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Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

FY06 Budget Presentations

Glynn County Board of Commissioners

9:00 P.M., Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Third Floor Conference Room

W. Harold Pate Courthouse Annex

Brunswick, Georgia



                        Committee Members:  H. Lynn, U. Keller, and T. Thaw

                        Other Commissioners:  C. Johnson

Staff:  D. Chunn, P. Gibson, Cindy Johnson, P. McNicoll, B. Rowell, S. Schaeffner, R. Taylor




1)      Departmental presentations:


a)      Solicitor of State Court 

Mr. Richard Taylor, State Court Solicitor, met with the Committee and stated that he was requesting an increase of $6 thousand each for his two Assistant Solicitors.  He said that the number of State Court cases were down in 2004 but that there was more court time than ever before.  He stated that State Court revenue should have been up in January, 2005.   Commissioner Johnson inquired as to the hourly rate of the assistants and Mr. Taylor stated that they were roughly $50 per hour.


b)      Property Appraisal Office

Mr. Steve Schaeffener, Chief Appraiser, presented his request for a reclassification of an Appraiser I to a Programs Analyst position and the reclassification of a part-time Administrative Technician to a full-time position.  Mr. Schaeffner stated that the number of parcels will probably increase to 41,000 this year.  This is up from 36,500 parcels when Mr. Schaeffner began working for the County.  He said that he needed the Programs Analyst to perform various computer related tasks as requested by his department.


c)         Board of Elections

Ms. Patti Gibson, Board of Elections Chairman, and Ms. Cindy Johnson, Elections Supervisor, met with the Committee to request the reclassification of an existing part-time Administrative Technician I to a full-time position.  Ms. Johnson stated that the current employee did not want to work full-time but she would be retiring soon and they would like for the reclassification to be effective when they fill the vacancy.


2)      FY06 Personnel recommendations by the Budget Team.  (B. Rowell) pages 2-3  (See Personnel request package for details)


Ms. Becky Rowell, Assistant County Administrator, presented the Personnel requests recommended by the Budget Team and they agreed with the Team’s recommendations except for the Administrative Technician I requested by Animal Control.  The Committee recommended that the City fund the additional position.


The Committee then discussed the list of all other personnel requests.   They made a decision to discuss the Police Department request at a later meeting and they agreed to the following:


a)      increase the Assistant Magistrates salaries from $525 per month to $675 per month in Magistrate Court Department,

b)      reclassify a part-time Administrative Technician to full-time in the Property Appraisal Department,

c)      denied all other personnel requests in the following departments:

·         Administration – Facilities Maintenance

·         Board of Elections

·         EMS

·         Information Technology – GIS

·         Juvenile Court

·         Magistrate Court

·         Property Appraisal

·         State Court Solicitor

·         Utilities Management