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 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

FY07 Budget Presentations

Glynn County Board of Commissioners

1:30 P.M., Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Third Floor Conference Room

W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex

Brunswick, Georgia



                        Committee Members:   C. Johnson, U. Keller, & T. Thaw

Other Commissioners:  C. Fendig, D. Hogan

Staff:  D. Chunn, P. McNicoll, B. Rowell, C. Stewart





1)                  Consider approving the April 20, 2006 Finance Committee Minutes.


The following motion made by Commissioner Keller and seconded by Commissioner Johnson passed unanimously.  Commissioner Thaw had not yet arrived at the meeting.


Approve the April 6, 2006 Finance Committee Minutes.  (Vote:  2-0-0)


2)                  Personnel items.


a.      Judges of Superior Court Supplement Request.  The Judges have requested a $6 thousand annual supplement.  There are five other positions whose salaries are tied to the Superior Court Judges’ salaries.  Granting of the $24k increase for the judges will require $45k in increases when the increases to the other positions are done.  Mr. Gary Moore, County Attorney, has been asked to look at this item and determine if staff’s interpretation is correct.  Mr. Stewart stated that he would like to have a legal opinion before the Committee makes a decision. Mr. Stewart said that there has been talk about adding a Superior Court Judge and that Judge Tuten needs to formally request on if he is in favor of the additional position.  Commissioner Johnson stated that he doesn’t want to increase the judges’ supplement by $6 thousand but would possible agree to $3 thousand.  Commissioner Keller stated that the County needs to analyze the space needs if a new judge is added to the circuit.  Commissioner Keller supported Commissioner Johnson’s position of possibly approving a $3 thousand supplement increase but felt that they should wait on making a decision until staff receives a legal opinion.  The following motion made by Commissioner Keller and seconded by Commissioner Johnson passed unanimously.  Commissioner Thaw had not yet arrived at the meeting.


Defer a decision on this item until a legal opinion is received.  (Vote 2-0-0)


Commissioner Thaw arrived at this time.


b.      Sheriff Personnel Request.  Mr. Stewart stated that the Sheriff has requested three additional positions for FY 07.  Commissioner Keller questioned how much the Sheriff’s operating budget was increasing and Mr. Stewart responded that it was about $425k or approximately 5 percent.  The Sheriff also requested salary adjustments for several current employees.  Commissioner Johnson stated that he does not agree with the salary adjustments and that the Sheriff needs to follow the normal process of getting employees reclassified.  Mr. Stewart asked if the Sheriff could be invited to the next meeting and Commissioner Johnson stated that he could.


c.      Probate Court Personnel Request – Ms. McNicoll presented a Probate Court revenue comparison and stated that the FY06 projected revenue is $9,700 more that the actual received in FY05.  She stated that the funds needed to change the current part-time position to full-time amounted to $13 thousand.  Commissioner Johnson said that he would support the full time position if the Judge reduces her operating budget request by $4 thousand.  Commissioner Keller agreed with Commissioner Johnson.


d.      Magistrate Judge Personnel Request – Mr. Stewart referred to the Recommended Personnel list and asked that the Assistant Magistrate position be revisited.  He stated that the County’s Code Enforcement personnel are writing good cases and that one Assistant Magistrate Judge is throwing them out.  Commissioner Thaw stated that the Judge needs to be told that if the County brings in solid cases and they throw them out, the Board will not be open to increasing the Magistrate Court staff.  He stated that Judge Barton needs to be talked to about this situation.  Commissioner Fendig volunteered to talk to the Judge.  Commissioner Keller and Commissioner Fendig suggested that action on the request be deferred until the situation is straightened out. 


e.      Public Works Personnel Request – Mr. Stewart informed the committee that he had added a Public Works Equipment Operator 2 to the Personnel schedule.  He stated that Public Works Director John Carter is using personnel from the General Fund Drainage program to perform duties in the Solid Waste Collection Fund.  Commissioner Johnson agreed with the addition.


f.        Personnel Summary – Commissioner Johnson questioned the need for the GIS Analyst III and Ms. Becky Rowell stated that this position is a backup for Ms. Magnant.  The following motion made by Commissioner Keller and seconded by Commissioner Thaw passed unanimously.


Approve all items on the April 20, 2006 Recommended Personnel Schedule except item #13 (Assistant Magistrate) which will be deferred to the next Finance Committee Budget meeting.  (Vote 3-0-0)


3)                  Receive revised Capital Request. 


Ms. McNicoll informed the Committee that the Capital request had changed as follows:

a.      The GEMS server which had been requested at a cost of $9 thousand has been deleted from the recommended list because it has been purchased using current year funds.

b.      The Blythe Island Park upgrade of Electrical Wiring which was requested in the Accommodation Excise Tax Fund has been decreased from $285 thousand to $129 thousand.  Funds amounting to $156 thousand in the current year project will be carried forward to FY 07.  The total cost of the project will remain at $285 thousand.

c.      The following motion made by Commissioner Keller and seconded by Commissioner Thaw passed unanimously.

Approve all items on the April 20, 2006 Capital Budget Request Schedule.  (Vote 3-0-0)


A motion made by Commissioner Keller and seconded by Commissioner Thaw to add an item to the agenda passed unanimously.


4)                  Consider a request from the Civil Air Patrol to increase the FY07 appropriation due to increased fuel costs.


Commissioner Keller presented a request from the Civil Air Patrol for an increase in their appropriation for FY07.  He stated that fuel and maintenance had increased from $65/hr to $90/hr and that they had reduced their flying schedule to four days a week.  He said that at the $9 thousand funding level for next year, they will be required to decrease the flying schedule to three times a week.  In order to stay at the current level of four per week, they will need an additional $3,500.  Commissioner Fendig commented that they need to contact the boating clubs to get donations from them and that in the future they need to go to the clients they services for funding.  The following motion made by Commissioner Keller and seconded by Commissioner Thaw passed unanimously.


Increase the FY07 budget for the Civil Air Patrol appropriation from $9,000 to $12,500.  (Vote 3-0-0)


5)                  Transportation Grant


Commissioner Fendig reminded the Committee that the County must implement the urban transportation program within the next fiscal year or the County may lose several million dollars in federal/state funds.  He stated that the local match may be $150 -$250 thousand.  He said that he was not referring to the Rural Transportation Plan which the RDC is sponsoring and stated that he is against that one as it seems that it will be used only to upgrade state vehicles.  The project that we are required to fund is the local transportation plan and he suggested that we would probably try to partner with the Board of Education and Sea Island.  Mr. Stewart suggested that the Committee receive a presentation on this subject at the next Finance Committee Budget meeting.


6)         Budget Calendar


Mr. Stewart informed the Committee that staff is ready submit the proposed budget to the full Board of Commissioners and advertise the availability of the budget for public review as required by state law.  Ms. McNicoll stated that the budget that will be submitted to them is the recommended budget and can still be adjusted prior to adoption.