Glossary of Terms

Board of Appeals - The County board appointed by the Board of Commissioners to consider variances in cases where strict compliance with the rules would constitute a hardship.

Board of Commissioners - The elected governing body of Glynn County; has authority to adopt and amend ordinances and to rezone land. The Board of Commissioners also appoints the members of the Planning Commissions and the Board of Appeals.

Coastal Comprehensive Plan - A plan adopted by the Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center (CGRDC) and designed to help coordinate regional planning efforts.

Coastal Georgia Regional Development Center (CGRDC) - A regional planning agency established under state law to coordinate certain planning activities within a ten-county region. (The CGRDC will be reconstituted as the Coastal Regional Commission on July 1, 2009.)

Comprehensive Plan/Glynn County Comprehensive Plan - A document prepared and adopted by the County under state regulations articulating policies and methods for the physical development of the County.

Development of Regional Impact (DRI) - A large development which, because of its size and/or character, is anticipated as having impacts beyond the boundary of the jurisdiction in which it is located. Such projects are governed by state rules requiring notification of various governments and government agencies and analysis by the Regional Development Center.

Development Review/Development Review Team – Team of County, State, and other regulatory authorities that review development projects for compliance of Local and State laws. This group meets weekly (9am Wednesdays @ 700 Gloucester) to discuss projects and meet with applicants that have development questions.

Future Land Use Map – A map that is accompanied by the County Comprehensive Plan that plans future growth patterns for the County. These growth patterns are based on natural land features and existing and proposed public infrastructure (public utilities, roads, etc.).

Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) - The state agency that oversees compliance with the state laws and regulations mandating that local governments adopt comprehensive plans. DCA also oversees compliance with the rules concerning Developments of Regional Impact (DRI).

Land Use Map (see Future Land Use Map) – Map that shows the existing and projected land uses in the County.

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – Organization required by the Federal Government that consists of elected officials, technical advisors, and private citizens to discuss state and federal highways in the community.

Ordinance Amendment – A change to the existing Ordinance (Law, Regulations). Amendments are required to go before both Planning Commissions and the Board of Commissions for approval. Any change is subject to public comment.

Planning Commission (Islands or Mainland) – Glynn County has two Planning Commissions; The Mainland Planning Commission and the Islands Planning Commission. These Commissions meet regularly to discuss land use applications, and ordinance amendments and forward their recommendations to the County Commission for approval.

Rezoning – A request to change the existing zoning of a property. A change in zoning may alter the uses or required specifications of a property. Any rezoning must be reviewed by the appropriate Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners.

Site Plan – In most cases any development in the County besides a single-family home requires a site plan. This plan must be reviewed for compliance by the development review staff, and is then required to be approved by the appropriate Planning Commission. The rules for site plans are found in Section 619 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Special Use Permit – Zoning districts have a list of “special uses” that are considered on a case by case basis by the County. If a property owner wishes to have a “special use” on their property they must submit an application making this request. This application will be considered by the Planning Commission and the County Commission.

Subdivision – Any division of property is considered a subdivision. Subdivisions must be created with a plat drawn by a registered surveyor, accompanied by an application, and must be approved and signed by the County.

Subdivision Regulations – Document that provides the rules for subdividing property. This includes the creation of new or the alteration of any lots, streets, easements.

Variance – A modification of the terms of the Zoning Ordinance granted by the Board of Appeals where a property owner will have an unnecessary and undue hardship if the strict terms of the Ordinance are enforced.

– Classification given to every property in the County. This classification determines the type of use that is permitted on the property and the specifications for structures to be built on the property.

Zoning Ordinance – Document that provides the rules for the use of any property.

Zoning Map – A graphic representation of the zoning districts assigned to each property in the County.