5:00 PM Dedication of the W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex Building.

PRESENT: Milton D. Lynn, Chairman

Fred E. Tullos, Vice Chairman

Virginia Gunn, Commissioner

Jack Hardman, Commissioner

Gladys Martin-Lyde, Commissioner

James E. "Sonny" Miller, Commissioner

Robert E. Strickland, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk




Approve Minute Summary of Regular Meeting held Thursday, November 21, 1996.

Motion to approve subject to corrections by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimously approved.


A. Presentation of Thanksgiving proclamation to First Baptist Church. (M. Lynn)

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.

B. Casino Garden Club to make presentation to Board of Commissioners. (S. Miller)

Ms. Martha Miller, President of the St. Simons Council of Garden Clubs outlined present and future projects for the beautification of the entrance to St. Simons Island and requested Board authorization to proceed with same. The projects include Christmas lights, a fountain, new trees and walking trails.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimously approved.

C. Professor Stephen Hale, Georgia Southern University, request permission to conduct a professional archeological survey at Gascoigne Bluff at no cost to the County. (V. Gunn)

Motion to approve by Commissioner Lyde, seconded by Commissioner Miller, subject to a release of liability. Unanimously approved.

D. Representative of the Wesley Oaks Homeowners Association to discuss drainage problems in the subdivision. (V. Gunn)

Mr. Jack Caldwell described a sewer problem that has gotten increasingly worse over the last 19 years.

Motion by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, to ask staff to look into the problem and report back to the Board at their next meeting. Unanimously approved.

E. Representative from RUPA to address Board of Commissioners regarding cutting of crepe myrtles on County property located east of 4th Street, East Beach, St. Simons Island and all of Glynn County. (S. Miller)

Ms. Eileen B. Hutchenson, Second Vice President and Chair, Natural Resources Protection Committee of RUPA requested that the Commission not allow any trimming of any wax myrtles on County property.

F. O & A Development Corporation, Atlanta, to discuss their contract and new building for DFACS. (J. Hardman)

Ms. Margaret Bowen of OA Development stated that OA Development had been awarded the bid to construct the new DFACS building in Glynn County. She stated they had a local partner, Sawyer & Associates, and was requesting authorization to contact the County Attorney to work out the particulars of County participation in the development.

Commissioner Gunn read into the minutes a letter from Larry Bryson, Iris Bryson, Andrew Taylor and Richard Taylor objecting to the construction of a new facility. (Copy attached).

The following also spoke in opposition of this project:

Mr. Joe Ferrier, Attorney, representing Mr. Richard McKinna who owns the old Pantry Pride building, spoke in opposition to the project, stating among many reasons the fact the contractor is in direct competition with local people; possible detriment to future investors because of increased property values; and a conflict of interest by Mr. Sawyer, who was the listing agent for Mr. McKinna's building.

Mr. Ronald Sawyer stated that he was enlisted by OA Development to help them locate a suitable building for the DFACS facility. They were shown Mr. McKinna's building, as well as the other property owner's here tonight. None of the facilities were acceptable to them, therefore, Mr. Sawyer located another site to suit their needs.

Mr. Richard McKinna stated he introduced Ron Sawyer to the OA people. He further stated that he didn't mind playing on a level playing field, but if the County agreed to subsidize the OA loan, it will take his building off the market; and that this contract was never put out to bid to other contractors.

Mr. & Mrs. John McClurd, leaseholder of present DFACS facility, stated that the State broke faith with them. At the time of the last lease renewal the McClurds made renovations and incurred further debt to accommodate DFACS present and future needs, now they will be left the facility and debt with no lessee.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde, to hold a Public Hearing at 5:00 p.m. on December 19, 1996, prior to the regularly scheduled Commission Meeting, to determine if the County wishes to move forward with further involvement in this project. Unanimously approved.


A. Abandonments

Consider request to abandon a portion of Old Fancy Bluff Road. Wendell and Jean Boatright, applicants.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimously approved.

(B) Business License

Consider renewal of 1997 Alcoholic Beverage License for The Pink Pig, 310 Redfern Village, St. Simons Island, GA. LICENSE FOR CONSUMPTION ON PREMISES OF BEER ONLY. SUNDAY SALES PROHIBITED.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Motion passed 6-1, Chairman Lynn opposed.


A. Finance Committee

(1) Recommend approval, subject to line use capability verification, of the request by Ms. L. A. Chancey, CEO, Technetronics, Ltd., St. Simons Island, GA, that 120 inbound modem dial up lines be exempt from the monthly $1.50 E-911 charge and two (2) dial in line, retroactive to October 1995, also be exempt. (Vote 2-0-0)

(2) Consider authorizing the issuance of a Purchase Order to purchase the following items from a sole source vendor:

(a) Recommend approval of the purchase of an ammunition re-loader and training for the Police Department from the sole source vendor, Camdex, Inc., Troy Michigan, at a cost of $16,400.00. (Vote 2-0-0)

(b) Recommend approval of the purchase of 360 feet of 48" N-12 drainage pipe for Public Works from the sole source manufacture, Advanced Drainage, Cincinnati, Ohio, at a cost of $11,700.00. (Vote 2-0-0)

(c) Recommend approval to purchase and upgrade to the Police Department's telephone equipment from the sole source vendor, AT&T, Norcross, Georgia, at a cost of $14,867.00. (Vote 2-0-0)

(3) Consider awarding the bid for the following items in which the bids were opened at 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, November 21, 1996:

a) Recommend approval to purchase a 42" aerial bucket truck for the Traffic Safety Department be awarded to Baker Equipment Company, Richmond, Va., in the amount of $74,190.00. (Vote 2-0-0)

b) Recommend the bid for the purchase of police uniforms be awarded to the following vendors submitting the lowest bid for each item to be purchased: (1) Harrison Uniform, Jacksonville, FL, for an estimated annual amount of $33,408.87; Southern Public Safety Equipment Co., Norcross, GA, for an annual estimated amount of $5,998.59. (Vote 2-0-0)

(4) Recommend staff be authorized to issue a bid to purchase carpeting for the Courthouse Annex Building. (Vote 2-0-0)

(5) Recommend the contract with Southland Waste Systems, Inc., of Georgia, be amended to reflect once a month cut off for billing of sanitation collection services per contract sample. (Vote 2-0-0)

(6) Consider exercising an additional option year on the following contracts:

(a) Recommend exercising the second (2nd) option year of the contract with ABL Management Inc., Baton Rouge, LA, to provide food services to the inmates at the Detention Center for an annual estimated cost of $230,169.00. (Vote 2-0-0)

(b) Recommend exercising the first (1) option year of the contract with Professional Technical Support Services, Norcross, GA for an estimated annual cost of $12,652.00. (Vote 2-0-0)

(7) Recommend approval of all payments exceeding the contract value at the agreed rate. Recommend extending the incumbent's Underwood Construction Company, Brunswick, GA, contract until the Cate Road Landfill is closed in the Spring of 1997. (Vote 2-0-0)

(8) Recommend approval of adding one additional vehicle to the FY 96-97 Budget with the funding of $15,824.00 coming from the County Corner's Management Incentive Bonus. Any additional cost to come from the County Corner's Operating Budget. (Vote 2-0-0)

Motion to approve Item 4A(8) by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Motion passed 5-1. Commissioner Lyde opposed. Commissioner Gunn out of room.

B. Pension Administration Committee

(1) Discuss increasing an employee's pension benefit for each credited year of service after 30 years.

Motion to approve Item 4B(1) by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Motion failed 3-4. Commissioner Gunn, Commissioner Hardman, and Chairman Lynn in favor of motion. Commissioner Miller, Commissioner Lyde, Commissioner Tullos, and Commissioner Strickland opposed.

Motion by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Commissioner Tullos, to get more information. Unanimously approved.

C. General

(1) Authorize sale of two (2) surplus sanitation collection vehicles. (L. Gilmour)

Motion to approve Consent Agenda, with the exception of Items 4A(8) and 4B(1) which were pulled for discussion, by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimously approved.


(A) Recommend deferral to the full Commission the selection of a responsible bidder in which to negotiate a contract for Rx Prescriptions and authorize the Purchasing Agent to conduct the negotiation.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Hardman, to enter into negotiations with all vendors. Motion passed 6-0-1, Commissioner Tullos abstained.

(B) Recommend deferral to the full Commission approval of the Budget Resolution amending the FY 96-97 Budgets.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.


6. Keith Flanagan to report on Ordinance violations. (V. Gunn)

Report received for information purposes.

7. Lee Gilmour to report on $2,500.00 donation from Waffle House to Jewtown residents. (V. Gunn)

Representatives to the Jewtown residents informed the Commission they were ready to meet with the Administrator, when convenient, to discuss downsizing of their request for lights.

8. Request for bike path from Demere Road to Hamilton Landing along Sea Island Causeway to be funded by SPLOST. (V. Gunn)

Commissioner Strickland asked for a report on the priority of this request in relation to others for use of future SPLOST funds.

9. Resolution to reaffirm a necessity of the 911 surcharge for 1997. (L. Gilmour)

Motion to approve by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimously approved.

10. Report to the Commission on lead sampling requirements for County Water systems. (R. Benson)

Received report for informational purposes.

11. Discussion by Ms. Bessie Fulks regarding concerns with the County. (L. Gilmour)

Ms. Fulks was not present at meeting.


Commissioner Miller

1. One item regarding personnel for Executive Session.

2. Request status report from Tax Assessor's Office for next meeting.

Commissioner Gunn

1. Mr. Bob Benson read into Minutes a letter from Bill Lorenz-Hooker and his response to same. (Copies attached)

Commissioner Hardman

1. Reappointment of Ms. Glenda Jones to Planning Commission.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Chairman Lynn. Motion passed 6-0-1, Commissioner Lyde abstained.

2. Request status of billing private vendors dispatched by 911.

Mr. Gilmour responded the billing process was being finalized.

Commissioner Strickland

1. Mr. Donnie Dawson requested the Commissioners accept Dusty Lane and Cederdale Drive for perpetual maintenance.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Chairman Lynn, contingent upon roads being deeded to County. Unanimously approved.

2. Commissioner Strickland submitted the names of Vernon Lewis, J. L. Johns, Harold Moore, and Quimby Fry to be among those considered for appointment to serve with Milton Lynn on the Altamaha Regional Park Board.

3. Commissioner Strickland submitted a request from the Georgia State Patrol for the County to participate in the renovation of their facility.

4. Request temporary authorization for a local carwash to fly a balloon over his location while the portable sign ordinance is being reviewed.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Motion passed 5-2. Commissioner Gunn and Commissioner Lyde opposed.

Chairman Lynn

1. Chairman Lynn advised the Commission that the County did receive the drug court grant money.

2. Chairman Lynn passed on a letter from Congressman Kingston regarding a lady who had contacted him about the size of her trash can, and asked the Administrator handle the matter.

Commissioner Gunn

Commissioner Gunn relayed an incident regarding an Island citizen who was experiencing difficulty with Southland Environment regarding garbage pick up.

Mr. Gilmour said the incident was under investigation. Commissioner Tullos further stated he had spoken with the gentleman in question and he is now satisfied with the way the situation was resolved.




Items of potential and pending litigation for Executive Session.


1. Request authorization for Tax Assessor's Office amend their current budget to purchase copy machine, with money coming from current operating budget.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimously approved.

2. Recommend authorization for those Commissioners interested to attend the Chamber of Commerce "Grits & Issues" breakfast, at a cost of $11 each.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Hardman, to pay for the newly elected Commissioners to attend. Motion passed 6-1, Commissioner Gunn opposed.

3. Request by ACCG for a letter of support for an issue between the city of Troy, Michigan and TCI Cablevision regarding the local government's right to charge franchise fees for use of public right of ways. ACCG recommends support of the city of Troy's position.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.

Keith Flanagan

Mr. Flanagan advised the Commissioners that they had issued the Sedimentation and Soil Erosion Control permit for the Barnes Plantation site, and clearing will begin very shortly.


Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Strickland, to adjourn to Executive Session. Unanimously approved.