JUNE 15, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Pamela J. Barton, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Johnson

Dan Reuter

Keith Flanagan

Sheriff Wayne Bennett

Becky Rowell

Denny Chunn

Don Long

Charles Lewis

Cynthia Williams

Dave Bandy

Robert Benson

Lt. Jack Hopper

INVOCATION by Buck Crosby



Commissioner Lynn said that we need to make some appointments to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and since Wayne Stewart was here tonight, after having recently recovered from surgery, he would like to take care of it first thing.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to reappoint Wayne Stewart to the Planning and Zoning Commission, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to nominate Iris Touw to Planning Commission, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.


Commissioner Miller then presented a Proclamation honoring Lorraine Dusenbury for her years of service to the Board Elections.




WHEREAS, the Board of Elections of Glynn County was established in May, 1981 at which time Ms. Lorraine Dusenbury was appointed as a member; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Dusenbury has served the Board of Elections and this County as an appointed member of the Board of Elections for 14 years; and

WHEREAS, she has served in that capacity as an active working member involved with the Board of Elections in every respect. She served as an exemplary Board member always willing to do her part and more to benefit the County and to act as a diligent contributor in that capacity; and

WHEREAS, she did an outstanding job in presiding over County elections as a member of the Board of Elections in making sure that State laws were adhered to with every respect; and

NOW THEREFORE, we the Glynn County Board of Commissioners, do hereby honor and thank Ms. Lorraine Dusenbury for her dedicated service to the County as a member of the Board of Elections.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF WE set our hand this 18th day of May, 1995.




Commissioner Hardman stated that there are two County employees with us tonight who will be retiring in the near future and he would like to present them with a plaque on behalf of the Commission. Lt. Billy F. Wells who is retiring after 22 years of service to the County Fire Department. Also, Mr. James C. Proctor, who is retiring after 26 years of service as a Supervisor with Roads and bridges with the Public Works Department.


Hospital Resolution

Adoption of a resolution expressing a statement of intent by Glynn County to enter into an intergovernmental contract with the Glynn-Brunswick Hospital Authority with respect to an issue of revenue certificates in an amount currently estimated not to exceed $48,250,000 and for other purposes. (Referred from 5/30/95 meeting)

Mr. Wallace Harrell appeared on behalf of the Hospital Authority and asked for the County to enter into an intergovernmental contract with the Hospital. He stated without County backing, different financing would have to be obtained. Mr. Harrell said that the Hospital Board was present to answer questions.

Commissioner Tullos said that the problem he was having with this, was the fact that the City and County Commissions were not brought into to the planning process at an earlier stage, when we could have had more input so we could have avoided some of the gnashing of teeth and wrenching of hands that is going on now. Maybe in the future when there is a project that does affect the City and the County we could be brought into it earlier. However, in saying that he would like to make a motion to approve the resolution.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to approve the resolution for the bond issue of $48,250,000 for the hospital renovation project. Second by Commissioner Lynn.

A lengthy discussion among the Commissioners and Mr. Harrell ensued. Commissioner Gunn said the County's Moody's rating is currently "A" and she thought that should be considered. Mr. Gilmour said it would not affect our credit capacity.

Commissioner Lynn said he was not afraid to borrow the $48,000,000, people don't want the County to guaranty the bonds. Commissioner Lynn said his constituents don't want it.

Commissioner Strickland stated that he had contracted business leaders and they were comfortable with it. 80% of his constituents were in favor of bonds. He also stated that the hospital needed to keep a cushion in the bank, he wanted the best for the residents of the County.

Commissioner Miller asked if the hospital needed a feasibility study? Response, yes without the County guaranty of the bonds. Mr. Moore stated that the 1976 Agreement was a guaranty of the bonds. Mr. Moore said that all of the documents were in line and he would be happy to provide copies. He stated that the Hospital Authority can raise millage 7% on their own. He said that they had not done that, and stated that the Resolution showed the County's intention to guaranty they bonds.

Betsy Elzey said that her concern was the contamination of the area and the health and welfare of the area. She asked why were we adding to a hospital in a contaminated area.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to approve the resolution for the bond issue of $48,250,000 for the hospital renovation project. Seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Motion passed, with Commissioner Lynn voting against and Commissioner Gunn abstained.

"L" Street

Authorize proceeding with Phase 2 of the Hazardous Materials Environmental Assessment on "L" Street. (Referred from 5/30/95 meeting).

Commissioner Gunn stated that she would like this deferred. Commissioner Lyde asked if someone was doing a study around Hercules? She wanted to know if this was a conflict. Mr. Gilmour said if the Board approved going ahead with Phase II, the agencies performing tests would have to coordinate efforts. Commissioner Lyde asked if EPA could be requested to approve this?

Mr. Bob Williams said "L" Street should be called the Bible project. Its been denied by some, crucified by others, resurrected again and again. In 1976 it came up, in 1993 it was cancelled and resurrected in January 1994. To his knowledge, no delegations has ever appeared before this board in favor of this project. He did not know here it came from. There was no justification for the project.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde to delay this project to allow Mr. Flanagan to ask DOT for the "L" Street money to be transferred to MLK and to use the funds for the drainage study on "L" Street.

Discussion continued concerning this and other DOT projects. Commissioner Lyde asked about drainage on "L" Street. Flanagan said $60,000 was the amount. Subsequent works had never been approved.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde to delay this project to allow Mr. Flanagan to ask DOT for the "L" Street money to be transferred to MLK and to use the funds for the drainage study on "L" Street. Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn that the money left over be used to pave roads that school buses, travel just like we agreed to, and put it on the budget, and not to be used on any Airport project. Seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Commissioners Lynn, Gunn and Lyde voted for. Commissioners Tullos, Strickland and Miller voted against. Chairman Hardman abstained.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to use SPLOST money to pave Midway Circle and West Shore Drive on Blythe Island, second Commissioner Gunn. Approved, Commissioner Strickland abstained.


Request to rezone from General Industrial to M-6 One-Family Residential Manufactured Home, Lot 3 of Harlem Farms Subdivision, consisting 15,597 square feet fronting 75 feet on east side of Southern Road (118 Southern Road), beginning approx. 607 feet south of Community Road. Property owned by Diane Reid, Rose Reid, Mary Reid, Sandra Reid, James Lee Reid, Jr. and Pauline Barnard. Application GC-11-95.

Planning Commission recommended approval of this request.

Motion by Commissioner Lyde to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous

Request to rezone from R-6 One-Family Residential to General Commercial, .72 Acres known as Lots A, B, C, D, E, & F and additional Area C-2 Glynn Haven Estates, fronting 179.3 feet on the west side of Sylvan Drive and 123 feet on the south side of Oak Street (unopened right-of-way). Property owned by Michael L. Fitzgerald and Catherine L. Fitzgerald. Application GC-13-95.

Planning Commission recommended denial of this request.

Request withdrawn.

Request to rezone from R-12 One-Family Residential to M-20 One-Family Residential Manufactured Home, 0.6935 acre parcel fronting 120.33 feet on the west side of Habersham Street Extension, beginning 587.32 feet south of Old Jesup Road. Property owned by Janice L. Mobley Kennedy.

Planning Commission recommended denial of approval of this request.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve, seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.


Consider issuance of 1995 Alcoholic Beverage License for Fourth Street Bottle Shop, 2029 Fourth Street, Brunswick, GA. PACKAGE SALES OF LIQUOR, BEER AND WINE, SUNDAY SALES PROHIBITED. (Business Licenses)

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Approved with Commissioner Lynn opposed, Commissioner Hardman abstained.


Safe Harbor

Commissioner Miller to sponsor Kate Minnock regarding funding of Safe Harbor home.

Ms. Kate Minnock addressed the Board and acknowledged Susan Nemer, the founder of this home to protect children. This home is a short term resident for abused or helpless children. Safe Harbor has been eliminated from the FY 95/96 budget. Robin and Davis Love are staunch supporters. She stated that when they apply for State and Federal support, they must show support by the County. City helps with maintenance and allows children to participate in programs for free.

Mr. Gilmour said the match can come from several different groups in the Country, not just the County Commission.

Coastal Corrections

Chairman Hardman to sponsor Coastal Corrections to discuss fine collection in Magistrate and State Court.

A representative of Coastal Corrections, a private company who collects misdemeanor fines imposed by both the State and Magistrate Courts, addressed the Commissioners seeking approval to collect 20% of the base fine to increase their staff in an effort to better serve the County. Commissioner Miller said he would like to hear from Judges Douglass and Gilbert.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to defer, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Motion approved with Commissioners Hardman and Tullos abstaining.

Woodmen of the World

Commissioner Lynn to sponsor Woodsmen of the World to discuss reopening of road to hunting camp.

Commissioner Lynn stated that the road was closed and they now want to reopen it. This has been done in the past on a contractual basis for $1 a year.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn for the County Attorney to negotiate contract, seconded Commission Strickland. Unanimous.

Village Historic District on St. Simons Island

Commissioner Gunn to sponsor Jim Hargraves to discuss inequities of application of laws relating to Village Historic District on St. Simons Island.

Mark Hardlin, attorney representing Jim Hargraves, stated that people were complaining about Mr. Hargraves making his space into a deli. Mr. Hargraves felt the process of complaining should be done to Building Official's office, in writing, on a standardized form prepared for that reason. He stated that the Village Historic Preservation should remain in tact. He would like his business amended to include a two story restaurant. He would also like a traffic study done.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to require, in writing, complaint forms about building code violations, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Motion approved, with Commissioner Lynn abstaining.


Public Hearing on the FY 96 budget.

Family Gardening Plots

Rudolph Beggs said he could not believe the Garden Plots were cut from the budget. He stated that if it were cut, the gardeners would form a club to keep it up. He stated he would ask for a refund of $2,000 of the $3,000 already paid to the County this year. Mr. Gilmour felt it was in the best interest of the County that they rent the property and be on their own, out of the County budget. Commissioner Strickland asked what the terms of the lease would be. Mr. Beggs said 5 years, with an option to extend. Commissioner Tullos stated that this garden plot had to be tied in with the Airport Master Plan, or will have to pay $11,000 cost per acre.

Mr. Miller wanted Mr. Moore to ask the Development Authority for permission to lease the garden space. Commissioner Gunn stated she felt the garden should have stated where it was and she stated that the Board was in favor of the garden. Commissioner Tullos stated he felt the gardeners should remain, but the FAA will have to bless this. County Attorney will investigate and make a recommendation.

St. Simons Library

Ed Ginn, Chairman of the St. Simons Library - $5,000 was to be paid to the library for utilities. Minutes to be reviewed by Mr. Gilmour. Mr. Ginn stated that $25,200 was the recommended budget amount for the St. Simons Library, and thanked the Commissioners for their generosity, even though it was not quite the amount they asked for.

Boys' Club

Jerry Rice, representing the Boys' Club, stated that no County monies were to go to main unit. Money goes to McIntyre Court unit. He stated Board wanted accountability and ways to save money. Absenteeism decreased 34% and 51% of juvenile court cases decreased. Originally, City and County each gave $45,000. County had cut funds to $12,400. He said the money from the County was a necessity. Commissioner Gunn asked if they got money from private funds? Mr. Rice stated that they got very little support for McIntyre Court. Commissioner Miller asked what the McIntyre budget was for 1996? Mr. Rice responded, $64,300, $1,400 less than this year. Commissioner Tullos is on the housing authority. Housing Authority and Exchange Club have given some money. This program needs money. Commissioner Strickland was an officer at the Boy's Club and he appreciated what they had done for him.

Georgia Legal Services

Huey Spearman appeared on their behalf. The Legal Aid program is for people who need civil help on cases and they are indigent. Federal money is allocated, but it is under attack at this time. Other programs also give money, United Way, etc. They also have a private attorney involvement program. Mrs. Eloise Clinch runs that program. 1994-1995 was a very busy year for Georgia Legal Services. $10.32 per case was paid by the County. Without funding it would not be possible to keep the office open. Chairman Hardman asked how many attorneys come there. Two lawyers come in twice a month. Each attorney comes on a designated day.

Peer Information Program

Ms. Moran, President, and Ms. Brown, Co-President for Peer Information Network. Community based program for younger at risk kids. They also have a support group to help. 100 Students have been trained through the program. Program also runs through the County. PIN provides 2,000 hours of Community service a year. They save the County money. Betty Fog, Executive Director of the YMCA, said that this group asks everyone for money, not just the County. Commissioner Gunn asked what the School Board has given. The School Board has given $5,000, and the City $2,500. They have entered the Community to help other children.

Amity House

Pam Kassegi stated that others (Federal and State) look at whether or not County support is given. $150,568 was the 1994/1995 operating budget. Has been operating for 12 years, and provides emergency shelter for battered women and children. The 1995/1996 has increased to $184,000 has been budgeted for this year, worst case. She asked to placed back in the budget at some level. They have received $12,200 in the past and are asking for that amount again.


Cheryl Meadows stated that they had served the community for 30 years. Accredited by the State of Georgia. $13,900 had been received from the County in the past by SHARE (Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Enterprises). Services will be cut if County does not offer assistance. Chairman Hardman asked if other counties participated. Camden County gave $5,000 last year, $7,000 this year. Everyone who comes in is evaluated.

Drugs or Jesus Intervention Center

Bishop Robinson, Director of the center, asked for financial help for this center, which helps inmates and their families. Commissioner Gunn asked how much money would be needed for another year? Bishop Robinson said $10,000. Commissioner Miller asked if he had applied to United Way?


Jim Wethern, President of the Board of CASA, new organization dealing with juveniles. He stated that children were the losers in a dysfunctional home. They are supported by Georgia DFACS $10,000 and are asking the County for $10,000. City gave $1,000. Commissioner Miller asked if additional volunteers were just added.

Senior Citizens Center

Darlene Wyams stated that her agency helps City and County residents. The Center's total budget is $248,912 budget. $121,342 comes from the City alone. She requested anything the Board could give.

Golden Isles Arts and Humanities

Helen Alexander asked for an arts pool as a resource to all art groups. All groups could apply through this fund. $10,000 was what they had requested. The Ritz account has not made enough money for them to pay the City for their managerial services.

Civil Air Patrol

Scott Richards spoke to the Commissioners. The service they perform for the County is to locate and turn off emergency locator transmitters. They would do a patrol each day of the shoreline. They respond to emergency situations. They are asking for $8,100, which is the amount given in recent years, only $3,500 was recommended.

United Way

Bob Switek spoke regarding agencies that gave up before continuing the application process. Group comes in for hearing. They check to see if there is a duplication of services. They are looking for accountability from the agencies who receive United Way money. Chairman Hardman said it would be good to have a group of experts determine where the money should go. Commissioner Tullos felt this would put Mr. Switek in a bad position.


Commissioner Gunn referred to Sandy Jones' letter regarding videotaping. She felt it would be better to continue using Sandy for this.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde to continue using Sandy Jones for videotaping of Commission Meetings. Motion withdrawn.

Called Meetings

Chairman Hardman wants to continue Budget Hearings on Monday, June 19, 1995 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and on Tuesday, June 20, 1995 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the Department Heads; and on Wednesday, June 21, 1995 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., with the Judges.

Tax Digest Adjustments Over $20,000

Mr. Long referred the Commissioners to the items in their notebooks.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to approve. Unanimous.

Authorize Process for Road Name Change in Quail Run Subdivision. (Reuter)

Mr. Reuter stated that the citizens of this subdivision were asking for authorization to advertise for a road name change from Wild Creek Road to Quail Run Road.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn second Commissioner Miller (Commissioner Gunn out of room.) Unanimous.

Mr. Reuter said he had one other similar request. The family of a Mr. John Parr, who was killed on the Smilex a couple of years ago, wanted to change the name of the Old Coast Guard road off of Highway 17, to John Parr Road.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland to advertise name change. Unanimous

LCP Clean Up

Approve letter to EPA requesting higher level of clean up at the LCP facility. (G. Moore)

Mr. Moore read letter to Carol Brauner regarding a request for the highest level of clean up for the LCP site.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Gunn to send the letter to Ms. Brauner. Unanimous.


Mr. Moore gave a report on Smile Gas. Judge Alaimo ruled in favor of the County. The County won the motion in Federal Court.


VFW has contacted him regarding an okay for tying up a Navy ship to the St. Simons Island Pier for Veteran's Day in November. Mr. Gilmour recommended approval of this item, subject to there being no expense to the County.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Gilmour was seeking authorization to enter two contracts with engineering firms, one with Ben Turnipseed Engineers for a 12" water main connector, on the G. Malone project on the Mainland, which included a new water tank and extension line to run under I-95. The Board had previously indicated that if we were to enter into such contract, this was their choice of engineering firms. He is now seeking approval of same.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Second engineering firm involved is Freeman and Vaughn out of Savannah.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Gilmour said Tom Edwards wants authorization be given for water and sewer to his property near the Georgia Pig, with Mr. Edwards handling all expenses.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Gilmour requested official confirmation of a similar project with DOT to do extension of wastewater line from travel center.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Gilmour presented a letter from Carl Alexander regarding 4th of July road closing. Carl Alexander requested a motion as follows:

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Strickland to close Mallory July 4th at 2:00 a.m. Unanimous. (Commissioner Lynn out of room.)

Motion by Commissioner Miller to adjourn to Executive Session. Seconded by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.