HELD WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1995 AT 5:30 P.M.

Present: Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Milton Lynn

Commissioner Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Gladys Lyde

Commissioner Sonny Miller

Commissioner Robert Strickland

Commissioner Fred Tullos

Also Present: County Administrator Lee Gilmour

Solicitor of State Court: (Richard Taylor present)

Mr. Taylor is happy with his budget and thanked Board for their time. Administrator Gilmour recommended approval of this budget.

Capital Felony Cases and

Judges of Superior Court: (Judge A. Blenn Taylor present)

Judge Taylor reported there are five death penalty cases pending. Judge explained each case could cost anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000, and he stated that more funding may be needed for the following year. Judge thanked Board for their help and support.

Judge Taylor stated he is happy with the Judges of Superior Court budget.

Child Support Receiver: (No staff present)

Magistrate Court: (Judge Ernest Gilbert present)

Judge Gilbert stated that most of Magistrate's budget is Clerk of Superior Court expenses and he could not speak for Mr. Harrison, but budget looked okay; his Judge's salary is controlled by Superior Court Judges.

Judge stated Coastal Collection Agency assisted his court in collection of fines and the State Probation office also assisted.

Clerk of State Court: (Bill Killian, Skip Austin,

and Elaine Brinson present)

Mr. Killian stated he's in agreement with proposed budget.

Clerk of Superior Court: (No staff present)

Coroner: (No staff present)

District Attorney: (Steve Kelly present)

Mr. Kelly stated he is happy with proposed budget and agrees with Administrator's recommendations.

Judge of State Court: (Judge Orion Douglass)

Judge Douglass is happy with his budget with minor corrections.

Judge discussed new system of juror selection for his court.

Judge has problem justifying giving 20% of fees to Coastal Collections. Judge has no objections to Coastal's services, however as it applies to State Court he would rather stay with a flat fee.

Jury Commission: (No staff present)

Juvenile Court: (No staff present)

Probate Court: (Judge Gilder sent note she could not be here)

Administrator stated Judge Gilder did indicate she was not happy with her budget.

Chairman Hardman commented there was only a difference in her budget of $2700.

Public Defender: (No staff present)

Commissioner Miller said Doug Alexander (representing Tripartite Committee) had called about this item and they agree subject of salary should be re-examined.

Sheriff: (Sheriff Wayne Bennett present)

Court Functions: Sheriff commented when budget submitted there was 2.56% decrease, however salaries increased 7.2% and there was overall 5.99% increase ($67,500).

Chairman recommended Administrator get with Sheriff and Police Chief to discuss going to bid on outside oil changes.

Commissioner Miller suggested outside trial oil changes should start with Sheriff's vehicles.

Detention: Budget increased $227,500. Sheriff stated inmate needed pacemaker costing $30,000 which resulted with an insurance arrangement being worked out.

Sheriff stated total revenues from Sheriff's Department to Glynn County totaled $857,872.56.

Chairman Hardman said he wished to see Sheriff's revenues listed in budget so Board could see figures.

Sheriff stated basically he is happy with budget and if there are problems he will come back before Board.

Chairman thanked Sheriff and Undersheriff for coming to meeting.

Commissioner Lynn motioned to adjourn meeting. Unanimous. (Commissioner Lyde out of room)