HELD WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1995 AT 5:30 P.M.

Present: Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Milton Lynn

Commissioner Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Gladys Lyde

Commissioner Sonny Miller

Commissioner Robert Strickland

Commissioner Fred Tullos

Also Present: County Administrator Lee Gilmour

Chairman Hardman opened meeting stating this is not a Public Hearing on Trash, but if there are questions this was the time to ask the County's sanitation authorities.

Commissioner Lynn asked Becky Rowell how radio talk show went.

Ms. Rowell stated the radio talk show was very positive, cleared up misconceptions, they received lots of calls and received good information. Regarding billing errors, Ms. Rowell commented that staff was cleaning up data base to correct errors.

Commissioner Hardman commented he had received only about a dozen calls concerning sanitation fee and there were alot of misconceptions.

Commissioner Lynn stated he had several phone calls, and he wanted to make sure that not only homeowners but everyone who puts out trash pays.

Commissioner Strickland said he received several phone calls and one citizen with a delegation of 100 had requested to be on Agenda for Board's 7-6-95 meeting.

Commissioner Tullos stated that the subject of sanitation millage should be cleared up.

Ms. Rowell explained that Sanitation Collection Fund pays Disposal Fund and these costs have increased by 200% over the last five years.

Commissioner Tullos commented these increases were never taken into account on the sanitation millage, so actually people have been getting a break on the sanitation because of mandated closure costs.

Commissioner Strickland asked Ms. Rowell about monies coming into sanitation fund.

Ms. Rowell explained the money coming in goes to the Sanitation Collection Fund, and the shortfall is due to increased tipping fees at Landfill. Ms. Rowell continued that even when County trucks cross scales, they pay; diesel price is up, personnel cost is up, tipping fees are up, and millage has gone down.

Ms. Rowell said that a survey of surrounding counties showed that between our millage and the fees, Glynn County still pays less than other counties.

Chairman acknowledged Jim Conine.

Mr. Conine stated he was appearing to speak about County law enforcement agencies that are breaking the speed laws, and asked the Commission to prepare directive stating it is imperative that officers that enforce speed laws adhere to them.

Chief Alexander replied this matter is addressed in police policies and procedures and if problems like this occur in County Police Department he will handle directly.

Chairman Hardman stated he would inform Sheriff of this speeding matter and was sure the Sheriff would also handle.

Chairman suggested Board of Commissioners send letter to all County departments for safety sake that this Board will not endorse this sort of thing.


Administrator Gilmour provided to Board a summary of budget public hearings.

Commissioner Lynn asked about Attorney and Legal Secretary positions in County Attorney's office.

Mr. Gilmour explained Board had directed him to meet with Tax Assessor Don Long and County Attorney Gary Moore to discuss costs for outside legal service to handle appeals process. Administrator estimates minimum cost to contract out is $42,100 and rather than pay this amount he is recommending Board hire another Attorney to primarily handle appeals.

Commissioner Gunn asked if Attorney position would work out of Tax Assessor's or the County Attorney's office.

Administrator's assumption was that Attorney would work out of County Attorney's office.

Commissioner Lyde asked if this Attorney position was temporary or permanent.

Commissioner Strickland said he was waiting to hear status report on number of calls from departments to County Attorney.

Commissioner Lyde agreed that if County did survey, as County Attorney suggested, it could result in preventing calls to County Attorney and free up some of his time.

Following are County Administrator budget recommendations:

- Outside Agencies: Recommend we can fund these groups only at 75% level and recommend each progressive year is cut back so at end of three years time (or sooner) these agencies will not receive any money from County. Also recommend that Board does not allocate funding to agencies that have not received money in the past.

- Local Option Sales Tax (LOST): Recommends it will bring in approximately $94,700.

- Emergency Management Agency requested 4-wheel drive vehicle estimated cost $21,000. Do not recommend.

- Georgia Extension Service requested $500 to maintain State computers. Has been taken care of.

- Board of Tax Assessors: Recommend Appraiser II position budgeted for $25,100; Do not recommend Secretary I position; Do not recommend Printer & Capital Exp. for $32,000; Recommending $4,900 for Temporary Services; Do not recommend Outside Legal Support at $42,100.

Chairman asked if County Attorney could charge for his services.

Administrator replied he had suggested to County Attorney he begin preparing method to charge for services, but County Attorney indicated he was not in position to prepare this.

- Tax Commissioner: Recommend additional funds to postage and advertising.

- County Police: Recommend additional funds for reference materials; Recommend additional funds come from Police Seizure for Special Operations supplies; Recommend $52,000 for Radio Maintenance; Recommend reducing by $7,000 for Outside Parts & Oil Changes; Recommend $7,600 for Polygraph Training; and Adding one DARE position.

- Public Works: Do not recommend eight (8) additional position for drainage at $130,000; Recommend Small Tools for Drainage work; Recommend Brush Cutter; Do not recommend 4-wheel drive truck; Can delete culvert materials; Recommend replacing Crew Truck; Do not recommend replacing Dump Truck; Recommend Small Tools; Recommend two (2) pesticide generators for Mosquito Control; Do not recommend replacing bucket truck in Traffic Safety; Do not recommend additional Tree Maintenance Crew.

- Building Inspection: Recommend $3,000 instead of $4,000 per Mr. Carter request for training.

- Judge of State Court: Recommend adjustment in salary.

- Clerk of State Court: Recommend replacing copier

- District Attorney: Item from Personnel, Recommend D.A.'s Investigator position be adjusted so in line with other Investigator positions.

- Probate Court: Do not recommend additional reference and office supplies requested.

- Public Defender: Request for Attorney I position was budgeted, however hired Attorney III, Recommend $9200 difference be added.

- Sheriff: Agreed to hold off hire of three (3) positions until January 1. Saved $33,100.

- Capital Projects: Recommend renovations to GA State Patrol for $10,000.

- Recommend Cost of Living Adjustment at:

3% - Non-exempt

2% - Exempt

1% - Dept. Heads.

Savings of $52,700.

Board took vote another vote on 3 firefighter positions. Commissioner Miller motioned to approve 3 positions for drivers of new fire truck, Second Commissioner Gunn. (4-Yes; 3-No)


There was motion to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss pending litigation.

Back in Regular Session - Commissioner Miller suggested Subcommittee of two Commissioners to help Administrator make budget recommendations to Board. Gunn and Tullos were selected.

Administrator Gilmour informed Board he would be absent on Thursday, July 13 from meeting.

Chairman Hardman adjourned meeting and apologized about forgetting another executive session item to discuss, but stated there would not be a vote on this matter.