HELD THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1995 AT 5:30 P.M.

Present: Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Milton Lynn

Commissioner Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Sonny Miller

Commissioner Robert Strickland

Commissioner Fred Tullos

Absent: Commissioner Gladys Lyde

Also Present: County Administrator Lee Gilmour

Chairman Hardman opened meeting stating Mr. Gilmour would handle majority of these budget items.

Administrator passed out Water & Sewer organization chart that was approved in February '95.

Water & Sewer: (Robert Benson present)

Mr. Benson discussed following budget items:

- Meter Installation: revenue shows $19,000, should be $23,000 for revenue

- Miscellaneous Sales: Budget shows $12,000, should be $30,000

- Not Shown: Sales Tax Return from equipment installed at wastewater treatment plant, $40,000 or $50,000

Commissioner Gunn asked if above funds could be used for meter reader.

Administrator stated it will go into St. Simons Island Capital Improvement Fund.

Chairman Hardman requested Mr. Benson look into cost savings of meter readings every other month.

- Computer Maintenance Agreement: Computer and printer for billing cost is $4500, budget shows $400

- Printing: Budget shows $1,000, So far $2314 spent and estimate $3,000 total needed -Cashier Clerk: Position not needed, will swap for Water & Sewer Maintenance worker.

Regarding $4300 budgeted for Water & Sewer purchasing agent, Chairman Hardman suggested lowering amount and using for something else.

- Maps and Records: Due to in-house design and work, Mr. Benson estimates cost up to $1500 instead of $500 budgeted

- Maintenance services for servicing lines: Needs $500

- Lift Station Maintenance: $600 budgeted, requesting $5,000

- Pumping Equipment: $10,200 budgeted, have spent $10,036

- Chlorine Purification: Spent $5100 last year, requesting $6,000.

Commissioner Miller suggested reviewing and adjusting water and sewer budget items in January due to newness of department.

- Maintenance of Drain Beds: budget shows $25,000, have spent $40,000.

Commissioner Lynn asked Mr. Benson about promoting from within regarding the Water & Sewer Maintenance position.

Commissioner Strickland commented Glynn County's water/sewer billing rates are lower than surrounding areas. Commissioner Strickland asked Mr. Benson if he projected any increases to cover some of these costs he has coming up.

Mr. Benson stated State Water Conservation Plan sets time schedule to look into water rates, however he intended to prepare RFP to look into water rates.

Mr. Benson passed out capital list, and Mr. Chunn passed out approved capital list.

- Dump Truck: is in bad shape, estimate $4-5,000 to fix. Public Works is replacing three trucks and W&S is requesting one from Public Works.

- Pickup Truck: budget shows two trucks, he had listed four.

Commissioner Miller suggested parking County vehicles at facility and have employees on-call drive their own vehicle to facility to use County vehicle.

- Computer Equipment: request $2,000 for Harrington to monitor water wells.

- Computer Equipment Program: Request $30,000 for program to read water meters by computer rather than by hand.

- Water Study: request $10,000 for study to decide where to put replacement well.

- Lawn Mower: Can do without

- Buildings near Exit 6: Only have two trailers.

Chairman Hardman stated that regarding real estate problem, man will be deeding land needed to County.

Planning and Zoning: (Dan Reuter present)

Mr. Reuter stated he has no problem with Administrator's recommendation.

Mr. Reuter commented that Planner position in Transportation area is funded 90% by Federal and State grant received this fiscal year.

Chairman Hardman stated if State and Feds stopped funding, Board may not continue funding project.

Mr. Reuter said aerial photography was cut from $60,000 to $30,000, and suggested a further study of needs. Mr. Reuter pointed out maps from 1973 do not accurately reflect 1995 parcels.

Board requested Mr. Reuter do a Request for Proposals on maps in four to five months then make recommendation to Commission.

Accommodation Excise Tax: Administrator Gilmour recommended 60% go to Visitors Bureau and recommended no subcontracting; and 40% for County General Fund purposes.

Distribution: Visitors Bureau - $1,234,600

Transfer to General Fund - $823,100

Administration: Mr. Gilmour said this year's budget down 8%, from $257,100 to $235,500. Capital request is $1400 for printer.

Drug Abuse Treatment: (State Mandated) Administrator suggest DARE receive $1200 for program.

Chairman Hardman requested Administrator Gilmour, in the near future, look into hiring a position to obtain grants for all County departments.

County Insurance Fund: Administrator stated fund has increased.

Pension Fund: Increased contributions discussed. Pension Committee voted to send Dave Bandy to benefits seminar.

Commissioner Miller made motion to split cost of Mr. Bandy attending seminar between General Fund, Pension Committee and Personnel Department. Second by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimously adopted.

Sales Tax: Mr. Gilmour discussed follow-up on projects.

Special Projects: Administrator recommended improvements to main office of Georgia State Patrol not exceed $10,000.

Career Track: $109,000 to implement. Commissioner Tullos commented that Career Track and Pay Plans are not tracking each other. Commissioner Strickland stated career track item is on Personnel Committee agenda to discuss, and he would like to come up with timetable and recommendation concerning this.

Administrator Gilmour stated initial report on New Courthouse leaks was completed and implementation to begin.

Mr. Gilmour discussed no rent will be charged for Water & Sewer since it is now a County department.

Commissioner Miller discussed his opposition to 3.5% raise for employees across the board. Commissioner Miller also stated he would like give funds to Non-Profit Agencies as they requested.

Commissioner Miller motioned to give all employees a check for $300 the first pay day in January, 1996. Motion died for lack of second.

Commissioner Gunn suggested looking into Department Heads salary increases individually.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to go into Executive Session to discuss Department Head salaries. Second by Commissioner Lynn.

After Executive Session: Regarding cost of living increase, there was a motion recommending the following:

$50,000 and up - 1%

$25-50,000 - 2.5

$25 and under - 3%

Unanimously approved.

Commissioner Miller motioned to give $100,000 to non-profit agencies that requested funds and showed up. Motion died for lack of second. Board agreed to take a second look at funding for non-profit agencies.

Motion to hire three firefighters (work into budget $65,000) Vote 3-3. Board suggest putting on next agenda.

Administrator recommended Board authorize budget resolution to continue County operations to July 1.

Motion to authorize budget resolution by Commissioner Miller. Second by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimously adopted.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Commissioner Lynn, Second by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimous.