PRESENT: Fred Tullos, Chairman, Board of Commissioners

Mayor, Brad Brown, City of Brunswick

Gerry Robertson, Vice-Chairperson, Board of Commissioners

Roosevelt Lawrence, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Brunswick

A. Jerome Clark, Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

Tommy Clark, Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

David Dowdy, Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

Jack Hardman, Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

Doris Davis, Commissioner, City of Brunswick

Harold Jennings, City of Brunswick

Jonathan Williams, City of Brunswick

Phil Donahue, Jekyll Island Authority

ABSENT: Robert Strickland, Commissioner, Board of Commissioners

ALSO PRESENT:Lee Gilmour, County Administrator, Board of Commissioners

Mark Mitchell, City Manager, City of Brunswick

Gary Moore, County Attorney, Board of Commissioners

Lynn Frye, City Attorney, City of Brunswick

Carl Alexander, Police Chief, Glynn County

Vanessa Mincey, County Clerk



Approve Minutes of Joint Meeting held April 30, 1998.

This item was deferred to the June 11, 1998 meeting to allow opportunity for review.

2. HB 489 ISSUES

A. Discuss proposal to address requirements of O.C.G.A. 36-70-20 et seq relative to annexation dispute. (Proposal outlined below)

1. When the City of Brunswick is approached or desires to annex property into the City, the City will provide the below information to the Board of Commissioners and the Planning Commission.

-- Area to be annexed

-- Proposed City land use zoning (for a period of at least one (1) year)

-- Municipal services provider(s).

2. The Planning Commission will review the annexation request in accordance with the provisions of O.C.G.A. 36-70-20 et seq and recommend to the Board.

-- Issue a statement of no objection

-- Issue a statement of objective based on State statue criteria.

3. The Board will review the Planning Commission's recommendation and vote accordingly. If the Board differs from the Planning Commission recommendation, it must state its reasons per State statute.

4. The City of Brunswick will amend its annexation request to address County concerns or state its counter position based on State statue.

5. The City of Brunswick or the County will try to resolve their differences within thirty (30) days of the City of Brunswick's response. Should the situation not be resolved at the end of the period, the issue will be forwarded to the Coastal Georgia Regional

Development Center for a determination.

6. The CGARDC decision shall be considered final unless either party elects to file suit in the Glynn County Superior Court.

After brief discussion, it was the consensus of the governing bodies that the following modifications be made to the proposal.

A. Establishment of a time deadline regarding the County's response back to the City regarding the annexation application. Because of the various time frames involved these are to be established and included in the resolution by the City and County attorney.

B. Item #5, line 3 - Draw up an Agreement that would allow the governing body's to either agree on a arbitrator or they can name a arbitrator and name a third arbitrator for a non-binding arbitration.

C. Item #1, line 2 - Should read "Glynn County" instead of "Board of Commissioners".

The resolution is to be prepared by the attorney's and presented at the next joint meeting.

2. B. Discuss service areas to be examined by the HB 489 Citizens Advisory Committee. (Recommended service areas listed below.)

Water/Sewer Services

Police Protection Services

Fire Protection Services

Emergency Medical Services

After brief discussion motion by Mayor Brown, seconded by Commissioner Robertson to proceed and charge the committee with the following services area recommendations to be reviewed as prioritized, leaving the door open for additional items/areas in the future. Vote 12-0 with Commissioner Strickland absent.

1. Water & Sewer Services

2. Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services

3. Police Protection Services

Next Joint Meeting

The next joint meeting will be held Thursday, June 11, 1998 at City Hall, 601 Gloucester Street, beginning at 4:00 pm.


Keep Brunswick-Golden Isles Beautiful - Funding

After a brief discussion it was the of the consensus of the City of Brunswick to participate in the funding of the Keep Brunswick-Golden Isles Beautiful program subject to the committee present to the City of Brunswick a task specific contract like the one presented to the County, to be listed as a non-departmental expense with a separate line item. No vote was taken by either group at this time.

There being no other business to discuss Commissioner Lawrence moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Meeting adjourned.

Brief Meeting of the Glynn County Board of Commissioners

1. Budget allocation information for the Georgia Extension Service

Motion by Commissioner Tommy Clark, seconded by Commissioner Robertson approve the recommendation to allocate to the County Extension Service's FY 98-99 operating budget the sum $52,800.00. Vote 5-0 with Commissioner Dowdy and Commissioner Strickland absent.

Meeting adjourned.

City of Brunswick Board of Commissioners

Brunswick, Georgia Glynn County, Georgia

_______________________________ _______________________________

Brad Brown, Mayor Fred Tullos, Chairman



Vanessa D. Mincey, County Clerk