JUNE 13, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Jack Hardman, Chairman

Milton Lynn, Vice Chairman

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn

Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Pamela J. Barton, County Clerk

STAFF PRESENT: Chief Carl Johnson

Dan Reuter

Keith Flanagan

Sheriff Wayne Bennett

Becky Rowell

Denny Chunn

Don Long

Charles Lewis

Cynthia Williams

Dave Bandy

Robert Benson

Lt. Jack Hopper

INVOCATION by Commissioner Milton Lynn



Commissioner Gunn noted corrections to the minutes.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to approve the minutes of the May 30, 1995 meeting, subject to revisions, second by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous



Mr. Gary Moore, Managing Director of the Airport Commission, appeared on behalf of the Commission, and stated he would be glad to answer any questions regarding the actions taken at the May 9, 1995 Airport Commission Meeting.

Commissioner Gunn thanked Mr. Moore for the Airport Fee Report he had prepared for her.

Commissioner Lynn asked Mr. Moore about the garden plot mentioned in his report. Mr. Moore said that it was a different parcel they were looking at.

Commissioner Lynn asked about two letters sent to Mr. Gilmour. Mr. Gilmour said that the Airport Commission keeps the Board apprised of activity. Mr. Moore explained the letter Commissioner Lynn was referring to were letters to the FAA regarding tentative allocations of funds for 1995, and a check would be coming to the Commission if the bids come in within that amount of money.

Chairman Hardman asked if there were any further questions, and thanked Gary Moore for coming.


Cynthia Williams said that Mr. McEvoy, has been trying to find a location for the Aquamuseum, and has appeared before the Blythe Island Advisory Committee and the Recreation Board, and they both voted unanimously to support the concept and to recommend to the County Commission that property be made available. Ms. Williams said Mr. McEvoy would like to come and speak to the Commission and let you know what's going on, and she would like to request the he come before the Commission at its next work session. Chairman Hardman stated that we would be glad to put him on the next agenda.

Ms. Williams continued with her Recreation and Parks Department Monthly Update, which is attached hereto and made a part hereof.

Commissioner Gunn asked why the plaque for Georgia Pacific wasn't on the agenda. Ms. Williams explained that Mr. Carter, from Georgia Pacific, has been in and out of town, and they were going to set a date for a dedication ceremony and present the plaque at that time.


Mr. Randy Dobson appeared before the Commission and stated that he had just returned from the second meeting of the Tree City USA pilot program, which consisted of the Tree Board Chairpersons from Savannah, Jesup and Brunswick. Major topics of discussion consisted of budgetary and maintenance issues. The biggest concern for Glynn County was the lack of funds to perform tree maintenance. Mr. Dobson said the number of dead trees and dead tree limbs was a major concern. The cost of equipment to remove same was far less that a law suit would be if one of the tree limbs fell on a young child.

Commissioner Gunn asked if it were feasible to sell the dead trees and use receipts for future maintenance. Chairman Hardman stated that he didn't think there was much value in dead trees. Mr. Dobson stated that Savannah had their own chipper and splitter and the dead trees were used for firewood and mulch. He further stated that next year it was going to be illegal to take dead trees, limbs, etc. to the landfill, and they were going to have to figure out something else to do with them.

Commissioner Lynn said that he agreed with Mr. Dobson, but the park was the last place someone should be during a storm. All the parks should be shut down when we have a wind storm. Commissioner Lynn also stated that the County was going to remove dead trees or dangerous limbs regardless of whether the Tree Board had a budget or not. He said the Tree Board activities have increased every year since conception, so it couldn't be said that nothing was being done, it just wasn't going to be built over night.

Commissioner Tullos suggested that since it was in the Tree Board's bylaws to make recommendations, you would go back and make whatever recommendations you would like, and if it's going to require money, provide us with a funding source, because money isn't going to fall off of these trees.


Dan Reuter stated that Wayne Stewart, Chairman of the Commission, was recovering from outpatient surgery and there would be no report tonight.

Commissioner Gunn asked if she could get the minutes from the subcommittees. Mr. Reuter stated there were no official minutes, he kept an outline of all comments, but there were no official action on any of them. Ms. Gunn asked if Mr. Reuter would fax her a copy of his notes.



Mr. Gilmour stated that the citizens have asked that this item be deferred to the July 6, 1995 meeting, because two of the major people representing the neighborhood had conflicts.


Mr. Gilmour stated that a few months back the Commission had asked Staff to take a look at putting together documentation to go out for RFP's for the provision of solid waste collection in the unincorporated areas of the County for residential services.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to advertise for RFP's for the provision of solid waste collection in unincorporated areas of the County for residential services, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.


Commissioner Tullos addressed the Board with regard to the issue of requiring all vendors doing business with Glynn County, providing their own worker's compensation insurance. Staff was instructed to get more information on this subject and bring it back to the Commission at a later time.


Mr. Gilmour informed the Commission that this item was deferred to the July 6, 1995 meeting.


This item deferred to later in the meeting.


Mr. Reuter stated that he and the Coastal Georgia RDC attended some public hearings on Community Development Block Grant Funds. This is a State of Georgia program, administered by the Department of Community Affairs, and has annual submissions of grant applications. The terms of the application are that is has to benefit a certain percentage of low to moderate income individuals. At the public hearings, several projects were proposed, which were then reviewed by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission recommend a project to benefit the Community Crafters Center for Rehabilitation.

Mr. Reuter introduced Kurt Schlemmer, Planning Director for Coastal Georgia RDC, who gave a brief outline of the proposed project. The project will cost approximately $500,000, and the Block Grant will be submitted for that amount. They would also be seeking local matching funds. Mr. Schlemmer stated what the RDC was looking for tonight was, 1) support and approval of the project, 2) some sort of obligation by the County for a portion of the local match (approximately $15,000), and 3) approval for the RDC to continue to develop this application. Mr. Schlemmer introduced Mr. Jackie Davis, who went into greater detail regarding the proposed project.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to allow the Coastal Area RDC to go ahead with the application process, second by Commissioner Lyde. (Not acted on at this time.)

Discussion among the Commissioners ensued. Mr. Gilmour suggested that all parties return at the second meeting in July, at which time perhaps some of the finer details will have been addressed, such as how much money the City of Brunswick and the School Board would be willing to commit.

Ms. McCluskey addressed the Board briefly, stating what a great job Community Crafters was doing and what a worthwhile project to be undertaken.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to allow the Coastal Area RDC to go ahead with the application process, second by Commissioner Lyde. Commissioners Hardman, Strickland, and Lynn opposed. Approved.


Commissioner Gunn stated that first of all, she would like to take this opportunity to thank Georgia Pacific for all the beautiful equipment they installed, but the problem she is having was that the swing sets were removed. Children and adults are requesting swing sets for each age group. Ms. Gunn said that all she was asking for was two swings for kids and two swings for adults.

Cynthia Williams stated that there was space available, and she would look into the price of same. She would then take it to the Finance Committee, as there was some money available in Park Development, and come back to the Board at that time.


Mr. Reuter addressed the Commission stating that the Planning Commission had unanimously recommended applications be made to the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority (GHFA) for HOME Program funds. HOME Program funds provide 0% interest loans for home rehabilitation or trailer replacements cost to low income residents of Glynn County. Mr. Reuter referred to the HOME Program Fact Sheet in the Commissioners' notebooks, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve applying for HOME Program Funds, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimous.


Motion by Commissioner Lynn to change the starting time of Tuesday meetings to 6:00 p.m. with an ending time of 8:00 p.m., seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimous.


Commissioner Tullos asked why Ms. Minnock was listed as a separate item on the Agenda, instead of under Budget Matters. Commissioner Miller stated Ms. Minnock had originally requested to address the Commission tonight, but was moved back to Thursday. Mr. Miller also stated there would be no problem to move the item to Budget Items.

Commissioner Lynn presented a letter from Jered Brown and Associates, Inc. regarding sending a letter to representatives on their boat and all, in support of trying to keep jobs in the community.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to send letter of support for Jered Brown, seconded Commissioner Strickland. Commissioner Lyde abstained. Approved.

Chairman Hardman stated that he had an item on Tax Management Associates regarding the extension of their contract. Chairman Hardman asked Gary Moore to handle this item, since he had the contract. The Commission voted in January to give these folks an extension on unfinished business. The contracts are just now being prepared because we were waiting on some other political subdivisions. We voted unanimously to approve that extension.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to extend the contract to one year from today, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.


Chief Carl Johnson respectfully requested that Item No. 16 regarding the Home Rule Ordinance, on Thursday's Agenda, be removed.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland to remove Item No. 16 from the Agenda for Thursday, June 15, 1995, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimous.

Chief Johnson extended a verbal invitation to all the Commissioners to attend the Fire Safety House dedication at 5:30 p.m. on June 29, 1995 at the Plantation Center on Sea Island.


Public Works Director, Keith Flanagan, distributed a request for the School Board for assistance in implementing their Middle School Athletic program. The request would require the use of Engineering services, grading, and hauling of fill dirt.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to allow Keith Flanagan and Don Skeens, from the School Board, to work out a cost estimate for this project, seconded by Commissioner Strickland.

Discussion ensued with the consensus of opinion among the Commissioners being that while it was in everyone's best interest for all governing agencies to work together whenever possible, there were many County projects waiting to be completed that should take precedence over outside requests for assistance. Mr. Gilmour was asked to provide the Commissioners with a report on the outcome of the Hank Williams Concert.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to allow Keith Flanagan and Don Skeens from the School Board to work out a cost estimate for this project, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Flanagan next presented the Commissioners with a request from the DOT for the County to donate or sell the State 6.0 to 7.0 acres of salt marsh adjacent to the Torras Causeway in order for DOT to obtain a 404 permit to begin construction on the US 17 Widening Project.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to request that the DOT provide the Commission with proof of ownership by the County, and at that time the Commission will make a decision to sell or donate, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Unanimous.

Mr. Flanagan's third item was one carried forward from the May 30th meeting regarding a drainage ditch behind Transvilla Trailer Park. Mr. Flanagan was asked to research the problem and see what could be done to solve it. He further stated that the only solution he had been able to come up with was renting a small track backhoe to clean out the ditch. He said that this was a joint City/County ditch, and in talking with Commissioner Plyman concerning this, was told the City had previously rented this same piece of equipment, and asked if the County might be interested in a joint purchase of same. Mr. Flanagan said he could not recommend this until first having used the machinery.

Commissioner Lynn asked Mr. Flanagan if he had determined whether the trailers were on the right of way, and if so, he wanted them treated the same way the people who live off of Cate Road had recently been treated in a similar situation.

Commissioner Tullos asked how much it would cost to rent the equipment. Mr. Flanagan said it was $1,000 a week and he would need it for 3-4 weeks. The machinery would cost about $72,000. To survey the property would be about $1,500.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to survey the property, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland to rent the piece of equipment and proceed with work, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Unanimous.

Mr. Flanagan informed the Commissioner that his next item also dealt with drainage. He stated that about a year and a half ago a Ms. Underwood, who lives on Nottingham Drive, contacted him regarding the ditch behind her property, which was very close to her fence and swimming pool. At that time there was a discrepancy between two surveys. One said we had a 20' easement, which would put her fence and the edge of her pool on the easement. The other survey said we only have a 10' easement. Meanwhile, the ditch which is about 15' deep and 30' wide, has continued to wash away and cave in. Her fence has fallen into the ditch and the pool is threatening to. Ms. Underwood has contacted him again and he's been back out to look at it. The only solution is to pipe the ditch, which would cost about $10,000 for materials only, with the Public Works Department doing the work.

After discussing the issue, the Commissioners directed Mr. Flanagan and the County Attorney to look into the discrepancy between the surveys and the subdivision map to determine the actual width of the easement, and bring back this information as soon as possible, because of the possible legal problem involved.


Mr. Benson distributed for informational purposes his response to letters forwarded to him by Commissioner Gunn regarding an interruption of service caused by a water leak in the Devonwood area. Also included was his response to an anonymous letter. The four documents are attached hereto and made a part hereof.

Mr. Benson informed the Commissioners of a meeting sponsored by the EPD, which he and Mr. Gilmour had attended. They are planning another meeting the near future in Brunswick, with the date, time and place yet to be determined. What came out of the meeting was that we do not have an unlimited water supply with the Florida aquifer. The days of easy water access in the 24 coastal counties in Georgia are gone and conservation programs must be implemented.

Commissioner Gunn inquired about Proctor Lane needing larger pipes and Mr. Benson responded that this was being worked on.


Mr. Gilmour distributed a memorandum which covered a number of items which came out of the Personnel Committee meeting on July 8, 1995, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof. The first issue addressed was the difference between a 3.5% cost of living increase for County employees, versus a $300 one-time payment. The second item illustrated reducing the proposed 3.5% increase in increments of .5% downward.

The third item covered the total number of new positions requested in the budget process and which positions were recommended. The final item covered Personnel Committee Actions. Mr. Gilmour pointed out that Item 4-f was something the Commission should address at this meeting, since it dealt with contractual services relating to revaluation in the Tax Assessor's office.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to enter into a contractual agreement for revaluation services, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Unanimous.

Discussion continued with particular emphasis on the necessity of hiring three new Firefighters, one for each shift, at the north St. Simons Island fire station.

Judge Donald E. Manning addressed the Commission regarding the rapidly increasing caseload of the Juvenile Court, requesting that another Court Officer be included in the FY 95/96 Operating Budget. Judge Manning's supporting documentation is attached hereto and made a part hereof.

Sheriff Wayne Bennett appeared before the Commission, at the Personnel Committee's request, concerning his request for four new positions. Sheriff Bennett stated that the four positions had already been approved by the Commission, as a condition of federal approval for the new 32 bed pod to be added later this year.

Gary Moore spoke to the Commissioners regarding the need for another Attorney and Legal Secretary. The recommendation of the County Administrator was to hire a Para Legal instead. Much discussion was given to this matter with the Commissioners questioning the amount of time used by the Tax Assessor's office, the LCP Chemical case, and unnecessary calls from other County departments.

Commissioner Strickland read the motion made by the Personnel Committee:

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to change the Para Legal position proposed by the County Administrator for the County Attorney's office to an Attorney I position at a starting salary, with benefits, of not to exceed $3,500, and for the County Administrator's Office to provide clerical assistance, initially to offset the increased work load with the addition of another Attorney.

Commissioner Strickland stated that the Personnel Committee voted 3-0 on this and he thinks this is the way we should go right now, with the motion and second already in place.

Motion failed, Commissioners Gunn, Tullos and Lynn voting against and Commissioner Lyde abstaining.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to relieve Mr. Moore from the LCP Chemical case, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Motion passed with Commissioner Tullos voting against.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to restrict access to the County Attorney, except by Department Heads, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to adjourn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Motion passed with Commissioner Miller voting against.