How do I participate?
As noted above, you can discuss your concerns with the assigned planner at any time in the process. The planner may advise you to contact the applicant. Some applicants have community meetings in an attempt to resolve issues before the public hearings. If you plan to oppose some aspect or all of a proposal, you should make the applicant aware of your concerns as early as possible.

There are also at least two public hearings on every rezoning, one with the Planning Commission, and one with the Board of Commissioners. If you plan to speak, review the notes below about the public hearing process. Make sure you have outlined the relevant points you hope to make. If you make notes in advance you will avoid becoming too wordy and you will be sure not to miss something important. If you are not familiar with the procedures, you may want to attend one or more meetings in advance to see how they are handled. Most meetings are broadcast on Cable Channel 99 - check with Planning & Zoning to see if the meeting you want to watch will be broadcast.