MAY 18, 1995, AT 6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Chairman, Jack Hardman

Vice Chairman, Milton Lynn

Commissioner, Virginia Gunn Commissioner, Gladys Martin-Lyde

Commissioner, James E. "Sonny" Miller

Commissioner, Robert E. Strickland

Commissioner, Fred Tullos

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Pamela J. Barton, County Clerk


Ray Richard

Charles Lewis

Cynthia Williams

Chief Carl Alexander

Dave Bandy

Lt. Hopper

Chief Carl Johnson

Sheriff Wayne Bennett

INVOCATION by Reverend Jensen, St. Simons United Methodist Church


Point of Privilege

Mr. Ken Tolleson and Ms. Woodman addressed the Board regarding their attendance at the City Commission Meeting. He stated that it was their goal to try and work out an agreement between the City and County with respect to the LOST tax. He stated that that had offered the City a chance to meet with the County at a designated office specified by the Chamber and agreed upon by both the City and County. He stated that they would not take any action with respect to the meeting they were simply trying to coordinate the meeting.

Commissioner Lyde felt that the Chamber should not be the facilitator. She felt a totally uninvolved person would be better.

Commissioner Tullos stated that the Chamber was simply trying to get everyone together that they did not plan on becoming involved they were just trying to facilitate a meeting. Commissioner Tullos stated that the City has said they are ready and the Board should take action to try and work this out.

Commissioner Strickland stated that they would not intervene in what was being said or done they were simply offering a meeting place.

Commissioner Miller stated that the Board could only take an official vote in the Commission Room.

Chairman Hardman stated that you could hold the meeting just as long as it was properly noticed.

Mr. Tolleson stated that this would be a loss of $10,000,000 which would have to come from the taxpayers.

Commissioner Tullos stated that everyone was trying to find a reason not to meet. He stated that this needed to be ironed out. He stated that being bull headed may result in the loss of $10,500,000 or $11,000,000 and would result in the Board being derelict in their duty and the Board in general looking like fools.

Commissioner Lynn stated that the Board was not putting their head in the sand. He stated that the County was willing to meet with the City.

Commissioner Miller stated that the Board needed to have a meeting where everyone could be there including the public.

Commissioner Gunn stated that the public could stand up if there wasn't enough room.

Chairman Hardman stated that the Board was very pleased by the Chamber's gesture to do this and stated that the Board would meet with the City on any day ending with a y.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to accept the Chamber's offer to set up a meeting with the City, second by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.


Mr. Wayne Stewart, Mr. Derrick Hulsey and Mr. Wright Tilly appeared to accept the Proclamation declaring May 20th as Hank Williams, Jr. day in Glynn County.

The proclamation read as follows:




WHEREAS, Hank Williams, Jr. is known throughout the world as a member of the Country Music community; and

WHEREAS, Hank Williams, Jr. has been named entertainer of the year six times; and

WHEREAS, Hank Williams, Jr. takes a great interest in children in general; and

WHEREAS, his willingness to attend and promote the Glynn Middle School athletic program in Glynn County, Georgia should be recognized; and

WHEREAS, Glynn County, Georgia is proud to recognize "Bocephus" for his accomplishments and his contribution to the cause for which he is appearing - the implementation of "Glynn Middle School Athletics"; and

WHEREAS, the Glynn County Board of Commissioners hereby wishes to declare a special day in Glynn County to honor "Mr. Hank Williams, Jr."; and

NOW, THEREFORE, be it hereby proclaimed and recognized that Saturday, May 20th, 1995 is hereby declared "Hank Williams, Jr. Day" in Glynn County, Georgia.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, WE the Glynn County Board of Commissioners set our hand and seal this the 18th day of May, 1995.



Chairman Hardman then presented a Proclamation in honor or Lorraine Dusenbury upon her leaving the Board of Elections as a member as follows:




WHEREAS, the Board of Elections of Glynn County was established in May, 1981 at which time Ms. Lorraine Dusenbury was appointed as a member; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Dusenbury has served the Board of Elections and this

County as an appointed member of the Board of Elections for 14 years; and

WHEREAS, she has served in that capacity as an active working member involved with the Board of Elections in every respect. She served as an exemplary Board member always willing to do her part and more to benefit the County and to act as a diligent contributor in that capacity; and

WHEREAS, she did an outstanding job in presiding over County elections as a member of the Board of Elections in making sure that State laws were adhered to with every respect; and

NOW THEREFORE, we the Glynn County Board of Commissioners, do hereby honor and thank Ms. Lorraine Dusenbury for her dedicated service to the County as a member of the Board of Elections.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF WE set our hand this 18th day of May, 1995.



Motion by Commissioner Lynn, second by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Contract for County Claims with respect to LCP

This matter was discussed in Executive Session.

Discussion regarding Water and Sewer for Cypress Run Subdivision

Commissioner Gunn complemented Mr. Reuter and his staff for the annual report and their accomplishments throughout the year.

Mr. Reuter presented the matter of water and sewer for the referenced subdivision. He stated that the City had provided a letter stating that there was adequate water and sewer for the area.

Commissioner Strickland asked if this subdivision was in District 3 or District 4?

It could not be determined which District this was in.

Mr. Moore stated that this was not an area where the City of Brunswick had an existing franchise. He stated that approval of this action would in fact be giving them a franchise agreement. Mr. Moore proposed that the County would at some point have to take a position. He suggested that the County offer the City a short term franchise on the proviso of ten or fifteen years with certain provisions: that these customers are not charged more than other customers, that all easements and pipes would be transferred over to the County at that time and the City would sell water to the County wholesale.

Commissioner Miller felt that the City and County attorney should discuss this.

Mr. Moore requested authorization to make an offer. He stated that somehow the rate structure for the City and County was not the same.

Commissioner Miller asked if the franchises had expired? The response was that they had expired.

Commissioner Lynn asked if the agreement had expired but the City charged the County more now?

Mr. Moore stated that the costs when up when the franchise agreement expired.

Mr. Reuter stated that Mr. Sawyer had been informed that this matter would be discussed.

Chairman Hardman stated that the developer was probably making interest payments on this property daily and should not be delayed to a disagreement between the County and City.

Mr. Gilmour stated that the City is approached for water service by the County. The City simply replied that they could service this. In the area east of Altama the City had a franchise, the area west of Altama they did not have a franchise agreement. He stated that any service outside the franchise area required Board approval. He stated that this was a Board issue that related to policy.

Commissioner Lyde asked if the franchise agreement was necessary this project?

Mr. Moore stated that allowing them to provide service would be an open agreement with no limits. He stated that the County should provide the franchise agreement. Mr. Moore stated that the County could let them do it with the County's having authority to take action if appropriate.

Mr. Enney then asked who would be paying for this? The response was that the developer would pay.

Motion by Chairman Hardman to approve this subject to the limitations recommended by the County Attorney, a five year franchise agreement with a 5 year option to renew, agreement with respect to the fees and approval of the lines by the County engineer, second by Commissioner Strickland. Commissioners Gunn, Hardman, Lynn, Miller and Strickland for. Commissioner Lyde and Tullos abstained. Approved.

Final Plat for Musgrove Place Subdivision

Mr. Reuter stated that this subdivision was located on Frederica and Harrington Roads on St. Simons Island. He stated that the applicant had provided an $8,000.00 bond to cover the remaining 10% of the cost of completion and that he recommended this matter for approval.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to approve, second by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Approval of Home Rule Ordinance

Mr. Moore stated that this Ordinance would allow Glynn County to participate in profit seeking activities if the money was used for governmental uses. He stated that this was in response to the ambulance service contract that the hospital requested that the County bid on. This would allow the County to offset some of its losses.

Mr. Moore then stated that this would be read and approved and it would have to be read approved once again at the next meeting.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to approve, second by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimous.

Mr. Moore then read the ordinance a copy of which is attached as Exhibit "B" attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof.

Appointments to the Pension Administration Committee

Commissioner Tullos requested that the Pension Administration Committee report be heard following the appointment of a firefighter to the committee.

Chairman Hardman then stated that the nominees for this position were W. Jonathan Hardwick and Pete K. Walters, Jr. Both had been with the Glynn County Fire Department for several years.

The vote proceeded by secret ballot.

Mr. W. Jonathan Hardwick won over Mr. Pete K. Walters, Jr. by a vote of 4 to 3. The results of voting were announced.

The Chairman then asked if anyone wished to challenge the ballots.

Commissioner Tullos then proceeded with stating that the following resolution in the form of a motion had passed in the committee by a vote of 5 to 1 the motion reads as follows:

Motion to consider amending the County Pension Plan to include deputy sheriffs who have full arrest powers and work everyday as peace officers to retire with full benefits at age 55 or 30 years of service, pending the proper wording of the County Attorney, second by Commissioner Strickland.

Commissioner Tullos also stated that the pension committee had voted to commence a study on the cost of retirement eligibility at age 55 for all employees.

Appointment to Solid Waste Advisory Board

Chairman Hardman stated that Mr. Clay Tasker was the sole nominee from Jekyll Island.

Motion by Commissioner Lynn to appoint Mr. Tasker, second by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous.

Commissioner Items

Commissioner Miller asked about Club Elder, a letter had been forwarded by Mr. Hawkins.

Mr. Reuter stated that they had requested a deferral to the second meeting in June.

Mr. Miller handed out a chart from the Visitors Bureau setting forth where the bed tax money went from the County.

Mr. Miller stated that he had gotten some information from Doug Hopkins with Coca-Cola regarding the forced legislation with respect to charging an upfront deposit on cans.

Mr. Miller also stated that Mr. Tipton had requested that the bed tax forms be completed to let them know this information.

Mr. Moore stated that this was privileged information. He also stated that he would let Mr. Tipton know.

Commissioner Miller stated that there were new bylaws because the Visitors Bureau and the Chamber had been combined effective July 1.

Commissioner Miller stated that there had been an inquiry regarding the condition of the Torras Causeway by the Chamber. They wanted to know if the Causeway was being taken care of with the influx of visitors to the area.

Chairman Hardman stated that Jay Elkire had been on the causeway the day before tending to the flowers and shrubs.

Commissioner Miller stated that the ribbon cutting for the new ship and the trip out would be taking place next week. Commissioner Miller wanted to make a motion to change next week's meeting dates.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to meet Tuesday, May 30, 1995 for the regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. Unanimous.

Commissioner Gunn brought up the matter of U-Call on the Island. She questioned the installation of the phones on a double pedestal. She stated that there were no single pedestals installed on the Island. She stated that she had never seen anyone use these U-Call phones. She also noted the installation of the U-Call phones 2 feet in front of the Southern Bell phone and stated that it looked tacky.

Mr. Gilmour stated that this had come as a recommendation from The Casino Advisory Board. A member of The Casino Advisory Board said they had not approved the built up stuff such as a roof on the phone booth. Mr. Gilmour stated that the Board approved the phones as they appear now.

Commissioner Gunn stated that the Board was never told the phones would be installed so close to the other phones. She also asked where the single pedestal was?

Mr. Gilmour stated that the Board had approved the computer enhanced photo and that he thought one unit did come up from the ground. He stated that Southern Bell said they would not move the phones due to their agreement with the County.

Chairman Hardman asked the U-Call person to come before the Board to explain why he placed the phones where he did.

Commissioner Hardman stated that we did not need four phones on the pier, this wasn't Atlanta.

Commissioner Lynn asked the process for obtaining a sway car to clean up a vacant, trashy lot next door to her.

The response was that it would cost her $65.00 to rent the sway car to clean up that lot.

Mr. Gilmour stated that even though she was performing a service we cannot given anyone preferential treatment due to the State's Solid Waste Management Act. If the Board felt it was a public service and took action to provide a discount this would be taken from the general fund.

Commissioner Strickland stated that his item was set for 7:00 p.m. He stated that he would have to wait for Chief Alexander.

Commissioner Tullos asked Mr. Richard about Gardenia Avenue regarding Xpress Lube. He stated that there were two conditions that had not been met. Commissioner Tullos stated that the letter would be handled by the Planning Department.

Mr. Reuter stated that he had been contacted on this problem and that his staff would follow up on this item.


Berthinia Gibson addressed the Board regarding the lighting matter in Jewtown. She stated that she had been waiting for Mr. Horton to contact her. She stated that she felt the Board had previously approved this money for lighting in Jewtown.

Mr. Moore stated that the check would most likely be forwarded by the Waffle House within a week.

Commissioner Gunn stated that she had suggested on Tuesday that the money be used for the "Whale Sculpture" on St. Simons because she did not feel that $2500.00 would be enough for lighting. She stated that Mr. Gilmour had promised to look into the cost of lighting.

Ms. Gibson stated that she felt the money had already been promised to her neighborhood for lighting. She stated that the Board had approved it and she had been waiting to hear from Mr. Horton.

Chairman Hardman asked that Ms. Gibson be advised of the status.

Commissioner Strickland then asked who had approved the funds being used for this? Ms. Gibson responded that the Board of Commissioners had made the promise.

The Board then requested that the minutes should be checked.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to go into Executive Session, second by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimous.

Return from Executive Session

Motion by Commissioner Miller that the Contract No. 1 be adopted which included the County Attorney in the proceeding. Commissioners Gunn, Hardman, Lyde and Miller for, Commissioners Lynn, Strickland, Tullos opposed. Approved.

Tax Inequalities Discussed by S. C. Anderson

Mr. Anderson stated that he was a resident of Sandcastle Subdivision. He stated that he wanted to present this matter and did not intend to slander anyone, he also stated that he would not mention any names other than his own. He stated that the property was owned by a high ranking Glynn County employee. He stated that the physical description of a home in his neighborhood which resulted in a lesser tax bill. He stated that the original appraised value had been stated as $110,000, an update of this tax card resulted in a new assessment for this property in the amount of $127,889.

He stated that additional living area should have been included in the description also. He stated that an appraisal of this property had listed it at $140,000.

He stated that not one of the cards reviewed by non county employees did not contain these faulty values. He stated that the Tax Assessors office was very elusive regarding this understated appraisal. He stated that as a result of his whistleblowing his property value was increased by $6,000 in a non cycle period. He stated that this task was extremely hard due to the elusiveness of tax officials. He stated that he was told that his tax folder could not be located. He stated that his appeal had been denied. He also stated that he wanted an apology from someone who had made a slanderous public statement against him in public by someone in the Tax Assessor's Office. He asked that these matters be investigated and be made public knowledge.

Mr. Long stated that the 1994 and 1993 tax digests were approved by the Revenue Department.

Mr. Don Long then addressed the assembly regarding the allegations made by Mr. Anderson. Mr. Long stated that he arrived in 1993 and checked the property value of the residence that Mr. Anderson had said was understated; the value was increased in 1994. Mr. Long stated that the Assessor's office was in the process of reappraising values in the County to make the taxation as equitable as possible. He stated that their goal was to correct the appraisal amounts. He stated that the assessment amount for property was in the area of 90 or 91%.

Commissioner Gunn asked about the treatment of Mr. Anderson. Mr. Long stated that the staff had stated that they had not treated Mr. Anderson badly. He then stated that Mr. Anderson had taken out a building permit in March of 1991, properties were reevaluated in 1992 and his house was built in 1991. The house he had built was assessed for 1991. Mr. Anderson appealed and said his house was not complete until January of 1992. The Assessors then took the house off of the tax bill. The Tax Assessor's office found out that power had been turned on in June of 1991 and he had been living in the house six months, hence the increase for 1992.

Commissioner Miller asked that Mr. Long, staff and Mr. Anderson sit down together to find out what had happened.

Commissioner Gunn then asked that the Board be given a report following this meeting.

Paul Peronard Presented an update on LCP

Mr. Peronard introduced some individuals now working on the site, they are as follows: Leo Francindici who was directing the work in the marsh; Tony Best who handled the off-site sampling of the wells and James Hudson who was working on the work in the cell buildings. He stated that usually two supervisors were present on site, one to work on the big picture items and one to work on the small items.

He stated that there had been concern on the part of the community with the consumption of the fish. He stated that many members of the ecological chain were being tested in the area. He stated that they were expanding into Pervis Creek with respect to crabs, shrimp and predator fish. He stated that test results would be distributed when received. He also said that he hoped to have the total report completed by September. He stated that they were trying to determine the overall impact of the study on the area. He stated that they were trying to determine the total impact on the ecosystem. They wanted to determine if after the clean-up there would still be detrimental effects on the area. He stated that wells in the area had been tested together with soil samples. He stated that full scale disposal of the waste was scheduled for September. He stated that one of the biggest concerns in the area was the outfall pond; he stated that it was cleaning up much better than expected. He stated that the birm construction had been completed. He stated that this had isolated the area from tidal influence. He stated that this area would be excavated first in September. He stated that next week they would commence cleaning of the north side area. Mr. Peronard also stated the birm work would be completed in June. He stated that after this work was completed work would commence in the Altamaha Canal. He stated that this too was affected by tidal influence. He stated that a geophysicists would come in the check the soil for contaminants. He stated that the heat was a problem. He suggested that they might commence coming in very early in the morning and leaving in the early afternoon. Mr. Peronard stated that the cell buildings would be dismantled.

Commissioner Gunn inquired as to the status of the LDR variance.

Mr. Peronard explained that this was for the handling and treatment of the waste being taken off site. He once again stated that he had spoken with the Atlanta EPA office and did not foresee any problem at all with obtaining the variance.

Public Hearings

Smile Gas

Chief Alexander presented this item to the assembly and stated that they had met all necessary requirements. He stated that he recommended this license for approval.

Mr. Huff spoke on behalf of Mr. Carter and Smile Gas. He stated that he wished to address the assembly regarding this matter. He stated that Mr. Carter was in attendance in accordance with the ordinance. He also stated that they were requesting the issuance of the license. He stated in support of the license all objective requirements of the County's ordinance had been met including the following: Mr. Carter met all the requirements of an applicant, the location met all the requirements under the ordinance and that Smile Gas, together with the County had fulfilled all other requirements. He stated that they were entitled to a license under the County ordinance. He also stated that under State Law they were also eligible for a license. He stated that State law required that the County adopt an ordinance setting forth ascertainable standards for obtaining a license and he felt that these requirements had been met. He stated that if this license was denied there were be grave consequences in accordance with the 14th Amendment. He respectfully requested that the Board grant Smile Gas a license. He stated that his clients had been very patient during the process. He stated that he understood the Board's willingness to listen to their constituents but he also explained that law required the Board to grant this license. Mr. Huff stated that case law evidenced that this license should be granted. He stated that he wanted to stress the importance of the Board's granting the license at the meeting. He stated that the store would very likely open with a license if it was not granted at this meeting. He stated that the State license would have to be obtained following Smile's obtaining a County license. He stated that this would subject Smile to damages which he felt they were entitled to recover and that these damages would be paid by Glynn County taxpayers. He stated that they were there to comply with the ordinance and to enter a special request that the license be issued.

Commissioner Gunn inquired about the road signs designating road work and asked that the signs be removed due to the fact that the turn lane would not be implemented.

Mr. Wiederhorn stated that he would not have commenced construction prior to the license being issued. Mr. Wiederhorn stated that the County ordinance gave the Board full discretion to make a decision on this matter either to grant or deny. He stated that the Board had decided after the last decision not to go to court on this matter. He stated that the State law gave the County full authority on issuing the license. He stated that it also set forth that obtaining this license was a privilege not a right. Mr. Wiederhorn stated that the County had to be consistent according to law with the issuance of licenses. He stated that A and B would be treated the same when the conditions were the same, but he felt in this case that the situation was different. He stated that he felt this was the first time anyone had referred to this ordinance to reject the license. He stated that granting this license would result in portions of the ordinance being struck from the record. He stated that denial of this license would result in a precedent with other licenses being denied at a later date also for stated reasons. He stated that this would occur when citizens made a reasonable and conscientious objection to the license. He requested that the Board deny this license, to go to court if necessary, and to determine if the County had a valid ordinance.

Ms. Helen Thomason spoke on behalf of the Holly Street residents. She stated that Mr. Lloyd smith had addressed the Board at an earlier date with a petition from 100% of the residents of Holly Street. She stated that granting of a license was not an inalienable right, it was a privilege. She asked that the Board take a stand and deny this license.

Ms. Francis Allen appeared representing the East Sea Palms Homeowners Association. She stated that the sale of beer and wine at this location would be a negative thing. She also stated that this would cause a traffic problem also. She felt there were enough facilities serving beer and wine in this small area and another facility was not needed.

Chairman Hardman stated that he felt the Board had to by law grant this license. He stated that the County was working on an ordinance to cap the number of liquor licenses in the area. He stated that this would be the legal vehicle for these matters.

Mr. Moore stated that the ordinance gave the Board latitude and that the ordinance was not worthless. He stated that in this situation the question was, is this an appropriate location for the sale of beer and wine? He stated that the difference with this application was that this neighborhood already has several facilities with licenses. He felt that the Board needed to be consistent in their approvals. Mr. Moore presented the fact that licenses had been granted in the area during the interim in which Smile waited for their license to be granted. Mr. Moore felt that the Board could not decide that a neighborhood with licensees was not appropriate now for an additional licensee.

Commissioner Gunn stated that the licenses that had been granted were in a shopping center. She stated that these licensees in the area were there forever.

Mr. Moore stated that the Board did, however, renew those licenses each year. He stated that the current Ordinance did not have limitations setting forth the number of licensees in an area.

Mr. Wiederhorn asked Mr. Moore the definition of neighborhood. He stated that he currently did not have a licensee in his neighborhood.

Mr. Huff stated that someone has said that his client should have obtained the license before getting this far down the line. He stated that according to the stated policy under Georgia law is so someone can look at a piece of property and know what their getting into. He stated that there was a debate on whether the obtaining of the license was a privilege or a right and that was not what was important here, what was important was that the actual act of obtaining this license did have constitutional protection. He felt their not getting a license would be evidence that they were not being treated consistently with other licensees. He stated that he had a different opinion as to whether Glynn County's ordinance was appropriate. He felt that issuance of the license was mandated.

Commissioner Gunn stated that she felt Mr. Huff had not heard her. She stated that those liquor store licenses were issued years ago in that neighborhood.

Mr. Huff referred to Little Champ down the street was functioning under the same type of license.

Commissioner Strickland asked about the new Sea Island shopping center licenses.

Mr. Moore stated that during the process of a decision on Smile Gas two or three licenses had been issued in that shopping center.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn to deny license, second by Commissioner Miller. Commissioners Gunn, Lyde, Lynn and Miller to deny, Comissioners Hardman, Strickland and Tullos for. Motion to deny license approved.


Mr. Wiederhorn made some comments regarding the population of Brunswick during the workday was 32,000. He asked how many jobs were in the City of Brunswick? The answer was 7,281. He stated that Glynn County had 31,878 residents. This would mean that the population would in the worst case increase by 45%. He stated that Mr. Mitchell had positioned himself at the end of the causeway and counted cars coming into the City. She stated that he took a percentage of this amount.

Point of Privilege

Commissioner Strickland stated that over the past several months he had been contacted by individuals who were displeased with Club One on Altama Avenue. He stated that this club was operating from 10 until 4 in the morning.

Commissioner Strickland asked the police chief to add any information that he had regarding this club.

Chief Alexander stated that he had numerous calls and complaints regarding the Club. He stated that people had complained about the noise and that they did not have a liquor license even though the Chief had been told people were bringing liquor in. He stated that the owner was told if that was the case they would have to apply for a liquor license. He stated that officers had informed them that the crowd outside the club had to be controlled.

Russell Williams stated that this was going to be a teen club and that did not work out. He stated that people were outside screaming, defecating, urinating and cursing. He wanted to know how they could change this club like they had because the teen club didn't work. He stated that an elderly lately lived behind this who was unable to sleep. He stated that this was disturbing the whole neighborhood.

He then inquired if there was a loitering ordinance?

Chief Alexander stated that there was not, but that there was a curfew in effect for kids 17 and under. He stated that the management had been notified about the people hanging around outside. He stated that they had been told they would be cited if this was not corrected.

Mr. Williams also stated that there were enough alcohol bottles in the dumpster to intoxicate someone who placed their head in there. He stated that bottles were all over the ground broken. He stated that drugs could also be involved. He stated that the base coming from the club would shake his house. He stated that he was more concerned about the elderly lady in the neighborhood who heard this every weekend.

Chairman Hardman stated that people were entitled to peace and quiet. He asked for those persons opposed to this raise their hand. Several people were present.

Ms. Gibson asked if there was a noise ordinance?

Chief Alexander stated that their noise did not exceed the allowed decibels. He stated that you had to catch them in the act and prove that management knew this was going on.

Commissioner Miller stated the manager is responsible if they were drinking inside.

Chief Alexander stated that you would have to prove that the manager knew what was going on.

Commissioner Strickland stated that he alerted the manager of the meeting and he had elected not to attend.


Commissioner Gunn stated that Mittie Hendrix had complimented the employees of Glynn County that assisted her with setting up her facility. She thanked Chief Nazzrie, Ray Richard, Vernon Lewis and Chief Alexander.

Motion by Commissioner Miller to go into Executive Session, second by Commissioner Lynn. Unanimous.


Commissioner Miller brought up some matters regarding the merger of the Chamber and Visitors Bureau. He stated that the salaries were in the $4 and $5 an hour price range. He told some of these people that they should apply with the County, one woman who had made $19,000 to $20,000 might really be hurt by this change.