HELD TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 1995 AT 5:30 P.M.

Present: Commissioner Jack Hardman

Commissioner Milton Lynn

Commissioner Virginia Gunn

Commissioner Gladys Lyde

Commissioner Sonny Miller

Commissioner Robert Strickland

Commissioner Fred Tullos

Also Present: County Administrator Lee Gilmour

Chairman Hardman stated this meeting is continuation of last night's meeting.


Lee Gilmour asked for approval of contract between Glynn County and Southeast GA Regional Hospital for training of EMT's at hospital facility. Mr. Gilmour stated contract is up for renewal, County Attorney has reviewed and made additions that protect County relative to liability and request Board authorization to proceed with signing and execution of contract.

Motion to approve signing and execution of contract by Commissioner Lynn, Second by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously adopted.


Chairman asked if Board objected to Tax Assessor and Tax Commissioner items be addressed before outside agencies.

Tax Assessor: (Don Long, Gene Leggett and Tommy Cashion present)

Mr. Long asked Board to consider request for two positions:

Appraiser II - salary plus benefits, approx $25,000/yr.

Secretary I - salary plus benefits, approx. $17,800/yr.

Mr. Long stated the Appraiser II position is needed to handle appeals as result of revaluations; his department anticipates from 4,000 to 5,000 appeals and does not wish to be handling appeals for the next three or four years.

Regarding Secretary I position, Mr. Long said if the Tax Commissioner would take the exempt returns tasks back under her department, he could delete Secretary I from Tax Assessor budget.

Chairman Hardman suggested Administrator Gilmour meet with Don Long and County Attorney to come up with solution regarding old appeals still pending from 1991-1993, and make recommendation to Board.

Mr. Long stated Administrator had allowed $21,000 in Tax Assessor's budget to do exempt property returns, and he's asking Board to consider taking the $21,000 for Appraiser II position. Mr. Long also discussed problem with computer printer in his department.

Mr. Gilmour suggested Mr. Long coordinate with another County department to use their higher efficient printer.

Mr. Gilmour also recommended to Board that Tax Assessor budget is satisfactory.

Tax Commissioner: (Florence Dees present)

Ms. Dees stated she needed $40,000 for postage; also asking for $11,000 (instead of $7,000) for advertising due to increases.

Tax Commissioner discussed major problems with bad checks, also discussed bankruptcy and foreclosures. Ms. Dees said County Attorney assisted her in getting $400,000 from LCP.

Ms. Dees stated she would prefer services of Coastal Check Recovery to handle bad checks.

Chairman requested Administrator Gilmour follow-up with Board of Education to discuss School Board's assistance in paying Tax Commissioner's expenses.

Tax Commissioner stated if and when the Board grants money and staff for dual billing she will proceed; presently, if her staff did not have dual bills, Tax Commissioner would take exempt returns task from Tax Assessor's office.

Personnel: (Dave Bandy present)

Mr. Bandy stated he will make do with proposed budget, however his budget is dismal in comparison to other local businesses.

County Police: (Carl Alexander present)

Chief stated he needed $2600 instead of proposed $1500 for subscriptions and periodicals, to be able to keep up with ever-changing law enforcement standards and procedures.

Regarding safety equipment, Chief requested $40,000, however he could live with proposed $30,000 in budget.

Regarding special supplies for SORT, Chief really needs $4300 he requested for this special team.

Regarding radio maintenance, Chief stated so far $52,000 has been spent on old radio system.

Commissioner Miller suggested shifting some funds from vehicle maintenance.

Chairman Hardman suggested going out to bid on oil changes and maintenance of police vehicles. Chief said he would like to do on trial basis at first.

Chairman requested Administrator look into bidding on oil changes and maintenance and make recommendation to Board.

Regarding In-state Travel, Chief requested $10,600, Administrator proposed $3,000. Chief Alexander had requested this amount for travel and training of someone in Police department to become Polygraph Operator.

Chief stated upgrade for police officers was not in budget.

Recreation: (Cynthia Williams present)

Ms. Williams stated she could proceed with budget as recommended.

Administrator Gilmour recommended special revenue fund be set up for athletic programs.

{Chairman Hardman stated this completes last night's agenda.}

Solid Waste: (Becky Rowell present)

Ms. Rowell stated she needed money to pave Pritchard Road to Cate Landfill.

Commissioners Strickland and Lynn replied that County needed to concentrate on taxpayers' roads that are currently on list to be paved.

Regarding temporary employees, Ms. Rowell stated she needed $42,000 for contract labor.

Ms. Rowell said she needed $12,000 for vertical bailer for Recycle Center.

Commissioner Tullos asked Ms. Rowell if the $120,000 shown in budget was just for Siting Landfill.

Ms. Rowell responded the $120,000 was also for siting a construction demolition debris landfill, which would be a low tech landfill. Also Ms. Rowell stated County staff is in preliminary stages of talking to Union Camp about obtaining property adjacent to Cate Road.

Commissioner Lynn asked to be informed on the above matters.

Public Works: (Keith Flanagan present)

Mr. Flanagan stated budget is adequate, but his main concern is drainage and the need for hand crew. Mr. Flanagan suggested going out of the driveway business and using driveway crews for drainage projects.

Commissioner Miller made motion to honor those who have paid and give 30 days notice to other contractors that County is going out of driveway business. Second by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimously adopted.

Mr. Flanagan said he needed $12,000 budgeted for replacement brush cutter for hoe.

Regarding dirt road maintenance, Mr. Flanagan stated that $100,000 motor grader is due to be replaced and he definitely needed all five motor graders, and one could not be taken out budget.

Mr. Flanagan needs 4-wheel drive crew truck; he priced one and can get one for approximately $14,800.

Mr. Flanagan needs to replace dump truck - $175,000.

Regarding Paved Road Maintenance, budget had $5000 which was reduced to $1200. Mr. Flanagan needs hand tools to keep maintenance going.

Regarding Mosquito Control, two pesticide sprayers (5 years old) need replacing.

Regarding Traffic Safety, ten year old bucket truck that cannot be repaired needs replacing. Public Works had to call in Georgia Power for use of their truck.

Building Inspection: (Ellis Carter present)

Regarding training and development, Mr. Carter requested $8,000, Administrator recommended $4,000. Mr. Carter needs $8,000 so that department can keep up with codes and be ready for ISO Ratings in 1996.

Commissioner Miller motioned to adjourn budget meeting. Second by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimously adopted.