5:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Milton D. Lynn, Chairman

Fred Tullos Vice-Chairman

Virginia Gunn, Commissioner

Jack Hardman, Commissioner

James E. "Sonny" Miller, Commissioner

ABSENT: Gladys Martin-Lyde, Commissioner

Robert E. Strickland, Commissioner

Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk

ALSO PRESENT: Homer Wilson, Mayor, City of Brunswick

Mark Mitchell, City Manager

Keith Flanagan, Community Development Director

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Vanessa D. Mincey, County Clerk Secretary

STAFF PRESENT: Wesley Davis Dave Bandy

Charles Lewis Chief Carl Johnson

Becky Rowell Dan Reuter

Chief Carl Alexander Sheriff Bennett

Larry Ellison Robert Benson

Cynthia Williams Ray Richard

Ellis Carter

INVOCATION Milton D. Lynn, Chairman


1. Presentation of SPLOST #3 Proposal. (Gilmour/Flanagan)

Mr. Flanagan made a presentation regarding SPLOST #3 proposals before the Board. (See attached list made a part of these minutes.) Mr. Flanagan stated the list represents County projects, however, there are some joint projects with the City of Brunswick listed.

Sewer Construction/Water Construction\Rehabilitation

This group consists of proposed Water & Sewer improvement projects in the unincorporated area of Glynn County and does not include the City supported sewer improvements. Most involve water lines, upgrades and improvements to facilities.

Paving County Dirt Roads

This group is one of the largest groups, the paving of the remaining dirt roads in Glynn County. Each road has been identified, placed on a listing and mapped. This list will be prioritized with SPLOST approval. The list consist of about 55 miles of total dirt roads. Per the Board's direction, the list was revised to remove those dirt roads where there are no residents. The estimated cost of $11,400,000 has been reduced to approximately $10,000,000. However, it is requested that the original estimated cost remain the same for these road projects and/or other projects that may be recommended to the Board. These figures are estimates.

Commissioner Miller asked how the roads are going to be prioritized? Mr. Flanagan stated there is a formula used by his office that is based on the number of residents and traffic on a given road.

Commissioner Miller asked if there were a number of roads outstanding as far as needing work? Mr. Flanagan stated that there were. Mr. Miller asked if the school bus routes come first and Mr. Flanagan replied that they did. The projects are identified 3 different ways, Commission District, County Road Number and DOT number. Doris Street, which was left off prior lists, has been included as a County road to be paved. As the inventory is reviewed, there maybe one or two streets that maybe added to the list.

The second group under road projects are the major capital road improvements under SPLOST. These funds are primarily for right-of-way acquisition and surveys. Federal and State funding will be requested for actual construction and improvements. Included in the price tag are some LARP\County Road Resurfacing and annual maintenance cost. Also included is the second phase of improvements to sidewalks\bike paths within the County.


Mr. Abel, Emergency Management Director, gave the Board an update on the position of Hurricane Bertha and the status of the voluntary evacuation of the Islands and low lying areas of Glynn County. Because of the hurricane's slight turn to the north it was decided not to enact mandatory evacuation, but to evaluate the situation at 8:00 p.m. at which time a decision regarding mandatory evacuation would be made.

Motion by Commissioner Hardman, seconded by Commissioner Gunn, that if necessary in the opinion of staff and the Chairman or Vice-Chairman, the Chairman has the authority of the Commission to declare a state of emergency and require mandatory evacuation. Unanimously approved.

SPLOST #3 continued

800 MHz Communication system

This is a joint City\County project.

Capital Building Projects

Some joint with the City. Others strictly County.

Public Safety Complex/E-911 Center

Proposed location is the old Ballard School site. The site will include Police Department Administration Headquarters, Communication Sites, E-911 Center, EOC and a centralized fueling center for County vehicles. The building will consist of approximately 17,000 sq. ft.

Construction of Fire Station at Cate Road/Canal Area off I-95 & Hampton Point Area of St. Simons

Property for the proposed site of the Cate Road/Canal Road area has been obtained from the Branagar/Union Camp Corporation. The proposed site for the Hampton area fire station is located on the north end of the Island in the Hampton Point area. Property for this station has not been acquired.

Phase II of the Old Courthouse Renovations

Phase II would consist of remodeling, installing the elevator, modification of the stairway to comply with ADA regulations and modification of office spaces.

Renovation and Expansion of the Brunswick Regional Library -Joint Project with City

Provide matching funds and additional coverage to renovate 30,000 square feet and add 10,000 square feet, repair or refurbish some furnishings and equipment and automate various applications for Library.

Commissioner Miller asked if the historical value of the Ballard building had been taken into consideration. Mr. Flanagan stated it has and will be incorporated either as a reception area/museum for the main complex or as a record retention facility for the police department. Efforts are also being made to retain the gym.

Recreation Site Improvements

Mr. Flanagan stated Baldwin Park has been added to list for improvements such as floor coverings, paint, cabinets, playground equipment, parking and drainage improvements.

Commissioner Miller stated for clarification the gymnasium located at Selden Park is not a part of the original historical institute.

Mr. Flanagan stated because of the condition of the gym, it will not be used much longer and plans call for replacement of that facility.

Commissioner Miller stated that facility would become the recreation headquarters to serve the City as well as the County.

Mr. Flanagan stated there will be a fee charged if people want copies of the maps and information concerning SPLOST. The fee schedule will be as follows:

Maps only $10.00/each

Maps trimmed and mounted $15.00/each

Handouts .25/per pg.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Hardman, to approve the listed projects for SPLOST.

There was brief discussion regarding restroom facilities at the Casino. Commissioner Miller asked Mr. Flanagan to check into the possibility of using the two restroom facilities located on the second floor of the Casino as "ladies only" facilities to accommodate periodic increase in restroom demand.

Commissioner Gunn passed out an analysis of proposed Glynn County SPLOST list (a copy of which is attached and made a part of these minutes).

Motion approved by majority vote of 4 to 1 with Commissioner Tullos voting nay.


Commissioner Tullos stated County employees wanted to know if offices would be open tomorrow? Chairman Lynn said that decision would be made at 8:00 p.m. after the meeting and update on the storm location.

Motion by Commissioner Gunn, seconded by Commissioner Hardman to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned