What is the public hearing like?
Meetings begin at the time listed on the agenda and follow the order of business listed in the agenda, including the step of rearranging the agenda and adding or deleting items.

When the case you are interested in comes up, the Chairman will read the agenda item into the record, and will then ask staff to present its report. Staff will make the presentation, showing slides and other diagrams as appropriate, and finally presenting the recommendations. After staff’s presentation, the board or commission members will have an opportunity to ask questions of staff.

After staff, the applicant is given an opportunity to make a presentation. After this, the Chairman will ask for those who wish to speak in favor of the request, followed by those who wish to speak in opposition. All discussion is between he speaker and the Chairman, who will call on others (including other members of the board or commission) if they wish to speak or ask questions. If you wish to speak, you must be recognized by the Chairman and then come to the podium. After each speaker, the board or commission members will have an opportunity to ask questions. The Chairman will ensure that both sides have an approximately equal amount of time, and will exercise his authority to maintain decorum and move the hearing along.

When both sides have had an adequate opportunity to present their information, the Chairman will declare that the hearing is over. After this point, the discussion will be among the board or commission members, and additional discussion from any other party will be only permitted in response to a question or request by a member and only if permitted by the Chairman. After discussion, the board or commission will entertain a motion from one of its members and, if seconded, the motion will be voted on.