PRESENT: Milton D. Lynn, Chairman

Fred E. Tullos, Vice Chairman

Virginia Gunn, Commissioner

Jack Hardman, Commissioner

Gladys Martin-Lyde, Commissioner

James E. "Sonny" Miller, Commissioner

Robert E. Strickland, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

INVOCATION by Milton Lynn



A. Mr. Gerald Atkinson to present check to Commission.

Mr. Atkinson presented a check in the amount of $3,000 from the Board of Directors of the old Goodwill Home. The Home was sold and they are using the money for different projects. The money is given for the "splash pool" at Selden Park.

B. Mr. Doug Alexander to present check to Commission.

Mr. Alexander presented a check in the amount of $22,079.02 from the State of Georgia Indigent Defense Council to help fund the cost of the Public Defender's Office.

C. Ms. Cindy Holland, a City of Brunswick Police Officer, needs to be appointed by the Commission as Animal Control Officer.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimously approved.


A. Approve Minutes Summary of Regular Meeting held Thursday, July 18, 1996.

B. Approve Minutes Summary of Called Meeting held Friday, July 19, 1996.

Motion to approve subject to corrections by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Unanimously approved.


A. FY 97 Operating Budget

Mr. Gilmour provided the Commissioners with a Budget Comparison of FY 96 Projected figures vs. FY 97 Adjusted figures. Mr. Gilmour pointed out the following items:

1. The FY 97 Budget does not call for any property tax increase in the General Fund.

2. That administratively he is proposing a reduction in the sanitation millage rate.

3. That contrary to what some publications have stated, the over all Budget is not up 20% as report. The over all Budget is down 11.41% over last year's Budget. The General Fund does anticipate a 5% increase.

The Commissioners heard from the following people:

1. City Commissioner Ken Plyman introduced Darlene Wymes, Director of the Brunswick Multi-Purpose Center. Mr. Plyman wanted to know why the Center was unfunded by the County this year and urged the Commissioners to included in the FY 97 Budget.

Motion by Chairman Lynn to do the best we can to included the Multi-Purpose Center in this year's Budget. Motion seconded by Commissioner Lyde and unanimously passed.

2. Mr. Paul Radenhausen, a resident of Glynn County, spoke against SPLOST.

3. M. Ed Ginn, Chairman of the Board of the St. Simons Island Public Library. Requested same appropriation as last year.

4. Major Scott Richards, Squadron Commander of the Civil Air Patrol, asked to be funded at same level as last year.

5. Judge Bernice Gilder requested a new position, due to increased work load. As of July 1, 1996 the Legislature passed a new law stating that all commitments would be handled by her office through the Glynn County Health Department.

Mr. Gilmour stated that the schedule, as it stands now, is there will be one more Budget Hearing on Thursday, August 8, 1996 at 6:00 p.m., and adoption is scheduled for Thursday, August 15, 1996 at 6:00 p.m. during the Regular Commission Meeting.

B. Business License

Consider issuance of 1996 Alcoholic Beverage License for Crab Happy & Co., 253 Redfern Village, St. Simons Island, Georgia. LICENSE FOR CONSUMPTION OF BEER AND WINE ON PREMISES. SUNDAY SALES PERMITTED. (Business Licenses)

Motion to approve by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Motion passed 6-1, Commissioner Lynn opposed.


A. Mr. Bob Spaulding to discuss Mobile Home Electrical Permits. (F. Tullos/R. Strickland).

Mr. Spaulding spoke in opposition to having to hire an electrician for the wiring at his mobile home park.

The Commissioners asked that Ellis Carter get with the Electrical Advisory Board and come back with a recommendation.

B. Ms. Gertrude Eulenfeld to discuss improvements at Kings Terrace Park. (F. Tullos)

This item withdrawn.

C. Mr. Burney Kopp to discuss lack of available garbage dumpsters on St. Simons Island. (V. Gunn)

This item withdrawn.


A. Finance Committee

(1) Recommend denial of a request by Mr. Bruce Cameron for a $15.00 refund of the late registration fee paid on the purchase of his 1996 automobile tag. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(2) Recommend approving Change Order Number 5 to the Contract to renovate the Courthouse Annex Building in the amount of $13,762.73 increasing the Contract amount to $3,621,115.96. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(3) Consider awarding the bid for the purchase of budgeted items to the following vendors whose bid was the low bid, within the budget amount and complied with all the bid specifications:

(a) Recommend accepting the lowest bid to purchase uniforms for the Fire Department from Harrison Uniforms, Jacksonville, FL, in the amount of $29,107.95 with the actual uniform purchase not to exceed the budget amount. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(b) Recommend accepting the lowest bid to make modifications to Lift Station No. 3 for the Water and Sewer Division from Allen & Graham, Inc., Brunswick, GA., in the amount of $450,195.15. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(4) Consider authorizing staff to bid for the purchase of the following items:

(a) Recommend staff be authorized to seek bids for the County Wide Prescription Drug Services. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(b) Recommend staff be authorized to seek bids to re-roof Fire Station #4 for the Fire Department. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(5) Recommend that a Public Auction be held on Saturday, October 26, 1996 to sell surplus County property and request that Commissioner Lynn be the Board's representative and that the City of Brunswick be invited to participate. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(6) Recommend staff be authorized to purchase eight 55 gallon drums of Malathion chemicals under the present bid in the amount of $12,188.00 for use by the Mosquito Control Division. (Vote: 2-0-0)

(7) Recommend that the County Attorney's office be authorized to prepare an amendment to the Liquor, Malt Beverage and Wine Ordinance to allow a refund of the license fee on businesses which cease operation during the license period.

B. General

Request Final Plat Approval - Jones Creek Landing - A 19 lot subdivision located on the north end of St. Simons Island on the east side of Hampton Point Drive. The approval shall be subject to the establishment of $3,000 bond to cover remaining Engineering requirements, and the approval of as-built Engineering plans for the Water and Sewer Department. (D. Reuter)

Motion to approve Consent Agenda by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.


A. Recommend that staff be authorized to present directly to the Board of Commissioners a recommendation on the acquisition of a 400 foot Communication Tower. (Vote: 2-0-0)

This item deferred until August 15, 1996.

B. Recommend adoption of Resolution #R-39-96 establishing the following rental rates for the placement of antennas on County owned water tanks: First antenna $4,000.00 additional antennas - $2,000.00 each. (Vote: 2-0-0)

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.


6. Receive report relative to Code Improvement Alternatives for Mobile Home Parks. (K. Flanagan)

This item deferred.

7. Request approval to hire consultant for perform Evaluation of Mosquito Control Division Operations. (R. Richard)

Motion to approve Evaluation Process II for approximately $4,000-$5000 by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.

8. Request recognition of Sublease between Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority and Intercel Jacksonville MTA, Inc. (L. Gilmour)

Motion to approve by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Strickland. Motion passed 4-3, Commissioners Hardman, Tullos and Gunn opposed.

9. Discussion of C & D Landfill Options and other activities. (R. Strickland)

Received report and recommendation from Becky Rowell, to be taken under advisement.

10. Discussion of Appeal Process for Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission. (F. Tullos)

Chairman Lynn stated Lee Noel had submitted his resignation from the Planning Commission. This is Commissioner Tullos' appointment. Commissioner Tullos asked that anyone interested in filling this position to send their resumes directly to him.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos to send Resolution to the Planning Commission for their approval, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimously approved, Commissioner Strickland out of room.

11. Request approval of Administrator's recommendation for appointment to the Pension Administration Committee. (L. Gilmour)

Motion by Commissioner Lyde to appoint Debra Thomas to the Pension Administration Committee, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.

12. Request approval of change to Emergency Response Ordinance. (G. Moore)

This item deferred until September 1, 1996 meeting.

13. Request authorization to hold District 3 Town Meeting. (L. Gilmour)

Commissioner Strickland announced he will hold a Town Meeting for the Residents of District 3 on Tuesday, August 13, 1996, at 7:30 pm., at the Air National Guard near the Jetport. None of the Commissioners expressed any opposition to this meeting.


Commissioner Strickland

1. Would like to have a study on the Emergency 911 charge. He woul dlike to know if we can charge for the cellular phone users.

2. Asked about plans for permitting a 12" well by the National Guard Armory, which has never been permitted. Mr. Benson responded that this would be taken care of at a future date when it will be combined with other wells.

Commissioner Hardman

1. Stated he was instrumental in reducing the size of the Building Inspector's Office in the early '90s, when permitting was down. Now that permitting is back up he would like to urge the Building Official to speak up now, during the Budgeting process, if additional help is needed.

2. Property owners and businesses adjacent to Spur 25 and Cypress Mi1l Road intersection are requesting authorization to beautify the intersection with plantings of Crape Myrtle, Indian Hawthorne, Juniper, Jasmine and other plants, and are also requesting assistance from the County's Public Works Department.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimously approved.

Commissioner Tullos

Clarified that the Budget Hearing on August 8, 1996 mentioned earlier is at 5:00 p.m., not 6:00 p.m. as stated.

Commissioner Gunn

1. There is a problem with people walking their dogs inside the baseball diamond at Epworth Ballpark. We need to prepare an Ordiance to make this illegal.

Mr. Gilmour stated that Wes Davis, Parks and REcreaction Director, is working on an Ordinance now to make it consistent with all County Ballparks. The Ordinance will be presented at the next meeting.

2. There is a problem with unseemly behaviour and graffitti in the restrooms at Massingale Park. She is asking for the Police Department to patrol this area more heavily to curtail this activity.

3. Requested update of FEMA.

Mr. Gilmour responded that we have provided all the information and aadditional itms requested by FEMA, and based on conversations with FEMA thid date, there will be no probationary action taken.

Commissioner Miller requested we get this in writing from FEMA.

Commissioner Miller

Asked if the tax digest was out and was everything squared away?

Chairman Lynn responded that this will be handled at the August 15, 1996 meeting.

Chairman Lynn

1. Requested that Dan Reuter get with Gary Moore regarding a possible Ordinance change to allow people who operate beauty shops out of their home to have immediately family members work with them, even if they don't reside in the residence.

2. Request authorization to accept some weed killer someone would like to donate to the County.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Miller. Motion passed 5-1-1, Commissioner Lyde abstained, Commissioner Gunn opposed.

3. Requested a report on the Flanders Drive petition at the next Commission Meeting.

4. Requested that Ellis T. Carter be appointed Building Official, instead of Assistant Building Official.

Motion by Commissioner Hardman to begin the process necessary to make this change, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.


1. The Coastal Georgia Historical Society is hosting a conference October 16-18, 1996 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, and they are expecting about 400 people to attend. They are requesting that permission to close 12th Street during that time.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Lyde. Unanimously approved.

2. There are numerous complaints being made about high pressure solicitations that are presently going on. The one right now is for the Rescue Squad, and is a legitimate fund raiser, but a lot of people are being led to believe it is the Police Department. Also outside firms are hired to perform the solicitations and because of their out of State car tags, there are a lot of disgruntled people who think all of the money is going out of the area. Something needs to be done to control the situation.

Commissioner Hardman stated that in the future, before any fund raising activities are begun, the Commissioners should be informed of what is going on. That would eliviate a lot of the problem.

3. With the execption of the Thursday evening Commission Meeting, the Chief will be on vacation next week.


Request permission to go ahead and get new copy machine, which is a budgeted item in the FY 97 Budget, as their old machine completely died over the weekend.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Strickland, seconded by Commissioner Gunn. Unanimously approved.


1. At the July 18, 1996 the Board approved the placement of two "No Overnight Parking" signs in the village area. The one in front of Island Realty cannot be placed, as there is an apartment on the second floor of the building. Requesting formal authorization to not place sign at this location.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Tullos. Unanimously approved.

2. An issue has come up wherein people wishing to appeal a FEMA elevation for building purposes, must submit an application with a County Official's signature on it. Request authorization for that person to be the Building Official.

Motion to approve by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Hardman. Unanimously approved.