MONDAY, AUGUST 16, 1999 AT 4:00 PM





PRESENT:                      Geraldine Robertson, Chairperson

          Jeff Chapman, Commissioner

Jerome Clark, Commissioner

Tommy Clark, Commissioner

Fred Tullos, Commissioner

Henri Woodman, Commissioner


ABSENT:                         David Dowdy, Vice Chairman


ALSO PRESENT:             Rebecca Rowell, Acting County Administrator

Gary Moore, County Attorney

Vanessa Mincey, County Clerk





1.                   Discussion of procedures relative to the hiring of a County Administrator.  (R. Rowell)


Presentation by Ms. Rowell regarding recommendations for the hiring of a County Administrator.  The Acting Administrator made the following recommendations.


The Board will sit as a committee of the whole throughout the review and hiring process. 


The Board will determine specific qualifications it seeks in an administrator.   The specific qualifications are:


1.                  Documented management experience in all areas of Community Development in a city of county experiencing rapid growth.


2.         Strong leadership and management experience in working with elected officials, the public and staff.


3.         Financial and Budgetary experience.


4.         Experience in water and sewer operations, as well as infrastructure expansion resulting from rapid growth.


5.         Knowledge and experience in coastal environmental protection issues.


6.         Education.


7.         Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.


Once these qualifications are outlined, the 50 qualified applicants would be sorted into groups AA@ and AB@.  AA@ would denote highly qualified applicants and AB@ would denote qualified applicants.


Each commissioner would receive a list of all the applicants in Group A.  Each commissioner would be asked to review the resumes for this group and chose the top five candidates and would rank them 1 to 5 with 1 being the top candidate.  These rankings would be turned in to the Acting Administrator who would assign points based on the ranking .  It is anticipated this process can be completed by August 25, 1999.


Interviews would then be scheduled with the top five candidates.  From this group the top three candidates would be identified. Once these have been identified a background screening will be conducted and their names released to the media. The applicants names must be published within 14 days.  It is anticipated this process can be completed by October 21, 1999.


Informational purposes only.  No Board action required nor taken at this time 


1.                   Discussion regarding proposed Animal Control Facility.  (R. Rowell)


Presentation by Mr. Jim Bruner, Marcia Henry and Chuck Taylor regarding Animal Control procedures, programs and future facility layout. Direct staff to gather information regarding the possibility of privatizing the animal control service.  Staff also directed to explore various options regarding the construction of the facility such as the use of APrison Labor@ forces, with labor unions being contacted to provide input regarding this idea.  Mr. Taylor could make the proposed plans available to a couple of contractors for their review of any possible facility cost savings that may be available.  Staff to provide an analysis at the Board=s August 31, 1999 Special Meeting.  It was requested that this information be provided as soon as possible to allow for review.


Informational purposes only.  No Board action required nor taken at this time.   


2.                   Discussion regarding Mosquito Control chemical purchases and operations.  (K. Flanagan)


Presentation was made by Keith Flanagan, Olan Chancy and Cliff McGowan of Mosquito Control regarding operations, service and past and proposed operating budget allocations. Direct staff to gather information regarding the possibility of privatizing this service.


There being no further business, meeting adjourned.


Board of Commissioners

Glynn County, Georgia




Geraldine Robertson, Chairman


Vanessa D. Mincey, Clerk