TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1996 AT 6:00 PM

PRESENT: Milton D. Lynn, Chairman

Fred E. Tullos, Vice Chairman

Virginia Gunn, Commissioner

Jack Hardman, Commissioner

Gladys Martin-Lyde, Commissioner

James E. "Sonny" Miller, Commissioner

Robert E. Strickland, Commissioner

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Cynthia J. McKinley, County Clerk


Chief Carl Alexander

Lt. Jack Hopper

Dan Reuter

INVOCATION by Gary Moore



1. Presentation of 1996 Draft Comprehensive Plan. (D. Reuter)

Mr. Reuter gave a brief presentation of the 1996 Draft Comprehensive Plan. Items addressed in the Plan are;

1. The Airport Commission Master Plan

2. The Georgia State Wide Aviation Plan

3. The BATS Long Range Transportation Plan

4. The Solid Waste Plan

5. The Inventory and Capital Improvements for Comprehensive Management Plan for Recreation.

6. The North Main Water System Analysis

7. The Historic Resource Survey

8. The Land Use Plan

Mr. Reuter stated this is just a draft of a plan to be submitted to the Department of Community Affairs and their comments will be received in about sixty (60) days. Then we will be adopting the final one in June.

Chairman Lynn asked Mr. Parker, Chairman of the Planning Commission to introduce the other members of the Commission. Mr. Parker stated the Commission worked hard on the plan and did a great job compiling the information. The Commission did not agree on every page of the draft and knew the Board of Commissioners would not agree with every page, but an effort was made to create a workable plan that could be utilized.

2. Presentation of specific Plan items by other County Staff, if required.

No additional information presented.

3. Discussion and public comments.

The following citizens expressed their views regarding the 1996 Draft Comprehensive Plan.

1. Don Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan stated he retained a copy of the draft at the public meeting held on St. Simons and asked if there were significant changes to that draft so that he would need another copy.

Mr. Reuter stated he wouldn't call the changes significant, but he would be happy to give him new copy of the draft.

2. Jameson Gregg, Attorney, Gilbert, Harrell Law Firm

Mr. Gregg stated he would like to address the Commission regarding one piece of property because of the importance of these land maps on a piece of property and the individual property owner. Although these are not zoning maps, they are used as tools when considering zoning issues.

Mr. Reuter stated the Land Use Maps are used as one standard under the Zoning Procedures Law.

Mr. Gregg stated the property he is talking about is on the East Beach Causeway on St. Simons, owned by a company called North End Partners. This is an 8 acre tract of high land that abuts the marsh. On 2 sides it has multi family residential and on the third side it has single family residential. What we would like for the map to show is low density residential. On the existing land use map it shows the property as having no classification.

Mr. Reuter stated in 1981 there was a land use map of St. Simons showing this property as multi family. In 1990, it shows the property as multi family. The property also shows as being multi family on the tax maps which is what is really used when rezoning.

Commissioner Lynn asked if this was a matter that should be brought before the Zoning Commission and not addressed by the Commissioners at this time?

Commissioner Hardman stated he did not think Mr. Gregg was presenting this as a zoning issue. He is trying to advise us that in 1990 and 1981 the property was not listed. The proposed master plan maps do not list it as anything and Mr. Reuter has confirmed that. We would perhaps be approving something as preservation/conservation which is what Virginia is suggesting.

Commissioner Lynn stated, even if we where to approve the comprehensive plan tonight, that does not mean it's etched in stone. This is just a road map itself and can be changed.

Mr. Gregg stated if and when a zoning application is filed, then the merits of the zoning application can be considered when it is filed. But, these maps are important because these maps are potentially one step against you when you come up for rezoning, in that the land use maps show it as something else.

What we are asking on this land use map is, we think it is grossly unfair for this piece of property be shown as anything other than residential. We are not seeking commercial or high density residential. We think it's very fair for this County to show this as low density residential and consider the merits of a re-zoning request if and when it comes up.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Gunn to send this matter to Planning and Zoning and see what their going to do, then bring it back to the Board. Motion defeated by a majority vote. Commissioners Gunn, Miller and Lyde in favor. Commissioners Hardman, Tullos, Lynn and Strickland opposed.

3. Glenn Lewis

Mr. Lewis stated he would like the Board to reconsider the zoning of a piece of property, 3.63 acres south of fire station on Frederica Road, from Multi Use Node to Planned Commercial Use Node on the Land Use Map.

4. Mel Gaines

Mr. Gaines asked for information regarding Public Transportation.

Mr. Reuter stated he would get the information to Mr. Gaines. He would like to do some additional planning and come back in a few more meetings regarding this issue.

5. Woody Woodside

Mr. Woodside stated he wants a higher priority put on the Water Taxi Transportation issue.

6. Attorney Gary Moore stated Coastal Georgia Landmark Preservation Society has asked to use the Coast Guard facility on East Beach for a Luncheon on 3/20/96 at noon, and wanted the Board's permission.

Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Miller to approve. Motion approved by majority vote of 4 to 3 with Commissioner Strickland, Hardman and Lynn opposed.

Motion by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Hardman, regarding future use of the building. Approval by the Board of Commissioners must be given prior to the scheduling of an event at this facility. Unanimously approved

7. Motion by Commissioner Tullos, seconded by Commissioner Lyde to adjourn to Executive Sessions regarding pending litigation. Unanimous.

Meeting adjourned.