howe, of the Public Works Department, that when a tree falls blocking a road, instead of a police officer waiting around for public works personnel to show up to remove the tree, which is the current policy at a cost of approximately $200-$250, why not use the rotational wreckers to move tree out of the road until public works can get to it at a later time. The fee for using the rotational wrecker is $65, which is a considerable savings for the County and also cuts down on the time the road remains blocked.

Chairman Hardman suggested that we ask the County wrecker to do it for the County bid price, which is about $20. The Board asked Chief Alexander to look into this.

Chief Alexander said his final item was that he had a request from David Rice, Chairman of the Animal Control Advisory Board, for the Commission to formulate an ordinance to prohibit dogs and cats from riding in the back of pick-up trucks.

Commissioner Strickland asked Chief Alexander for an update on Club One at the end of Altama. The Chief responded that last Friday they were arrested for keeping a disorderly house, and there maybe another charge related to an incident that occurred over the weekend. Apparently liquor was being brought onto the premises.


Mr. Benson stated that they had held a preconstruction meeting for the Kings Way water main project, which was scheduled to start today. Mr. Benson brought the Commissioners up to date on several other projects, which were all moving along well.


Gary Moore stated that at the last meeting he was instructed to look into the reopening of Woodman Road. He found that the County had leased this road to the Buffalo Hunting Club for $1 per year, with a five year renewal option. The hunting club had paid $5, and it would take 30 days written notice to terminate the agreement on the County's part. Mr. Moore said he needed the Board's approval to proceed with the 30 day letter.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to approve 30 day letter, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Moore stated that the DOT asked the County certify title to Galilee Road, in order to proceed with the paving project. He needs the Board's approval for the Chairman to sign the certification.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to certify title to Galilee Road, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.

Mr. Moore said he had been asked to look into the payment provision for telephone situation at Neptune Park. The Agreement with Paul Branch for his phones states that he would monitor the phones for 180 days with no remuneration to the County. At the end of which time he would compute the percentage he thought the County should get. His computations project that at the end of the 180 days, the County should receive $81 (14%). Whereas the current agreement with AT&T for the phone directly behind Mr. Branch's is for 24% of the proceeds. To terminate the agreement with Mr. Branch, the County would have to give him 90 days written notice.

Chairman Hardman asked Commissioner Gunn to get together with Gary Moore to get all the details and bring it back to the Commission as an agenda item.


Chairman Hardman would appreciate suggestions on how to shorten the Commission Meetings. He asked all suggestions be put in writing to him.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to adjourn to Executive Session, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.