MONDAY, MAY 5, 1997 AT 5:00 PM


PRESENT: Fred E. Tullos, Chairperson, County Commission

Gerry Robertson, Vice Chairperson, County Commission

A. Jerome Clark, County Commissioner

Thomas B. "Tommy" Clark, County Commissioner

David L. Dowdy, County Commissioner

Jack Hardman, County Commissioner

James MacLeod, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Brunswick

Roosevelt Lawrence, City Commissioner

Ken Plyman, City Commissioner

Harold Jennings, City Commissioner

ABSENT: Robert E. Strickland, County Commissioner

Homer L. Wilson, Mayor, City of Brunswick

ALSO PRESENT: Lee Gilmour, County Administrator

S. Mark Mitchell, City Manager

Desiree Watson, Senior Assistant County Attorney

Greg Bagley, Assistant County Attorney

Eugene Highsmith, City Attorney

Carl Alexander, Glynn County Police Chief

Cynthia McKinley, County Clerk

1. Review of Impact on City and County Relative to House Bill 489

The purpose House Bill 489 is to amend Title 36 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to local government, to provide for the adoption of a local government service delivery strategy agreement between cities and counties.

Chairperson Tullos stated he had talked with representatives from the Carl Vinson Institute for Continuing Education and they are trying to coordinate something with the GMA and the ACCG to come up with something to guide the cities and counties through this process. Chairperson Tullos further said that in conversations with Mayor Wilson regarding this, they both agree that some kind

of "grass roots" committee needs to be established, consisting of citizens and businesses, and maybe or maybe not elected officials, to investigate areas where we could feasiblely consolidate some services.

Commissioner Plyman indicated that he thought the next two items on the Agenda were definitely two places that we should address immediately as areas for consolidation; the water withdrawal situation and a demolition landfill.

2. Discussion of Water Withdrawal Proposals on the Altamaha River

Commissioner Plyman asked Mr. Mitchell to distribute a copy to each of the County Commissioners of a Preliminary Engineering Report for a Conceptual Plan for an Altamaha Water Project. This report was prepared for the City in 1982 by Wiedeman and Singleton, Inc. Engineers from Atlanta, Georgia. The plan, if implemented, would required coordination and cooperation with the Army Corps of Engineers, the State of Georgia, Glynn and McIntosh Counties, the City of Brunswick, and local industries.

Commissioner Plyman said this was something that should have been addressed 20 years ago, but was imperative now for any kind of industry growth in the area with the water caps imposed by the EPD.

Commissioner MacLeod stated that both Hercules and Georgia Pacific, the two largest water users in the City and County, are on the Long Term Water Resources Committee and we have yet to hear from them. We have to consult with them before doing anything. Commissioner Plyman said he was talking more along the lines of future industrial growth rather than existing industries, and with TSG's (The Savannah Group) interest in a water withdrawal permit, we should act right away.

Chairperson Tullos said the County has two positions on TSG's application. First we are opposed to them being issued a permit for water withdrawal until after we have decided whether or not we wish to apply for the permit ourselves. Also, if TSG is given the permit, we want to able to operate under the same conditions at a later date.

3. Discussion of a Joint Demolition Landfill

Commissioner Plyman indicated that with the closure of the County's landfill, that a joint demolition landfill would be a necessity. He stated he had located some property, an approximately 16 acre borrow pit, in the Arco area.

Mr. Gilmour pointed out that the County had already gone on record stating they were getting completely out of the garbage/landfill business. However, if a decision was made to enter a joint venture with the City, any site would have to be permitted by the Georgia EPD.

Commissioner Hardman stated that it seemed as if everyone was in agreement about the two areas of immediate concern and asked that Chairperson Tullos and Mayor Wilson move forward on this. Meeting together and with the Long Range Water Committee, and forming whatever new committees they felt necessary.

More questions about the landfill arose and Commissioner Plyman clarified that he was not talking about joint ownership and operation of the demolition landfill. The 16 acre piece of property he mentioned was owned by the Patelidas family, and they were willing to make the landfill available to the City and County in return for helping them obtain permitting.

4. Discussion of a Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan

In summation, Chairperson Tullos stated the following:

1. We are in agreement that we will rely heavily on the Long Range Water Resource Committee for their recommendation for a Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan.

2. With regard to water withdrawal from the Altamaha River, we are in agreement that we are opposed to anyone squeezing out local government from applying for a permit.

3. Regarding the landfill, he suggests that perhaps the City could come up with some specifications for a landfill, then the County would decide whether or not they wanted to change their mind about getting completely out of the garbage/landfill business.

4. With regard to House Bill 489, we are directed by same to initiate a process for developing a local government service delivery strategy after July 1, 1997, but no later than January 1, 1998. It was decided that Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Mitchell would get together within the next two-three weeks to decide what departments we need to be looking at. At the same time, their respective staff could be researching what grants are available. The City is to get back with the County as to a date for the next meeting.

Board of Commissioners

Glynn County, Georgia


Fred Tullos, Chairman



Cynthia J. McKinley, Clerk